Best Sewing Machine For Advanced Sewers In India

If you are a designer or a professional sewer looking for an advanced sewing machine, get to know your choices her.

Sewing is known as Silai by local folks in India. People enjoy it as a hobby, passion, and professionalism. A variety of sewing machines come with different features and functionalities. While you choose one, it depends on that you are a pro or a beginner. Whether you want to stitch clothes at home, or you need it for bulk purposes in your cloth industry business refer to the best Sewing machine buying guide India and buy a suitable sewing machine for your needs.

Stitching is an artwork, a DIY for our elderly. Give them a cloth you want to throw and see the innovations that they bring in that useless piece of cloth. Stitching is a passion. It gives your designer spree art and some food for thought. Give your designer sister or friend a paper-pencil, a sewing machine, and some clothing material. Then wait to be surprised with a stunning outcome. 

If you are one of the above, you will look for the Best Sewing Machine in India and at your exposure. After that, you just lay your hands on the machine and let your hands and brain, and of course, the cloth do the magic. Now be clear with what you are looking for in your machine and have a look at this broad classification of the Sewing Machines.

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Janome HD1000 Heay-Duty Sewing Machine with 14 Built-In Stitches : Janome HD1000 Heay-Duty Sewing Machine with 14 Built-In Stitches

Types of Sewing Machine:

Mechanical or Domestic Sewing Machine

The machine has a variety of names like Domestic Sewing Machine, Manual Sewing Machine, Household Sewing Machine, and Standard Sewing Machine. The machine got its various names as it can be mainly found in households and require manual effort to run and work. These are less advanced machines with lesser or one stitch pattern in most cases. There are further two kinds of manual sewing machines:

  • Hand operatorUser handles the wheel of the machine by rotating it with the hands so that the machine runs properly.


  • Pedal operator – Also known as the treadle machine, its wheel is operated by pressing the pedal at the bottom of the machine.

No doubt that the machine is too old, but still, they are readily available in the market as the pedaler has been attached to an electric motor. You just need to push the pedal slightly and continue to sew with ease. The motor pedal is the first step towards the sewing machine for advanced sewers in India.

Electronic Sewing Machine

They are a lot different than the mechanical sewing machine. They are motorized, compact-sized, and light-weighted. They also have about 7-20 stitch patterns inbuilt. 

Electronic Sewing Machines are costlier than the Mechanical Sewing Machines, but they are automated and have advanced features. The machine has an in-built light feature, automatic threading, in-built thread cutter, and a variety of stitch patterns. Stitch patterns like hemming, blind stitch, quilting, embroidering, reverse stitch, can be seen on the LCD screen attached to some of the machines. Other features include automatic needle positioning, zip fixing, adjustable stitch thread tension, adjustable stitch width and length, and a foot presser. 

As some machines have USB connectivity and some have an LCD screen, therefore, the price of the electronic sewing machine varies. These sewing machines are suitable for all kinds of cloth and different types of users, beginners, designers and tailors or professionals. This seems like the sewing machine in India for designers and professionals.

Computerized Sewing Machine


These are high-speed machines generally used for industrial purposes. These heavy-duty sewing machines are computer operated and come with advanced technology features. 

With 200 in-built stitching patterns, the computerized sewing machine can do embroidery, hemming, smocking, quilting, zip fixing, automatic threading, automatic thread cutter, LCD Screen, free arm stitching, autopilot option, twin needle capability, USB connectivity, needle positioning, Internet connectivity, design downloading and many more.

What makes the computerized sewing machine more useful is the USB and internet connectivity. Based on its efficiencies and features, the Computerized Sewing Machine for Advanced Sewers is a time saver.


Embroidery Sewing Machine

With an in-built embroidery foot presser, embroidery sewing machines are electronic sewing machines. While embroidery is an artwork in which different colored threads are used to make patterns designed on garments or fabric, this sewing machine is suitable to the regular masses who know how to do embroidery. These are further suitable to designers and other professionals and are also in the form of a computerized sewing machine that can be used in industries.

According to the difficulty of the work, advanced sewers can choose the best sewing machine in India that can help them embroider, hem, quilt, and much more. The embroidery sewing machines are generally expensive.

Overlock Sewing Machine

 Also called sergers overlock sewing machine has different names in different places. It does not block the functionality of any other regular sewing machine. As the name suggests, the overlock sewing machine seams or surges two or more pieces of fabric. It is generally used by the Garment Industry to seam the clothes from inside after they are sewed. This is done to maintain the stitch and make sure that the fabric does not fray or spoil.

Uses – Overlock sewing machines help seam the trousers, surge the curtains, hem the elastics of inner garments, seam the edges of the napkins and hem, and surge other garments.

