Best Room Heaters in India

Are you looking for the buying guide to pick the best room heaters for your home? Read this article to know the tips before purchasing the room heater.

Winters can be quite unforgiving, particularly in the Northern pieces of India. Now and then, the temperature tumbles down under 10 or 5 degrees. Sofa-beds or blankets may not be adequate to deal with such an extraordinary climate. In this way, the Best Room Heater is the ideal arrangement. These gadgets can keep up enough warmth and warmth inside the room in any event, during cold months. A few models of room warmers are accessible in the Indian market. To pick the correct one as indicated by your necessities, consider the underneath factor.

Warming Technology: Two distinct innovations are seen in room radiators – brilliant and convection. On the off chance that you need to heat a room or little space, at that point convection is a decent decision. Be that as it may, for large areas and spot warming, brilliant warming innovation is useful. Infrared room warmers utilize brilliant innovation. At the same time, fan and oil-filled warmers use convection innovation.

Size: As a thumb rule, recollect that a room radiator uses 10W for warming 1 square foot of room. Along these lines, for warming up 150 sq.ft, a place warmer uses 1500 Watts.

Product Buying Guide:

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Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater

Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater

Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector

Features of room heater

It is difficult to pick a single item among many choices present in the market. To rearrange this procedure, we have given a few elements to consider while buying a room radiator. This purchasing aide will assist you with picking the correct one as per your one of a kind necessities. 

Warming Technology

This is the main significant factor to consider before purchasing a room radiator. There are two unique kinds of warming advancements – convection warmer and brilliant radiator. For more detailed data, read beneath.

Convection Heater: This kind of warming innovation circulates warm air uniformly and reliably all through the room. They use air as the medium to build warmth in the territory. By and large, the sky is heated up by blowing over a warming component which will be coursed through the room. 

As a rule, the warming components can be composed of fire, electric-component or fluid-filled. Convection radiators are ideal for shut spaces. They are a favoured technique for raising room temperature for a broadened timeframe. 

Convection radiators come in two unique functionalities – with fan and without a fan. 

Convection warmers with fan – As the name infers, they use the fan as a medium to flow air in the room. Fan present in this radiator is liable for taking the fresh air, disregarding the warming component and re-circling it into the room. They can expand warmth inside in all around protected space a lot quicker than convection warmer without a fan. Be that as it may, because of the nearness of the fan, these gadgets make a lot of commotion. 

Convection warmer without fan – Usually the warming component in this kind of radiator is encircled with oil or water. What’s more, the warming procedure will begin at a moderate pace. The warming procedure starts by warming the oil or water first, and afterwards, heat is gradually moved into the encompassing air. Yet, the warmth produced can remain for a long time as the fluid will stay hot for quite a while after turning off the gadget. As it doesn’t have a fan, the procedure is murmured. 

Brilliant Heaters: In this sort of warmers, heat is produced from infrared radiation. In contrast to convection radiators (where the air in the room is warmed up), this gadget warms up individuals and items in the room. 

The brilliant heater is ideal for: Individuals can remain in the line of its course. Rooms where individuals remain still for a long time (like rooms). As these radiators don’t heat the whole room, just individuals and articles close to it can receive the glow rewards. It is advantageous for individuals with respiratory issues like residue sensitivities as it doesn’t rely upon air course. As it isn’t trustworthy on the wind, it is ideal for outside.

Room Heater Types

three kinds – artistic, oil-filled and infrared. We have given detail data beneath – read it cautiously to comprehend which one suits your best. 

Artistic Heaters: In earthenware warmers, the electric flow goes through artistic warming components. This allows the aluminium to aluminium and warming components to rapidly warm up. In the interim during a similar time, the fresh air is sucked into the base from the encompassing. From that point forward, the air will be ignored by the puzzles and warming components. This warms up the atmosphere and at last coursed into the room utilizing a fan. That is the reason; they regularly allude as earthenware fan radiators. When contrasted with others, they work at lower temperatures and are fit for discharging the same measure of warmth over the room. Fired radiators are commonly utilized for a little office or single warming room. In the interim during a similar time, the fresh air is sucked into the base from the encompassing. From that point forward, the air will be ignored by the puzzles and warming components. 

