Choose The Best 32 Inches 4K Smart TV In India With Features

There are various TV sets available in the market, ranging from standard TV sets to smart TV. And even within them, there are multiple options that you can choose from. This blog will offer you an excellent way to purchase the best 32 inches TV with a 4K resolution and other features.

When you are trying to purchase a TV set with a good resolution and a smaller size, there are multiple options available in the market. Buying a smart TV is always a tough choice, especially with the possibilities. But remember that the features also matter along with the smart TV features since they are as important as any other thing. So when you go to a shop and select a product, make sure that you are well aware of all the features within that product. Instead of going for a choice offered by others, choose a model that will suit your living room conditions, especially in size and sound. 

Here we have explained how to find a suitable 32 inch TV e with 4K resolution and smart technology that will enhance your TV watching experience. Even though certain features are three determined, you still have challenges that need to be faced with the latest technology. This blog will help you in every step of the selection, and sometimes you can also purchase from an online portal with confidence. 

Product Buying Guide:

Product Name

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MI TV 4A PRO L32M5-AL HDR smart TV

Onida 80 cm (32 Inches) Fire TV Edition HD Ready Smart IPS LED TV

Sony Bravia 32 inch full HD LED smart TV KLV-32WG272G

LG HD Ready LED Smart TV 32LM560BPTC


When you are going for a 32 inch TV with 4K resolution, there are multiple brands and display types available in the market that you need to choose from. Instead of selecting a product that you are not interested in but recommended by the salesperson, you can read this passage and make your own wise decision. 

Product type 

There are multiple product types available in the market, including LED, QLED, OLED, etc. 

LED – otherwise popularly known as light-emitting diodes-is one of the most advanced features in the current market. They are the basis for all the other advancements available in TV sets nowadays. The contrast ratio and the brightness are also good in this model of the TV set. 

QLED – this is the advanced model of the TV service available in the market with a suitable display type. It is otherwise popularly known as Quantum LED and comes with Quantum dots that make it suitable for extended usage. To achieve a reasonable contrast ratio and brightness, the quantum dots are a perfect choice. The price range of this product is slightly higher than the others. 

OLED – otherwise known as Organic light-emitting diodes, are more advanced in the recent technology offered by brands worldwide, with a high-quality display and contrast ratio. Purchasing this model is essential if you need a good movie experience combined with a gaming experience. This is offered for a more excellent price range when compared to other types offered.

Things to consider while buying a TV


When selecting a smart TV with a fixed size and resolution, the brand plays an important role. The 4K resolution is a feature that is best served when they are offered by a good brand like Sony and Samsung. Each brand of a 32 inch TV with 4K resolution but the other features and quality might vary. So if you are satisfied with the quality of the product offered, you can always make the final purchase after selecting a brand. A brand is not just for the name, but they are also a part of the quality offered by them and a warranty. The repair works and services will also be more advanced, and make the best choice in the future. Choose a brand with such features as they offer the best backup.


The HDMI port is entirely responsible for transferring the data from the streaming devices to the TV set. This port transfers the data in its absolute quality, especially if the display type has a resolution of 4K. So if you are purchasing a TV set, make sure that it has good connectivity and wire-based connections that should also be wireless connectivity like USB port and Wi-Fi that also transfer the data in its highest quality without compromising any feature. Similarly, the audio jack should also share the sound with absolute quality to the speakers. 


Even though there are various sounds available in the market, including doll bye and the Surround System, people nowadays prefer having an extra set of speakers that can be connected through Bluetooth. But you have to keep in mind that these sound systems are the most advanced technology, and even without speakers, they should function efficiently. So when you are choosing a model, make sure that it has a good surround sound system with the features that make it perfect. Since it is a 32-inch display, there will be a certain quality available in sound. 


When it comes to displaying, you can go for the LED and QLED model for 32 inches. Along with that, other features like HDR compatibility will enhance the contrast ratio and make your TV watching experience better. With HDR compatibility, you can also use the TV set for other requirements like watching a game. The OLED models are also a good option, and they will make the surround sound system better. But since the size is just 32 inches, you need not go for such an extravagant feature to make your system compatible. The LED and QLED will be sufficient with the 4k resolution offered. 

Refresh rate 

Since we are going for a 4K resolution with a small 32-inch size type, the best option is to go for a refresh rate that is worth 60 – 90 Hz. The refresh rate is responsible for altering the images and number of times within a single second. They are always explained in terms of hertz. If you are interested in buying a quality tV set, make sure that it has a reasonable refresh rate. Even 120 is a higher requirement. You can go for something below that, like 90. 

Smart applications 

Each smart TV set is made up of a high-quality operating system with multiple applications in the background. From YouTube to Instagram, there are comprehensive options and applications that you can view on your own TV set. To enjoy your features, make sure that your purchasing product has advanced to the qualities required. Since you do not have any budget, the better option is to go for a higher and smart patient with multiple connections to centralized devices like Alexa. This will make the TV more entertaining. 


The product you are purchasing should have a good warranty. This will improve the quality of the product and allow you to make a purchase. When you select a TV product, make sure that it has a warranty of at least six years. This ensures that the product you are using will last for at least 15 to 20 years. So the final choice is always yours that certain inferior brands will not offer such a warranty.

Since we have already decided upon the resolution and size, the best option is to ensure that these other features ensure equality.

Things to avoid while buying a TV 

When you are trying to purchase a TV set, there are multiple options available in the market. Certain things should be included while others should be avoided, and here we have listed some things that you should avoid. 

Extra features – when you try to buy a TV, certain features will be offered as different in terms of physical products and internal features. So these features are just attraction and even without them you can survive like an extra set of speakers for applications that might be useful. To avoid these additional features and choose a product suitable for the price instead of paying a different price for the features. 

HDMI port- when it comes to the HDMI port, advanced versions like the 2.1 version model are not necessary for a standard TV. So when you are trying to purchase within our budget, go for the options but regular HDMI port. But if you are purchasing the TV for gaming versions, you can include this in the things to note while buying a TV. 

All these features are essential, and you have to make sure that they are available when you are making a final choice. Sometimes the salesperson will give you a different idea, but your choice is the most essential thing. So make a wise choice by either using the features mentioned above or selecting a product we have given as samples below.