Top 5 Android TVs in India with Price, Specs & Reviews

The android tvs are getting more famous nowadays. To choose the correct option read below to understand their features and make a perfect decision.

When it comes to televisions that there are multiple options available in the market. The market is filled with a wide selection of choices from the regular flat-screen tv to the high-quality curved flat screen. When the concept of smart tv was introduced in the industry, everyone was drawn towards the design. There are a variety of smart elevation models released by every single brand in the market nowadays. To provide a more advanced model cert-in branch, the concept of Android TV, which is a much-advanced version of the smart TV in reality. Smart TV allows you to browse through the internet and enjoy specific other applications. But the Android TV, with the help of Google Play Store, will enable you to install a wide range of applications and have more choices when it comes to entertainment. We use the Android operating system in the background. Hence the process is much more comfortable and more straightforward. 

So when it comes to purchasing the television sets, individual decisions need to be made. It’s not just the concept of Smart TV or Android TV. Because even more than that, certain other features need to be considered when it comes to Android television. Understanding these features will allow you to choose a combination that is perfect for your requirement. 

Our Top Pick Android TVs In India

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Product Price

TCL 100 cm (40 inches) Full HD Certified Android Smart LED TV 40S6500FS (Black) (2020 Model)

Mi TV 4A PRO 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD Android LED TV (Black) | With Data Saver

TCL 108 cm (43 inches) AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV 43P8 (Black) (2019 Model)

Sanyo 80 cm (32 inches) Kaizen Series HD Ready Certified Android LED TV XT-32RHD4S (Black) (2020 Model)

Why is Android TV the best?

Now that you have understood the difference between smart and Android TV, you can guess why Android TV is better than the other model. Being connected to Google Play Store, Android TV has access to many applications since they are open-source. Open-source Technology also allows them free access to Google Chrome application that will enable you to access through the internet and stream movies online using your PC or mobile phone. Similar to your mobile phones, Android televisions can also be easily updated without any stress. There will be constant optimizations and improvements in your technology with every update. Open-source Technology reduces the TV price in the market and makes it easier for you to buy them. But certain people will not be satisfied with this technology because every brand does not manufacture them in the market, and only certain people have access to them. Also, Android technology is more comfortable for people using android mobile phones, but ordinary people who use the basics will have difficulty in adjusting to this technology. 

Screen resolution

After confirming your choice of Android television, the next important thing you need to choose is the screen’s resolution. When it comes to screen resolution, the concept is quite simple. The resolution of the screen is nothing but the clarity and sharpness provided on the picture. This feature is directly determined by the number of pixels present on the screen. With the increase in the number of pixels, the resolution will also increase, and the clarity will be perfect. Normally, the market is filled with various solutions by the most commonly preferred designs, including high definition, full high definition or full HD, 4K resolution, and 8k resolution. 

The high definition TV comes with a 720-pixel technology made up of good quality resolution and suitable for a normal bedroom based television. The 1080 pixel television sets have a higher resolution, and most of the people nowadays use this television, especially for a medium-sized living room with few feet space. However, this particular television is not suitable If you use it for a TV room or a gaming application. Using a 4K resolution TV set will be a perfect choice for such applications, especially the one with HDR Technology. This particular HDR technology provides the proper difference between the brightest white and the darkest black with the contrast technology concept’s help. Naturally, a 4K resolution television will be enough for a normal home living room. If you are looking for a high-priced TV with a better application that will support you in the future, then going for an 8k resolution will be a better choice. But remember, currently, the videos existing belong to the 4K resolution. Even though the 8k resolution supports these choices, they are still a bit more advanced and useless for the current movies.

Screen size

The TV’s size can be purchased depending upon the size of the room you will place. If you use a large TV in a small room, it will be practically impossible for you to have good comfort. So when you are within a viewing distance of 3 to 6 feet, the best option is to purchase a 24 inches TV rather than the 56 inches model. Similarly, for a larger room, the size of the TV should be large enough. Also, the position of TV matters a lot when it comes to size. For example, if you are going to hang a TV on a higher area than a medium-sized one, placing them on a stand in the lower surface using a small TV will not be suitable. So while selecting the screen size, make sure that it goes well and the surroundings and the room size. 