Oil Filled Heaters: Oil-filled warmers simply look like conventional radiators, be that as it may, they are little. They contain a progression of joined segments that appended at the base with a control board. In contrast to conventional ones, oil-filled radiators are compact. Inside these sections, diathermic oil is available, which goes about as a warmth store. As the oil isn’t utilized as fuel for heat age, it won’t be used, which implies you don’t need to top off. Working of oil-filled radiators – When you plug into the attachment, the power will straightforwardly stream to the warmth supply. This will transform energy into heat which will at that point, be consumed by the diathermic oil. When the oil is heated up, it will move through the sections. The development of oil will move the warmth into the metal segments. Presently the warmth will emanate around the room utilizing air’s regular convection. These kinds of radiators take some time in warming the oil; however, give a liberal measure of warmth enough to warm up the whole room. 

Infrared Heaters: They are otherwise called brilliant infrared warmers. They utilize a similar working rule that warms up the earth – warm vitality will be moved as warmth to any object or individual present in its way. Commonly, infrared radiators utilize two kinds of warming components. When the oil is heated up, it will move through the sections. The development of oil will move the warmth into the metal segments. Presently the warmth will emanate around the room utilizing air’s regular convection. 

Quartz Tubes – These typified tubes, for the most part, have Nichrome warming wire (which comprises 80% Nickel and 20% Chromium). 

Cylindrical Heating Element – This sort utilizes durable metal components for inward warming which like the practical guideline of the stove – where the metal packaging is warmed up first which at last lets the warmth move legitimately to the items present around.

Room Heater Size and Coverage

This is considered as one of the most significant variables because – on the off chance that you buy the wrong size, at that point, you will end with overheated or less warmed space. For instance, if you buy a considerable room warmer for a little room, at that point vitality will get squandered, and the room will be overheated. Just the other way around, on the off chance that you buy a little room radiator for the enormous room, at that point enough warmth won’t be created to heat the room. Fitting room warmer capacity can be measured with wattage yield. As a thumb rule, a room radiator that devours 10Watts force will warm one square foot of region impeccably. In this way, on the off chance that the room warmer expends 1500Watts, at that point you can warm up 150sqft. For instance, if you buy a vast room more heated for a little room, at that point vitality will get squandered, and the room will overheat. Just the other way around, on the off chance that you buy a little room radiator for the enormous room, at that point enough warmth won’t be created to heat the room.

Well-being Features

Much the same as some other electrical gadgets, it is smarter to buy a room radiator that accompanies in any event with barely any wellbeing highlights. We have referenced some of them beneath.

Cool to Touch: As the name recommends, it indicates that the external packaging of the room warmer is heat safe. Along these lines, regardless of whether you contact it accidentally, it won’t bring about any consumers. This component isn’t accessible in a portion of the room radiator items in India. This element is significant, particularly if you have children or pets in the home. 

Tip-Over Cut off Switch: Because of their smaller size and lightweight highlights, convenient room warmers are regularly moved to start with one spot then onto the next – this occasionally makes it prone to fall or spill, particularly when it knocks with any item. In certain circumstances, children or pets may attempt to get the room radiator or even try to move it. In the instances of falling over or sheer force remove, the room radiator will kill itself quickly to maintain a strategic distance from any possible danger of fire risks. 

Overheat Protection Switch: Overheat security is another significant wellbeing highlight to consider. This is accessible in the more substantial part of the room radiators present in the Indian market. At the point when inside parts arrive at hazardous temperature, the sensors will advise the change to kill right away. Aside from these three highlights, likewise, think about others like defensive barbecues to cover warming loops and indoor regulators. Some advanced room warmer models accompany movement sensors which distinguish and turn off the radiator when a child or pet comes excessively close.

Warmth Settings

The vast majority of the room warmers accompany heat settings which help to modify as per room temperature. By and large, three warmth settings are watched – low, medium and high, which work by changing the wattage. You can likewise kill heat setting choice by exchanging a catch, on the off chance that it isn’t reasonable for your prerequisites. 

