Best Refrigerator Under 10,000Rs In India

Finding a suitable refrigerator within the price range of rupees 10,000 can be a hectic job for certain people who are not aware of the current market situation. So you can read this passage along with the examples to choose a particular model easily and have more knowledge about the refrigerator's functioning.

The usage of refrigerators has become more common these days. Even though most people cannot afford the fridge, they try to purchase a low budget fridge that can be used for keeping the essential items at their home. Finding an excellent low budget refrigerator can be a hectic job because, after a specific time, you will find that there are only very few models available within the price range below 10000 rupees. When you go for such a low price, the options left in the market are significantly less, and finding good quality in them can be a difficult job. Understanding your requirements, we have researched the market for some of the best brands that fall within this budget. If you are looking for a suitable refrigerator within the budget of 10000 Rupees, this blog will help you on various levels. But while purchasing this refrigerator, you have to make individual choices, including energy rating and capacity. Because buying a high quality is not possible, you can make certain adjustments in the quality and features to buy a refrigerator that works efficiently and runs for a long time. The market is filled with options and features. Now let us first see about the buying guide of this refrigerator and look for the parts that fall within the price range of 10000 Rupees. 

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Haier 170 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-17TMS, Moon Silver) 

CROMA 2 Star 2020 Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (CAR 0215, Brush-line Silver, 170 L)

Haier 190 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-19TMS, Moon Silver)

Single door double door refrigerator

This is an option that every person has to make while they are trying to purchase a refrigerator. But in this case, you have no other choice than going for the single door refrigerator because no double door refrigerator model falls under the price range of Rupees 15 thousand. Showing the best of sand is the single door refrigerator but a good capacity that will probably make your work easier. Do the spacing in double door refrigerators are larger? You have to compromise on the price. This is an option that every person has to make while they are trying to purchase a refrigerator. But in this case, you have no other choice than going for the single door refrigerator because no double door refrigerator model falls under the price range of Rupees 15 thousand. Showing the best of sand is the single door refrigerator but a good capacity that will probably make your work easier. Do the spacing in double door refrigerators are larger? You have to compromise on the price. 


Some people might feel that branding is not essential, especially when you are going for such a low price. But the truth is that when you go for a low priced product, the brand plays an essential role since it acts as a warranty for the product’s quality. So looking for the brand while purchasing a product is a good option. You can’t obtain some of the high-five brands like Whirlpool and LG for this special pricing. So the best option is to go for a mediocre brand like Haier, which has also gained recognition in the market but still produces certain low budget products for the ordinary people. One of the main advantages of choosing a brand is that you will experience good quality at home service when you have any issue, especially with the refrigerator. 


This is an important option when it comes to the refrigerator. Most refrigerators under the price range of rupees 10,000 will have a standard freezer with a box-like appearance. It is practically impossible for you to purchase a Frost free model under the sporty club price range since they cost more, and they are more of an Elite brand-related option. So when you are choosing a freezer, make sure that the defrosting option is easier. Even though it is a simple work of pressing a button, certain refrigerators cannot collect the water, which can be discarded after a specific time. This will create a small flood of pools of water at the base of the refrigerator. So eventually you have to wipe out, which is not good. So choose a freezer that has adequate defrosting capacity with a removable base for discarding the water. Similarly, certain refrigerators take a lot of time for defrosting, which is a waste of money. Even within this budget, you can go for a model that comes with a fast defrosting capacity that allows you to vacate the entire freezer within an hour or so. 

Energy rating

The energy rating is an essential concept because it explains how much energy can be saved while using a particular refrigerator. This concept is not just used in the fridge, but it is also used in other digital appliances like air conditioners. This energy rating is perfectly acceptable if you have a 5 Star, but only some of the elite brand refrigerators with high costs have such ability. If you want to be economical and at the same time follow the budget, the best option is to go for a two-star energy rating, which is the only option available in such low priced refrigerators. You can’t obtain a fridge with more stars because the price range will vary. 


Most of the refrigerators under this particular price range come along with the requirement of stabilizers. Some models allow you to use voltages that fall in a specific field. But expecting such a model for a low budget is not possible, and hence purchasing a stabilizer will be a suitable option since the price of stabilizers or low. Normally stabilizers will run for a long time, and hence it is a one-time purchase, and you do not need to replace them for at least fifteen to twenty years. 


