Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaners In India [Reviews & Buying Guide]

The vacuum cleaners have grown in popularity and handheld vacuum cleaners are on-trend due to their increased popularity and lightweight. Read below to understand the trend of designs in the vacuum cleaners and purchase them.

Vacuum cleaners have become common equipment in everyone’s household. Gone are the days of maid and people now prefer using electronic equipment to perform their household activities. A vacuum cleaner is one such type of equipment that can be used for cleaning the house by absorbing the dust particles present. These vacuum cleaners are now available in multiple models and people nowadays purchase the model they require based upon their needs and usefulness. Vacuum cleaners were initially built in the early part of the 19th century to ease the work of women from their household activities. But normal people were not able to use it due to the size of the vacuum cleaners. Later with the development and technology, people have now been using vacuum cleaners with smaller size and stylish designs.

These vacuum cleaners are highly powerful and they are well known for their suction power. The companies also started creating models based upon the requirements of the users. The latest discovery in the field of vacuum cleaners is the robotic vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean the floors without any human intervention. These vacuum cleaners can be used to clean both the carpets and floors. The robotic vacuum cleaners are also available as both wet and dry cleaners. They can clean and mop the surface at the same time. These vacuum cleaners are highly powerful and used in most households nowadays but their heavy pricing has prevented normal people from using them. 

Another famous model of vacuum cleaner that has been used for cleaning all parts of the house including the corners and objects in the house is the handheld vacuum cleaner. This lightweight vacuum cleaner model is suitable for various types of cleaning especially for cleaning sofa dust and car interiors. The handheld vacuum cleaners nowadays can be easily converted into a stick vacuum cleaner with the help of special attachments in the nozzle. These special 2 in 1 vacuum cleaners are powerful and can be used for all types of cleaning. Some of the important uses of a handheld vacuum cleaner are,

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Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes Super Clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Black+Decker VH802 vacuum cleaner

Cleaning pet hairs

One of the troubles of having a pet is cleaning up after them. Cleaning pet hair especially in case of cats and dogs can be a hideous task. Also if you are the one allowing your pets to live inside your house then there is a high possibility of the pet hair being everywhere including your bed and sofa. So it is essential to have a vacuum cleaner that can clean and absorb all the pet hairs from all kinds of surfaces including the crevices on the sofa. The handheld vacuum cleaner has a special crevice nozzle that can clean the interior parts of the sofa and also the corners present in the house. This handheld vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning the interiors of the car questions and car mattresses without causing any damages to the parts of the car. Now any kind of pet hair lodged between the sofa cushions can be easily removed with the help of handheld vacuum cleaners and their high suction powers. 

Cleaning the upholstery, curtains, and pillows

The normal techniques used for cleaning the curtains and upholstery will not reduce the allergic dust that is embedded deep within the layers of the fiber material used. The usage of handheld vacuum cleaners is best suited for cleaning the upholsteries as they can easily enter the small spaces. The bathroom cleaner can be easily adjusted thus making it suitable for cleaning the curtains and also for making the pillows clean and fluffy. This handheld vacuum cleaners also come along with the special blower technology that allows you to blow away the dust particles that cannot be absorbed.  The other vacuum cleaners like upright vacuum cleaners and robotic vacuum cleaners cannot be used for cleaning these types of places in the house. 

Clean your car

Cleaning the exteriors of the car is quite an easy task. But cleaning the interiors require a lot of work and the car won’t be properly cleaned without proper equipment. So most commonly people always prefer going for a car wash to clean the interiors of the car properly rather than cleaning it themselves. The interior of the car has dust particles embedded within the seat gaps and also under the seat. There are also dust particles embedded within the other parts of the car like the gear shaft, music players, speedometers, and air conditioners. These places are difficult to clean using a normal cloth or wet cloth. So using a handheld vacuum cleaner for either absorbing or blowing away the first particles present in the small gaps of the car efficiently. 

Remove the allergens

The out parts of the home like the window stills and other small crevices may contain dust and other forms of allergens that cannot enter the house. These allergens can be easily absorbed or blown away using these handheld vacuum cleaners. These handheld vacuum cleaners have special plastic containers that can be used to store these dust particles safely without getting them mingled in the air again. These handheld vacuum cleaners also contain special filters that can be used to filter these allergens and store them away. So if you are a person with heavy allergic problems then having a vacuum cleaner especially a handheld vacuum cleaner at home might come in handy. 

Clean your computers and glass objects

One of the most important requirements of a handheld vacuum cleaner is its ability to reach places other cleaners cannot and also its ability to handle soft objects like glass materials and computer keyboards. The dust particles present in the computer keyboards can be easily blown away without damaging the objects and internal parts present. These handheld vacuum cleaners are specially built for these features and they can clean a large number of dust particles that are hard to reach with normal brooms, clothes, and other model vacuums. They are built for cleaning the delicate parts and objects of the house. Some of the features that need to be noted before purchasing a handheld vacuum cleaner are, 

High suction power

One of the important functions of a vacuum cleaner is its ability to absorb the dust particles from the objects through suction. So the handheld vacuum cleaners you are purchasing should have high suction power between 250 AW – 350 AW. With good suction power, these vacuum cleaners can absorb all types of dust particles. 