Screen type

When it comes to television, there are a variety of screen types available in the market. Nowadays, most of the models that are being released are at least with the basic LED screen. But specific models are also available with other types of screens like QLED and OLED screens. So depending upon your requirement, you have to choose a screen model that is perfect for your living room and purposes. Before selecting the screen type, you must understand every one of them. 

LED screen – When it comes to LED screens, there are two types of models available as an edge-lit LED screen or a backlit LED screen. This type of LED screen is suitable for a normal home with a small living room. When you are going for a small budget television, then choosing a playing LED screen will be more than sufficient for your requirement. 

QLED screen – Quantum LED screens have been gaining more popularity, and they are a bit better than the LED screen. They provide a high color range and brightness that can display some of the best colors with clear picture quality. This type of set is suitable for people who have a medium budget. 

OLED screen – This is considered to be the most superior model currently existing in the market. This organic LED screen comes with a different lighting technology type that allows every pixel to be lighted up by a separate source. This feature provides perfect clarity and allows you to find the difference between the darkest black and the lightest white. The shadow can be easily identified, and the picture quality is perfect in this particular television.

Refresh rate

Normally, when you watch a high-speed video on your television, having a good refresh rate will provide a clear image and allow you to see the details. The refresh rate is nothing but the number of times the screen will refresh within a particular time. The standard refresh rate available in the market for all types of collisions is 60 Hertz or Hz. But the latest model television comes along with a higher prospect of at least 120 Hertz. This particular technology allows you to enjoy a good action sequence or fast dance sequence without worrying about the picture’s clarity in the background. So chasing a television with a good refresh rate and clarity is important. The price of the TV will vary accordingly and so choose the option within your budget.


This is a choice that every TV purchase has to make before finalizing the decision. The brand represents the TV’s quality and how long it can be used without facing any problem. The brand is also a type of warranty card given to you when you purchase a television. Because a good brand will deliver only products with a good quality e with features suitable for everyone’s requirement, sometimes depending upon the product’s brand at a price will also vary. Some people go for a good brand even though it is high prices because of their confidence regarding the product’s quality, which none other brands can provide. 


When it comes to Android TVs, the most important requirement is connectivity. Most youngsters nowadays prefer to have a unique experience provided to them through an enhanced sound system or other digital effects. To connect the sound systems and gaming consoles, it is essential to have at least two HDMI ports and other connections like USB ports, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi technology. All these connections are essential for creating a perfect environment in the living room. These connections will also allow you to connect the television with the external storage devices like pen drives and hard disk for streaming the movies or videos through the television screen. 

TCL 100 cm (40 inches) Full HD Certified Android Smart LED TV 40S6500FS (Black)

TCL technology company is one of the most famous in the area of televisions. Located in China, this particular company has been producing a wide range of other products, including mobile phones, air conditioners, and also other Electronic home appliances. The people purchase their products because of their high quality and ability to withstand for a long time. The company has been coexisting with a variety of other companies for a long time. One of the recent products which have been gaining more popularity in the area of television because of that innovative technology is nothing but the TCL 100 cm (40 inches) Full HD Certified Android Smart LED TV 40S6500FS (Black) (2020 Model).

If you are looking for a suitable television that can be placed in a normal medium-sized living room, the best option is the model mentioned above. This particular model produces a high-quality resolution with full HD certification. The television design’s size is 40 inches, suitable for a normal living room and can also be used for a suitable gaming screen while playing with your friends. This feature is one of the latest models released during the year 2020, and it comes along with a variety of features, including an Android facility. The entire television is remotely operated with infrared and Bluetooth Technology. 

HDR Technology – This particular television uses full grade A+ technology with full high definition resolution. Which means the screen image has 1080 pixels that comes along with the latest HD or Technology that allows you to analyze the difference between the darkest black the and the brightest white. It also comes with the micro dimming technology, which allows you to view the picture by adjusting the picture’s brightness and the darkness individually. 