Oxygen and Humidity Levels

This is a significant factor to consider in the event that you have a newly conceived infant at home. By and large, radiation warmers or fans go through oxygen while warming the air, prompting fewer oxygen levels and moist misfortune in the room. This can prompt sickness, dry nose and bothersome skin, particularly in more youthful ones. To forestall this, we prescribe to put a water pail on any edge of the room when you are utilizing the room radiator.

Force Consumption

In the event that you need to discover how much power does your room warmer expend, at that point, the first exciting point is the wattage. This number is usually imprinted on the manual or details on the bundle. The vast majority of the room warmers expend 1500 Watts, yet some of them may devour somewhat more than it. Thus, given this number, let’s compute the measure of power. Power bills are typically determined in Kilowatt-hours which is the measure of vitality expended while running a 1-kilo watt machine for 60 minutes. First how about we expect, the room radiator you have consumes 1500 watts. As 1,000 is equivalent to 1 Kilowatt, your warmer devours 1.5 Kilowatts of intensity. In the event that you utilize 1500 Watts room radiator everyday for 8hours for a month, at that point you will get Rs.1800 power bill every month. 

Force Cord

It is smarter to put resources into a room warmer that has at any rate 70 inches in length power rope. This gives enough adaptability to control position choices. It additionally lets you get it far from combustible things like beds, lounge chairs, shades and others. Room radiators without additional lines ought to be bought. Heaters ought to be set distinctly on the floor for security purposes. Having a long line lets you utilize the room radiator, even in zones where outlets are not adequately available. It likewise enables you to move the heater around the room as indicated by your inclinations. 

Clamour Level

Much the same as some other electrical apparatus, room radiators likewise produce some commotion while in operation. Basic thumb rule when considering clamour factor is – fan prepared room warmers provide confusion and fan-less models create less or no disturbance. Along these lines, they are ideal for rooms and offices. To check whether the item you pick produces commotion or not, look at the decibel appraisals. The higher the rating is, the stronger the machine will be. 

Indoor regulator

The indoor regulator is one of the significant components to consider while purchasing a room radiator. The vast majority of the room radiators have either the movable indoor regulator or programmable indoor regulator. With the programmable indoor regulator, you can set an ideal temperature, and the heater will naturally keep up the set temperature by killing the gadget on and after specific spans. Even though a flexible indoor regulator can’t keep upset temperature yet at the same time controls the warmth yield contingent upon your warmth settings. Adjustable indoor regulators either have fastens or dials to let you change the warmth setting from low to high.

Size and Portability

With regards to convenience, it is smarter to buy a room radiator with castor wheels. Since they make it simple to move the gadget structure, one spot to another with no weight on the arms, it is likewise prescribed to pay unique mind to sidearms or handles, so you can move the radiator around without consuming your hands. Alongside that, room warmers ought to be light in weight to move it around effectively and minimized in size with the goal that it tends to be moved anyplace like under the table. Fan and brilliant room radiators are light in weight, conservative and simple to move around openly contrasted with oil-filled warmers. 

Vitality Efficiency

Room radiators can’t deal with the measure of occupation a focal warming framework can do. They are intended to heat little spaces. In the event that you heat enormous regions past the limit of a room warmer, at that point you will have expanded power bills. Shockingly, room warmers don’t accompany vitality proficiency appraisals. Furthermore, it is hard to look at the vitality proficiency of these gadgets as various elements can affect their profitability. A portion of these components are indoor temperature, space size, regardless of whether space is protected or not, what temperature is set and others. However, in the event that you need to improve the vitality effectiveness of a room warmer, at that point, follow these essential hints. To limit drafts and boost heat maintenance, we prescribe to keep the windows and entryways shut while utilizing room radiators. In the event that the room radiator has vents, at that point clear the collected flotsam and jetsam and residue. To remain acceptable, it is smarter to keep up the temperature at a most minimal level rather than the most noteworthy temperature at regular intervals. Situating the radiator to the correct bearing lets the warmth arrive at the objective region impeccably. This will prevent you from turning the gadget to its most elevated level, in this manner forestalls any vitality wastage. Additionally look at for specific highlights like a clock, flexible indoor regulator and low wattage power for diminishing vitality utilization. 

