Best Vacuum Cleaners Under 6000Rs In India

To get the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, you have to keep certain things in mind. For a vacuum cleaner under 6000, you must check for the features such as noise level, filter type, suction power, and motor power. The best vacuum cleaner is one that is affordable and has all the required features in it.

Whether you think that you need a Vacuum cleaner or not, the reality is that you definitely need one. Now, you may question what is required for the vacuum cleaner? When you clean your house and car every day and mop the place as well. The thing is that there are still tiny dust particles and dirt always left behind even when you broom with your full efforts. This is the reason that you must consider to own a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner for all your cleaning needs.You don’t only need a vacuum cleaner for your home but also your car and office too. When you see that you need to own a vacuum cleaner, you will try finding the best vacuum cleaner for your needs. It can be quite time-consuming to find the best vacuum cleaner when there are multiple options available in the market. To get the best vacuum cleaner, under 6000 this post will help you in your decision and find the best possible vacuum cleaner for you. Before that, here is the list of some of the advantages of owning a vacuum cleaner.

Top Vacuum Cleaner Under 6000Rs

Product Name


Product Price

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Benefits of a Vacuum Cleaner

  • A Vacuum cleaner wipes away all the minute dust particles that an ordinary broom can not do.
  • It cleans the areas that can not be manually dusted and makes your place look more chick, and clean.
  • While cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, the dust particles do not get carried away into the air and make the place safer for allergy-prone people. 
  •  It saves a lot of your time, and you do not exhaust while doing this chore. 
  • No kind of additional skill is required to be learned for using a vacuum cleaner. 
  • It is much faster and efficient than manually doing the job. 
  • Reaches out for places that are hidden under other objects and remain dirty otherwise. 

Core features of the product

In this part, you will know what all features are essential, and you need to check before buying a vacuum cleaner. In a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, the following features are essential. The vacuum cleaner under 6000 needs at least to have the following list of features in its operations.

Main Features of the Best Vacuum cleaners

Power consumption

One of the basic characteristics that you need to look for in a vacuum cleaner is the amount of power it uses. The energy consumption plays a crucial role in the effective working and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. Mainly depending upon the design and the engine of the machine, it can consume power from 800 W up to 2500 Walts. 

Suction power

Another major feature that your vacuum cleaner under 6000 must-have is good suction power. It describes the cleaning possibilities of your vacuum cleaner. The indicators for the suction power of the vacuum cleaner lies in the range of 280-500 W. A vacuum cleaner with low suction power will be good for places with low contamination and smooth surfaces. Whereas a vacuum cleaner with high suction power will work best with areas covered with thick mats and more contamination.

Filtering Ability

Every vacuum cleaner has one or another type of filtration system. It is also one of the necessary components of the vacuum cleaner as it has to blow the air. The vacuum cleaners under 6000 can come up with the maximum number of 12 filters in it. 

Noise level

Another major factor that you will like to focus on before choosing a vacuum cleaner is its noise level. The level of noise produced by the machine plays a key role in making a particular vacuum cleaner favorable or unfavorable. Most of the people prefer vacuum cleaners that make very less sound over the noisy ones. But some believe that there has to be some noise with the vacuum cleaner that has high power. The modern vacuum cleaners do not vibrate much and make very little noise when in use. A tolerable noise level for a vacuum cleaner is 71-92 decibels at a distance of 0.5 m to be heard by another person. The noise level will mostly not be listed in the specifications. You can still use the vacuum cleaner and check it out for yourself in the store. 

The capacity of the Dirtbag

The capacity of a dirtbag for holding the waste is usually measured in liters. You can always check it in the specifications. The capacity of the container will be mentioned in the specifications of the product. A normal vacuum cleaner under 6000 will come with dirtbag capacity within the range of 1-5.5 liters.

Characteristics of the brushes

For a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, the brush should come in a variety of ranges. So that the vacuum cleaner can be used anywhere, be it in the car, under the thick carpet, behind the sofa or in the office, etc. The brushes need to be equipped with a carpet-floor switch. So that you can extend and hide the bristles of the brushes accordingly.Here is the list of best vacuum cleaners and you can choose the one that suits your needs perfectly. The list includes vacuum cleaners under 6000.


So, you can choose the best vacuum cleaner under 6000 from the options mentioned above. Plus, these guidelines will assist you in your search for finding the right type and multi-purpose vacuum cleaner for all your needs. It will help you save a lot of your time on research and save your money also.