Best Portable Vacuum Cleaners In India

Most of the people nowadays prefer carrying lightweight vacuum cleaners that can be useful for easy cleaning of their homes and shops. But there are multiple models in the market and you have to choose the best option. Read below to find out more about portable vacuum cleaners in the market.

Vacuum cleaners have become an essential requirement in today’s household and they have been replacing human workers during the past decade. The initial designs of vacuum cleaners were larger in size and only useful for industrial purposes. Later with the development in Technology and Science, the designs of these vacuum cleaners have improved and the size of these vacuum cleaners has been reduced considerably.  Currently, the market is populated with vacuum cleaners that are of lightweight and efficient cleaning technology. Most people prefer the lightweight Technology-based vacuum cleaners rather than the canister vacuum cleaners that are difficult to move around especially for cleaning the houses. Most of the canister based vacuum cleaners are used for cleaning the hotels and other outdoor places. The portable vacuum cleaners are mostly suitable for household activities. 

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Prestige 1200 watt vacuum cleaner

BLACK+DECKER VH802 800-Watt, 900ml dustbowl

Balzano Aero Vac 600W Vacuum Cleaner

Bag or bagless

There are two types of vacuum cleaners. One is the vacuum cleaners with bags. The other is without bags. These vacuum cleaners with bags are usually larger in size and can store a large number of dust particles. The modern-day vacuum cleaners have indicators that indicate when the bag is filled.  These vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning homes or areas with a high range of dust particles. Most of these vacuum cleaners are used in areas with high dust collections like malls and shops.

The next type of vacuum cleaners is the vacuum cleaners that use plastic cans instead of bags. These bagless vacuum cleaners can store only a low amount of dust particles and they need to be emptied every now and then. But most of these bagless vacuum cleaners are of low price and they are portable and light-weighted. Most of the modern vacuum cleaners with cans nowadays are fixed in such a way that they can be easily removed and cleaned without any effort. But this type of vacuum cleaners cannot be used for large homes and outdoor cleaning because the cups need to be cleaned every now and then and they do not have such high holding capacity.

So if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can be easy food from one place to another then the bagless vacuum cleaners are the best choice as they are smaller in size and cleaning is much easier and efficient. Before purchasing a vacuum cleaner there are certain features that need to be analyzed especially if you are looking for a portable vacuum cleaner that is lightweight. Some of the most common features that need to be checked before purchasing a vacuum cleaner are

Low electricity

One of the most important features to look forward to before purchasing a vacuum cleaner is its energy consumption. Most of the modern-day low weight vacuum cleaners consume less amount of electricity and can be maintained easily. The spelling of vacuum cleaner that consumes a large amount of electricity for household purposes can turn out to be high budget maintenance. 

High suction power

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is one of the most important features that need to be checked before purchasing. Most of the vacuum cleaners have medium suction power nowadays but if you are looking forward to cleaning your house without a single amount of dust then high suction power vacuum cleaners can be a suitable choice. The vacuum cleaner has a high level of suction power it can absorb even the smallest dust particles including the pollen. The high suction power vacuum cleaners are more suitable for people with dust allergies and cannot tolerate even a single portion of dust.


The accessories play an important role in the purchase of a vacuum cleaner. Using a vacuum cleaner just for cleaning the floor or just a carpet will not be economically ethical. So most of the vacuum cleaners nowadays come along with multiple accessories that can be used to clean carpets, floors, sofas and other parts of the house that are difficult to clean with hand. Nowadays there are also accessories for cleaning car seats and car glasses with sprayers. Some vacuum cleaners also come along with blowers that can be used to blow away the larger dust particles and also to spray water on cars and plants.


Some of the vacuum cleaners are handheld vacuum cleaners that can be easily used for cleaning just by holding them.  Dada sets of vacuum cleaners include canister vacuum cleaners which are portable but they cannot be carried easily like handheld vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners can be easily moved around all over the house with the help of the wheels, attached to the surface. Also, make sure to purchase a vacuum cleaner that can be easily folded and stored away in a corner rather than the vacuum cleaners that occupy a large amount of space.


