How To Buy The Best Quality Smart TV Under 40000Rs?

There are various TV sets available in the market, and among them, very few have been perfect. Reading this passage will allow you to search for a good TV by yourself with no help from an executive.

The old model TV sets are currently being replaced by smart TV with the evolution of streaming devices like Netflix and Chrome stick. All these devices have made it necessary to have smart TV regularly. But sometimes, people are specific about their budgets which makes it difficult for them to choose a proper model without compromising the feature. If you are looking forward to purchasing a smart TV within the price range of rupees 40000, then the best option is to read this passage for more details. We have personally researched all the data available in the market, and we bring you some of the best products that will benefit you for the next 10 to 15 years. 

When you are searching for a smart TV within a budget, there are certain features that you need to give up. Just remember 40000 rupees is a decent budget but not extensive and hence you cannot go for the advanced models. So let us now see how to purchase them based on their features.

Product Buying Guide:

Product Name

Product Image

Product Buy Link

AmazonBasics 139cm (55 inches) Fire TV Edition 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV AB55U20PS (Black)

iFFALCON 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Smart Certified Android LED TV 55K71 (Sliver) (2021 Model)| With Voice Control

OnePlus 108 cm (43 inches) Y Series Full HD LED Smart Android TV 43Y1 (Black) (2020 Model)


When you are purchasing a smart TV, there are specific clauses that you need to make. But to make the choices, you need to have a fixed budget which might improve or reduce the options available. For a price range of 40000 rupees, specific criteria teach to be adjusted, especially in size and performance. 

Product type 

The product types are usually categorized based on the type of screen they offer. So, for example, you can choose a product based upon its display type, including QLED, LED, OLED and LCD. Even though LCD has become relatively slow these days due to the lack of quality compared with the LED-based models, you still have plenty of options in terms of product type. 


This display offers quantum dots in the middle of LED screens to provide a high-quality picture that is bright and perfect. As a result, the clarity of the final output is perfect, and hence you can constantly use them for gaming purposes also. 


This LED, otherwise popularly known as organic LED, can emit light as a result of a response to electric current. As a result, the screen’s brightness is perfect, and the clarity produced is also reasonable compared to the other screens in the market. However, the price range is also higher, and hence you have to make choices on the other parts of the TV when you want to fall within the budget of 40000 rupees. 


This is otherwise popularly known as a light-emitting diode and has a good resolution on the TV in brightness, contrast, colour, and adjustments. The price range of this product is also lower, and the quality is pretty decent with the support of a 4K resolution. So choosing this will be a good option for the given budget. 

Things to know before purchasing a TV 

When you are purchasing a TV set, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind. Let us now understand the features so that we can make a design purchase. 


When you are purchasing a product, the brand plays an important role. Most of the brands nowadays provide a variety of products at multiple prices regardless of their quality. So before selecting a product, you have to be careful about the quality of the product, which can be obtained by choosing a brand. Each brand is made up of a wide range of aspects and its very own unique aspects, which makes it special. For example, Sony brand televisions produce high-quality sound while other models like LG focus on the display. Since all the brands in the market nowadays manufacture good smart TV at various prices, the options are vast. 


The next important feature, called the resolution, is directly responsible for the clarity produced by the TV. There are three types of resolution available called HD, 4K resolution, and 8k resolution. The 8k resolution model is an advanced format, but there isn’t any content that matches it. To be more precise, all the movies and content produced by the streaming devices belong to 4K quality, and hence 8k is an advanced model that can be used in the future. On the other hand, the 4K resolution is a perfect choice since HD models are of old quality.

Applications and features 

When you are purchasing a TV set with smart Technology, it is bound to have a wide range of applications, including YouTube, Netflix, Chrome and others. So under such a situation, you have to select a TV model with the applications you require. In addition, it should support your remote streaming device and also have the ability to connect with all the devices in the home. Also, the operating system of the TV plays a major role. Most of these devices have Android and Chrome OS with regular upgrades that you can perform by connecting to the Wi-Fi. 

Sound Technology 

Just because you are purchasing a smart TV does not necessarily mean you can go for external speakers. Having a good quality of embedded speakers is also essential. So when you are buying this product, make sure that it produces a good quality sound, often described in Wattage. If the Wattage is higher, then the sound quality is poor. For a price range within 40000 rupees, you can expect to have normal sound quality. But the smart TV’s can be connected to your headphones to produce a personalized experience that is better than the regular digital sound. 


Your smart TV should have the ability to connect with all digital devices through wireless Technology. Sometimes people also connect the phone and other devices like Amazon echo for centralized control. It is necessary to have a wireless spot like Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth, and other connections for such a connection. Similarly, it should also have connections like an HDMI port to transfer the content at high quality without any restrictions. The smart TV usually uses the home network to connect with external devices. So an ethernet connection is also suitable. For a price range of 40000 Rupees, you can choose a Wi-Fi connection with the 802.11 ac, which is pretty decent. Do not go for older models as they might have fewer features with the 802.11n standard. 

Refresh rate 

Refresh rate is also an important concept that is especially necessary for gaming consoles connectivity. It is the number of times the screen constantly refreshes per second. In turn, this will improve the quality of the product and provide more contrast and brightness. So if you are interested in purchasing a smart TV, make sure that it has a refresh rate within the range of 60Hz – 120 Hz. For the price range of 40000 rupees, you can go for a range of 60 Hz to 90 Hz. A UHD quality TV with a 90 Hz will be a perfect choice. 


The size is always an issue while purchasing a TV set. No one knows which might be the suitable size for their TV set. Before finalizing the size, the best option is to measure your living room and choose a size that goes well along with that. Also, for a price range of rupees 40000, the best option would be a size that lies between 40 inches- 55 inches because anything more than that will be a bit costlier and non-affordable. Large-sized TV’s are good to look at, but the issue is that they cannot be used in all living rooms. Each design is perfect, and placing them accordingly will ensure a clear view, sound and proper experience. 

Display type

As mentioned above, there are Three Types of display types available in the market and among them, you can choose anything that might suit your requirement. For example, an OLED and QLED model can be good, but the budget might be an issue. So under such situations, the best option is to go for an LED model. Sometimes people can also buy QLED for this price range without any compromise on the other features. The LED models are more famous these days, and more people are involved in purchasing them. If you are trying to go for a higher budget, then the OLED model might be a good option. 

Things to avoid

Along with things to consider, there are certain things that you should avoid. Below, we have mentioned some of the features you should not do while buying a TV. 


When you are buying it, we make sure that it does not have an LCD screen. Even though these screens are quite popular and modern, they are still being moved out of trend by the latest LED screen. So even if you feel it is good for the price, remember the spare parts for these models will be difficult to obtain. 


There are a variety of applications to improve your smart TV, but only very few are essential. So if you are looking for a suitable TV, make sure that it has a proper set of applications that will support your system. In addition, the Android version you are using should be application friendly for future upgrades and instalments.

All these features mentioned above are some of the requirements that you should consider while purchasing a TV. It’s not just a simple TV, but instead, you have to research a lot before purchasing them since they will be with you for a long time. Here we have listed some of the items that we have found to be useful in the market. You can either buy them directly or go for another model with similar features.