Best Sewing Machine For Boutique In India

Whether if you are a starter or professional, this feature list will walk you through the best sewing machine for your boutique.

Do you own a boutique and are struggling to find the perfect machine? While you are in the transition of starting the all-new boutique business, you will miss out on all the important points that you need to consider while buying a sewing machine. Whether if you are a starter or professional, this feature checkout list will walk you through the major decision of buying the best sewing machine for your boutique.

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Usha Janome Wonder Stitch Automatic Zig Zag

Singer 3232 Simple Sewing Machine with Automatic Needle Threader, 32 Stitches

Brother Gs-3700 Electric Sewing Machine With Extension Table

How much space are you ready to dedicate to your Sewing Place?

Space is the first thing that you consider while starting any business. Even if you have to start an online business, you will have to buy web space to make a digital presence and start selling. Therefore, space is the essential question before buying a sewing machine. You need to ask yourself as to how much space you can dedicate to your work machine.

If you are thinking of setting a machine on your kitchen table or the little office table in the far corner of the room, then buy a portable sewing machine. This will help you pack and put away your sewing machine whenever not in need.

If you own a bigger place to set up your sewing machine and you want to work on projects daily, you can buy a heavier, less compact sewing machines. These machines are not needed to put away or move around at all times.

There is no doubt that when it comes to which sewing machine is best for boutique, we will have to choose our options very carefully. It is clear that buying a light and compact machine is cheaper than the heavier machine. So before you proceed to buy the best sewing machine for your boutique, look into all options.

What to look for in a sewing machine for the boutique?

Sewing Machine matches your abilities

Buying a sewing machine for a boutique is a  crucial decision. It depends on whether you are a beginner or a professional. Everyone is looking for the best sewing machine to make clothes. The machines vary from the level of the sewing experience. Some advanced machines are designed that are suited to professionals. 

An advanced machine comes with multiple stitch patterns, needle position, LCD screen USB, and Internet connectivity. It helps people pro at their work capable of making a variety of garments, and it helps other people get better at what they do. Trust me, and if you are digging in the right place, you will find the perfect sewing machine according to your capabilities.

Mechanical Sewing Machine or Computerized Sewing Machine

All machines are digital. Still, the budgeted ones are non-computerized, while those on the higher end of the cost scale are functions than are having digitalized displays rather than knobs.

If you’re buying your first Commercial sewing machine, or are a newcomer to stitching, you might choose to stick to the cheaper mechanical, non-computerized models.  Those are sufficient for those who do not require all bells and whistles and need to know how to begin sewing your clothes. They do support all of the basic functions you’ll need to master the art of sewing, and they won’t cost you a fortune.  For starters, you’ll require a machine which could zigzag some straight stitches and buttonholes – these are for making adjustments items and home decorations.

Sewing patterns in Sewing Machine

Did you make yourself already comfortable with the simple stitching options of your simple non-computerized machine? Are you able to perform basic layout alterations and are prepared to move ahead toward more complicated projects? You might want to consider investing in a more modern, computerized best sewing machine for a boutique in India that has a wider range of different stitching options that you can experiment with and use for your garments.

Will it provide you with some decorative stitching options that are sassy to use with our lingerie sewing patterns, but it will more likely be able to handle fabrics as well as multiple layers of fabrics. Also, higher-end computerized machines usually feature some nifty features like automatic thread cutter, one-step buttonholer, and others, which will make life much simpler for you in the long term.

Easy to control Sewing Machine

Whether you’re a stitching enthusiast, pro, or a newbie, I advise that you buy a machine that has metal parts with a case and a metal chassis.  These are stronger and will last and function you for compared to the flimsy and easy to break.

Advanced sewists and experts should invest in a high end, professional type version.  It’ll be heavier, but it is going to have the ability to handle the fabrics and various tasks that are heavy-duty also.  If you have space for your sewing, this is my recommendation.


Getting a machine that has adjustable speed control is recommended for children or novices. This attribute will allow for simple slowing down and speeding up of the stitching. It is easy to control and thus much easier to master when a function can be obtained.

