Best Pedestal Fan for Garage In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Working in garages during Summer can be quite intense. So cool up your garage by using the special pedestal fans created for such situations.

Most men spend their holidays in their garage cleaning up their car and working on their automobiles to pass their time. Every man loves to spend some time in the garage alone without any disturbances. But enjoying your alone time may become slightly difficult during the summer. Especially for a country like India staying within the garage during summer is not possible. The excess heat produced by the sun makes it difficult for you to stay within the closed walls of the garage. So to reduce the heat, all you need is a cooling agent or a fan that would reduce the heat present within the garage. Using a ceiling fan for the garage is not possible since they can increase the heat within the garage. Also, if it is a two or three-car garage that measures more than 1200 square feet then using the ceiling fan will not help cover the corners of the garage. In such situations, pedestal fans can come in handy. You can either generate the entire garage with two pedestal fans, or you can place a pedestal fan near your workplace while working and enjoy the cold air. 

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V-Guard Fiesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan (Yellow Black)

Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan (White)

Usha Jet Dlx Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Why not ceiling fans ?

Most of the ceiling fans are residential fans. These fans were created to provide a cool breeze in small spaces. But most of the garages are larger in size and mostly not insulated. In such conditions, a single garage may require more than one ceiling fan to decrease the temperature of the garage. But most of these fans have less motor power that is not suitable for garages. During the summer these garages heat up a lot and due to the closed space without any ventilation switching on the ceiling fans will result in the rotation of hot air within the garage rather than changing the hot air into cool air. 

So in order to increase the cooling effect within the garage, the only solution available is to use a pedestal fan with a powerful motor. The Blade should be strong and powerful to withstand the excess heat and also decrease the temperature within the garage. The fans that need to be used within the garage should be highly powerful and made up of strong materials. So instead of ceiling fans for the garage using the pedestal fan will be much more beneficial and also allows you to work efficiently without any disturbances. 

Features required by the pedestal fan

As we have already established pedestal fans are much suited for garages when compared to the other types of fans, including the ceiling fan. But we cannot use all the pedestal fans, especially the plastic ones, because they cannot extend the excessive heat that exists within the garage. Some of the most essential features that you have to take into account before buying a pedestal fan for garage include, 

Appropriate size

One of the essential features for an appropriate pedestal fan that can operate in your garage is the size. Most of the pedestal fans are smaller in size, which is not suitable for placing in garages. If you have a large garage, the size of the fan you place should be large enough to move the air around the garage and decrease the temperature at the same time. For such conditions, the size of the fan should be at least 18 inches(diameter) large rather than the smaller 12-inch fans.  These large fans can move the air around and ensure the cooling process. Also, along with the size of the fan take into account the size of the blades too. The blades should have at least 350 mm sweep size for the perfect and continuous flow of air. The sweep size of the fan is nothing but the size of the blade and the greater the size of the blade, the more powerful the airflow will be.  

Remote control

Most of the pedestal fans have different modes of speed, including average and high speed. The most characteristic feature of the pedestal fans includes manual adjustment of the speed which would not be suitable for the garage application. Most of the work in garages includes mechanical adjustments and washing your car. In such situations changing the mode of fan now and then through manual adjustments would be quite impossible. So the best option available is to buy the new model pedestal fans that come along with the remote control. With the help of the remote control, you can change the mode of the fan even while you are lying under the car and working on it. This also prevents you from getting grease on the main pedestal fan.

Power of the fan

Along with the size of the fan, the power of the motor is also essential for achieving perfect aeration. The fan should be powerful enough to function for an extended period and also should have the capacity to move the air around without any kind of difficulties. The flow of air in these fans are measured using a term called CFM. CFM means typically cubic feet per minute. This technically means the amount of air that is being pushed every minute by the blades of the fan. The fan should usually have 3200 CFM power for excellent airflow.

Multiple modes

Most of the fans produced by fan companies nowadays have multiple options for Speed. With the help of this option, you can choose the speed you want depending upon the climatic conditions and other conditions present within the garage. So make sure to buy a fan that has multiple options for changing the mode of speed, and it would be a bonus if that speed could be altered with the help of a remote. Any fan with these three options of low, medium and high speed will be suitable for your needs and maintaining the climatic change. 