 Vacuum cleaners are not just about cleaning the house but are also involved in cleaning the vacuum cleaner itself from time to time for proper maintenance. Certain highly powerful vacuum cleaners that are used to clean public areas and companies are difficult to maintain when compared to the vacuum cleaners that are commonly used in household activities. The process of maintaining a vacuum cleaner includes emptying the dust particles from the bags and cups every now and then. Failing to empty these dust particles might result in the low amount of suction and breaking down of vacuum cleaners. Also, the filters present in the vacuum cleaners should be maintained regularly by constant cleaning or replacement.  If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner within the budget make sure to purchase one that has filters that can be easily washed and placed rather than the ones that need replacement of the filters every now and then. Purchasing and replacing the filters is a costly process and not suitable for economical usage. 

Wet or dry vacuum cleaners

 There are two types of vacuum cleaners in the market for cleaning. One is a vacuum cleaner that cleans only the dry surfaces and dust particles present on these surfaces. These dry vacuum cleaners are mainly used for household activities but they cannot be used for cleaning wet surfaces because the water particles can create a short-circuiting in the motor resulting in the breakdown of the vacuum cleaner. In the case of a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, we can use the time to clean both wet and dry surfaces including bathrooms and other wet areas. But these wet or dry vacuum cleaners are not portable since they contain two different bags or canisters for storing the wet and dry waste separately. By changing the automatic features you can switch easily between wet and dry mode respectively. But if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that can clean your household with easy portability then dry vacuum cleaners are the best choice. The wet and dry vacuum cleaners are more suitable for cleaning hotels and lobbies.


The filters are an important part of a vacuum cleaner.  They are responsible for cleaning and separating the unwanted first particles from the air. If you have a heavy dust allergy make sure to use the vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters that use the modern and effective centrifugal technology to clean the air from dust.  Also after purchasing a vacuum cleaner make short to clean or replace the filters regularly to avoid the accumulation of dust particles and also to prevent slow suction power. Also, keep in mind that purchasing these filters can become a costly expenditure every now and then. So unless you are using the vacuum cleaner for a large place or how to clean a huge amount of dust that gets accumulated on a daily basis the best option is to choose the vacuum cleaner that uses washable filters. 

There are a variety of portable vacuum cleaners available in the market. But before purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner All the above features should be checked once so that they can work efficiently and last for a longer period of time. Also before purchasing a vacuum cleaner make sure they are of high brand and last longer. 

Some of the most powerful and efficient vacuum cleaners in the markets are stated below.

Prestige 1200 watt vacuum cleaner

Prestige is a famous brand in India well known for its wide range of kitchen appliances and other cleaning appliances. Recently prestige has placed itself in the production of vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaners we’re a high success due it’s an innovative technology that was always a step ahead of its competitors. Most of the products and models were a huge success due to its durability. People always expect the product to last longer despite their budget. This vacuum cleaner is suitable for all kinds of surfaces including both wet and dry surfaces. They are portable and can be moved along with the help of the 360-degree rotating wheel. Some of its features include,


The vacuum can absorb both wet and dry dust and hence it has two containers. The containers can hold up to 10 liters which can hold the dust of a two-bedroom apartment for a month. They can also be used in cleaning office spaces and other outside spaces.


Though it is a canister model, the appliance is lightweight and they also have a cord that can automatically wind itself. They also have wheels to move around freely.

Other features

The motor runs with the power of 1700 watts with increased suction capacity. This allows the vacuum to absorb all kinds of small dust particles and large dust like leaves. They are suitable for cleaning both interior and exterior dust particles. The cord can extend up to 4 meters and the vacuum cleaner can be maintained easily by moving around the room space. The suction power can be maintained and the dust bags should be constantly changed based upon the indicator lights. The appliance uses a bag-type filter.


The appliance comes along with certain accessories like,

Carpet brush

They are used for cleaning the carpets and other dust particles present on the carpet. 

Crevice nozzle

This nozzle can clean the dust particles present in the corners of the house and car interiors.

Upholstery brush

They are used for cleaning surfaces of the sofa and car seats.

Multipurpose brush

They are used for cleaning hardwood crevices and other wooden designs.



BLACK+DECKER 800Watts Vacuum Cleaner

Black and Decker is an American company that excels in manufacturing power tools and other cleaning accessories including vacuum cleaners. The company has recently entered its market in India and has attracted a lot of customers with its attractive features and durability. The vacuum cleaner is a handheld with a powerful motor that can suck dust from all kinds of surfaces. The white model vacuum cleaner is easy to store and can be easily carried around to all the places you want to visit. This beautiful model is best suitable for cleaning houses, cars, and some outdoor dust particles.