Cost and Warranty

A top-notch room warmer will clearly come at a more significant expense. Perfect quality models will have additional brilliant highlights like remote control, vitality sparing mode and clock. Some moderate evaluated room radiator models may not give extraordinary savvy includes, yet they will most likely provide warm enough that is required to make you agreeable. With regards to guarantee, it is smarter to pick models within any event with a half year or 1-year guarantee. You can look at the guarantee subtleties in the item details.

Tips for selecting a room heater

Setting the room radiator in a reasonable spot is something imperative to consider. In the event that you place the heater in the wrong spot, at that point, you are placing your family at serious risk. Beneath, we have referenced not many tips on where to put a room warmer. 

Continuously Place the Room Heater on Flat Surfaces: Regardless of where you place the room radiator, ensure the surface is level. In the event that the surface isn’t level, at that point, the gadget can tumble down or thump over without any problem. 

Leeway Around the Room Heater: You need to ensure the room warmer isn’t hindered with anything. Except if it is a divider mounted one, it is smarter to have in any event 2 to 3 feet from the divider. With regards to sides or front, make a point to keep up another 3 feet separation. 

Compact or Mounted: As the name proposes, mounted room radiators are fixed into a divider. Now and again, baseboard radiators are installed at the base of the divider close to the floor. In the event that you have pets or youngsters meandering in your home, the mounted room warmers are the ideal decision. They are cool to contact (while inactivity). Be that as it may, you should ensure they are not impeded by anything. The most significant interesting point while introducing a divider mounted room radiators is – the warmth stream ought not to be discouraged by furniture or another divider. On the off chance that you have a compact room warmer, at that point you must be cautious where you place it. Dodge places where it can without much of a stretch be thumped over. Tables and retires are the most noticeably terrible spots to keep compact room radiators. 

Ward the Moisture Off: As room radiators work mostly on power, they ought to never be put in moist territories. In this way, never take your warmers outdoors or use it in the kitchen, washrooms or anyplace else with wet environmental factors. Another significant thing is – never endeavour to dry your wet garments by putting them over room warmers. It isn’t just risky yet, besides impedes the airflow from warmer – which can look at last light fire. 

Make way: You ought to consistently guarantee the room radiators are not put in a strolling way. This lets you walk unreservedly around the house. Furthermore, it additionally guards kids and pets while the warmer is in the activity.


Solimo 2000-Watt Room Heater

Solimo is an Amazon brand that makes a wide range of mid-spending family unit items. This is our first suggestion for any individual who’s searching for a room warmer. It highlights convection warming innovation with 2000 Watt force, and it is equipped for producing enough warmth for a little to medium room. The most extreme room size it can do the trick is 200 square feet. There are handles for temperature control and indoor regulator setting. The temperature can be balanced from blistering, warm, and cold, contingent upon the climate. A fan will circulate the warm air all through the room. You can likewise utilize it as a customary fan with a relaxed air setting in hotter seasons. There is an overheat assurance that kills the engine in the event that it arrives at a perilously high temperature (130 degrees C). An auto-shutoff includes that detaches the force association if the inside warmth exceeds126 degrees. The body is made of fire-retardant plastic, making it safe around children and pets. Because of its smaller size, it’s anything but difficult to move and store away when not being used. It is a divider mountable both evenly or vertically—an extraordinary element to get it far from the child’s scope. Solimo room warmer accompanies a 1-year guarantee on the body parts and the engine. You may see some consuming smell in the initial, not many utilizations, which is ordinary.


