How Many Types Of Vacuum Cleaners Are There In The Market?

Choose the best product based upon your requirements by understanding the models and their features. Read below to know more.

People nowadays are using more digital and electronic products to complete their work in an easier and quicker way. From telephones to sweeping broomsticks everything in this world has been replaced with electronic products. And to top, all of these products have not been replaced with a single model. They have in turn been replaced with multiple models and designs. Every product has various models including a vacuum cleaner. The growth and market rate of vacuum cleaners has increased at a greater pace during these past decades. To understand that we need to understand the history of a vacuum cleaner.

History of the vacuum cleaners

The vacuum cleaners are nothing but a suction machine that has the ability to absorb the dust particles present in the ground and other surfaces. Though the features have increased in the past few years their design has not changed much. They almost remain the same except for the reduction in size and weight. The first and the basic device used for cleaning the dust particles is the broomstick. The broomstick has been used for centuries and women had always used dried stocks of coconut leaves, sorghum sticks, and other dried curated sticks of various other plants. These sticks were tied together and then they were used as broomsticks to sweep the floors. And until now most of the households still use these broomsticks for cleaning. They are basically weightless, efficient, and easy to use.

After the broomsticks, the next type of cleaning device that was used is nothing but a basic design of the modern-day vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners do not have suction powers like the modern-day vacuum cleaners but they had soft and small brushes/bristles placed inside the roof-like structure in the form of a wheel. So when these cleaners were moved the bristles cleaned the dust particles and moved them into the dustpan. All in all, these are nothing but rolling brooms with a dustpan. These rolling brooms were patented during the early period of 1958 by Hiram Herrick.

Later during the early 1860s, Daniel Hess invented a vacuum cleaner that along with the brushes uses the air to move the dust particles present at home. But the model did not succeed well due to its high price range and low marketing techniques. These vacuum cleaners were widely used for cleaning halls and other common places rather than in homes.  Similarly, during the year 1869, Ives McGaffey from Chicago built another model that can move the air around when the vacuum cleaner is placed in an upright position. This model was also a failure since both these vacuum cleaners moved the dust particles around but did not collect them. So these machines solved only half the problem. The discovery of gasoline during 1892 made people use it as a source of energy.  

So in 1898 John.S.Thurman created a carpet renovator that runs on gasoline. This renovator blasts air with a huge force that allows you to move the dust with greater power. The size of the device was large like a horse carriage. This resulted in the failure of the model as it cannot be used by everyone. Later an English structural engineer named Hubert Cecil Booth constructed a vacuum cleaner that can absorb the dust particles instead of blowing them away. 

Though this vacuum cleaner was larger in size it was used by most of the people due to its effective cleaning capacity especially for cleaning Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. This vacuum was used for cleaning several palaces especially before important events like the coronation. But these vacuum cleaners are best suitable for people with large homes and not for the people with smaller homes since it was difficult to fit them inside. James Murray Spangham a janitor by profession designed a vacuum cleaner with a simple pillowcase, broom and simple motor to clean the building he worked in. 

This was the first vacuum cleaner that used suction Technology to clean up the surroundings rather than the air blowing Technology. He made a huge change that resulted in the current day vacuum cleaner models. These models were popularly known as the Hoover models. This design was further remodeled in the upcoming years by reducing their size and increasing their effectivity which resulted in the modern-day vacuum cleaners. There are various types of modern-day vacuum cleaners. They include, 

Canister model vacuum cleaners

Canister vacuum cleaners are one of the most powerful and highly successful models of vacuum cleaners that have the capacity to absorb a lot of dust. These models have high-level suction power and they are mostly designed with bags. The absorbed dust particles can be stored within these bags. This model prevents the user from cleaning the bag on a daily basis since they can hold the dust for nearly more than a month. Nowadays these models come along with an indicator that it indicates the user if the dust bag is full.

In case of the canister model vacuum cleaners, it contains a small canister like structure. What’s the suction tube on one end that connects to a huge stick that can be used for cleaning different surfaces. The canisters are connected with wheels for easy movement of the vacuum cleaners throughout the home or any other place. Most of the canister vacuum cleaners have powerful suction Motors that can absorb dust particles at a faster rate.  Sometimes these vacuum cleaners also come along with the option of blowers that blows the air out to remove the dust particles away. These canister vacuum cleaners also come along with various accessories that can be used to clean different types of floors, sofas, car seats, and also spray water around ( when the vacuum cleaner has a blower technology). The water spray can be used for cleaning the outer surface of the cars and also for spraying water to the plants.