The suction power is 800 watts and the motor can absorb most of the dust particles including the pollen and keep the surface clean and allergy-free.


The dust bag can hold up to 0.9 liters of dust which is enough for household activities. They can be easily cleaned and replaced. They are washable and hence they can easily clean every two to three weeks. 


The cord can be adjusted easily and 5 meters long allowing you to move all over the place without restricted access. The cord can be wound automatically. 

Other features

The vacuum cleaner is portable and also can be used as a blower for cleaning the leaves outside in your garden.

The vacuum cleaner also comes along with certain accessories like:

Upholstery brush

This brush is used for cleaning the sofa and car seats. They are mainly used for cleaning the cushion filled areas like carpet.

Turbo brush

They can clean the small dust particles that cannot be cleaned by the normal upholstery brush. 

Multipurpose brush

They can clean the small objects with uneven surfaces that have dust on them. 

Shoulder holder

The vacuum cleaner also comes along with a holder strap that allows you to attach the canister part to your shoulder and move along freely. 


The vacuum cleaner comes along with a crevice nozzle and a blower nozzle that can be used for absorbing and blowing dust particles. The crevice nozzle can be used for absorbing dust particles from the sofa and other forms of cushion surfaces. The blower nozzle can be used for blowing away the large dust like leaves, paper, etc… sometimes if you are not able to absorb the dust particles in a particular place you can always choose to blow it away using the blower present in the vacuum cleaner.

Extension hose

 The extension hose can be used to clean surfaces on the top and unreachable corners. It also provides a flexibility that allows you to change directions of cleaning easily with speed.



Balzano Aero Vac 600W Vacuum Cleaner

Being established during the early year of 1980 in Italy, Balzano has played a major role in producing kitchen appliances with a high level of durability and technologically innovative designs. The company has now entered the Indian market with its technologically appealing vacuum cleaners. The Balzano Aero Vac 600W Vacuum Cleaner has attracted a lot of clients within the few months of introduction. The vacuum cleaner is a bagless model and hence they are compact and light-weighted. The vacuum cleaners can be used to clean both carpets and floors. This cheap vacuum cleaner is highly economical and uses only a low amount of electricity. These vacuum cleaners can be used for both indoor and outdoor cleaning. This vacuum cleaner has a lot of people with its stylish design and people are more interested in purchasing this vacuum cleaner as they can be easily folded and stored in a corner.

Dust Capacity

This type of vacuum cleaner is bagless and the dust particles are stored in a container. The container can hold only 1 liter of dust and hence they need to be cleaned every now and then. 

Power consumption

 This vacuum cleaner absorbs only 600 watts of power and hence they are highly economical and can be used regularly for cleaning. Since they are bagless the cost of replacing them is also prevented.

HEPA filter

This vacuum cleaner is made up of HEPA filters that can be easily washed and placed. This prevents the users from mixing dust. It uses the centrifugal force to separate the air and the dust particles from each other.

Floor brush

This is the main attachment that is used for cleaning the carpet floors and hardwood floors.

Crevice nozzle

The crevice nozzle is used to clean the unwanted dust particles on fabric surfaces like sofas and car seats.

Chrome tube

The chrome tube can be used to absorb the dust particles present at the corners and other small parts of the house.

Other features

These vacuum cleaners are of lightweight and can carry all over the place. These vacuum cleaners can prevent heat. The vacuum cleaners have good suction force and they can clean the dust particles to a greater extent.



How to choose?

If you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner that can be easily moved and carried around from one place to another then lightweight vacuum cleaners can be the first choice. But while purchasing a lightweight vacuum cleaner it is also important to look for a vacuum cleaner with all the important features like cleaning efficiency, budget and suction power. Try to purchase a vacuum cleaner of high brand value as they will have high durability and efficiency. Don’t purchase any non-branded vacuum cleaners for the sake of portability and low price. Before purchasing a portable vacuum cleaner consider all the options available in the market and decide one among them. Also, make sure the vacuum cleaner you purchase is suitable for your needs and serves your purposes.