Karcher VC 3 Vaccum Cleaner

Looking for a vacuum cleaner that cleans your home irrespective how big or small it is. Well, Karcher VC 3  Dry Vacuum Cleaner is the perfect vacuum cleaner you are looking for. It comes with many facilities that satisfies your needs.

What is Karcher VC 3 Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Yellow and Black)?

This is the newest vacuum cleaner that will line up. It comes with no bag feature, so there is no need to worry about purchasing bags. This is perfectly suitable for small homes and apartments. It is ideal for dealing with the dust in the house, especially for people dealing with the allergies. 

It is easy to use as it comes with buttons. So, it can be operated without any difficulty. Ir can be cleaned easily. There is no need to take much effort during the cleaning. 

It also comes with numerous attachments. So  it can be used for cleaning various surfaces like tiles, carpets, wood floors. It can also clean the places which are hard to reach. 

It comes in the color Yellow and Black. The source that is used is corded electricity. It comes with a voltage of 220V. 

Karcher VC 3 Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Yellow and Black) - Features

It comes with whole new features that satisfies every house. The following are the features of this VC 3 vacuum:

No sound:

Unlike other vacuum cleaners, it is super quiet. It does not make any sound. It comes with a three level noise control system. So, there will not be any irritation noise while using this vacuum.

Multi cyclone technology:

It comes with advanced multi cyclone technology. This technology helps it for outstanding suction performance. There will not be any suction loss. So,it can be used effectively.

Hepa 12 filters:

Hepa filter is a much stronger and better quality air filter that does the job of filtering out dust, dust mites, allergies and any kind of airborne illnesses. It captures 99.5% of dust particles. It can be cleaned easily.

Easy to wash:

Once the container is filled, you can empty it out into a bin and rinse it out under a tap. It can be cleaned with the flush of water. There is no need to brush out the dust and use some soap solution. Just a small amount of water is all it takes to clean it. 

Buttons on the back:

  • There are two big easy to use buttons on the back of the vacuum above the wheels. 
  • The button on the right retracts the long power cord back into the matching when you are done using it. 
  • The button on the left is the power button which once plugged in will activate your machine and you can clean it.

Motor in vacuum:

  • The motor rating power decides energy consumption. However, it does not decide cleaning efficiency. 
  • Cleaning efficiency depends on floor nozzle and air duct design. 


  • In the box, it comes with numerous attachments used for multi purpose. 
  • The first one is a floor tool for carpet and tile. It is ideal for any kind of hard floor or with the push of button the line of bristles retracts allowing brush strips to agitate the dust on your carpet.
  • The second floor tool is especially for wood floors.
  • There is a standard crevice tool which is ideal for reaching in hard to reach places or tight spaces.
  • There is a round dusting brush. This is perfect for doing drapes or any kind of delicate surfaces that you normally damage with the other vacuum tool.
  • Finally there is a premium telescopic extension tube. This premium metallic telescopic tool is sure to last and will help you reach up high places or attach to your floor tool, so you don’t have to bend over to clean your floors. 

UV light vacuums:

Vacuums with UV light are just a trick to attract people to buy their products. But, UV lights kill only the surface mites when it is placed over the same spot for about a minute. There is also a chance of skin cancer when exposed to UV lights for a longer time. 

Why to buy Karcher VC 3 Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Yellow and Black):

  • It is the brand new vacuum cleaner with many features that impresses the customer for sure. Its alignment and design fits modern living.
  • There is no need for a filter bag, so you will not be having any extra expense other than this vacuum. 
  • Because of its new multi cyclone technology, there will not be any suction loss. It works effectively.
  • It produces low noise because of the three layer noise control system present in the vacuum. Families can use it without any distraction or irritation. As it does not disrupt daily life.
  • HEPA filters filter about 99% of dust particles. So, it is ideal for people having dust allergies as it clears the air effectively. Thereby, it acts as a protector for health and helps in improving the environment of home.
  • The waste container can be cleaned easily with water. No need to worry about the cleaning of the vacuum unlike other vacuums which takes hours for cleaning. 
  • Its multiple attachments are helpful for a home in different ways. Its smooth handle is definitely attracting customers. 
  • Its nozzle design helps to clean in places which are difficult to be cleaned.
  • Its design suits the modern homes perfectly. It has a very stylish design. 
  • The size is also suitable to use without any difficulty. It can be easily moved across the room and used for cleaning. 
  • It is environmentally friendly. It consumes less power because of its efficient motor. 
  • The additional feature is it has a practical parking position. It can easily be settled at any place in a room. It does not occupy much of a place.
  • The product comes with a warranty of one year. So, no need to worry about any repair. 
  • A tidy home brings joy to the family and this Karcher VC 3 Dry Vacuum Cleaner (Yellow and Black) helps you to do that.