Metal blades

Even though the fans with plastic blades are much cheaper and easier to carry around, they are not durable, especially within the garages. To withstand the heat of the garages and produce heavy CFM metal blades are much more suitable and efficient. This metal blazer is easier to clean and maintain when compared to the plastic blades. Also, these metal blades are more suitable for garage conditions and can withstand the dents and dings that are common in the garage. The metal blades can create more CFM when compared to the plastic blades. 

Powerful motor

The motor is the lifeline of the fan, and without a strong motor, it is difficult to maintain the durability of the fan for a more extended period. There are two types of motor available. They include sleeve bearing motor and ball bearing motor. Both of these motors can be used in pedestal fans. In the case of a sleeve bearing motor, the oil within the motor flows continuously until depleted. Even though these oils maintain the smooth running of the machines without any friction, they still can get depleted quickly on continuous usage. So when this motor is used in a garage or a workshop, they won’t last for an extended period, especially when they are always switched on and off. 

But in case of a ball bearing motor, the lubrication is evenly spread, and they remain the same despite the speed and the functioning of the fan. They can withstand higher temperatures and perform efficiently without any wear and tear. These fans are much suitable for the garages with high temperatures, and they can also be used for other cold temperatures.

Along with the motor you choose also make sure that your motor is being sealed properly from outside temperatures and other external conditions. Some of the pedestal fans have their motor covered with a metal surface that is filled with holes and pores. In such situations protecting the motor from the outside dust may be quite difficult. Especially for an area like a garage where you perform all the wood stated activities like drilling and sawing. This allows the dust to get collected in the motor and breakdown within a few days of time. So when you purchase a pedestal fan, make sure that the motor portion is completely sealed with a metal covering.

Strong base

One of the most essential requirements is that these pedestal fans have a strong base. Any pedestal fan with the metal base can maintain the putting off the fan without falling over even by a small disturbance. Some self and have a substantial metal base that keeps the fan steady even while running or even when it is being pushed accidentally. Also, make sure that your fan has sturdy rubber feet that prevent scratching on the flooring. The rubber feet also provides increased stability to the fan. 

Tilt adjustment

One of the most important features is the tilting adjustments that are available in most of the pedestal fans. In case of a tilting adjustment, it would be easier for you to adjust the fan according to your position and start working rather than changing the modes. Otherwise, you can also choose an oscillating fan that moves around covering the entire garage within a short span of time. 

V-Guard Fiesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan (Yellow Black)

V- Guard is one of the prominent companies in the country that is well known for its ability to produce high-level stabilizers that prevent high voltage electricity to pass through normal electric appliances. 

They have now entered the field of producing pedestal fans that are powerful and well protected like their stabilizers. This yellow with a black colored designer fan will make your garage look beautiful and also cool at the same time. 

Swaying motion

The fan is made up of a strong motor that can withstand heat and run for a longer period of time. This fan produces a specialized swaying motion that spreads the air throughout the garage even in the corners. The specialized feature reduces the temperature of the garage eventually and allows you to work peacefully. 

Remote control

The fan comes along with the special remote control that allows you to change the speed of the fan from a distance. So now when you are working under a car or when your hand is filled with grease or oil you can always use your remote control without dirtying the fan. The fan comes along with three distinctive speeds called natural, sleep, and normal which can be changed easily through this remote. 


The V-Guard Fiesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan produces a large amount of cool air with a sweep of 400 mm and RPM of 1350. This will produce a large quantity of air and the swaying motion will allow it to spread all over the garage in a uniform manner. It also comes along with an overload protector that prevents the fan from getting heated during the long run. The fan also consumes a low amount of electricity as much as 50 watts which is lesser than the other fans.


The V-Guard Fiesta Remote 400mm Pedestal Fan can operate silently without any excessive noise and thus allowing you to work peacefully in the room without even noticing its presence. This fan is suitable for both garages and other rooms within the house. The metal blades will produce more air without any sound.

Choose this extraordinarily designed fan to enjoy your work in the garage without getting stressed. Now you can enjoy working underneath the car for hours without having to worry about changing the fan speed every now and then and also about the overload heat. 

Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan (White)

Bajaj is one of the well-known companies in the country that produces a variety of products including pedestal fans. The company is well known for its high-quality products and innovative technology. 

The Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan is built using modern technology and has gained immense popularity throughout the world.


The blades of this fan are made up of metal and they have a sweep size of 400 mm. They increase the airflow in the garage and also cool down the garage eventually. This metal fan reduces the temperature of your garage eventually by providing a greater speed of 2200 RPM.

Special remote

The fan comes along with a special remote that can be used to change the modes of the fan from lower to higher or to the medium speed. The remote can also be used for switching off and switching on the fan from a particular distance. This remote control can be used while working in the garage without getting the fan ugly and also without moving away from your car or woodwork. If you want to remain undisturbed in the garage and also want to change the mode of the fan for a particular set of time intervals you can always use the timer option present in the remote. With the help of this option and the remote, you can always work in your garage peacefully without getting any sweat for getting disturbed for changing the mode every now and then.

Motor power

The Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan contains a special copper motor that can last for a long period of time. They have the ability to withstand heat and they can run continuously without any lubrication issue.  

Why choose this fan?

  • This fan uses only a low voltage of electricity (100 watts), thus reducing your electricity bill in the process. Therefore you can work longer hours in your garage without worrying about the increased electricity bill. 
  • The fan offers a jerk-free oscillation that prevents the fan from falling and also allows the fan to spread the ar throughout the garage. 
  • They are available in a beautiful white colour and do not worry about getting your fan greased. You can always avoid touching the fan by using the remote control. 
  • These fans come along with a strong metal blade and sturdy base to prevent it from falling over. You can also attach a rubber base separately to prevent the fan from falling over or scratching the surface.  
  • The motor base is completely covered, and it is safe from outer dust or sawdust. This covering also protects the motor from an excessively hot and cold climate and also from getting wet. 

Anyone can purchase this fan from the online porti\als o directly from the electronic shops all over the country. 


As we spoke earlier, having a metal blade in your garage fan will be beneficial since they have the ability and power to move a lot of air around and make the garage cooler. Usha fans are one of the most prominent and well-known companies in the area of electrical appliances, especially fans. The name Usha fans have gained a lot of popularity and trust among the people. Even though they are well known for the ceiling fans, they have also been expanding their territory in other electrical appliances including pedestal fans. 

Their latest Usha Jet DLX oscillating pedestal fan series has taken the market with its exclusive features and extraordinary ability to lower the temperature with the help of a powerful motor.


The fan is made up of a perfect set of strong metal blades that can rotate at the highest speed. These metal blades are stronger and they ensure an increase in the flow of air. The blades are 18 inches in diameter and they ensure continuous airflow.

Sweep size

The sweep size of the case refers to the size of the blade. These Usha Jet DLX oscillating pedestal fans have a sweep size of 450 mm and they powerful enough to move the air away and also ensures consistent delivery of air. 


Low voltage

These Usha Jet DLX oscillating pedestal fans are cheap to maintain and they consume only a low voltage of electricity. The fan uses only 10 Watts of electricity for functioning and making the garage cool and humid free. 


They are available in a beautiful Steel grey color that would be much more suitable for your garage.  


The motor has been covered completely without any space for dust accumulation. The motor is also made up of 100% pure copper that makes it much stronger and also allows it to withstand excessive heat. 

Why this fan would be suitable for your garage?

The Usha Jet DLX oscillating pedestal fan would be much suited for your garage because of its ability to push the heavy amount of air and decrease the temperature within a short period. These fans offer jerk-free smooth oscillation that allows you to work freely, and the fan also remains stable without falling over.  Even though dust and does not come out with the remote control, their motor is best suited for the heating conditions of the garage. These fans can rotate up to a speed of 1400 RPM delivering cold air throughout the garage. These fans can be purchased either through the online media like Amazon, Flipkart or they can also be purchased directly from the shops.

Even though all the three fans are the best options, make sure to choose the one that fits your garage perfectly. Consider the features of all the fans, including the fans that you have under consideration and not present in this particular blog. Find out which fans best suits your requirements and also the one that has a long life when compared to the other fans. The ability to withstand heat and reducing the temperature is one of the most essential features that have to be considered while purchasing a fan for your garage.