Best Water Motor Pump For Home Use In India

Domestic motors have become essential, and they are necessary for your day to day life. They are widely used for pumping the corporation's water from pipelines. Read the below passage to understand in detail about the variety of models in the market.

With a massive reduction in the flow of the river, water people have been slowly shifting their preferences to bore well water. But the major issue in using bore well water is the increased amount of salt present in the bore well water. It has been a common practice in India to allow the river water to the Jones at a particular time. So to keep up with the training, people have been slowly shifting their house design to double tank techniques. In this type of double tank technique, people usually have a tank in the ground level that can collect the water whenever the Corporation releases them and with the help of the motor the water is passed to the upper tank. So with this technique, they will have the water-filled in both the tanks. Some people who do not have the privilege of using the lower tanks directly pump the water from the corporation pipes to the upper tank and use them directly. Whatever the situation may be both the people use the motor to pump the water. Motors have become more powerful these days, and it can pump a tremendous amount of water within a short period. This type of Motors is more useful for people who get water supply only for a few hours a day from the corporation connection. This technique is used in all types of residential houses, including Apartments, where multiple tanks need to be filled within a short period. As a result, most of the people purchase these domestic water pumps for their internal use. 

Sometimes they also need to foretell water pumps for domestic purposes. Whatever the situation is, it is essential to have both the types of motors to fulfil your day to day activities. There are many types of motor models available in the market that are commonly used for domestic purposes. Typically all these motors use AC electric motors along with the impeller and spiral casing to pump the water to greater heights. With the help of the impeller, the water is absorbed from the corporation supply. Then using kinetic energy, the water is transferred to the house tanks. These types of motors have 100% pure copper windings. Since they pump the water only into the tanks, they do not need extra power or a higher flow rate. Also, most of these designs have self-priming ability allowing the motor to start immediately without any requirement for water. The best option for the domestic usage of water pumps is the monoblock based water pumps. These water pumps are nothing but the single motor pumps that can be used for pumping water using prime techniques. There are many types of brands and designs available for domestic pumps. So it would be better to choose the best option that suits your requirements. Let us see some of the models available in detail.

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Kirloskar Chotu 0.5HP Domestic Water Motor Pump (Multicolour)

Crompton 1HP SP Mini Champ I Water Pump (Multicolour)

Havells Hi-Flow MX1 Series 1.0 HP Centrifugal Water Pump (Grey)

Centrifugal pumps

The centrifugal pumps use a unique impeller to absorb water from the pipelines. This is one of the cheapest and efficient pumps available in the market. They can be easily made and are also easy to maintain. They are mainly used for pumping the water until the depth of 12 metres. These types of pumps are used for domestic purposes and wells. They can absorb fluid using pressure. There are two types of centrifugal pumps called vertical centrifugal pumps and horizontal centrifugal pumps. Depending upon your requirement you can choose the best pump from the shop. These Motors are well suited for domestic purposes and also for small scale agricultural land. They are suitable for pumping water to the overhead tanks and even in the sprinkler system.

Submersible pumps

There are multiple ranges of pumps available in the market, but more of them can be placed u underwater. These submersible pumps are the only models available in the market that can be placed under the water for pumping the water through the inlet and outlet. These Motors are widely used for borewells and also in conventional wells to pump the water out. Most of the time, they are designed as a long stick-like structure so that they can be easily inserted within the bore well. Sometimes they are also available as standard motors. These motors can be added within the well or bore well by using a cable or rope. In case of repair or any other situation, there can be easily pulled up. These Motors can remain underwater without getting registered for an extended period. There are also other models like the peristaltic pumps and definite displacement motors available in the market. But these designs are widely used factories and other chemical plants. They are not suitable for commercial purposes. These motors, along with the types certain features need to be taken into account before purchasing them. Let us view them in detail. 

Brand – The brand plays a significant role while purchasing a motor. When you buy a motor from the known brand, then you will be awarded a warranty and life long service. But in case of an unknown brand, you will not have this liberty. Also, a branded product will have service centres all over the country, allowing free access. The quality of the materials applied will be higher, and the product will last for a long time. They also offer replacements for products with issues. So purchasing a branded product will be much safer than a non- branded one. 