  • Flexible and incredible 
  • Two indoor regulator controllers 
  • Auto shutoff, overheat insurance. 
  • Divider mountable 
  • Smaller and simple to store 
  • Reasonable 
  • 1-year guarantee from Amazon itself

Orpat OEH-1260 2000-Watt Fan Heater

The Indian brand is perhaps the biggest provider of family electrical items. The Orpat convection fan warmer is probably the best innovation. At a little more significant expense, this is our second suggestion for you. This room warmer is controlled by a 2500 Watt engine, which is equipped for warming a 250 square foot room. It’s incredible at spot warming methods it warms up rapidly inside a couple of moments. Henceforth, this is an ideal decision for a medium-sized room. You get two warmth settings—2000 Watt and 1000 Watt, to keep it agreeable all through the climate. At the point when the outside temperature is chilling, set the 2000 Watt setting when it’s relatively hotter and set the 1000 Watt to spare force utilization. You can alter the fan speed with the other handle. The fan can be utilized without warming capacity, which works as an ordinary fan. The outside is made cool-to-contact to shield your hands from inadvertent consuming. It even has a touch sensor. It has each wellbeing highlight beginning from the warm cut-cuts the force association when within parts arrive at an unsafe temperature. Security cut off, which kills the gadget when the necessary heat is accomplished. The in-fabricated handle makes it simple to move. The structure looks complicated with your insides, and the size is ideal for putting it away someplace far off. Orpat OEH accompanies a 1-year guarantee covering the body parts and the engine. A few people referenced it got scorched. One should remember that it requires a 16 Amp plug, and not as much as that can burst into flames.


  • Perfect for spot warming 
  • Lightweight and minimal 
  • Two indoor regulator settings 
  • Flexible fan speed 
  • Ignite sensor and warm cut 

Bajaj Majesty RX11 2000 Watts Heat Convector Room Heater

Bajaj possesses one of the most significant help places the nation over. In the event that you are searching for a room warmer with premium quality, execution, and dependability, this is your purchase. Like other convection room warmer, Bajaj Majesty likewise utilizes a fan to scatter the warmth. It’s a 2000 Watt power warmer that can warm a 200 square ft room, on a greatest. It is furnished with two indoor regulators settings-1000 Watt and 2000 Watt. In this manner, you get accommodation to change the room temperature as indicated by the climate. In summer, you can utilize the convection fan as an ordinary fan. The structure is tastefully satisfying. It looks complicated, but on the other hand, it’s protected with the children and the pets around. The external body is cool-to-contact to protect your hands from coincidental burnings. The inside security highlights incorporate a warm cut off which consequently kills the gadget if the internal segments ever arrive at a risky temperature. There’s additionally a heated wire for included security. Inferable from its size, you can store it anyplace inside the cabinet or under the bed. It offers two different ways of establishment-level and vertical. Shockingly, it does not have the conveying handle. In this way, when it’s warmed, it very well may be hazardous to move it from its place. The best thing with Bajaj Majesty RX11 is the 2-year guarantee, which guarantees its durable form quality. In addition, Bajaj has many assistance habitats; you are probably going to discover one close to your place. One client has said the attachment is littler than anticipated. All things considered, you have to introduce a 16 Amp attachment for this 2000 Watt warmer.


  • Moment warm air 
  • 2-year guarantee 
  • Warm cut off, cool-to-contact body 
  • The secure form of quality

Usha 423 N 2000-Watt Heat Convector

Indians, to a great extent, trust the brand Usha for home machines, since they are perhaps the most established producer of these things. The Usha 423 N room radiator is ISI affirmed, flexible, sturdy, and compact. It’s a 2000 Watt convection room radiator. It utilizes a fan to course the warm air quicker inside a couple of moments. The most extreme zone it can keep warm is 150 square ft, as referenced by the makes. In contrast to other people, Usha offers three indoor regulator settings, with the goal that you can generally set the room temperature as indicated by your solace and accommodation. In coldest atmospheres, set the 2000 Watt setting to get moment heat, at a reasonably chilly temperature set the 1330 Watt setting, and in the hotter days set the 665 Watt settings to bring down the force utilization. Likewise, there are 2 level speed changes for the fan. For security, it has a warm cut off which will kill the gadget before it arrives at a dangerous temperature. It has an evening time marker. The stature is customizable for this specific room radiator. Not at all like Bajaj, this incorporates a handle for simple exchange. You get 1-year guarantee inclusion from the maker on any broken pieces of the gadget. 


  • Spot warming of the environmental factors 
  • ISI affirmed room warmer 
  • Three indoor regulator settings 
  • Double speed fan 
  • Warm cut off 
  • Convey handle