Best Washing Machine For Dryer

There are mini fully automatic washing machines available in the market. Choosing the best dryer based washing machine will be a difficult choice for people who are new to this field. So read the passage below to know what are the features that need to be noted while purchasing a dryer based washing machine.

People have stopped watching their clothes using their hands for a long time. So slowly, people have been shifting their loyalty towards washing machines. Initially, people preferred using semi-automatic washing machines but later changed their commitment towards the complete automatic washing machine that comes along with the option of the dryer. With the help of a dryer, people can dry their clothes halfway through making the process much easier and quicker. With the help of the dryer, you can now make the drying process of the clothes quicker, especially if you are living in an area with increased cold climate, less sunlight and more rain. Most of the washing machines in foreign countries have the option of the dryer that removes the water from the clothes, ultimately making it ready to fold without the need to be hanged outside. But since these washing machines have not been popularized in India, most of the people use the high power dryer washing machine to make their clothes close to dry. These clothes will require only a bit of time in the sun and can also be dried under a fan. There are multiple models of dryer based washing machines available in the market. But all dryers are not robust and hence before purchasing, make sure that they have proper features that allow them to be used as an adequate dryer. If you do not have any idea on how to buy an appropriate dryer, then read the passage below.

Products Buying Guide:

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LG 10.5 Kg / 7.0 Kg Inverter Wi-Fi Washer Dryer (FHD1057STB, Black VCM, In-built Heater, Turbo Wash) 

Siemens 8 kg Fully Automatic Front Load with in-Built  Heater White (WM12W440IN)

Panasonic 6 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (NA-F60LF1HRB, Grey)  

Godrej 6.4 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WTA 640 EI, Autumn Red) 

Whirlpool 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (Whitemagic Classic 652 SD, Grey)

Water extraction

Water extraction is an essential feature in the dryer. When a dryer starts to spin, the water is absorbed through the pores present in the dryer. This technique is called water extraction. At the same time, purchasing a dryer checks the amount of water consumed by the dryer while spinning. Even though this washing machine can’t absorb a hundred percent water content like the foreign dryers, it will be more efficient if you purchase a washing machine with 70 to 80% water extraction. So when you are buying the washing machine with higher water extraction, the percentage of the dryness will be automatically higher. 

Top or front load washing machine

Initially, people were using a semi-automatic washing machine that contained only washers but not the dryer. But recently during the past decade people have started using more of the completely automatic washing machine because of the usefulness with the dryer. But one of the major issues is whether to purchase the top load on the front load washing machine. Technically a front load washing machine is much better than a top load washing machine. They are 33% more potent in terms of dryer when compared to the top load washing machine. But the main reason people still prefer the top load washing machine is because of their low price. But if you are looking for a useful dryer, then purchase a front load washing machine with a suitable extraction power. 

Spin speed

The spin cycle, otherwise known as spinning, is a technique where the drum rotates continuously to remove the excess water from the clothes present in the machine. When the spin cycle is faster, the amount of water removed will also be higher. So when you purchase a washing machine, check the speed of the final spin cycle that happens before the machine completes the washing. It is during this particular cycle that the entire water present within the cloth is removed and discarded. If you have noted in your previous washing machines, you would have found that the final spinning cycle is always faster than the rest of the spin. So when you purchase a machine, make sure to buy one with a high spinning cycle so that your clothes will be dried as much as possible.

Separate mode

Sometimes there might be a situation where you want to just dry your clothes rather than wash it. In such cases, only specific washing machines can be used for drying your clothes. This technique is because most of the washing machines do not have separate dryer options. So if you are purchasing a washing machine, make sure that it has a different spin and dryer option so that you can dry your clothes when required. Sometimes when you are drenched in the rain, you do not want to wash your clothes but just dry it then these options will come in handy. Most moms prefer washing their children’s clothes by hand, but when it comes to drying, they always prefer the machine since they are the best—so having a separate driver option will be good for your current and future situation.  There are specific semi-automatic washing machines with that separate dryer on the side; these dryers are also effective and can be used for drying purposes alone. 


One of the significant issues that people face while using a dryer or utterly automatic washing machine is that they make the clothes prone to more wrinkles. It is not a common practice for people to steam iron their regular wear clothes, and by using a washing machine that has a wrinkle-free dryer, you can ensure that your regular wear clothes are also perfect. So while purchasing a dryer best washing machine, make sure that the clothes are mostly wrinkle-free after the complete wash. One of the techniques to achieve wrinkle-free cloth is to use as much less laundry as possible. So if you are washing a valuable clothing item, make sure to wash it separately so that the wrinkles will be less at the end.

Water and energy consumption

While purchasing a washing machine, make sure that it can use the loan amount of energy and water. The specific washing machine comes along with the option that allows you to choose how much water you want to apply for a particular wash cycle. If you’re going to consume water, you can choose the water consumption option. The reason the model washing machine comes along with both water consumption and energy consumption options makes it economical for you. This technique is a better option if you are living in a region with poor electricity and water scarcity. So while choosing a model that has a good dryer also make sure that it has these energy consumption options for reducing the electricity bill in the future.


By purchasing a washing machine brand is also an important concept that needs to be taken into account. Because specific brands produce washing machines with a powerful motor that has a high spin cycle and a proper water extraction, at the same time if there is an issue with a part of the washing machine it would be easier for you to get a spark and replace them. This process will not be possible in a poor branded machine. Even the brand in washing machines is a bit costlier than the regular non branded local washing machines they make up for the price with their perfect servicing and durability. Also, these branded products have service centres in every city and district, allowing you to experience immediate service and home-based service in case of any issues.

Hot and cold water

In the current situation with the increasing number of diseases, sometimes people might prefer washing their clothes in hot water. So while purchasing a washing machine, make sure that it has the option of choosing whether you want to wash your clothes in hot or cold water. It would not be economical for you to wash all the cloth materials in hot water since they consume more energy. But you can choose which you want to wash in warm water, especially cloth materials like baby clothes and elder’s clothes. There are a variety of washing machines available in the market. Some of them have a normal dryer, but some of them have the best dryers that can remove nearly 80 to 90 percent of the water from the clothes. So while purchasing these washing machines compare the features and their spinning speed before choosing the final version. Price is also an essential category while buying these machines. Just because they have good dry equality doesn’t mean that you should have an increase in the price. So always compare the models so you can keep your options open before finalizing on one. Given below are some of the models that are commonly bought by people all over the country. You can either choose from one of them or select a model that has similar features.