Product Price – Even if it is a branded product, do not purchase it for a high price. Always compare the cost of the products along with their features before buying them only if the features are great to buy the product. Sometimes branded products tend to fix a high price for the guarantee produced by their brand. So only purchase after proper research. 

Rusting abilities – One of the essential qualities of a motor is to remain intact without rusting. Because when a motor starts to rust, the surface and internal mechanisms will break down. So the product you purchase must have an excellent protection coating to prevent rising. The latest model motors are made up of high-quality material with proper protection coverings to prevent the rusting in the future. 

Quality – One of the essential requirements while purchasing a motor is its quality. The motor should have a reasonable flow rate and durability. The motor should operate without any external induction like pouring water. Nowadays, people prefer automatic motors than the ones that require manual intervention for starting.


  • High flow rate to ensure the flow of water over a wide area. For domestic usage, the motors can have less flow rate than the motors that are used for agriculture. 
  • The motor should have a dominant function but should use low electricity. If the motor can run at high speed with low power consumption, then they can be deemed as economic models. 
  • The motor should be of little weight so that they can be transported from one place to another easily. 

These features are the most important things that need to be technically taken care of before purchasing a motor. Even though submersible motors are suitable for underwater pumping, they are still not effective when it comes to domestic usage. So using a centrifugal motor will be ideal for residential purposes. These motors can also be used for overhead tank pumping in case of apartments and other tall buildings. There are a variety of motors and designs available in the market. So it is necessary to choose the best option after proper research. Let us now see some of the best choices available in the market in detail. Along with the description their features are also explained in detail. 

Kirloskar Chotu 0.5HP Domestic Water Motor Pump (Multicolour)

Kirloskar is one of the famous brands in the area of agricultural products and motors. They have been manufacturing a wide range of products that can be used for both agricultural and domestic purposes. Some of the standard products include motor and water pipes. The motors developed by the company are designed by the individual research and development team. Their main aim is to produce products with high quality and efficiency that suits their requirement. They have recently released a motor model called Kirloskar Chotu 0.5HP Domestic Water Motor Pump (Multicolour). This motor model is mainly used for domestic purposes. The model is available in multi colours, and the motor is attractive to look at. This motor consumes only a low amount of power, and the function is efficient. Because of this condition, this motor is suitable for domestic uses and commercially economical. Along with this, the motor also has other qualities. Let us view those qualities in detail.

Quality – The motor is made up of high-quality brass impellers, and the rest of the body is made up of cast iron and aluminium. The metal is coated with a durable paint to prevent rusting. They are mainly used for garden sprinklers, home tanks and overhead tanks, and the motor can lift water up to 3 meters without using a foot valve. The motor can operate on UPS and is of lightweight.

Functioning – The motor can handle the voltage fluctuation up to 180-240 Volts. The entire motor is controlled by a terminal box with a capacitor placed inside. The motor is lightweight with an aluminium body. The motor also has an immense heat and pressure to ensure fast movement of water. The head size is 6-26 meter, and the flow rate is 1980 to 360 LPH. The mechanical part of the motor is covered using a special ceramic carbon. The dimensions are 24.8 x 22.8 x 15.2 cm and weight is 3.2 kg. As a result, the motor can be shifted easily.

Motors are placed on the outer area most of the time. Sometimes they are also placed within the tank above the water level. This UPS powered motor can be used all the time, and hence they are suitable for the areas with a constant power cut. But they can not be used for agricultural purposes. At the same time, the motor cannot be exposed to water as it is not submersible. So it is safe to prevent the exposure of the motor to any dripping water. It can run for a long time, and it consumes only 0.5HP of power. This economical motor can be purchased from online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. They can also be obtained from the Kirloskar service centres and shops available all over the country. They come along with an airtight warranty and a reasonable price.

Crompton 1HP SP Mini Champ I Water Pump (Multicolour)

Individual companies gain the trust of their users with their technologically innovative designs and products. Their plans will be based upon the requirements of the users. One such company is Crompton which has been ruling the country with its beautiful designs and a variety of products. Some of the products produced by this particular company include fans and Motors. The Crompton fans are famous all over the country, and right now they are working hard to stand in the field of. Motors. Their new product called the Crompton 1HP SP Mini Champ I Water Pump (Multicolour) has been ruling the market with its features. The pimp is available in multiple colours. The motor can pump a large quantity of water within a short period. Along with this, there are also other features. And let us see them in detail.

