Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands In India

When it comes to brand selecting a particular vacuum cleaner might be a difficult choice but it is essential. Choose the best brand that suits your needs by reading the blog below.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners it is not just the designs and models. Along with the design and model it is also essential to purchase a better brand to ensure your durability. Even though there are a number of non-branded vacuum cleaners that are cheap it is essential to purchasing a vacuum cleaner with a brand for a better warranty and security. Every year the brands compete within themselves to become one of the top ten brands with their stylish designs, and innovative technology.

What is a vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner is a cleaning device used for cleaning or removing the dust particles from the floors and other parts of the house. There are multiple numbers of vacuum cleaners present in the market. These vacuum cleaners normally use suction technology to absorb the dust particles and clean the dust off from the floor and other areas of the house. Some of these vacuum cleaners also have a blowing technology that allows them to blow the dust particles away, especially the tough ones which cannot be absorbed. The absorbed dust particles are taken inside the vacuum cleaner and passed through a filter before getting stored in a bag or plastic container. The market is filled with many types of vacuum cleaners. They include,

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Automatic vacuum cleaners that do not require manual intervention. They can clean the entire house within a few minutes and they also come along with modern technology that prevents them from colliding along the walls and other obstacles in the house. They can clean all types of floors and carpets.

Stick vacuum cleaners

The stick vacuum cleaners are slender, lightweight, and portable vacuum cleaners that can be used for cleaning all types of floors and carpets including staircase.

Upright vacuum cleaners

The upright vacuum cleaners can remove dust particles from carpets and floors. They are not suitable for cleaning the other parts of the house and also cannot clean the hardwood floors since they might result in scratching the floors.

Handheld vacuum cleaners

 They are small and can be used to clean different parts of the house including the smaller objects in the house. They can clean the sofa cushions and interiors of the cars. These vacuum cleaners can be carried anywhere for cleaning.

Canister vacuum cleaners

 These vacuum cleaners are powerful and can clean all types of dust particles present on sofas and floors. This type of vacuum cleaners comes along with multiple accessories that contain different types of brushes that can be used for cleaning both the carpet and ceiling fans. These canister vacuum cleaners also have reverse blowing technology that can blow away the unwanted dust particles. They are suitable for all types of cleaning and they are available as dry vacuum cleaners and wet and dry vacuum cleaners. The dry vacuum cleaners can clean the dry dust from the floors and other parts of the house while the wet and dry vacuum cleaner can clean both the wet and dry surfaces without damaging the internal parts of the vacuum cleaner.

Bag or bagless vacuum cleaners

Some vacuum cleaners contain bags for storing the dust particles. These vacuum cleaners are usually a bit larger in size and they can store the dust particles for at least a month in case of a normal-sized home. The quantity of dust may vary depending upon the location and amount of dust collected in that particular place. But the vacuum cleaners with the bags can hold a large number of dust particles and the quantity of dust within the bag is indicated by an indicator present outside the vacuum cleaner. Always make sure to take a note of this indicator because when the bag is almost full this vacuum cleaner does not function properly and the suction might not be powerful in certain cases.

In the case of a vacuum cleaner without bags, they contain plastic containers instead of bags. These plastic containers are smaller in size and can hold up to 1 liter of dust particles. But in order to facilitate the users, these plastic containers are placed in such a way that they can be easily removed and emptied without any issues. Normally these plastic containers can hold the dust particles obtained from the regular cleaning of a normal-sized home. But if you are using a vacuum cleaner with plastic containers on hotels and other areas where there is a lot of dust then you might need to empty the containers every now and then before completing the entire cleaning.

Best vacuum Brands in India

Eureka Forbes

Eureka Forbes is an Indian brand vacuum cleaner that is well known for its quality. This company excels in producing products that are used for cleaning houses, air purification, and water purification. Founded in 1982, by Shapoorji Pallonji Group they provide some of the top model vacuum cleaners in the country. Their vacuum cleaners and purification products are built with innovative technology and some of the best products in the country. They produce all kinds of vacuum cleaner including the robotic vacuum cleaner.

Eureka Forbes 0.4 liter automatic vacuum

Eureka Forbes’s recent 0.4-liter automatic vacuum cleaner has created a revolution in the market of vacuum cleaners with its latest UV Technology that cannot only clean the house by absorbing the dust particles but also can remove the germs with the help of its latest UV lighting Technology. The vacuum cleaner also comes along with the remote control that helps you to direct the cleaner towards a particular spot in case of any spilling. They can enter all the corners and inside the gaps between the furniture. The company has service centers all over the country and ensure 24-hours service throughout the country.

Black & Decker

Black & Decker started as a small company in Baltimore and now they are one of the most established well-known brands known for their electronic Power Tools and other cleaning gadgets all over the world. The company has also extended its market in India with nearly 151 service centers all over the country. Their brands are well known for their durability and innovative technology. They have always managed to produce products with the latest technology that will make the work of the homemakers much easier. 


Karcher is a famous Germany based vacuum cleaners that are well known for its vacuum cleaners and other cleaning products. The company is situated in Germany near Winnenden. Mr.Hartmut Jenner the CEO of this company has always forced his employees to think innovatively that would satisfy the customers with their designs. Karcher is well known for its durability and efficient suction power that can absorb all kinds of that including the pollens. They have been ruling the market of India with multiple service centers and innovative designs that suit the requirement of the Indian household. They offer perfect service all over the country and the vacuum cleaner is available in both online and offline stores.

Karcher multi-purpose WD6 P vacuum cleaners.

