How To Buy The Best Smart TV Under 30000?

A smart TV can be a good choice since they are the future of the TV industry. So if you are looking forward to purchasing a TV within a particular price range of rupees 30,000, this passage can be specifically helpful.

There are various smart TV models available in the market ranging from the price range of 20000 to 300000 rupees. So before selecting them, you should also consider a budget that will suit your requirement. Depending upon the budget, the features will vary, and when you go for a budget lower than 30000, there are certain compromises that you need to make. For example, the product you are purchasing might have a simple LED screen with essential resolution rather than an 8k resolution with a QLED screen. So the quality of the product depends upon the price. But even within the price range of 30000, some certain brands and products offer you advanced designs that you can choose.

From the brand to the final resolution for each feature should be considered before purchasing a TV. So this will help you understand this concept in detail and make a final choice that will benefit your home in the upcoming years.

Product Buying Guide:

Product Name

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AKAI 108 cm (43 Inches) Fire TV Edition Full HD Smart LED TVAKLT43S-DFS6T (Black) (2020 Model)

TCL 100 cm (40 inches) Full HD Certified Android Smart LED TV 40S6500FS (Black) (2020 Model)

Samsung 80 cm (32 Inches) Wondertainment Series HD Ready LED Smart TV UA32T4340AKXXL (Glossy Black) (2020 Model)


Since there is a wide range of answers for purchasing a poor quality TV to such a low budget, this passage will help you look at specific features. Each feature is explained in layman’s terms to ensure a clear understanding and to allow you to purchase a good product. 

Product type 

It does not matter what the price range is. Here all the products are differentiated either based upon the display type or based upon size. So since the budget is less than 30000 rupees, there are only certain display types available in the market. But understanding the screen size will allow you to make a wise decision. 


Otherwise popularly known as Quantum light-emitting diodes, these displays are the advanced form of LCDs. They are only a few years old and made up of high-quality nanoparticles called the quantum dots, also available in the LCD structure. They are mainly used for developing the brightness and color of the display. Therefore, the price of this product is lesser, and you can choose them when compared to the other types that are costlier than them, like OLED. 


Organic light-emitting diodes, the most advanced models, are available in the market currently. But it has a high price range and a perfect quality to match with the price. For a range below 30000, it is to purchase this type of screen quality. It does not require any backlight like in the LCD, and the contrast ratio is perfect compared to the other TV set. 


Even though there are other models like LCD available in the market, lead is considered the most basic one. It is an advanced version of LCD but a better option and the ancestor of both OLED and QLED. So if you are looking for a perfect design within a good price range, then an LED screen can always be a good choice for your requirements. 

Things to consider while purchasing a TV 

When you are purchasing a TV, certain things need to be considered. Let us now see about them in detail. We have thoroughly researched the market and listed some of the items that might be important to you on certain levels. 


Whether it is a costly or a low-budget TV, the brand always plays a vital role in insurance, future repair works, guarantee, and the quality of the product. For example, it is quite impossible to receive a poor outcome from brands like Sony or LG. But the same cannot be said for some local brands in the market. So when you are purchasing a TV, make sure that it is from some of the best brands. But along with the brand, there is also an issue of price. Products like Sony might cost more than the features available. On the other hand, products or brands like LG and Philips have decent pricing along with quality.  

Refresh rate 

Refresh rate is responsible for improving the quality of the picture and the image. It is nothing but the number of times the image on the TV refreshes per second. The value is usually explained in terms of Hertz. The average value range is between 60 Hz to 120 Hz. So if you are looking for a device with gaining features, then go for the highest refresh rate since the contrast will be perfect. Similarly, if you have the lowest budget, you will gain the best and basic refresh rate of 60 Hz. For a budget within 30000, you can go for 60 Hz and sometimes expand to 90 Hz if you are lucky. 


Resolution is an essential factor that should be considered while purchasing a TV. Most of the basic models even have the 4K resolution nowadays. With a budget of 30000 rupees, an 8k resolution is impossible. But at the same time, even if you purchase an 8k model, it won’t be useful since the content provided is of 4K resolution only. You can also go for HD models since the price range is low. But remember, they will not be as satisfying as the 4K resolution models. 

HDMI port 

HDMI port is a necessity responsible for transferring the image from the receivers to the TV with perfect quality. A standard cable will not offer good quality as much as an HDMI cable and Port. Even though various versions are available, you can still go for the basic version, which is sufficient for a regular TV within the price range of 30000 rupees. But if you are going for a higher price range, then go for the latest model available in the market that can be useful for gaming. 


The next important feature that is necessary for a smart device is wireless connectivity like wi-Fi or ethernet. This allows you to connect with a wide range of other devices. Make sure it has both wireless and wired-based connections for an effective output. Connectivity and having suitable applications to support that connectivity is an essential feature of all smart devices. The operating system used should be open to upgrading in the future, and choosing an Android will be more suitable. 

Other features 

Along with these features, other items need to be taken into consideration. One of them is HDR compatibility which is necessary when you are purchasing a TV. The next important feature is the size of the product. The size can be determined based on the type of living room you are trying to make. Because depending upon the room size, the TV should match for a good experience. But for a price range of 30000 rupees, you can get HDR compatibility and a size less than 55 inches. 

All these features are necessary while purchasing a TV set. But, along with that, you should also be aware about particular items and not purchase them. 

Things to avoid while purchasing a TV 

Along with the other things that need to be looked at while purchasing a TV, there are certain things you need to avoid. Among them, one of the common items is to avoid purchasing it is recommended by the salesperson. You are the one with the requirements, and hence you should know what you need rather than the suggestions from others. Along with these features, I have also mentioned some other things that you can avoid for a low-budget TV set.

HDMI 2.1 

So when it comes to clear quality images, there are certain features available. HDMI ports are a necessity in most of the TV for getting clear images. And they have been released in multiple versions. Normally purchasing a normal HDMI port like two versions will be useful. The latest model released in the market is the 2.1, which is more advanced and suitable for people with larger screens and Gamers. If you are looking forward to saving money, go for the basic HDMI modal and not the others. 

Refresh rate 

Even though I have personally mentioned how important refresh rates are, certain brands do not provide the same refresh rate mentioned in their box. So if you are interested in purchasing a TV, make sure that the refresh rate mentioned is correct and cross-test it with an expert. They are more important even for normal TV persons and hence purchasing them will be a suitable choice. 

All these requirements are essential for purchasing a good TV set. If you are interested in buying more, then you can check the table we have given below. It has certain examples that you can directly buy or go for other items similar to our mentioned features. ATV is not just a product, but it is an item that will come along with you for the next 10 to 15 years. So be careful with your purchase and make a wise choice.