Wet Vs Dry Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most common confusions people face while purchasing a vacuum cleaner is whether to buy a wet or dry vacuum cleaner. Read below to understand their functions and purchase wisely.

Vacuum cleaners are being used regularly these days and have become a piece of common equipment among the household. While most of people purchase a dry vacuum cleaner for cleaning indoors some people also purchase wet vacuum cleaners for cleaning water-filled surfaces and also to use them in outdoor cleaning. While both the vacuum cleaners are useful in their own way some people do get confused while purchasing the vacuum cleaners. So before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is essential to understand your requirements and then purchase the most suitable vacuum cleaner that you can use in your home and office.

Dry vacuum cleaners

The dry vacuum cleaner is a normal vacuum cleaner that can absorb all kinds of dust particles using the suction power in the tube. This type of vacuum cleaner is most common among households and they are easy to use rather than using a normal broom for cleaning the house. These normal dry vacuum cleaners have greater suction power and they can absorb the dust from even the smallest cracks and corners. The dry vacuum cleaners are commonly used in most of the household and other industrial applications. However, these vacuum cleaners cannot be used for outdoor applications as an increased amount of dust and water particles may damage the machine. These dry vacuum cleaners are most suitable for absorbing light dust collecting within your house and carpets. 

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners

While the dry vacuum cleaners are used for absorbing dirt, sometimes we may come across situations where there may be wet, dirty surfaces that require cleaning. In such cases, these wet and dry vacuum cleaners might come in handy. These vacuum cleaners are made up of two separate sections. The absorbed water will be stored in separation while the dust will be stored in another section. Also in this vacuum cleaner instead of paper bags for collecting the dust particles they use two separate buckets like structures for storing. These vacuum cleaners have high range suction powers that allow you to absorb both and dry dust from the surface. 

Their comparative features

To purchase the most suitable vacuum cleaner we have to understand their features completely including the advantages and disadvantages. Let us take a detailed look at them below. 


The wet and dry vacuum cleaners are made up of two separate buckets like structures that allow you to store the dry and wet dirt effectively. These bucket line structures are nothing but the filters. But they are made up of waterproof material to prevent water leakage. They are a bit larger when compared to the dry vacuum cleaner due to the presence of double filters. 

The dry vacuum cleaner is made up of a single filter that is not leakage proof. Using these vacuum cleaners for which surface might spoil the filter and result in the leakage of water causing a short circuit. 


The wet and dry vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the wet and dry surfaces at the same time. These vacuum cleaners can be used on both indoor and outdoor cleaning. They can also be used to absorb water from bathrooms and other spills. These vacuum cleaners are suitable for people with kids. Cleaning is easy with these modern technology vacuum cleaners. Initially these vacuum cleaners we’re highly used in hotels and for other mass cleanings. 

But the dry vacuum cleaners can be used only for cleaning the dust particles from the dry surfaces. They cannot be used on wet surfaces. Absorbing water may result in failure of the engine due to Internal water leakage and short circuit. 


Both the vacuum cleaners create a huge noise at an equal level. Though the recent technology provides vacuum cleaners with less noise. But noise is an inevitable part of the vacuum cleaners. Their increased suction of air does create a noise that might be a bit disturbing. So while purchasing make sure to choose the top model that comes along with the lowest noise possible.

Similar to noise the suction power of both the vacuum cleaners is more or less the same. They also consume low power, saving more energy in the process. 


For dry vacuum cleaners most of the attachments given have bristles in them along with plane nozzles like structures that allow you to absorb the dirt particles from corners and cracks. There are also attachments that can be used to clean the corners and spaces in furniture. 

These wet and dry vacuum cleaners have special attachments that come along with their kit. This vacuum cleaner includes some wet cleaning attachments like nozzles and plain absorber. Along with this they also have all the attachments that can be used for dry cleaning also. The wet and dry vacuum cleaner is more advantageous in terms of multiple attachments.


The plain dry vacuum cleaner is much cheaper than the wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Due to the increased amount of advantages, this two in one vacuum cleaner is a bit costly. But purchasing them would be useful for you in many ways especially when your home is filled with children. 

Which is the best option?

Although both the vacuum cleaners are useful in their own ways the wet and dry vacuum cleaners are much more useful in terms of additional features and advantages. But if you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is compatible and within the budget then plain dry vacuum cleaners can be the best choice. They are available at varying prices and sizes. 

Besides the price and size make sure to purchase a vacuum cleaner that will be convenient to use while cleaning and can be moved easily around the house with use. Also, make sure the vacuum cleaner you are purchasing has a good warranty period. Choose the best companies in the market and select a product that can last longer as they are a crucial investment especially if they are of high-end models.