Best Sewing Machines For Beginners In India

Are you looking to buy a new sewing machine and need guidance for purchasing it? Maybe you’ve just recently taken up sewing on your friend’s borrowed sewing machine and now want to buy your first sewing machine. Or you’re someone who just wants to upgrade your current setup to something that will expand your sewing business.

For most sewists buying a new sewing machine is an overwhelming experience because even affordable machines have features that are not so easy to understand. Importantly, you’ll also need to consider what may appear unnecessary to your sewing machine today, but it might help you a lot down the road as your sewing progresses. With so many brands, features, stitches and price ranges, it’s hard to know from where to start.

Before you go out looking for the best sewing machine for beginners. There are some things you should consider, and today we’ll discuss the main important factors to consider before buying the best sewing machine for beginners in India in our sewing machine beginners guide. So, let’s get started with tips for buying sewing machines for beginners;

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Who's going to use this sewing machine?

Are you looking to buy a sewing machine for yourself? Or your loved ones? Whomsoever you’re purchase sewing machines for, you need to consider their experience. Is that person a beginner, novice, or an advanced sewer? This is a very important fact before you go to buy the sewing machine. This one question can easily help you determine the budget, brand, size and many more.


The price of sewing machines varies significantly. You must also consider what’s your budget before you start your search. If you’re on a limited budget, then it’ll be not possible for you to afford an expensive high-end machine. Generally, there are 2 basic pricing strategies:

Light to medium weight work and fabric machines will probably cost you around Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000. This is a rough approximate. You’ll also need to consider how many additional features you need. Machines for medium to heavyweight work will start from 10,000. The price may vary depending on how many extra features you choose.

A good sewing machine would be able to give you years of reliable, good service. You must choose the best sewing machine in India within your budget. 

Remember, even if you’re on a limited budget, it might not be ideal for you to opt for a cheap, plastic machine. It won’t last long and might drag you away from sewing altogether. You can also have a look around and check out some quality second-hand machines available. Always buy the best-computerized sewing machines for beginners in your budget.

For what projects do you need a sewing machine?

The best sewing machine must be perfect for your purpose. There’s no point in buying a lightweight, cheap sewing machine, to sew your heavy-duty fabrics. It simply won’t happen, and you’ll just get frustrated and annoyed. 

Be it a beginner or a pro; you need to buy sewing which has all the features you need. Always consider the thickness of the fabric you’ll use with the machine if you’re looking to get started on projects that use fabrics such as heavy cotton twill, denim, or anything else with a fair weight. Then you should consider buying a sturdier machine. 

Consider your sewing expectations before, and you go to buy the best sewing machine for beginners in India. It will always help you in choosing the best machine within your budget. 

What is the best sewing machine for a beginner In India?

If you’re new to this sewing game, then welcome! Taking up sewing as a hobby or career is one of the best ways to express creativity. You can create your homeware and clothes, handmade gifts.

Newbies will normally need a machine with a basic range of stitches. Keep in mind what you want to sew. Even if it’s just a basic project, you’ll still need a good machine. The best sewing machine in India needs to be strong enough to handle various weights of fabric easily. 

The machine should also be equipped with all the functions and features for your various projects. 

Machine's Noise

Ok, this might seem like a small consideration, but it’s extremely important. A lot of people don’t consider this before buying a sewing machine. But you should find this factor. If you buy a very noisy machine, then this will affect how often you use it.

Most sewers if they’re not professional sewers, only have time to sew in their spare time in the evening. You, therefore, wouldn’t want to settle down for a spot of calming sewing session, only to end up with the irritating sounds that will just leave you frustrated. 

When choosing your sewing machine, just make sure you check and carefully check all the functions before you purchase it, so you can have an idea of how noisy or quiet it is.

How many stitches are required?

Some machines come with as few as 10 options for stitching, and as many as mind-blowing 3000 stitch options! TO be a good sewer, all you’ll need is a straight and zigzag stitch. These stitches come in many designs, widths, styles, and lengths. 

When a machine comes with hundreds of stitching options, including various designs, shapes, widths, lengths, and styles, they might look great. But go on and ask yourself; do you need them? Even advanced sewers rarely use stitches except for the straight or zigzag stitch.

Mechanical or computerized sewing machines

Sewing is all about having the needle just go up and down. How well a sewing machine can do so majorly depends on what’s inside the machine. 

Mechanical Sewing Machine: These machines tend to be simple to operate and aren’t as heavy and advanced because they don’t have a computer brain. They require a lot less maintenance as compared to computerized sewing machines. If properly taken care of these machines, they can serve you for many years, making it the best choice for someone on a tight budget.