Audio Technology – This television also has a clear and Powerful Dolby audio system that allows you to experience a wide effect with an internal stereo box speaker. This feature increases the quality of sound on the TV, and the surrounding sound will allow you to enjoy your movie time and give time efficiently. The smart volume Technology allows you to enjoy the suitable sound for every application. 

This particular television comes along with the Android 9 version and artificial intelligence integration, which allows you to assess all the concepts through the Google Play Store and enjoy voice operation. This particular television can be purchased from online stores like Amazon, and it is available with a good warranty.

Mi TV 4A PRO 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD Android LED TV (Black) | With Data Saver

Redmi company, which is otherwise popularly known as the Mi company, has been more popular during the recent ages because of high-quality products with innovative technology. The company has been well known for producing a wide range of digital products, including mobile phones, computers, and televisions. Recently the company has produced a new model of a television that has been well received by people worldwide. Being a Chinese company known for high-quality product technology, it has been coexisting since 2013 and has been a huge hit. The recent product is the Mi TV 4A PRO 108 cm (43 Inches) Full HD Android LED TV (Black) | With Data Saver.

This particular product can be used for all types of living rooms, including medium-sized and rooms larger than them. The television can be mounted on the wall, and they can also be placed with a stand. If you are a game or looking for a suitable screen that allows you to play the games efficiently, this particular television is the best choice. It offers a high-quality full HD LED screen with good resolution and data saver Technology. This technology allows you to enjoy a huge data saving aspect that prevents you from spending unwanted data when you are not operating in the background. 

Display – This television has a screen size of nearly 43 inches with full HD technology that uses 1080 pixel resolution. It has a refresh rate of 60 hertz and comes with the latest HDR technology. This particular television comes with three HDMI ports for easy connection of other computers and gaming consoles, blu Ray player connections, and a USB port for external storage devices connectivity. The sound produced is 20 Watts powerful and off DTS HD quality. 

The television has internal Chromecast technology that allows you to access all types of streaming through online portals. You can also use the Google Assistant technology to play the television using voice command. The Android 9 version allows you a wide range of applications and easy browsing through the 20 + content partners available. 

The black hole 3.0 youTube enjoys all the programs in a single screen, and you can purchase the subscription through one-time logging in technology. It uses a high-quality display panel with integrated features. This particular product is available for sales on online websites like Amazon. 

TCL 108 cm (43 inches) AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV 43P8 (Black)

TCL is a company that is well known for producing a wide range of digital products, including television. The company has constantly been Releasing new models every year to attract a wide range of customers. They have their research and development team involved in creating products with the latest technology. The company e has also been involved in producing a wide range of android and smart televisions. The recent product is the TCL 108 cm (43 inches) AI 4K UHD Certified Android Smart LED TV 43P8 (Black) (2019 Model).

This reason the 2019 model is famous for high-quality Android integration with artificial intelligence technology. It allows normal people to have an artificial voice interaction that allows you to enjoy your favorite entertainment activities using the microphone integrated remote system. Conclusion This particular remote system allows you to organize your daily activities, plan your travel, and enjoy the TV’s smart system. The television also comes with a high-quality artificial intelligence picture engine that allows you to organize all the scenes in video using a special algorithm to provide a proper display with appropriate brightness and contrast within the TV. This feature provides multiple options like high picture contrast ratio, good brightness, and dynamic picture adjustment Technology. 

Sound Technology – It’s not just the display and remote connection. Even the sound system is integrated with artificial intelligence that allows you to enjoy automatic volume adjustments, a well-integrated sound system without any distortions. It provides an automatic good listening experience according to the surroundings. It also comes with the artificial intelligence interconnection technology that allows you to connect other artificial intelligence-based devices with the television for a good output. 

Display – along with the automatic adjustment of the brightness technology, the best option available is the HDR 10 technology that allows you to differentiate between various dark and light shades. It also comes with the micro dimming technology that alters the picture’s brightness with a suitable contrast ratio. It has a special HLG technology that allows you to enjoy the HDR format’s complete power even while using the set-top box. The screen has a 4K Ultra HD resolution with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz, which is the highest among this particular model.