Accessories for successful cleaning

Even if the vacuum cleaner has high absorption power, it is practically impossible to clean all types of objects and floors with a normal nozzle. Some vacuum cleaners use crevice nozzles and soft brushes to clean some parts of the house like sofa cushions and televisions. So when purchasing a vacuum cleaner make sure that it comes along with the accessories that can help you in cleaning.

Good storage capacity

The vacuum cleaners normally use bags or containers to store the filtered dust particles safely. So the vacuum cleaners should have good storage capacities, at least one which is large enough to hold the dust particles obtained from a single cleaning. Some vacuum cleaners have bags to store the dust particles while some contain cans. These cans or containers can be emptied easily after every cleaning.  But normally the vacuum cleaners with bags have a large storage space with indicators that specifies the amount of dust present within the bags. So based upon the number of dust particles present these bags can be emptied from time to time. Most of the bags that are being used nowadays are washable and hence they can be reused. 

Less noise

One of the major problems that arise in using a vacuum cleaner is the noise. The suction of the release of air along with the running of motors has resulted in excessive noise production by the vacuum cleaners. The normal permitted amount of noise is 40-90 dB. Any noise greater than 90 dB is considered as a noise hazard to the environment. So always purchase a vacuum cleaner with less noise for a stress-free environment. Also, these latest noiseless vacuum cleaners can be used freely without the fear of waking up others in the house or disturbing the neighborhood.  


One of the most important requirements in a handheld vacuum cleaner is lightweight. Handheld vacuum cleaners should definitely be easy to carry around and clean because they are handheld, not driven, or pulled. While some handheld vacuum cleaners can be strapped to ourselves before cleaning some need to be held in hand. So it is essential for these vacuum cleaners to be lightweight and portable. The lightweight vacuum cleaners can be carried around easily allowing us to clean the house easily without any stress. 

Automatic cords

Though most of the handheld vacuum cleaners run using rechargeable/ lithium batteries, while some of them run using electricity. But these electricity-based vacuum cleaners when used can result in the knotting up of the cords. So to prevent this using an automatic cord winder might prevent you from unwanted tangles and allows you to move freely at the same time without any disturbances. Some other models of the vacuum cleaner allow you to wind the cord by pressing a single button. The market is filled with handheld vacuum cleaner models and choosing one might be a bit difficult. The market is also built with some good brands like Eureka Forbes, Kent, Philips, etc….. Let us review some of the commonly bought vacuum cleaners among the people.

Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner

Kent is a famous company well known for its water purification brands and vacuum cleaners. Their brand is well known for its durability and efficiency. The brand has service centers all over the country and hence people can easily get immediate help from these service centers without any delay. Kent produces various models of vacuum cleaners and each of these vacuum cleaners has different functionalities. Kent has also produced a line of models in the area of the handheld vacuum cleaners. Kent’s recent model handheld vacuum cleaners have high suction technology with automatic cord winding technology and good filters. 

Their latest model vacuum cleaner is the Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner that has been built with a beautiful white and blue design. The specialized vacuum cleaner is but with the latest technology and has a special HEPA filter to separate the dust particles from the air. The vacuum cleaner has special cyclonic technology that allows the cleaner to absorb a lot of dust particles and dirt from the surface floor. This special cyclone technology creates a special vortex spinning that allows the cleaner to absorb the dust particles easily at a rapid pace. The collected dust particles are then passed through a set of HEPA filters for separating the dust from the air. This filter is highly powerful and prevents allergens and dust from entering the atmosphere again. 

Noise – The vacuum cleaner produces a noise of less than 86 dB. The noise is to a minimum level and hence the cleaning process will be efficient and stress-free without any disturbance. 

Cord length – The machine operates through electricity and the cleaner comes along with a cord of 5 meters in length. This cord can be wound automatically and hence they do not tangle. The vacuum cleaner requires at least 850 watts of power to operate. 

Weight – The vacuum cleaner is of low weight and can be easily carried around. This vacuum cleaner can also be carried to other places for cleaning. They are small in size and can easily fit in your bags. 

Motor – The machine uses a powerful 1000 watts motor that can produce high suction power and can easily remove the dust particles around.

These handheld vacuum cleaners are of low price and efficient for cleaning within the house. Use the Kent Crystal Vacuum Cleaner for a quick, easy, and efficient cleaning of dust particles from the surface. 

Eureka Forbes Super Clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Eureka Forbes is a well-branded and established company in the field of vacuum cleaning. The company has gained people’s trust with efficient vacuum cleaner’s designs and models. The company has service centers all over the country and they are well known for their effective servicing and on-time delivery of products. 

