Best Projectors For Home In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

While purchasing a projector, a lot of things should be taken into account, including their colours and comfort. Most people have no idea about how to purchase a perfect projector. So if you are looking for an excellent projector to buy in the future then read the passage below to understand more.

Before a decade people were more interested in visiting movie theatres to watch new movies. Later with the invention of digital applications and electronic products like projectors and televisions, people are now more interested in sitting comfortably in their own home and watching the movie. Watching a movie at home is safer, especially in a pandemic situation like now. For such cases, people usually use the CD player or USB player for watching the particular movie on television together with their family. But watching on TV despite its size it’s not as good as watching on a large screen like in theatre. So to overcome this, people started using the projectors. This projector can be used separately for viewing movies. They can also be used for giving presentations, watching photos and other personal videos along with your family on a big screen. Most of the time, this projector has come along with an inbuilt audio system that allows you to experience good audio and video quality. The projectors can reject the videos and images on a plain white wall or a plain white cloth depending upon your choice. They provide a perfect experience similar to that of the theatre. Using this projector as you can convert any room into a perfect meeting room, the set of tables and chairs and a plain white screen. You can also play modern games and conduct a video conference using other components sometimes if you are not satisfied with the audio received from the projector as you can always connect some Bluetooth speakers with the projectors to experience a digital sound. Now you can convert any room in your home into a perfect theatre by using this simple projector and speakers. There are a variety of features available in the projector that need to be noted before purchasing them. There are many designs and brands available in the market. So let us see about these features in detail before purchasing them.

Our Top Pick Projectors In India

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Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness: 3300lm with HDMI Port

PLAY LED LCD HD Mini WiFi Projector for All-Purpose AV, USB, SD, VGA, HDMI

WZATCO S4 (Android) Native 1080P Full HD LED Projector, 5500 Lumens 4D Correction Home Cinema (S4 Android (Black))

BOSS S8 Full HD 5500 Lumens Portable Projector Support USB/HDMI/VGA/AV Input/ Audio Input


The first important thing while purchasing a projector is the brand. Even though the brand might seem like a simple concept, it is more critical when compared to other features. When you purchase a well-branded product, it assures you durability and proper functions. When you buy a branded product, you can be sure about its quality, and they can be serviced whenever required because most of the brand companies have service centres all over the country. So always go for a branded product even if their price is slightly higher than the non branded products. Also, make sure that the product has a reasonable warranty period.

Colour imitation

One of the essential features of a projector is its ability to produce the colour with perfection. Show while purchasing a projector, make sure that all the colours in the video or image or projected correctly without any dullness. However, certain projectors come with the features of making adjustments to the colour according to your requirement. If the video that is projector is too bright for you can always make the adjustments using the remote control. So while purchasing a projector, make sure it has the features mentioned above.

USB and other connections

One of the most important things while purchasing a projector is to make sure that it has proper portals for connecting USB drives and other sorts of wireless connections like WiFi signal and the Bluetooth connection. These accessories or external connection portals allow you to view videos and images from your Pendrive, hard disk, phones and also through your computer. This type of Universal open connectivity will let your projectors to be more flexible. Now you can also connect your PSP Mod use projector or unique gaming experience.

Internal audio

While purchasing a projector, make sure that it has an internal audio system that will allow you to hear the audio. Most of the presentations and other party based photo shows will be perfect if there is an internal audio system embedded within the projector. However, they won’t be more suitable for an excellent movie experience. If you need a digital experience, you should go for outside speakers. You can connect the projectors to Bluetooth speakers that can be placed in all the four corners of the room. Even though these features are essential while purchasing a projector, there is one more feature that should be taken care of. The projector should be lightweight.  Such projectors can be carried around, and they can be used for multiple purposes. Sometimes if you go for a picnic and want to watch a movie in that place, you can use these projectors for a perfect movie experience. Also before purchasing, make sure if you want a standard ground projector or a wall-mounted one. Specific projectors come with both the options allowing you to keep it as a wall-mounted projector or in the ground like normal ones. Make sure the design of the projector is also perfect when it is wall mounted. There are many designs and models available in the market. Before purchasing the perfect projector select at least 4 of 5 and compare their features with one another. Finally, select the one projector that will be most suitable for you. Given below are the examples of a few projectors that are quite famous in the market. You can also choose the other ones but check with these so that their features are perfect.

Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness: 3300lm with HDMI Port

Using the projectors has become a significant necessity in most of the houses. Nowadays more people are moving towards the OTT platform, and they prefer watching the entire movie in your home rather than watching it in a movie theatre. Having a projector at home will allow you to take a view at your presentations, watch movies and enjoy family time together in a secluded place. To fulfil your wishes Epson company has released its own Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness: 3300lm with HDMI Port. Epson is a famous company in the area of computer and office related to digital manufacturing. Some of the popular Epson products include printers and scanners. They have also entered the field of projectors, and now they have been releasing a wide range of products with various features. The company has service centres all over the country. Now even after purchasing the product from the Epson brand showroom, you can submit them for regular services and repair in your local place. Their recent model Epson EB-S41 SVGA Projector Brightness: 3300lm with HDMI Port ll is a multifunctional model filled with multiple features and suitable for most of the home environment. The images are displayed with utmost clarity, and now you can watch both the videos and pictures using this particular projector. The projector comes along with a separate USB port connection allowing you to play the videos through the USB port or using different Amazon sticks for connecting it through the WiFi connection. The projector also comes along with multiple other features and let us see about them in detail.

Display settings – having a perfect display is one of the essential features in terms of a projector area. This projector comes along with an SVGA resolution and has a contrast ratio of 15000:1. The colour brightness is up to 3300LM. The projector has an LCD type display with a horizontal resolution of 800 pixels and a vertical resolution of 600 pixels. It offers a noise level of 37 dB. All these features, combined, will produce a perfect environment and display for viewing the images and movies. The brightness, contrast, and various other details can be adjusted according to the surrounding environment using the buttons present on the top of the projector.

Auto power – this particular projector comes along with an auto power technique where the projector will switch on immediately after inserting the USB or VGA cable. The also comes along with various other functions and features that can be accessed easily. The projector is available in a beautiful white colour, and the lens can be adjusted depending upon the size and height of the frame. The prize is also cheap, and the product comes along with a good warranty. The projector also comes along with options to be connected to the computer. It also allows the HDMI cable connection. With the help of this projector, you can give a proper presentation in your work environment. You can use them for birthday parties and other wedding parties to display the images of the particular person, and they can also be used for watching videos in your home along with family members on a large screen. This projector can be moved from one place to another, and hence you can use it anywhere. All you need is a proper power connection and a large white wall for a large white cloth to be used as a screen. This particular projector is available for sale in both Epson showrooms and also in online website portals like Amazon and Flipkart. They can be used for both home and office environments.

PLAY LED LCD HD Mini WiFi Projector for All-Purpose AV, USB, SD, VGA, HDMI

Most of the people prefer using projectors rather than using their own television set because of the comfort they provide and other times the light is not directly affected by them. The size of the display is also large and makes the movies and TV shows more realistic. If you are hoping to watch some videos or have a game night with your friends, then the best option available is to use the projector to project your entire screen on a massive wall and enjoy the show or game with your friends and family. For all these purposes this model PLAY LED LCD HD Mini WiFi Projector for All-Purpose AV, USB, SD, VGA, HDMI will be useful. Play is a company that is well known for producing high-quality projectors. This is an Indian based company and has service centres all over the country. They have their separate team of research and development to manufacturing projectors that are of high quality with multiple features and durability. Most of their projectors are used for office related environments and to make it more eco friendly they have recently created a projector that can be used in both the office and home environment. If you want to view using the projector, you can always contact them so that you will receive a free demo before purchasing the product. Their recent product is the PLAY LED LCD HD Mini WiFi Projector for All-Purpose AV, USB, SD, VGA, HDMI. This projector has a special WiFi section along with other portals allowing you to connect it to anything, including Android mobile phones. This particular projector can be used anywhere, and they can be operated easily. They are small in size, and hence they can be moved from one place to another. All you need is a simple screen or plain Whitewall along with a proper power connection. With the help of this projector, you can easily present your ideas and also watch movies along with your friends and family. They are user friendly to have a good amount of durability. Along with these features, the projector also has certain other features that need to be taken into account before purchasing them.

