How To Buy The Best Smart TV Under 15000Rs

There are multiple models available in the market, and among very few have proved to be successful when it comes to a price range below 15000 rupees. This blog allows you to understand them in detail and make a wise choice.

When you search for a smart TV under 15000 rupees, the first thought on your mind will be that the options are limited. The collections in smart TV sections are very much low, especially when it comes to the features. For such a low budget, a standard TV set will also have a limited feature. So you must make use of the best. These products always have certain limited features, but you can make a good choice while buying through understanding. So if you are interested in such a purchase, this blog can help you make a wise decision. We have thoroughly researched the market for a clear analysis and presented you with the latest data. 

Product Buying Guide:

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Shinco 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV SO328AS (Black) (2020 Model) | With Uniwall

Mi 80 cm (32 inches) HD Ready Android Smart LED TV 4A PRO|L32M5-AL (Black)

Kevin 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV K32CV338H (Black) (2021 Model)


When you buy an art TV set, the standard choice will be to decide on the budget, brand, and size before visiting the shop. There you will certainly go for the choices the shopkeeper offers you. But along with these three features, which are essential for your purchase, there are also other requirements that you should understand before making a final choice. Instead of the shopkeeper, you can select your own TV set with a good setting. 


Product type

The products are usually classified based upon the TV screen type or the display type. They are available as the LCD, LED, OLED and QLED. 

LCD model – These are the models that are not currently in the market. The LCD models initially replaced the old displays, but their production slowly ceased with the invention of the LED. If you want to go for this model, remember that the spares might be challenging to obtain. 

LED model: This is the basic screen type available in most of the basic models. The contrast and brightness level of the product is much better than the LCD model, and you can buy it for a low price. 

If you want to advance the features of the display, you can go for the QLED and OLED models that use an extra layer to improve the brightness and level of contrast available on display. But for a budget below 15000 rupees, it is pretty tricky to buy a suitable model with such screens. So go for the most used LED models with HD quality. It is also quite challenging to get a resolution greater than this level. 

Things to consider while buying a smart TV


There are very few brands available in the market below the price range of 15000. Even with the minimum features of one leaf, your brands can produce quality products. Some of them include Samsung, TCL, and others. So when you are interested in purchasing a brand go for the one that offers maximum features with quality. They should also have proper warranty and repair services with centers all over the country. This will allow you to be the product when there is any issue in the upcoming future. 


When you go for such a low budget, the size can reach a maximum range from 30 to 45 inches and not more than that. Remember that a certain product offers a size above 45 inches for such a low price, but the quality will be poor, especially in terms of display type and resolution. So choose a product but a size range below 45 inches. Remember the size of the TV should match with the living room. For example, if you have a large living room, then a 32 inch TV will not be sufficient and will make the view poor. 


Even though 4K resolution and 8k resolution are the best available in the market, it is difficult to obtain such quality. So you have to compromise with the HD quality resolution, which will be sufficient for a small TV. But even with the HD quality, you can have the best option of 1080p. The 720p will also be a better choice. So make a wise choice depending upon your requirement. 

Display type 

As explained below, you can always go for the LED model since they are the best feature available for this particular price range. Do not choose the LCD model regardless of the multiple other advantageous features. If you are interested in purchasing a QLED model, you have one or two options in the market, but they are scarce, and the compromise will be placed upon other features available. So be careful about choosing any product without proper research in the background. 

Refresh rate 

There is a variety of refresh rates available, ranging from 60 Hz – 120 Hz. A higher refresh rate is essential for a gaming device or when you are going to use the TV set for playing 3D movies. But for this price range, you can settle yourself for a 60 Hz refresh rate since it is more than enough. It is nothing but the number of times the image will be refreshed per second. If you are satisfied with the terms stated in the background, always check the TV by playing a movie because sometimes certain brands tend to offer the wrong refresh rate on display. 


Regardless of the price range, having wire-based and wireless connectivity is a necessity. If you are purchasing a smart TV, make sure that it has multiple wireless connectivity options like a Wi-Fi net. But when you go for a wire-based connection, it should have at least 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports and audio jacks. The HDMI port need not have advanced versions like 2.1 might be too much for your requirement, especially within the price range. 

Sound features 

Most of the time, people purchasing it will compromise on the sound features and choose an extra set of speakers in wireless mode. But you must buy a TV with a decent sound effect so that even if there are no speakers, you can still enjoy a good television effect. So the quality of the sound is indicated by the way the TV produces the stage. Having a surround or Digital Dolby sound effect will be an added advantage for your experience. Even two wireless speakers are a trend these days. They are not useful for a normal living room, especially when you are going within the budget. The extra speakers will cost you more, and instead of that, you can go for a higher model TV set. 


They are the most important requirement in any smart TV model. High-quality operating systems like Android should support these applications. The TV should have the ability to be connected with multiple streaming devices and other centralization devices like Alexa and echo. This will allow the TV set to be on that higher end of the model, and even for a price range within 15000, you can expect to have these features. It should support all types of applications available in the Google play center. 

Things to avoid while purchasing a TV. 

When you are buying a TV, there are certain things that you should avoid to ensure good quality. Let us now see about those details and how to make a wise choice. 


The first thing that you need to avoid is the recommendation of a salesperson since they do not have proper knowledge about your requirements despite you explaining them in detail. They will always try to sell the products that they have then gone out of to provide products available in the market. So select your TV before visiting the shop, which will be a good option in most situations. 

Extra accessories 

Sometimes when you purchase a TV or any other electronic device, you will be offered free devices as an extra accessory with a specific budget. You normally do not need these accessories, and even if you do, there are much cheaper options available in the market. So instead of trying that extra price, you can go for a new model. 

All these features are essential for purchasing a good TV to make your living room a perfect place to enjoy. Even though the final decision is yours, you can always learn to understand more about the options. Below are some of the models we have researched in the market, but you can also go for other models since the options are wide.