The latest innovative model created by the Karcher group involves WD6 P-type vacuum cleaners with high-level suction powers and the ability to clean all types of flooring systems.  These vacuum cleaners can consume a power of nearly 1300 watts which is quite economical when compared to the other vacuum cleaners available in the market. This vacuum cleaner contains both containers and filters that can be easily removed without any contact with the dust particles present in the filter or the container. This is a wet and dry vacuum cleaner that can be used for cleaning both wet and dry surfaces. The vacuum cleaner contains a stainless steel container that has a holding capacity of 30 liters allowing you to store a large number of dust particles before emptying them. The suction power of the vacuum cleaner can be adjusted depending upon the type of dust that needs cleaning. Also so this vacuum cleaner can clean different quantities of dust including heavy sawdust particles present in a wood workshop. These vacuum cleaners are easy to move with their wheels and can be used for cleaning all types of floors and ceilings.


Bosch is one of the most famous electronic companies that has been existing with us for more than a century. Founded in 1886, this company had designed and manufactured several household electronic gadgets including vacuum cleaners. This company’s vacuum cleaners have a high level of efficiency and quality. Bosch had been operating in India for more than a decade and they have multiple service centers in most of the cities and districts. The vacuum cleaners have a stylish design and their motors are more powerful than other normal vacuum cleaners.

Bosch Gas 18 V-Li Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

This latest model cordless vacuum cleaner has highly powerful suction power and can be used for cleaning all types of houses. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight and they can be easily carried around. These vacuum cleaners are bagless stick model vacuum cleaners and cones along with multiple nozzle accessories that can be used to clean all corners and floors. They have a 700 ml size cup that can store the dust obtained after a single cleaning of a normal house. The vacuum cleaner also has special LED lights that can assist you in cleaning dark corners of the house and also helps you in viewing small dust particles. These vacuum cleaners are battery charged and we can run up to nearly 20 to 30 minutes without any recharge which is more efficient for cleaning a single house. The batteries are rechargeable and they are protected from overheating and overcharging with the presence of Electronic Cell Protection (ECP). These cordless vacuum cleaners are best in the market and many prefer them.

Features to note while buying a vacuum cleaner


The budget plays a major role while purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Even though most of the branded vacuum cleaners are a bit costly then the normal vacuum cleaners they provide stable durability and warranty that is not present and guaranteed in the other non branded vacuum cleaners. Even in these branded vacuum cleaners, they have different models of vacuum cleaners with varying price ranges allowing you to choose a model that suits your budget and requirement. The price range of vacuum cleaners can range from 1000 rupees to 40000 rupees. But a normal carpet or a floor cleaning vacuum cleaner will range only between 2500 rupees to 40000 rupees. The low priced vacuum cleaners or more suitable for cleaning the floors and other hardwood surfaces while the vacuum cleaners with high price ranges are more suitable for cleaning carpets and other smooth surfaces especially for cleaning the dust within the deep pores. 


Vacuum cleaners are available in varying sizes and designs. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner with smaller size and weight then the bagless dry vacuum cleaners might be a better option as they are of lightweight and portable. These types of vacuum cleaners are more suitable for household usages and small house cleaning. The canister vacuum cleaners are well suited for cleaning all types of surfaces and ceilings. They can also be used for cleaning other objects in the house like computers, sofas, and car interior. These are designed for multipurpose uses. The handheld vacuum cleaners are mostly designed for cleaning flows and other parts of the houses. The latest design of the vacuum cleaner used is robotic model vacuum cleaners that are best suited for cleaning floors and carpets rather than other parts of the house. The vacuum cleaners also come out in varying sizes. From small round shaped automatic cleaners to large canister cleaners that are best suited for multi-purpose cleaning, these vacuum cleaners are available in varying sizes. So while the small vacuum cleaners can be used single-handedly for cleaning how’s the large vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning multiplex complexes and other large areas. So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner determine the size you want to purchase and also make sure that the size you select suits your requirements. 


The brands play an important role while purchasing a product.  In today’s world brand is everything and people trust more on this branch rather than purchasing a random product despite their features. Purchasing a brand is not just about prestige it also involves lifelong warranty and durability provided by the brand and their previous products. Rather than purchasing a new product that is not common in the market, it is much safer to purchase a brand that has established itself in the market because people might have confidence that the brand will not fail under any circumstances and also for their constant repair services. The well-branded companies offer good services in case of repair and some all make house calls for repairing. 

Cleaning capacity

The efficiency of cleaning is more important in vacuum cleaners. So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner make sure it has high suction power and the ability to clean the dust in your house. The vacuum cleaner should always have effective suction power with efficient cleaning. Also, have the ability to change the power of suction can act as an added advantage. While heavy suction can be used for cleaning floors and carpets low amount of suction can be used for cleaning soft objects like keypad and glass made stuff. Along with the cleaning capacity, the vacuum cleaner should also have efficient storage capacity for lasting the entire cleaning process. The vacuum cleaners normally have a storage capacity of 1-40 liters. For cleaning and entire small house 1-litre plastic can is more than enough but for cleaning large malls and other public places vacuum cleaner with 40 liters might come in handy. Using a small storage capacity vacuum cleaner for cleaning a large space might result in emptying the bag or plastic container every now and then before completing the entire cleaning.

So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner always analyze these points and also choose the best brand that will suit your requirements. Every brand has multiple designs, sizes, features, and budgets. So the choices are huge and all you need to do is analyze your requirements and choose the best option that will satisfy your requirements and last forever, especially if you are investing big. The vacuum cleaner can be purchased either through online shopping portals or shops. Some companies also offer home demo before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. So test the cleaners and be comedy satisfied before purchasing them.