Best Detergent Powder For Top Load Washing Machine

Here are some best powder detergents top in the market for your top load type of washing machine that excels in fast stain removal, and more properties.

Washing powders in India are very common and readily available. Every brand claims many superior properties and varies in its formulation. The customer has to choose the best powder for the type of machine that exists in your household. The kind of detergent powders to be used in the machine is dependent on the machine design and inner structure. Front-load washing machines need less lather when compared to top-load machines. Generally, top load machines function well with any washing powders. 

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Surf Excel Matic top load detergent powder (2 Kg)

Ariel Matic Top Load Detergent Washing Powder - 3 kg

Henko Matic Top load detergent

Top load washing machine

Most top load washing machines are budget-friendly. As top load washing machines are cheap, it is seen more common in apartments, short term dwells, etc. The top-load machine has a vertical axis washer. The laundry is placed in the perforated cylindrical space. Water is pumped in and out of the space, and the clockwise and anti-clockwise motion of the spinner will help in removing dirt from the clothes. Top load is named as such because the laundry is dropped from the top of the machine. The advantages of the top load machine are listed below:

  • The gravity-driven top load washing machines are advantageous and reliable when compared with front load machines, of which any improper functioning of the seal will cause flooding in the room. 
  • They are cheaper than that of front-load machines 
  • The front-load doors are often short-lived due to the high thrust of process happening inside the machine. 
  • Top load machines contain water in an effective way
  • Front-load machines do not function well with tight packing inside which will retard circulation inside the chamber

Why powder detergents?

Powder detergents are common when compared to liquid detergents. They can be easily transported and can be accessed in any place in the world. A scoop of powder detergent is needed for washing your full laundry in a machine, whereas liquid detergents are needed in more quantity if not handled properly. The combination of surfactants will effectively reduce the surface tension of the dirt and will rip off the dirt from the cloth surface. 

The best powder detergents suitable for top load washing machines

Here we discuss the best detergents that can be availed from e-commerce sites for use in your top load washing machines.

Surf Excel Matic top load detergent powder (2 Kg)

The powder detergent Surf Excel Matic is infused with tough stain removing capacity. It is apt in high water type top-load machine approximately of  40 L. They are completely dissolvable in wash water and leaves no residue on the surface of clothes. 

They are formulated using an advanced feature that offers hand like washed look to your  clothes. All you need is 1 scoop of surf excel Matic to deal with your laundry needs. Ordinary detergent 2 scoops is equivalent to one scoop of Surf Excel Matic. 

For heavy clothes, however, two scoops of surf excel are recommended. It holds the place of top detergents in the market and is often recommended by the top manufacturers of washing machines.

How to use

Take 1 scoop of the detergent powder and drop in into the drum after placing clothes in it. The recommended amount of detergent for regular clothes is 60 gm and 90 gm for denim and woolen type clothes.

Benefits of Surf Excel Matic powder detergent

  • It gives a smooth finish to the fabric
  • Excellent fragrance 
  • Value for money
  • Gives an excellent wash

Ariel Matic top load detergent powder (3 Kg )

Ariel Matic is best suited for fully automatic washing machines. They assure tough stain removal, and the brightguard technology keeps the laundry bright even after two or three times of washing. 

The detergent produces enough lather for the higher water level of the machine that ensures an easy wash. The detergent gives an appealing fragrance even after successive washing. 

The enzyme technology of the detergent offers high-level penetration to dissolve the dirt and detach it from the cloth surface. Ariel is the best-recommended detergent powder by the leading washing machine manufacturer like Whirlpool, LG, etc.

How to use

Categorize the cloths into less dirty and dirtier and fix the dosages for the clothes and keep it for washing. Less dirty clothes will go with 1 wash using 60 gm of detergent and dirtier with 90 gm.

Highlights of Arial Matic top load detergent powder

  • Good lather
  • Easy wash
  • Appealing fragrance
  • Economic

Henko Matic Top load detergent

Henko Matic detergent offers easy removal of stains such as mud, ink, tea, blood, etc. It t holds a revolutionary type of formulation. 

The powder texture is comparatively smooth and has a fragrance. It removes any kind of tough stains with a single wash. The detergent is suitable for 20 L type of machine and is easily dissolvable. The hand rub type washing ability make it a standout.

All you need to do is drop a scoop of Henko Matic with your clothes and wash it one time. The detergent is provided with anti-fading elements in its formulation.

How to use

Drop a single scoop of Henko Matic detergent powder in the washing machine and go for a single wash. The hand rub action of the detergent will rip off the dirt from clothes. 

Why Henko Matic Detergent powder

  • High dissolution 
  • Compactible with high load machines 
  • Easy dirt removal and formation of lather
  • Smooth and soft texture 


Top load washing machines can afford using any kind of detergent in it. However, it is always recommended to choose the best in the market among the detergents available for not causing any future cases of scaling and internal corrosion. The three best washing powders are listed above with their supreme properties. It is always a must to use brand-specific detergents than ordinary detergents. Brand-specific detergents follow particular formulations that are subjected to use in the leading washing machine types. In terms of quantity, one scoop of a branded detergent is equal to 2 scoops of the ordinary one. The detergents are easily available in every e-commerce site and are recommended for purchase on the platform.