Computerized Sewing Machine: A automated sewing machine can sew a beautiful straight stitch – every time you use it. All high-end sewing machines are computerized sewing machines. These machines simplify stitch selection, stitch length, buttonholes and have programmable stitch sequences. Computerized sewing machines mostly have a touch screen. 

One of the best benefits of a computerized sewing machine is that it comes with a motor. Computerized machines are usually costly because they tend to have high-powered motors that are best for heavy-duty projects. A computerized sewing machine is an ideal choice for professional sewers.

Hybrid Sewing Machine: There’s a third option that is considered as an electronic machine. It’s a hybrid of both computerized and mechanical machines. It usually comes with a computer screen, but the machine is completely mechanical inside. If properly taken care of, them, they can serve you for years. The electronics on these normally included needle up/down, needle position, a thread cutter, and stitch selection features. These machines come with a decent selection of stitches.


If you’re a beginner and looking for a machine, you should also consider weight as the factor. Now if you’re a beginner who’s taken sewing as a hobby, you would want to have a portable machine. A lightweight machine is considered to be easily portable. So look for a portable machine. This enables you to sew anywhere, plus if you take sewing classes, it’ll be easy for you to carry it along. 

Features to look for in best sewing machine for beginners in India

Some features should be in the best sewing machine for beginners.

In-built needle threader

You’ll be threading your sewing machine every time you use it. With a user-friendly machine, you will fall in love with sewing and you’ll be more indulged in making lots of things. So it’s obvious that you’ll thread your machine more than a thousand times. 

Having a machine with an in-built needle threader will save you a lot of time and trouble. Even if you are a teenager or young adult with great eyesight and steady hands, this feature still makes needle threading go faster than your hands. We won’t recommend you to not go for a machine that doesn’t have an inbuilt needle threader feature.

Free Arm

Always look for a machine that comes with a free arm,.Free arms enable you to sew narrow and round garments like pant hems and sleeves easily. If you buy a sewing machine that can’t convert to free-arm sewing, then you won’t be able to sew these things.  As a newbie sewist, you’ll want to do many small projects. That’s because they are easy, useful and satisfying. You cannot do free arm sewing that’ll limit your ability to sew sleeves and hems. Many basic beginner sewing machines don’t come with this feature. Make sure the machine you go for should have this feature.

Top loading drop-in bobbin

Having a poorly designed bobbin system is one thing that can cause newbies most frustration on their first sewing machine. Some machines come with bobbin being concealed inside the front of the sewing machine. To change the bobbin, people had to take the front case off and then remove the bobbin casing to get to the bobbin. 

Besides all these extra steps to remove the bobbin, the problem with these kinds of machines was that there was no way for users to see that bobbin was running low on thread. So mostly bobbin would run out without the user knowing. Users would continue sewing and then suddenly they’ll realize that they have run out of thread. This can cause frustration for anyone! Either be it a beginner or an advanced sewer, this is a point where sewers will want to tear out their hair. Because of this reason many sewers had to remove their project from the machine, rewind and then replace the bobbin and start all over again. Well! This doesn’t sound like fun!

Having a machine with a top-loading bobbin system is just better. With this system, the bobbin just automatically pops out and drops into a place, and you don’t have to go through the hassle of disassembling the bobbin case to reach it. Even better, you can find a machine that has a top-loading drop-in bobbin that has a see-through cover plate. So you can always know when you’re getting low on thread. Always find a machine that has top loading drop-in bobbin, this will make your sewing experience much better.

Knee Lifter

A few years back this feature was just available on expensive high-end machines, but now you can find this feature available on affordable machines too. Knee lifters allow you to easily lift the presser foot while your hands are holding the fabric. This feature comes in real handy when cutting curves and designing sharp corners.


Most modern tech sewing machines let you sew buttonholes easily, with specific accessories and stitches. You can choose between various types:

Automatic buttonhole: It automatically measures the button’s size and automatically creates a buttonhole of the perfect size.

One-step buttonhole: This feature automatically creates a buttonhole, but you’ll have to tell the machine which size of the hole to make.

Four-Step Buttonhole: With this feature, you’ll have to sew each side of a buttonhole individually by selecting each stitch to create left, right, top and bottom sides. These were some of the features that you should be looking for in the best automatic sewing machines for beginners. 

Final words

The truth is, there’s no specific answer to which is the best sewing machine for you, but you recognize where you stand as a sewer, what is your budget and what’s your sewing style, can help you narrow down your choices and find the best sewing machine that will serve you for years. CIAO