Quality – The water pump is available in a beautiful blue and red colour, adding decor to your environment. It is also present in other colour combinations. They are made up of aluminium body, and brass impeller and the aluminium is the best option for anti-rusting technology. The motor is also available with a unique thermal overload protector that will prevent the motor from overexerting itself. The motor size is 29 x 27.4 x 21.1 cm, and the weight is 8.02 kg. This lightweight motor can be carried around easily and mostly used for agricultural purposes. They are also suitable for domestic purposes and can be used s a lawn sprinkler. 

Functions – The motor is made up of high-quality head that allows free movement of water. The size of the head is 3 to 54 meters. The motor has a flow rate of 5200 LPH. The motor has self-priming abilities that can pump the water until the depth of 8 meters. Because of its wide range of functions, it can be used in clubs and residential houses. The discharge rate will be 2700 – 500 LPM. They have a perfect drive mechanism, and they run through electricity. They are also used to fill a well. These motors are sturdy and continuously successful. 

This particular motor can be used for multiple purposes. They are the best quality motors available in the market, and they can pump the water to the overhead tanks and also can spread the water towards a wide range of area. Because of this feature, this particular motor is used all over the country. They are used for both residential and small-time irrigation purposes. These motors, when repaired, can be easily carried to the service centres present all over the country and they are serviced for free until the warranty period ends. Even after that, the experts and the engineers try their level best to maintain the product to their best. This product is now available in the market and can be purchased from the shops or online shopping websites. The product has a good warranty and is available at a low price.

Havells Hi-Flow MX1 Series 1.0 HP Centrifugal Water Pump (Grey)

Havell is a company well known for its wide range of products including wires and Motors. They were one of the very few members in the industry who introduced the products with technology like their latest model fireproof cables. They play an important role in the industry and have a vast market rate. They have branches all over the country, and the repaired products can be serviced quick in these centres. Recently they have introduced the latest model motor called Havells Hi-Flow MX1 Series 1.0 HP Centrifugal Water Pump (Grey). This pump uses a low amount of energy that is economical and best suited for residential purposes. This is a centrifugal model motor that has a prime auto technology that can absorb water from greater depths. The pump is available in a beautiful grey colour that can add as decor to your house. They have a high flow rate, and the motor consumes only low power. Along with these, the motor has several features. Let us see them in detail. 

Quality –The motor is made up of high-quality normal iron. But to prevent the process of rusting the pump is covered with high grade casting like the FG – 200 grade. This will increase the life of the pump set, and the rusting will decrease with time. The shaft of the pump is also protected with the help of the stainless steel shaft. The pump and the shaft are also protected from hard water. This type of motor is used for residential houses, especially the apartments. They are used for pumping more water within a short period. 

Function – This beautiful grey pump utilizes a low amount of power which is 1 HP. This means the current charge will be small, making them economical. The motor has a suction power that is greater than the other motors with the right discharge. They can process water up to 65 degrees celsius. The motor can be placed in outer space to absorb water until the depth of 7.5 meters. The motor operates at a voltage of 180 V to 240 V. All these qualities point towards a high power economical motor that can last for at least 10 – 15 years. These motors are available at the size of 25 x 15 x 22 cm. The weight of the motor is slightly higher, weighing 10.28 kg, and they can still be lifted with another person’s help and carried around.

The motor falls under the category of the MX1 series in the Havells product range. This powerful motor rotates at the speed of 2900 rpm. This centrifugal water pump can last for a lifetime, and they are controlled by using a manual controller. They are available in both online websites and also in the shops. They can be serviced when required. These motors are widely used for agricultural and domestic purposes. Though they can not be used for a vast land, these motors can still be used in agriculture for covering a small portion of the area, and they can also be used for apartments and in the lawn sprinkler system.

There is a wide range of designs and models available in the market, but still only a few are suitable for your residential purposes. Depending upon your requirements, these Motors can be selected. The above-given examples are some of the most commonly used Motors by a large number of people. Most of the motor models are available on online websites, and they can be fitted easily by yourself or else use the help of a plumber. But if you are not interested in buying from the online site, you can always visit the company showroom and purchase the product directly with warranty. But before buying the motor, make sure you can use it for the next ten years. Also, make sure that it has the required features that are essential for all types of situations. Purchase the motors from the best brand available in the market. Happy shopping.