There are two types of canister model vacuum cleaners. They include dry vacuum cleaners and wet vacuum cleaners.

Dry vacuum cleaners

The dry vacuum cleaners can store a large number of dust particles within the bag for a long period of time. But these dry vacuum cleaners cannot be used for cleaning wet surfaces because the presence of water within the cleaners might result in short-circuiting.

Wet vacuum cleaners

In the case of wet vacuum cleaners the canister consists of two plastic containers that can store both wet and dry waste separately. The vacuum cleaner consists of two modes called the wet mode and dry mode. By changing these modes you can clean both wet and dry surfaces and store the waste particles in their respective bins.


  • They have a powerful motor with increased suction power. 
  • The wheels allow them to be moved everywhere. 
  • These vacuum cleaners can absorb a large number of dust particles and wet water. 


  • They are costlier when compared to other models. 
  • The bags and filters need to be changed frequently. 

Handheld vacuum cleaner

The handheld vacuum cleaners are the most modern type of vacuum cleaners that are created with more stability and portability. These handheld vacuum cleaners can be used for cleaning both the floors and other parts of the house including the corners and sofas. The modern-day handheld vacuum cleaners contain a provision that allows them to fix a stick to the nozzle and efficiently convert them into an upright stick vacuum cleaner. This type of duel vacuum cleaners are much more efficient and can be used for all types of cleaning purposes. The normal handheld vacuum cleaners contain a holder on one edge and nozzle on the other. These vacuum cleaners do not contain bags for storing the dust particles. Instead, here the dust particles are stored within a plastic container that can be easily removed and empty whenever required. Since a handheld vacuum cleaner is smaller in size, the plastic container is also considerably smaller and can hold up to 1 liter of dust and not more. The only disadvantage in this type of vacuum cleaner is the requirement to clean the plastic container every now and then since they cannot hold a large quantity of dust. These handheld vacuum cleaners or more suitable for cleaning houses and the interiors of the car. Some of the handheld vacuum cleaners also come along with a blower option. They also have certain accessories that can reach the interior parts of the sofa cushions, computer keyboards, and car seats. 


  • These vacuum cleaners are portable and easy to hold. 
  • They are of low cost and economical. 
  • They can be carried everywhere and can clean even the smallest spaces. 


  • They cannot be used for floor cleaning. 
  • The plastic container should be cleaned continuously. 
  • They cannot be used for cleaning wet surfaces. 

Stick vacuum cleaners

These stick vacuum cleaners contain a stick like a model with handles on one side and the nozzle or carpet cleaning accessory on the other end. The motors are fitted on the top of the lower part of the stick along with the plastic container. These plastic containers can be removed easily after every cleaning and emptied into the bins. The stick vacuum cleaners have high suction powers and they are mainly used for cleaning hardwood floors and other types of floors. These vacuum cleaners are also used for cleaning the carpets and staircase floors. Their low weight capacity makes it easier to move all around. These stick vacuum cleaners are available in two forms. They are available with and without cords.

With cords – The vacuum cleaner with cords is efficient and has more power. But the length of the cord is limited. They can cover a single room. So to operate these vacuum cleaners it is necessary to have a power outlet in every single room. If not it will be difficult to maintain and use these vacuum cleaners, especially on the staircase. They are also difficult to handle and move around due to the presence of wire all over.

Without cords – These vacuum cleaners run on rechargeable batteries. They are much better than the vacuum cleaners with cords because they can move freely without any restrictions. These vacuum cleaners can be used in the staircase without any disturbance and do not require a power outlet to function. The price is also cheap and they are efficient. 


  • They can run efficiently and have a high level of suction power. 
  • The use of low electricity and comes with the option of with and without cords.


  • The plastic containers should be emptied continuously as they have very low holding capacity. 
  • The stick vacuum cleaners with cords can be difficult to move around. 

Upright vacuum cleaners

The upright vacuum cleaners are best suited for cleaning the floors and carpet. They have special adjustments to change their height according to the thickness of the carpet. They also have special brushes within the base that either be used or not used depending upon the type of floor we decide to sweep. These upright vacuum cleaners are heavy and can be used for cleaning floors and carpets only. Unlike the canister vacuum cleaners which are used for cleaning the fan and other parts of the home, these vacuum cleaners cannot be used for any other purposes. These vacuum cleaners also do not have many accessories like the canister vacuum cleaner. The canister vacuum cleaner can also be used for cleaning the interiors of cars and dust on the ceiling and computers. This is not possible in the upright vacuum cleaners. They are limited in their features and they are widely suitable for cleaning in large areas like malls, hotels, etc… They are available in both bag and bagless for a, although the one with bags is more popular since this vacuum is used for massive cleaning.


