How To Choose The Best 50 Inches Smart TV in India?

There are a variety of smart TV sets available and choosing a good option among them might be a pretty difficult choice. Understanding this, we offer some products right off the trending list in the market.

When it comes to TV, nothing else is too good for a person. For example, when it comes to the size of a 43 inch TV might be too small, and a 55 inch might be too large. So having a 50 inch TV will be a good choice for them, primarily based on their living room size. So the final choice always lies within the hands of the consumers. Everyone must understand that the sales representatives might not always be right and that you should make confident decisions. Instead of asking everyone about the type of TV you need to purchase, we offer you a chance to understand the models in the market. Reading this content will allow you to understand more about smart TV and how the choices should be made in each aspect.

Product Buying Guide:

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TCL 126 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV 50P615 (Black) (2020 Model) | With Dolby Audio

AmazonBasics 127cm (50 inches) Fire TV Edition 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV AB50U20PS (Black)

Toshiba 126 cm (50 inches) Vidaa OS Series 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV 50U5050 (Black) (2020 Model) | With Dolby Vision and ATMOS


Purchasing a smart TV is not as simple as you expected it to be. Sometimes it takes a lot of research since there are multiple options in the market. So choosing one among them requires basic knowledge. Now see about them in detail. 

Product type 

Even in the case of Smart TV, there are two types of products available in the market. They are usually classified in terms of their screen type, but they are sometimes classified based upon the screen design. It can either be a flat or a curve design. 

Flat model Smart TV 

If you are a person who wishes to stay with the old model but also enjoys the modern features, then this flat model smart TV will be a suitable choice. The screen is Flat, and it offers a high-quality display and contrast depending upon the model you choose. But one of the greatest advantages of this flat model is that everything will be the same as before and the price range is also affordable. 

Curved model Smart TV 

Here the screen is slightly curved to a particular set of degrees to ensure that it provides a real-time experience. For example, when you watch TV, you will feel that it is happening in a natural e e environment rather than on a TV. This experience is essential for people who constantly watch movies and also for gaming systems. The screen will be perfect, and they are more suitable in larger sizes rather than a 50 inch TV.

Things to note while purchasing a TV 

Sure we have listed some of the critical things you should include while purchasing a smart TV before bringing it to your home. Selecting a budget will be a good start. Since most smart TV is off the more fantastic price, it will be perfect for fixing your budget between 50000 to 1 lakh rupees. We have listed certain other things that should be included while purchasing a smart TV.


The first thing you should consider is the brand. Nowadays, with the increasing competition, most companies are manufacturing a wide range of products regardless of the quality. So when you select a product, make sure that it is from a good brand to ensure your multiple features, including warranty, quality and accessories offered by them. A good quality brand also supports you in terms of customer support and repair works. If you are purchasing from an offline store, make sure that you choose the brand based upon your personal opinion rather than as a suggestion by the sales executive. 


Since the screen size is already decided, the next thing you have to look for is the display. There are a variety of display types available in the market. From a simple LCD screen to a high-quality OLED screen, there is a wide range of collections available. Naturally, you have to choose the best among them. For example, the LED screen will be a decent option for an average budget. But if you want to go for a top-quality screen, then OLED will be a good option. Understanding each screen personally will allow you to make a wise decision. 

OLED – this screen uses the latest technology e organic pixels, for producing light in response to the electric current. The clarity of the picture is perfect, and the pixels can be turned off individually for receiving a good contrast ratio and vibrant colours. 

LED TV- when you are going for a cheaper option, the LED TV is a good choice. It uses a backlight for producing high-quality pictures but is not better than OLED and QLED. 

QLED TV- when you want something between the above two models, then QLED is a good choice. It uses specified Quantum particles, otherwise known as Quantum dots, for creating a dot layer between the LCD and LED layers. As a result, it produces good quality colours and brightness. The clarity is perfect, and you can purchase them for a reasonable price. 

HDR and screen resolution 

When you have a screen, the resolution plays an important role. Most of you might think that purchasing an HD quality TV will be suitable for receiving maximum resolution. But in reality, the best option is something much more advanced than the HD quality. You have a 4K and 8k resolution TV set currently trending in the market and better than a 1080p. The 4K resolution panels are otherwise known as UHD. Do not go for 8k television unless you are planning for the future. The current quality of the content is up to 4K resolution and not 8k, so despite buying the television for a reasonable price, you will still receive a content quality of less than 8k. 

The next feature is the high dynamic range which is popularly known as HDR. Also, it allows you to provide more colours and contrast ratio along with good brightness. They are available in multiple versions, but the HDR10 version is more popular and suitable for the 4K resolution based TV. 

Refresh rate 

If you already know what it does, then here is a small definition to refresh your memory. It is the number of times the display refreshes its content every second. It is usually explained in terms of Hertz. The standard value for this is 60Hz. However, the value can also be extended up to 144Hz. If you want to stand on a middle ground, then you can go for 90Hz or 120Hz. This feature is essential if you are going to use the device also as a gaming console. 

Software and smart TV features 

When you are buying a smart TV, certain features should be available. For example, the TV set will contain specific applications like Google Play, streaming applications, voice recognition control, etc. All these features are essential for running a good quality smart TV. So depending upon the type of model you are choosing, like Android TV or any other model with its ecosystem, you have to be careful about the software features and make a wise choice. While purchasing a TV, make sure that it has features like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, etc. You should also have voice-controlled technology that you can access when required. Also, the TV should have built-in Chromecast support for mirroring your smartphone on the TV by connecting it. 


When you are trying to connect your mobile phone with Smart TV, the best option is to have a suitable connector, both wireless and wired based. When it comes to wireless connection, you have to consider having Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology, while HDMI ports are also necessary for wire-based connectivity. In addition, the connection should be able to transfer the content with good resolution and clarity. 

Things to avoid

When you are purchasing a smart TV, you need to avoid specific ideas and aspects to a greater extent. These things that we have mentioned below should be avoided at any cost for a good purchase. 

LCD panel

Most of the smart TV models you might have taken a look at in the market will have a LED screen, but sometimes certain low Tech brands tend to offer LCD screens for a low budget. Under such conditions, the best option is to avoid them since LCD has been out of trend for the past few years. 

Heavy application 

Having applications within your smart TV is necessary. But it should not be more. To ensure that you decide on your streaming requirements and buy a TV with the proper set of software and applications. There is a wide range of options available, and the final choice depends on you. 

All these features mentioned above have been collected based on our research. They are designed to meet your needs, and along with the buying guide, we have also mentioned some of the top-notch products available that might be suitable for you.