Elevation comes with a special Android 9 operating system with a wide range of applications to use the Google Play Store. It allows you to watch multiple OTT content and online streaming Technology provides you access to a variety of channels and internet browsing. This particular product can be purchased from the Amazon website, and it comes along with a good warranty service.

Sanyo 80 cm (32 inches) Kaizen Series HD Ready Certified Android LED TV XT-32RHD4S (Black)

Sanyo is a company that has been existing for several years and is involved in the production of a wide range of digital products. The company has been recently purchased by Panasonic, one of the world’s best companies known for its powerful motors and high performance. The company has a separate technological team involved in creating new designs that are well known for their performance in the world. The company has been constantly known for producing the latest model television, and one of their products is Sanyo 80 cm (32 inches) Kaizen Series HD Ready Certified Android LED TV XT-32RHD4S (Black) (2020 Model). 

This particular model comes with a high definition quality screen with LED Technology that can be mounted on the wall or the stand according to your wish. This particular television has a variety of features. One of the main things that need to be noted is that it belongs to the Kaizen series, which is well known for its entertainment applications. This particular television supports a wide range of online streaming Technology channels, including Netflix and Hotstar. If you are looking forward to experiencing modern technology on television, this particular model will be the most suitable product. 

Display – this particular televisions set comes along with a good set of visual technology with an in-plane switching technique that allows you to experience a good color reproduction combined with increased viewing angles and sunlight visibility. This television has a high-quality processor with quad-core technology and 8GB storage space that allows faster processing. The dual-core graphic technology allows you to enjoy a good display. According to the surrounding, the television’s micro dimming technology allows you to enjoy automatic elimination and adjustment of the brightness. 

Sound system – the remote comes along with the built-in speaker that allows you to operate the television using Google Assistant Technology e and search through the internet using this technique. So all you have to do is talk, and you will receive whatever you need. It also has a built-in Chromecast application that allows you to access multiple applications from the Play Store and connect to your PC and mobile for online streaming. 

The Android operating system’s presence allows you to access multiple online streaming channels and constant connections through HDMI ports and USB ports present in the system. It produces a high-quality Dolby audio system that is integrated within the television. It has an HD resolution with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. This particular product is available for sale on online websites like amazon.

Kodak 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Certified Android LED TV 32HDX7XPRO (Black)

The coder group of companies is well known for various products, and television is one of their recent enhancements. The company has been producing a wide range of television products that have created a huge change in the market with its high-quality technology. They have a unique research and development team known for its innovative products that everyone can use for a reasonable price. If you are a person who is looking for a suitable television for a medium-size living room but normal pricing, then the best option available in the market is Kodak 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Certified Android LED TV 32HDX7XPRO (Black) (2020 Model). 

This high-quality television comes along with a size of 32 inches, suitable for a normal living room. You can also use it for gaming console attachments because of their high-quality HD resolution combined with sharp contrast features. The picture quality is perfect, and hence the background image produced is the best option for gaming applications. This television is the latest 2020 model. 

Display – this particular television comes along with a quadcopter analogy that allows you to enjoy a lightning speed processing with a smooth display in the front. It produces a high definition ready resolution with a refresh rate of 60 hertz. The display consists of a superior sleek Technology with an A+ grade panel. All these together allows you to enjoy a good brightness and contrast ratio. The display produced will be perfect with HDR Technology, enhancing the difference between various black and white shades. 

Sound Technology – the television has 24-watt output speakers integrated within itself that produce high-quality sound. The output is available without any distortion, and hence you can enjoy good music and relax in your home. The Android 9.2 allows you to access multiple applications and online streaming applications through the Google Play Store that can be operated using the Google voice assistant. The microphone in the remote can be used for providing instructions through the Google voice assistant. 

All these features are combined with high-quality HDMI and USB ports, allowing you to enjoy a good gaming service with the help of this powerful display and sound system. This product can be purchased from online websites like Amazon, and they are available for a decent warranty at a low price. The HDMI port allows you to enjoy the proper streaming of the images without affecting the quality.