  • Suitable for massive cleaning. They cannot be used for cleaning soft and delicate objects. 
  • They have powerful suction motors and can clean all types of floors and carpets. 


  • They cannot be used for ceiling and other parts of the home like the canister vacuum cleaner. 
  • They are heavier and suitable for mass cleaning since it might be difficult to carry around in small homes.

Robotic vacuum cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners are more popular nowadays as they are efficient and they do not require any manual operations. These vacuum cleaners are shaped like small circular discs with attached wheels that can move around the house cleaning the dust particles automatically once switched on. These Robotic vacuum cleaners do not require any type of manual handling other than switching it on and off. The brushes along with the suction power collect the dust particles and store them in the plastic containers which can be emptied easily. The latest model robotic vacuum cleaners come along with the damage resistant and object detection technology that prevent the cleaner from getting hit in the walls and staircases. They save the users a lot of work and they are.obviously the future of vacuum cleaners as the current vacuum cleaners still require manual operation which is totally prevented in this one.


  • They do not require manual intervention and they are completely independent. 
  • Saves a lot of time and energy.


  • Sometimes they might leave an area altogether. 
  • The automatic dust detection and cleaning technology vacuum cleaners ate still under construction phase and yet to be introduced in the market.

Choose the best vacuum cleaner for your house?

Before purchasing a vacuum for your home it is essential to consider your requirements. Purchasing a wet and dry vacuum cleaner for a home that has a rare amount of wet cleaning might become a total waste of money and technology. So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner always analyze and choose the type and model that will best suit your requirements and daily cleaning process. Also, one of the most important factors to be taken into account before purchasing a vacuum cleaner is the location of the house.  As in the type of flooring in the house. So before purchasing check if your house has,

  • Hardwood or marble flooring
  • Is the flooring covered with carpets or rugs? 
  • Is the carpet thick or thin?
  • Is the carpet a part of the home or are they covering the entire flooring area? 
  • Does your carpet need wet cleaning or is dry cleaning enough?

These are some of the points that need to be taken into account before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.  

Floor based homes

Some homes nowadays have switched to the wall to wall carpeting. But in a country like India, people mostly prefer tea and hardwood flooring. They are cheaper and easy to clean. So if you have a floor-based home and looking for a vacuum cleaner then the robotic vacuum cleaner and upright vacuum cleaner can be a good choice. But if you are also expecting a vacuum cleaner that can clean your home along with other parts of the home like the ceilings and other decorative objects like sofas and lights then a canister vacuum cleaner might be a better option. At the same time if your home has hardwood flooring does not purchase an upright vacuum cleaner as they can easily scratch the surface and rest in damage. Also if you have a lot of wet dust and cleaning involved in the house you can always opt for the wet and dry vacuum cleaner.

Carpet based homes

Nowadays placing the carpets within the house has become an essential of the house especially in and around the sofa sets. For these houses, the canister vacuum cleaners might be a better option as they can clean both flooring surfaces and carpets. If your house does not have any hardwood flooring then you can also use upright vacuum cleaners as they are much more powerful. The clients can also purchase a wet and dry vacuum cleaner based upon their requirements. Although they are a rare occurrence some of the houses will also have the wall to wall carpeting without any flooring in India. So for these types of houses, an upright vacuum cleaner will be a better option rather than the stick or robotic vacuum cleaners. The upright vacuum cleaners are more powerful and are easy to use in case of floor to floor carpeting. 

Bag or bagless

There is also an important decision that needs to be made before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. And it is whether to purchase a vacuum cleaner with or without bags. If you are searching for a cleaner that can clean your entire house easily with good portability the bagless vacuum cleaners can be a better choice. These vacuum cleaners are smaller in size and easy to carry around. Though they require constant emptying of dust they are more suitable for small to medium-sized houses with normal dusting.

If you are searching for a cleaner that can clean a large house or hotels without any interruptions they the vacuum cleaners with bags are the best options for you. These vacuum cleaners require constant changing of filters and replacement of bags. But they can clean an entire household more months without the need to empty the dust stored. So these vacuum cleaners with bags are more suitable for bulk cleaning and they are a bit larger than the bagless vacuum cleaners.

Based on the above features choose a vacuum cleaner that will best suit your options and requirements. Also before purchasing a vacuum cleaner take a look into their budget, warranty, and brand as they also play an important role in the durability of the vacuum cleaner.  Before going to a shop do your own research to understand and to prevent yourself from buying a product that might not be useful to you.