Display settings – One of the most important features in this projector is their good lighting power. The image can be projected up to 130 inches, and the quality of the resolution is nearly 1080p. They also offer a contrast ratio of 1000:1. It also has proper adjustment buttons that can be used for adjusting the brightness and contrast depending upon the room lighting and surroundings. All you need is a perfectly dark room or a dark area to project the images and watch them peacefully. The brightness provided is about nearly 2,000 LM. 

Multiple connections – This projector can be operated by providing the data through a router USB outlet, where they can also be connected to mobile phones and Amazon TV sticks using a WiFi connection. Along with this, the projector can also be connected with the speakers. This provides a maximum effect in terms of the sounds. Using this, you can also play normal video games and enjoy the maximum effect of sound and display. 

This projector comes along with a proper warranty, and they can be connected to most of the MP3 players and setup box. They are available on online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. If not, you can also contact the dealers and place an order directly through a phone call or by visiting the shop directly. This type of projector is widely used all over the country. Their durability is well tested and believed by the people. They are available in a beautiful black colour with full power and length that will allow you to experience a perfect presentation or a movie night with your friends.

WZATCO S4 (Android) Native 1080P Full HD LED Projector, 5500 Lumens 4D Correction Home Cinema (S4 Android (Black))

Most of the people, while celebrating their anniversaries or birthday functions like to display a series of photos that will explain their timeline and how happy they are in the current situations. In order to do that they need a proper set of projector that can also be used for other presentations and for watching movies. Also using a projector that has a proper connection related portals will allow you to carry it everywhere and use a simple USB stick on your mobile to connect them and play. There are many designs available in the market. Among them the WZATCO S4 (Android) Native 1080P Full HD LED Projector, 5500 Lumens 4D Correction Home Cinema (S4 Android (Black)) is considered the best and used for the home environment. WZATCO is a powerful company that is well known for manufacturing a wide range of designs in the field of projectors. They contain a perfectly young and energetic team along with a good collection of the research and development team who work hard to create new designs that will attract more customers and benefit them. The products manufactured by them have good durability and the ability to offer advanced audio and video projection. Using their projector as you can experience perfect entertainment at home. Their recent product is the WZATCO S4 (Android) Native 1080P Full HD LED Projector, 5500 Lumens 4D Correction Home Cinema (S4 Android (Black)). This is a powerful smart projector that offers high resolution and brightness so that you can enjoy the movies with proper convenience and ease. The lamps within the projector run for nearly 30,000 hours, and they offer excellent display Technology. This particular projector is of high-level HD quality images, and they are made up of an android based operating system that can support all types of Netflix and Amazon Prime based videos. With the help of this particular projector, you can now connect to all types of devices and enjoy your favourite movies and music. It also has a variety of other features and let us take a good look at them.

Display – they offer high definition quality images, and by using an S2 or S4 screen, you can obtain a perfect show with a standing resolution and colour. This is one of the biggest projector brands in India, and they have adopted the 8 – Digi LTPS LCD panel to obtain 75 per cent colour gamut. The projector offers a 5500 lumens brightness. They can be used in your house along with the screen for watching the movie peacefully. You can also use them for game purposes. At the same time, the quality of the picture will be perfect and can also be used outdoors while going on a trip. 

Speakers – This projector comes along with inbuilt dual Hi-Fi speakers. The speakers have a unique vocal enhancement Technology along with SRS sound to provide a perfect hearing environment without any extra noise. If the sound produced is not perfect, you can always connect them with the separate speakers for an ideal enhancement. 