From basic handheld vacuum cleaners to advanced vacuum cleaners they have manufactured all types of vacuum cleaners with varying designs and colors. They have used sophisticated technology to create some of the modern-day vacuum cleaners that are of lightweight and of improved designs. Their latest design Eureka Forbes Super Clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner has been gaining more popularity among the users due to their compact design and beautiful color. The bright red color with black tubes adds decor to your house and they can be stored easily in a corner just by removing the tubes.  The vacuum cleaner is modern with the ability to clean both the wet and dry surfaces. The vacuum cleaner runs on a high power motor that allows you to experience an increased suction power and a powerful airflow. 

Motor – The vacuum cleaner uses an 800-watt motor to offer an increased suction power and fast abortion of the dust particles. This most is powerful enough to absorb all kinds of dirt present deep within the sofa seats and cushions.  These motors are more suitable for cleaning the pet chairs and window stills. 

Noise power – The motor along with the suction creates a noise of less than 80 dB.  This allows you to enjoy a peaceful environment while cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is efficient and can clean the house without waking your children up.  

Weight – The efficient Eureka Forbes Super Clean Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is lightweight and easily portable. The device comes along with a strap that allows you to carry it around while cleaning allowing easy maneuver of the device. 

Dust bag – The vacuum cleaner comes along with a dust bag that has a holding capacity of 0.5 liters. The holding capacity is good enough for a single cleaning of a normal-sized or a small-sized house. The dust bag can be easily removed, I’m tired and washed. 

Cord – The vacuum cleaner runs through electricity and the cleaner is connected to the power outlets by a 5 meters lengthy cord. This cord can be wound automatically after usage and hence they are not bound to unwanted knots. 

Accessories – The vacuum cleaner comes along with variable accessories like, 

  • Flexible hose pipe – For removing the worst on corners and for moving freely within small spaces. 
  • Extension tubes – Can be used to reach the ceilings at a greater height. 
  • Carpet/floor brush – They are used to clean the carpets and the floors easily. 
  • Crevice nozzle – They are used to clean the windows and other smaller spaces. 
  • Upholstery brush – They are used to clean the upholsteries without damaging the fabric material. 
  • Multipurpose brush – This brush can be used for cleaning various soft objects in the house. 
  • Blower adaptor – They are used to blow away the dirt particles to a greater pile. 

This vacuum cleaner can be used for cleaning all types of objects and floors in the house. They are cheap, beneficial, and have a long life span that can last for a lifetime.

Black+Decker VH802 vacuum cleaner

Black and Decker is a famous company that has been in the manufacturing business for more than a decade and excels in manufacturing cleaning products. Their electronic products have been raiding the markets and people are attracted to their stylish designs and extended durability. Their latest model Black+Decker VH802 has similarly attracted a lot of users with its beautiful design and efficient functioning. The handheld vacuum cleaner is used for cleaning all the areas of the house and best-suited for household cleaning both interiors and the exteriors. However, they are not suitable for mass cleanings like cleaning a hotel or restaurant. Some of the exclusive features of this vacuum cleaner include, 

Dustbowl – The vacuum cleaner comes along with a dust bowl of 0.9 liters that is fitted near the tube nozzle. The dust bowl is transparent and can be easily emptied after cleaning. The dust bowl is directly connected to the suction tube with a filter in between to separate the dust and air. 

Motor – The vacuum cleaner has an 800 watts powerful motor that can be used to absorb the dust particles at a faster rate. The motor requires 240 volts of electricity which is economic and cheap.  

Lightweight – The vacuum cleaner is lightweight and weighs nearly less than 2 kgs. The vacuum cleaner is easy and efficient to use and can be stored inside a cupboard or any small space in the house. Their beautiful color and design will be an added decor for your house. The cleaner also comes with a shoulder strap for easy carrying. 

Auto winding cord – The vacuum cleaner is electrically charged and comes with an auto winding cord that allows free movement while cleaning.  They are safe and easy to maintain and can move up to 3 meters. 

Accessories – The vacuum cleaner comes along with certain accessories like, 

  • Turbo brush – They are used for cleaning all types of surfaces and ceilings. 
  • Multipurpose brush – They are used for cleaning all other objects in the house. 
  • Crevice plus upholstery brush – As the name suggests they are used for cleaning the gaps in the sofas and also the surface of the sofas. 
  • 2 Extension tubes – These tubes are useful for cleaning high ceilings and other small dense parts like reaching under the cors. 
  • Flexible hose – The hose allows you to reach under the furniture without bending and also to clean the corners. 
  • Shoulder strap – They are used to hold the vacuum in place while moving around. You can now strap the cleaner like a shoulder bag and move around freely while cleaning and not worry about pulling or pushing them. 

These vacuum cleaners are some of the best cleaners in the market. But they can be compared with other cleaners in the market before purchasing them. The brand, efficiency, and suction power are all important while purchasing a vacuum cleaner. But despite their advantages, it is essential for you to choose a vacuum cleaner that meets your requirements and purposes. So choose your design wisely and purchase the best option that meets your needs.