How To Use Car Vacuum Cleaner At Home?

Sometimes, you might have the requirement to use a vacuum cleaner, but the only option you have will be the car vacuum cleaner. In such situations, you can convert the vacuum cleaner into a home-based vacuum cleaner and use them efficiently using the technique given below.

Sometimes as a user, you will have the requirement to use your car vacuum cleaner for home cleaning purposes. Sometimes, people will not prefer using the car vacuum cleaner anymore because they might have found some other source and do not wish to discard the vacuum cleaner they are currently using. But during that situation, your power socket will be a significant challenge for reusing. Some people might discard the vacuum cleaner while certain people will look for solutions to change the vacuum cleaner. If you are one of them, read the passage given below. 

Car vacuum cleaners are available in abundance, and most people nowadays prefer using them continuously for cleaning their cars. These vacuum cleaners are highly powerful. The features that accompany them and the vacuum cleaner, like the accessories, will be useful for constant cleaning, especially in the small areas. 

These cleaners are used continuously for cleaning the seat surfaces and are designed to handle them without the canister. This feature makes them easy to hold, and they function efficiently by connecting them to car power sockets. These sockets have the power to emit power when the car is in running mode. All you need to do is make the run and plug in the socket to run the machine. 

But using this machine for this purpose alone is not useful for certain people. Sometimes you might wish to convert them and use them for specific other purposes, including the home interiors. But there is one major disadvantage that you need to consider when you are trying to reuse them. 

The car’s power source is usually DC supply, and the home power supply is based upon the AC supply. So to make it more efficient, you have to convert them and use them. Let us now see in detail on how to use the car vacuum cleaner at home. 

Conversion with the PSU

The first and foremost step involved in this process is analyzing the DC power unit used in the vacuum cleaner. Every vacuum cleaner has a sticker attached to it. Check the power of yours. Normally the availability will be 10-12V DC supply. Similarly, check the power supply of the home electric source. You can find that the electricity in the home is about 220V AC supply. So to connect the device with a power source, a sound source is required. This source will have the ability to convert the AC to DC and make the vacuum cleaner function properly. 

When you search for a source, the best option available in the market is to choose a proper PSU used in the computers. They can be attached to the vacuum cleaners to make them more adaptable and perfect. Initially, take the PSU used in the computers and other such devices. The PSU’s power should be acceptable because when there is a high voltage, the parts in the vacuum cleaner will not have the ability to withstand such high power. So make a perfect choice while choosing the PSU. 

After selecting the ideal PSU, the next step is to expose the vacuum cleaner’s power source and then connect the PSU to the power source. Try to connect in a straight and comfortable line to make sure that they are not disturbing while working. This feature is the best solution available in the market.

Purchase a 2 in 1 model

There is no other better solution in the market for such an issue. If you already have a vacuum cleaner that you are using for the car, this is the only conversion technique. But if you are looking forward to purchasing a vacuum cleaner that can be used for both car and home, then there are multiple options and Designs available in the market. Using a 2 in 1 model vacuum cleaner will be more useful for such situations. 

This particular vacuum cleaner is long and available in a stick model that allows you to clean the entire house using the power source. But they also have a separate battery source that you can use while cleaning the car. During this time, you can remove the stick and convert it into a handheld vacuum cleaner for easy usage within the vehicle. There are multiple models available in the particular two in one vacuum cleaner design. The dust bag is present in the holding area, and they should be emptied now and then. 

You can either convert the existing vacuum cleaner using the power source or purchase a vacuum cleaner model with a dual-mode. These two are the best options available in the market.

Sometimes the car vacuum cleaner you are using will have certain options like the sprayer and blower option. So when you are trying to use such facilities at home Big Show, you do not use options by default. These prayers can be used on the Mirrors, and similarly, the blower can be used to blow the dust in the corner areas. So the usage should be perfect without any issues. 

Similarly, the next important feature that you should consider while using a car vacuum cleaner at home is the dust capacity. Even though you are cleaning the car with a lot of dust, it is still not equal to the amount of dust present in the home. So when you are trying to clean the home using the car vacuum cleaner, make sure that the dust particles are stored properly and empty the can now and then. Also, if you have any pets at home, proper precautions should be used, especially in accessories. 

Accessory purchase

Purchasing a suitable accessory for cleaning the home is essential when converting the car Vacuum Cleaner into a homemade model. Because most car vacuum cleaners can read some of the smallest places available, but when you look at the nozzle of the cleaners and the accessories, you will understand that they are not suitable for cleaning the home. 

Most of the accessories will be suitable for reaching the smallest areas, and they can be used only for cleaning the corners at home and the windows. If you want to clean the entire floor area, you have to purchase a suitable accessory like the floor cleaner attached and cleaned. Along with these, you can also purchase a carpet cleaner, sofa, and curtain cleaners. You can also purchase a suitable cleaner for cleaning digital devices. All these accessories are essential to make the car vacuum cleaner to a normal vacuum cleaner. 

Cord extension

Similarly, when you are trying to use the car vacuum cleaner for home usage, keep in mind that the cord length will be small. Since the length of the cord used by the car-based vacuum cleaners is low, you need to attach an extra cord to back home freely all over the home. Sometimes, most car-based vacuum cleaners will be battery operated, which is more problematic for home-based usage. 

So if you are connecting the particular design to the PSU unit, make sure that it is connected to the power socket through a long chord. This particular feature will be useful when you are trying to clean a large room or under the sofa. 

Advantages and disadvantages

The major advantage of this technique is that, 

  • You can reuse the model that has been used as a car vacuum cleaner. 
  • It allows you to save a lot of money. 
  • You can create your own two in one model. 

The main disadvantage of this technique is that

  • Constant usage, especially for a large home, will damage the machine’s internal parts since it is built for small cleaning. 
  • Even though it is a simple connection, it requires a professional touch, and sometimes doing them without knowing about electronics might result in the failure and damage the machine completely. 
  • The amount spent on PSU and other accessories can be used for buying in a new high quality 2 in 1 model.

All these features are essential while converting the car based Vacuum Cleaner into a home vacuum cleaner. Keep in mind that the vacuum cleaner’s suction power will not be e-hire, and hence you have to make certain adjustments when you are converting them. You can use them for cleaning the carpets and sofa sets that when you keep on using them for cleaning the entire house, it will eventually break down. Similarly, if you have more dust in the house, try to discard the unwanted waste now and then so that the holder will allow the machine to function properly at the maximum speed. 

Even though this is a good technique that saves a lot of money, it is still preferable for you to discard this vacuum cleaner and purchase a two in one model that can be used in both ways. It will save a lot of money and prevent you from losing the vacuum cleaner after continuous usage. 

This particular model’s comfort level will not be equal to the comfort level provided by the converted model. Also, when you try to purchase the accessories for the Homemade Vacuum Cleaners, you will encourage many chargers that can be used for purchasing a new two in one model. The amount saved using this technique will be much lesser when compared to the new model. So the best choice will be to choose a vacuum cleaner that has a multi-functional ability.