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Electric Broom Vs Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning your house has become easy with electric equipment like electric Brooms and vacuum cleaner. Read this article to find the complete details.

With the vast growing technology and science, people nowadays have left their old habits and techniques to replace them with the new ones. Nowadays people use electric brooms and vacuums instead of normal brooms. People are looking for the easiest and quickest ways to finish up their work rather than the age-old practices that absorb a lot of work and energy. These electric brooms and vacuums have been expanding its customer base during the recent years and their satisfaction.

Electric broom cleaner

The electric brooms were a recent invention but have taken up the market by surprise. More people are buying these brooms even though they are less powerful than the vacuum cleaner. These electric brooms are lightweight and can clean any room easily within a short span of time without any heavy lifting.

Vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaner is much more effective when compared to the electric brooms, and can clean even the uneven surfaces and small corners and cracks. The vacuum cleaner comes along with a set of accessories that allows you to clean every nook and corner which is quite not possible in case of an electric broom. The vacuum cleaner can easily clean the embedded dust particles within the carpets and make the home really clean. 

Which is the best option?

One of the most common confusion every person might face while purchasing is whether to choose an electric broom or a vacuum cleaner. While both the cleaners have their very own features we need to choose one that best suits our needs. So before purchasing a cleaner, it is better to consider and compare the following options.


While most of the electric brooms come along with the cords there are some that are cordless. Initially invented cordless brooms were of less power and people preferred to use the brooms with cords. But now the cordless brooms are as powerful as the brooms with cords and they are more accessible and easy to use when compared to the other models. The recent models have the capacity to run for nearly 30-45 minutes when recharged and they have been gaining more popularity.

While there are both types of cord and cordless electric brooms most of the vacuum cleaners are available with cords. Typical vacuum cleaners are difficult to move and they should be connected to a power outlet continuously as they require more power for heavy suction. The cordless vacuum cleaners are basically useless and it would be a good idea to get a powerful cordless electric broom rather than a cordless vacuum cleaner.


Electric brooms are well suitable for cleaning the dust particles present on the surface of the hardwood floor and carpets. But they can only clean the visible, light overlaying dust particles but not the embedded dust particles as they do not have a powerful suction. So, these brooms are similar to the normal brooms and are fit for cleaning normal dust and not the dust that is embedded into the carpet. 

Vacuum Cleaners comes along with a heavy suction power that allows you to clean the dust particles that are embedded within the carpet and also absorb the dust particles present within the cracks and corners. If you are looking forward to having an in-depth cleaning then vacuum cleaners might be the better option while the electric brooms can be used for normal cleaning purposes.


The electric brooms are of low weight and easy to carry around. So it is efficient and easy to use around the house. Anyone can carry these brooms easily and clean the house through every corner. They can be easily stored in any small space due to their small size when compared to other cleaning machines. These brooms are portable and can be carried around for your trips too if you want to clean up your mess.

When it comes to conventional vacuum cleaners are not the better option. They are not portable due to their heavyweight and they also need a power outlet for cleaning. So unless you have a power outlet in every room vacuum cleaners are not a suitable option for cleaning.  


Some of the high-end electric brooms cost as much as a vacuum cleaner. But if you are looking for a simple broom, you can purchase a simple electric broom that is much more cost-effective. These cheap clean sweepers are best suitable for a budget based purchase. But before purchasing make sure these seekers have a strong warranty period and are from a trustworthy company. 

Most of the high-end vacuum cleaners are a bit costlier when compared to the electric brooms. But if you are looking forward to purchasing a vacuum cleaner within the budget then you can buy a high-end electric broom than purchasing a low-quality vacuum cleaner. If you have decided to purchase a vacuum cleaner always go for the best quality cleaner with great features rather than a normal cleaner.


If you are looking for a noise-free machine that can fulfill your requirements then the electric brooms can be the best suitable option. Although vacuum cleaners are effective in cleaning when compared to the other electric brooms, they create more noise due to increased suction power. So if you are supposed to sweep a room clean while someone is sleeping or working then an electric broom would be a better choice for a quick sweep without any noise.

How to choose?

Even though both the cleaners have their own set of positives and negatives electric brooms are much more suitable for usage on a daily basis. Electric brooms are more than enough for a normal daily household filled with children and pets. But if you are looking for an in-depth cleaner that can reach into the cracks of your hardwood floors and clean the dust embedded within your carpet then vacuum cleaners are the most suitable option available in the market. So before choosing a better option first make sure to understand your requirements and weigh them properly. Consider the budget and other requirements like noise and effective cleaning before purchasing a product. But whatever you choose make sure to purchase an option from a good company with a foolproof warranty.