The refrigerator’s capacity directly explains the number of vessels and substances it can hold within the fridge. Naturally, the refrigerator’s size will also be small, but you can try to choose a model that comes within the capacity of 170 L – 220 L. This will allow you to have decent space and also try the models with wide trays. These models can hold a lot of vessels and make you comfortable. Some refrigerators also come with a chill tray, which is possible within this price range. Using a chill tray will allow you to store milk packets, curd packets, and other items that do not require direct freezing and need a decent amount of cold compared to the other areas of the refrigerator. Along with this feature, you should also make sure that the refrigerator can store the substances on the door side, especially the liquid items. Try to purchase a model that can hold at least 2 liters of liquid bottles because it will be more useful for Spice storage and all types of substances, including eggs. 


Along with these features, there are also other things you have to note while purchasing a refrigerator. You can’t expect models with glass trays all the time for this budget. Sometimes, there will also be certain via the models that will also have equal amounts of capacity to hold heavy vessels. The cleaning option should also be easier because even though the fridge is small-sized, certain models will take a lot of time, which is not suitable for a working person. Similarly, the gasket covering the refrigerator should have the ability to prevent the flow of and leakage of cold air within the refrigerator. The cleaning of gaskets should also be easier, and certain models come with antifungal technology within this price range. Vegetable basket This plays an important role within the refrigerator because most people purchase the fridge for storing vegetables and fruits at a fresh rate. So when you are purchasing, make sure that it can lock the moisture and keep the vegetables fresh for a long time. If you are looking for a more vegetable storage model, then a model with a huge basket will be a better option. Otherwise, you can go for a small basket option to have more space on the top for keeping food items.All these features are essential while purchasing a refrigerator. Along with these features, you should also consider an important process where you will have the ability to choose the color and structure of the fridge. Ensure that it has a neutral color so that it would be easier for you to maintain them even under different home settings. Purchasing a refrigerator with a lock will be suitable if you have kids at home. Similarly, certain refrigerators have a bottom stand that allows you to store dry items like onions and garlic. This can be an extra storage space for you under many conditions. Given below are certain examples that we find will be suitable for your budget range. If you are interested, you can go for this choice; otherwise, you can choose a similar feature to the given examples.

Haier 170 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-17TMS, Moon Silver)

Haier group of companies has existed in the world for a long time because of its popular products. Even though the company’s main headquarters is based in America, it still has popular branches and sub headquarters all over the world. So if you are a person who requires a well-branded product at a low price, then this particular brand will be suitable on various levels. They have a separate technology and Research team, which is involved in creating products according to the local people. For example, certain products are designed according to the temperature and other settings of the area the product will be sold. This has made the products more unique and preferable by the people. They are also well known for selling refrigerators with an Indian touch. One of the main products includes Haier 170 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-17TMS, Moon Silver). 

This particular product comes along with well known single door technology that is suitable for simple homes. If you are a nuclear family with two or three members, this single door refrigerator will be suitable. It also has a freezer along with the defrost button. So now it can be cleaned now and then according to your wish. Even though they are not as advantageous as the double door refrigerators with no Frost freezer, this model is still preferred by people who purchase the products within the budget. They also have a two-star energy rating, which allows you to save the bill to a certain extent. Bachelors can use this particular model all over the world since they are unique and straightforward. 

Energy – the 2-star energy rating allows you to enjoy a good power absorption suitable for a bachelor’s life. Also, try to avoid opening the refrigerator door always to prevent wastage of energy, which will also show up in your electricity bill. Along with these energy-saving techniques, they also have a special door lock that allows you to protect the items from children. They can be easily cleaned since it is made up of spill-proof wired trays that are easy to wipe. You can just remove them and wash them in the sink.

Features – even though it uses a regular freezer, it has a special diamond edge freezing technology that allows you to enjoy uniform freezing all over the refrigerator. Now you can store many items in the freezer and on the chill tray according to your wish. If you are interested in such a product with proper storage space for vegetables, this will be suitable. It has a huge vegetable Box with moisture lock technology that allows you to save many vegetables with freshness for at least seven days. 

Despite all these features, it can also operate without using a stabilizer since it can run perfectly even with 135V. Even with the low power voltage, this particular refrigerator runs efficiently, and hence they can be attached to the inverter for constant running. Now you can save a lot of money from the fridge that consumes a low energy amount. The gasket used in the refrigerator comes with antibacterial technology that prevents the formation of fungus. They also can avoid the Escape of cool areas from inside to the external environment. 