For this, Advanced machines have needle positioners and automatic needle manger that helps you to safely deal with needles and also release yourself from the heck of needle adjustments.

Easy needle positioning/handling

This is another very handy feature — it allows you to reposition your needle in keeping with your own needs while working on your job. This is particularly useful when sewing on zippers for hemming and topstitching (e.g., for the lingerie here). Decide on this; it is highly recommended for those who are currently working on garments and designs. It can be helpful in the long run to manage excessive projects on hand.

Easy availability of spares and repairs

No matter, even if you’re running an online business, you would need to set up a brick and mortar production house. It is always better if you face the break down of the sewing machine, you could fix it in an instant with the availability of easy repairs and spares. Prefer a sewing machine that has a sturdy body. A system for which parts are locally available. If your work stops, employees will find an excuse to ramble around. You would lose man-hours and money.

Type of clothing

We can use most domestic sewing machines for lightweight fabrics and some thicker materials. They are not that great if we would like to sew knitwear or leather. For that, a heavy-duty machine or a cover stitch machine is needed. Otherwise, the material will fray. Like we have mentioned, overlocker machines are there to make our garments look ready-made. Without them, everything we create will probably still look homemade. Getting one sewing machine is an alternative if we do not have a problem with that. However, durable clothes seams are a must.

What other machines you will need?

While you are opening up a boutique from your place, Commercial sewing machine is not the only thing that you will need to sew clothes. Some other important machines can come in handy to support your sewing projects. A button attachment machine, and an overlock machine to seam clothes and make them look premium clothing with a premium finish.

Button Attachment Machine

It might not seem that important. Still, I highly suggest that you think about getting a sewing machine using a one-step buttonhole function instead of the far more complex and time-consuming four-step buttonhole that other models have.  This is one feature which could help newbies and advanced sewists, but since it’s usually on the more costly models, I would suggest it for advanced stitchers, and not so much.

Overlock Machine

An overlocker is also called a”serger” and is a function that’s used to complete hems by trimming the fabric and, at the same time, sewing the hem. It is a feature which is used for clothing that is commercially made and is very helpful, but not necessary if you’re just beginning and plan on working on some basic projects. The overlocker function is particularly useful for working with stretchy, knitted, and other clothing fabrics that are catchy.

The final Brand - Budget - Value - Warranty:

Button Attachment Machine

he money you are ready to spend on your new sewing machine is, no doubt an essential part of the decision making process. If you are new to sewing, you might want to opt for borrowing it from somebody so that you can test it first and see if you are up to learning how to sew and undertaking dressmaking projects before spending money on buying your machine. The benefits of making clothes vs buying them are numerous, and you’ll have the ability to produce things that are unique while taking up a new hobby at the same time. You won’t need to be content with just what is currently sold in stores, and you can select the fabrics and materials, you could even bring your garment ideas into reality, and a lot more.

If you’re firm in your decision to invest in a brand new garment, and you may also spend a fortune more but be sure you are making an excellent and long-term investment in higher quality. More durable machine with more features, as opposed to buying a cheap but flimsy machine that will probably break down pretty soon.

Of course, if you’re planning on working in sewing, and making money out of the clothes you make, you should consider spending more on a professional sewing machine, as it’s more dependable and sturdy. You can get the fact it will pay off pretty soon once you start selling your garments and goods.


Always check the warranty which the maker is offering before you buy.  Normally, the warranty supplied for the parts is two years for the components 20 years and 1 year for labour.  Bear in mind that you are currently making a significant investment, so make certain to get the best value for the money you are going to spend on your sewing machine! 

Take Away:

Keep in mind the above Tips to Buy Best Sewing Machine for Boutique business of yours. Depending on you just want a commercial sewing machine for regular purposes or open up a successful boutique, I suggest that you invest in the machines accordingly. Buy a compact machine or a heavy-duty machine accordingly. Make sure that the machines do not cripple too easily, and the investment puts out to nothing. If you want to invest big, make sure that all machine parts are durable, it is an updated or latest versioned sewing machine so that the repairs and spares are easily available. Invest in a branded, hi-tech machinery to be able to hit a profitable business revenue by the end of the year.