The entire projector is built based upon Android 6.0 Technology. With the help of this technology, you can download video games, and other applications directly from the Google Play Store and use them for making enhancements and certain other adjustments. It can produce a display of nearly 300 inches, and it comes along with a perfect remote for making adjustments. You can also change the brightness and other details according to your wish using this remote or by using the buttons present in the projector itself. This projector can be used both on the surface and also on the ceiling through proper mounting technique. While mounting on the roof, the projector has four separate holes in the bottom for proper mounting. After pulling the rubber out, you can use special mounting tools to fix them to the wall.

BOSS S8 Full HD 5500 Lumens Portable Projector Support USB/HDMI/VGA/AV Input/ Audio Input

When you have a sudden guest in your house, and you want to entertain them than having a projector might come in handy. With a bowl full of popcorn and other snack items, you can sit comfortably in any part of the room and enjoy the movie. In the case of television, there might be certain drawbacks like sitting in one particular place for a clear vision and also a small screen. So all these disadvantages can be easily avoided by using this projector all the time. Most of the projector available in the market are of low weight. So you can carry them everywhere and enjoy proper entertainment even if you are going on a trip. The BOSS S8 Full HD 5500 Lumens Portable Projector Support USB/HDMI/VGA/AV Input/ Audio Input is the best option for that. Boss is a large Indian based company that has been producing a lot of projector design and manufacturing them successfully. This particular company is well known among the cause of their technological e innovative designs and a beautiful exterior that acts as decor to the house. This specific company has its own set of research and development teams that can be used for creating new designs and also to keep up with the latest technology and trends existing in the market. Their recent product is the BOSS S8 Full HD 5500 Lumens Portable Projector Support USB/HDMI/VGA/AV Input/ Audio Input. This particular projector is made up of high-quality images that offer proper durability and high-quality images. This projector provides a 10 feet screen display, and can be connected through pen drive mobile and other digital items with BlueTooth or WiFi connection. The lens is made up of good quality material, and they do not produce any ultraviolet rays. Watching the movie or playing a game through this particular projector will protect your eyes from extra light radiations and keep your eyes safe. Along with these features, certain other features need to be noted before purchasing this projector.

Display – The projector can be placed at a distance of 12 feet. The contrast ratios of the projector are 6000:1. They have a brightness of 5500 LM. They do not have smart connect technology, but they can display the video with high definition quality. They can support all types of image and videos. The projector comes along with audio and video support to display a perfect picture or movie. You can adjust the brightness and the contrast of the display using these buttons in the remote or directly on the projector. This particular projector can be used both indoors and outdoor environments like parties. 

Connection – The data can be fed into the projector through the USB portal using a USB pen drive or Amazon stick. Along with that, there are various other ways to connect to the projector. One of them is the WiFi connection. Using this, you can connect the projector to the mobile phone or your laptop directly. You can also connect MP3 players to this projector. 

The lens is powerful and coated with anti-dust technology to prevent the dust from getting collected in that particular area. It provides both types of brightness, including white and colour. The projector is embedded with an internal speaker that allows you to hear the sounds in the video. The maximum sound is 32 dB. The projector is available for sale in the shop showroom, or they can also be purchased through online websites like Amazon. They are of low price, and they can be used for at least ten years. They have excellent durability and also come along with an efficient warranty. They can be used for both home purposes and also during parties and other functions.


There are a variety of projectors available in the market, but before purchasing them, it is essential to take a look at their brand and features. The four samples given above are preferred by most of the people. But you can also other models present in the market, compare their function and then purchase the model that suits your requirements. Make sure the image quality of the projector you are buying is perfect, and they have facilities to be connected to other devices. If you are using the projector regularly for watching your favourite shows and movies, then make sure it has proper ultraviolet radiation protection and other types of protection. This is essential for good eyesight. Also, purchase the projector from a tasty variety of brand so that you will have life from service and warranty. Either go to the shop directly to obtain the projector or purchase them through online portals like Amazon. Most of these projectors come in an assembled state. But if you want to mount it on the wall you have to hire a handyman in case of online purchase. Happy shopping.