CROMA 2 Star 2020 Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (CAR 0215, Brush-line Silver, 170 L)

Being in the Retail Industry for more than a decade, the Chroma groups have recently entered the concept of electronic appliances and other product manufacturing. Some of their continuously manufactured products include televisions, air conditioners, and refrigerators. If you are looking for a suitable refrigerator design for your home, then this particular brand will be an appropriate option. They are a subpart of the Tata Groups, which has gained more Fame in the world because of a high-quality product. If you are looking for a suitable refrigerator that you can use at home for regular usage which is simple, then purchase the CHROMA 2 Star 2020 Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (CAR 0215, Brush-line Silver, 170 L)

This particular refrigerator comes with an advanced technology of direct cooling that allows a uniform flow of air within the fridge. They also have a single door Technology that can be easily locked from the reach of children. The refrigerator’s freezer is present within the product in the form of a box, and they can be defrosted manually from time to time. They are available in a beautiful silver color and can be used as decor for your home as it is a neutral color. Even though they are not as advanced as the other models, this particular design has its own set of customers in bachelor and small family members. This specific refrigerator’s holding capacity is just 170 liters, but they have enough space suitable for a bachelor’s life expression if they are continually working. 

Energy: They have a holding energy rate of two stars, suitable for normal bachelor life. When you are going to use the refrigerator to store and rarely open them, this requirement is more than enough. This particular refrigerator’s energy is more perfect with the help of the inverter that controls the cooling level of the freezer and the fridge at the proper level. All these features combined increases the energy efficiency of the refrigerator. The refrigerator also has a toughened glass material that allows good holding for heavy vessels up to 150 kgs. The door side is also filled with toughened glass material-based shelves used for holding nearly 2.5 liters of liquids like cool drinks and other cooking items. 

Feature: This entire refrigerator is ergonomically designed to create a huge space that makes it perfect for holding many materials. The technology allows you to save a lot of humidity. Hence all the items within the refrigerator remain friends for a long time without getting affected. The gasket is fitted perfectly, and they do not allow any type of air to enter or leave the refrigerator. They also come along with bacterial ability, which prevents the growth of bacteria within the fridge. If you are interested in purchasing this refrigerator, you can make the final decision directly through websites like Amazon and the branded shops. 

The process of defrosting the refrigerator is easier and quicker. The externally collected water can be easily removed and dumped. If you are looking for a suitable refrigerator for a bachelor’s life if that can be moved easily from one place to another, this particular model is the best option. Along with all these features, you can also enjoy a constant power supply by connecting the refrigerator to the other since they observed only a low energy amount. 

Haier 190 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-19TMS, Moon Silver)

Haier is a company that has gained a huge name in the country. This is because of its wide range of products with a warranty. Even though their headquarters are based in the USA, they still have branches all over the world. Most of their products are designed in such a way to suit all the areas with their flexibility. The company is well known for producing products like television and other digital appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners. If you are looking for a suitable refrigerator, this particular brand will be a convenient option because of their unique designs and multiple features. One such product of theirs that has created a massive revolution in the market includes Haier 190 L 2 Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator (HED-19TMS, Moon Silver) 

This particular refrigerator model is available in a beautiful Steel grey structure with a handle to open and close them. They are made up of high-quality Steel that allows you to put pressure when required. The refrigerator also has a unique lock technology that prevents the children from reaching over and opening the fridge. Even though it is a simple single door refrigerator, they serve their purpose and are suitable for the family with three members or bachelors. They have a capacity of 190 liters, which is right on most occasions. It also has a proper space on the top that allows you to place the stabilizer. It is compulsory and requires a stabilizer for appropriate working. 

Energy: The refrigerator has a separate two-star rating that proves that energy consumption is decent and not extremely economical. But if you are looking for a fridge design with a low price within a specific budget, this 2-star rating will be a boon. You can also save energy in other terms by keeping the door closed and not opening them for constant checking. It can be easily maintained, and this particular refrigerator comes along with a spill-proof tray for proper washing. 

Feature- the gas that presents within the refrigerator can prevent the inside from entering the external world. They also can act as an antifungal agent to prevent the growth of different fungus and other microorganisms within the refrigerator. The entire refrigerator can be easily wiped away by using simple wet cloth or dry cloth. The cleaning process is much easier. The company also has a property shopping technology that empties the freezer within a short time once the defrost button is pressed manually. The ice cube can be prepared within a short time of 1 hour by keeping the refrigerator at extreme temperature. You can also store ice creams, and other freezes are items safely without worrying about losing the quality. 

Along with these features, there are also other advantages like their ability to function without stabilizing certain areas. You can also connect them to the inverter for constant power supply. The refrigerator also has an integrated inverter that allows them to provide cooling only when required. You can purchase this particular design from online websites like Amazon and the branded showrooms available worldwide.