Purchase The Best Smart TV Under 50000Rs

When you try to look for a TV set within the price range of 50000 rupees, only specific models are available. Choosing them will improve your movie experience, and read our buying guide to understand more about them.

Most people nowadays go for purchasing smart TV as they are one of the advanced versions in the market. When you buy such a unique model, certain features need to be taken into account. You might think that there is no extra feature in a smart TV, and all that matters is the size. But in reality, it’s not just the size. Other features need to be considered, including the brand, resolution, refresh rates and so on. Along with this, you should also be careful about choosing the type of operating system for your smart TV. It should have the ability to support all the connections and allow access with security. 

Before diving into the showroom and selecting a smart TV, you should do certain researches to ensure quality. So let us now see the types of features available in the market and like them ideally. 

Product Buying Guide:

Product Name

Product Image

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iFFALCON 139 cm (55 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart QLED TV 55H71 (Metallic Black) (2021 Model) | Dolby Vision & Atmos

Panasonic 147 cm (58 inches) 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV TH-58HX450DX (Black) (2020 Model)

Redmi 126 cm (50 inches) 4K Ultra HD Android Smart LED TV X50|L50M6-RA (Black) (2021 Model)


Since various TV models, especially smart TV, it is essential to analyse them before making a good choice. So to make such a good choice, the better option is to read the passage we have given below and determine the features you need within your budget before visiting the showroom. 

Product Type

Most of the smart TV products are distinguished based upon the type of display they have. There usually are three types of shows available. Let us now see about them on an excellent classification. 

LED display – The type of display that is otherwise popularly known as light-emitting diode has been available for a long time. They have quickly taken over the LCDs and are currently trending in the market. Provide a reasonable contrast ratio and brightness that can be used to watch movies and play games. 

OLED display- Otherwise popularly known as organic LED, this particular system provides unique, organic particles that can improve the brightness and contrast ratio of the TV. As a result, they are much better than any other models available in the market, and the price range is a bit costlier. 

QLED display- This Quantum LED display is a middle ground between the LED and OLED display regarding budget, quality, and features. They contain a layer of fine Quantum dots that emits light and increases the light emitted by the LED panel. 

Things you should know before purchasing. 

So when you are going for a purchase, certain features need to be taken into account. It is also necessary for you to remember that the budget is up to 50000 rupees. This is a limited budget, and hence all the features should be purchased within this particular budget. Let us now take a location in detail. 


Since we have already set up a budget, the next thing we had to search before finalising the product is the brand. When you go for a brand, starting top quality brands like LG and Samsung will be a good option. But since their price ranges are slightly higher, you can go for other brands like Toshiba, which are also good and not heavily priced regardless of their perfect features. So by choosing a brand, you are already deciding the type of product you want. Our days with the development in manufacturing, each brand has produced a wide range of powerful products with exclusive features. So select a brand and then go for the parts. 


The size is one of the essential requirements when you are purchasing a TV set. The size should depend upon the room structure. For example, if the room is large enough, then the size of the screen should also be significant for creating a perfect Illusion of a theatre. On the other hand, a small screen is enough for a medium-sized room. So when you go for a budget within the price range of 50000 rupees, the best option is the size that lies between 45 to 70 inches. Choose a model that will be perfect for your requirement. It’s not just the size, but the slim Technology of the TV is also important. Don’t purchase extremely slim models; it might compromise the features and the sound quality. Go for a TV that has good quality and size. 

Refresh rate 

Refresh rate is the number of times a screen refreshes to keep up with the content per second. They are naturally explained in terms of hertz (Hz). Any TV with a refresh rate of about 60 Hz e is considered to be perfect, but if you want to have a device that can also be used for gaming purposes and 3D due, then the best option is the one with 120 Hz. The quality of these products are perfect and can be used for a long time with a reasonable refresh rate. Some TV sets are available with a refresh rate of 120 Hz e within the price range of 50,000, but the other features will be compromised to a certain extent. Finding the right balance on the features lies within your hands. 

Sound Technology 

When you are purchasing a TV set with smart Technology, then the sound should also be perfect despite the availability of speakers. You cannot always rely on extra speakers, and hence the best option is to purchase a TV set with good surround sound Technology. Some of the models also offer Dolby Atmos sound effects which are good. If you are interested in purchasing such models, make sure that the sound quality is good and decent. You can continually improve the experience with extra speakers but do not compromise on the basic level of sound. 


When you buy a good quality TV set with smart Technology, the resolution is expected to be nothing less than 4K. Even though there are HD models available in the market, they are not as good as the 4K resolution, which is the current trend. Most of the content on movies provided by the industry is also with 4K resolution. So purchasing a matching TV set will be suitable. If you are willing to go on an edge and buy a product with advanced Technology, the 8k resolution will be a good option. But remember that they will not match with the current content but will be helpful in the future. For a price range within 50,000, the best option is to choose the models with 4K resolution.

Display type 

As mentioned before, there are three types of display models available in the market. But, unfortunately, the LCD panels are not suitable for your regular usage, and they are totally out of date. So you can either go for the standard LED panels or go for the advanced version of it like the OLED and QLED models. But when you go for a price range of 50000, the LED and OLED models will be a good choice. 

HDR availability 

HDR is a high dynamic range essential for maintaining a reasonable contrast ratio and brightness with your TV set. When you have an excellent hDR value, then the quality of the product will be perfect. In addition, it can improve the contrast ratio and sharpness by providing an edge. So when you are purchasing a smart TV, make sure that it has good HDR availability. Regardless of the price range, buying a TV with HDR availability is a must.


The connectivity is an important feature, and each TV is fitted with a wire-based and wireless connection. When it comes to wireless connection, you can usually connect through Ethernet connection or essential Wi-Fi technology. Make sure that the Android supports Alexa and echo for a centralised control system. Similarly, you should also have a wide range of HDMI ports for transferring the content from the streaming devices in the exact resolution. It should also have a USB and other ports like an audio jack for critical situations. 

Smart applications 

When you buy a TV, it should have an excellent operating system combined with applications supporting smart Technology. They usually use an Android-based operating system that can be upgraded in the future with a Wi-Fi connection. Also, it should have applications like streaming apps, Play Store, YouTube, and so on. All these applications should also have the ability to be upgraded with the available versions whenever possible. The connectivity and applications are the things that make a TV into a smart TV. 

Things to avoid 

There are certain things that you should avoid while purchasing a TV. Understanding them will allow you to know what should not be done. 

Inappropriate sizes 

The size of the TV should match well with the size of the room because any simple alteration will create a poor environment. It’s not just the sound, but the display will also be affected with an appropriate size. Don’t be too small or too large. Choose a size with differentiation of 1 or 2 inches according to the room and space. 

LCD panels 

Most organisations have already stopped manufacturing LCD panels, but certain stocks in the market should be avoided. However, you can buy the LCD Panels if you are building since they have great features for a low price. But remember it is out of trend and cannot be repaired in the future. 

All these features should be considered while purchasing a TV. Understanding your requirements, we have thoroughly researched the market and provided specific models that will be suitable within the given budget. If you find it perfect, you can purchase them directly or go for a model that suits your requirement. But remember to not go and buy a model suggested by the executive in the shop.