Its efficiency is decided by the number of threads used in each lock, and the sewing machine tends to have five in-built stitch patterns:

  • Single-Threaded also is known as the 501 stitch pattern
  • Two Threaded also known as the 502 stitch pattern
  • Three Threaded also known as the 504 stitch pattern
  • Four Threaded also known as the 514 stitch pattern
  • Five Threaded also known as the 516 stitch pattern

The stitch pattern made by the overlock sewing machine is like a loop. The concept of the sewing machine is all dependent and working on needles and loopers. We need different loopers and needle count for a different stitch pattern. There are 1 needle and 1 looper for 501 & 502 stitch pattern. For 503 & 514 we need two needles and one looper. For 516, however, two needles and two loopers are used.

Based on strength, 516 is the most robust loop to often used to surge heavy fabric. Similarly, 501 is an inexpensive overlock sewing machine, while 516 is the most expensive. 

Sewing Machine for Home

We all have witnessed our grandparents and mothers handling little alteration, home decor, and the like on their sewing machines. Well, the sewing machine is like an essential tool for the house nowadays. Even if you do not know, sewing today’s advanced machines will be easy to use and DIY some fabric. 


Generally, sewing is a hobby for Indian females. They want to use old fabrics to make home decor alternatives, alter old clothes, or make a suit sometimes. It saves you time and money on many things, like getting a school uniform fixed early in the morning.


If you are not an expert and a regular sewer, you can get a mechanical sewing machine or a mini sewing machine to help you with little things you might do using a sewing machine. For this, you might not sew regularly, but you will know how to sew.

What are Mini Sewing Machines?

It is a type of mechanical sewing machine that is handheld. With very few features, it can be correctly handled by a non-sewer. It is manually operated and provides low-quality stitching as compared to the mechanical model of the sewing machines. It is inexpensive because of low-quality stitch and fewer features.

Sewing Machine for Beginners

You might be a beginner, but you might plan on becoming a professional, home runner, or learn adequate sewing to make it a hobby. Here you got to buckle up and choose the best that is the efficient and inexpensive sewing machine for you to start. As and when you master the sewing, you can buy a machine with more features that can help you sew anything you want. Select the best sewing machine in India to cater to your passion.

  • If you are looking for a good sewing machine in your budget and less featured, go for the Treadle machine. It is budgeted and suitable for beginners.
  • If you want a sewing machine for temporary use and do not want to make much out of sewing, also being a beginner, you can use a mini sewing machine that can cater to your needs.
  • If you are looking for something that helps you with decoration and crafting, choose an electronic machine that has advanced features. It is a significant investment, but the sewing machines are expensive. 

Money well-spent beginners. For you to start to buy a sewing machine, be clear on your perspectives, and then buy the sewing machine accordingly.

Sewing Machine Online

A variety of sewing machines from the top brands are available online. There is no such sewing machine for advanced sewers in India that is not available online. Whether you are looking for a mechanical sewing machine, portable mini sewing machine, computerized sewing machine, hand-operated sewing machine, overlock machine, electronic sewing machine, cover stitch machine, or any other, all of them are available online. 

Check for yourself Best Sewing Machine Reviews on Amazon India to buy an advanced machine for your advanced skill:

Mini Sewing Machine in India

As mentioned above, a mini sewing machine, also known as the handheld sewing machine, comes with a compact size, lightweight and fewer features. They are capable of a simple straight forward stitch. These are portable sewing machines that are easy to maintain and operate. They are suitable for people who stitch temporarily as it is used for simple sewing and is not durable. The stitch is not that strong, and the machine cannot cater to thick fabric. However, the mini sewing machine is an excellent tool for temporary beginners.

Sewing Machine for Advanced Sewers in India

If you are a designer, then you are looking for an advanced sewing tool that is technologically apt to fill in for your innovative purposes. Fashion business and sewing machines go hand in hand. All fabrics are designed and tailored to fit with the help of the advanced sewing machines. For example, a person is ready to walk down the ramp, and all of a sudden, a patchwork is needed, or an embroidery falls off. You can quickly fix it with the help of the advanced hi-tech sewing machine of yours, and in some seconds, the model will be ready to walk the aisle of fashion.

As mentioned above, most advanced sewing machines in India for Designers can be found online and can be chosen based on the needed features by a professional. All top brands and heavy-duty machines, if needed, can be used by the designers to cater to their business. Advanced high-tech machines with LCD screen, USB and internet connectivity are available in the market. One can see the capacity and the capabilities of the sewing machine, connect it to their needs, and chose accordingly.


If you are a sewer in India or you have a passion for ‘Silai,’ just go for the top brands. Top brand for sewing machines in India includes Usha Janome, Singer, Philips, and Brother. You can always choose the type of sewing machine you need based on the requirement list you made to have in your sewing machine. For some budgeted options, look nowhere else. 

Choose the right sewing machine based on features and functionality. We can segregate machines based on features like the mechanical, electronic, and computerized sewing machine. Some can be divide as per functionality based on the embroidery sewing machine and overlock machine.