Best Washing Machine For Hard Water

If you are looking forward to purchasing a good quality hard water washing machine, read the passage below to understand the concepts in detail. The features of the washing machine are given in detail.

With the increased scarcity in the river water, people are more prone to using other types of waters, including hard water. Hard water is a type of water filled with increased minerals and salts that are not suitable for drinking and washing. When you use hard water for washing your clothes, there is a high chance that the clothes will be subjected to damage due to the deposition of the minerals. When this hard water is used in a washing machine, there is a high possibility of repair. The pores present in the machine to be clogged and subjected to corrosion. So while using hard water, it is essential to convert them into soft water before using them in your washing machines. There is a unique water converter available in the market, but they are not entirely valid. So along with these what a converter you also should purchase a washing machine that is suitable for converting hard water into soft water before for washing the clothes. When it comes to hard water-based washing machines, there are a variety of designs and models available in the market. So depending upon your requirements, choose the best model that you need. There are a variety of features that need to be considered before purchasing a hard water-based washing machine. So before buying a decision on the features, you need a computer and decide which model will be best suitable for such requirements. Read the passage below to know more about the features required for these machines.

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IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (Diva Aqua SX, Silver, Inbuilt Heater, Aqua Energie water softener)

Whirlpool 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine (WHITEMAGIC ROYAL 6.2, Shiny Grey, Hard Water Wash)

AmazonBasics 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Load Washing Machine (Grey/Silver, In-built Heater, Self cleaning technology)

LG 7 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (FH2G6HDNL42, Luxury Silver, Inbuilt Heater)

Samsung 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine (WW70J42E0BX/TL, Blue)

Good quality drum

One of the essential features that need to be noted while purchasing a washing machine is the quality of the drum. Usually, there are two types of drums present in the washing machines. One is the standard plastic drum, and the other is the stainless steel drum. If you are looking for a high-quality drum, then stainless steel will be more useful. With these stainless steel drums, you can easily clean the corrosion and unwanted specks of dust using chemicals. The plastic drum is not suitable for cleaning continuously. A right quality drum can spin faster, and the washing will be more efficient. 

Water softener

There are a variety of water softeners available in the market. Depending upon the brand of the washing machine you are choosing you will be provided with a different type of water softener. A particular brand washing machine uses magnetic technology-based water softener. In this technique, the magnet is charged to remove the minerals and dust from the water. Then they are passed through the drum for washing. While performing washing the water will be converted into soft water by the magnetic technology. They can also be combined with highly effective water softeners and mild detergents to make the washing more perfect. The next common technique that is used for removing the minerals from the hard water is activated carbon Technology. Here the water is passed through activated carbon to remove unwanted metals and dust particles. After that, they are being passed through the drum for washing. One of the major disadvantages in these water softener based washing machines is that they take extra time for washing when compared to the conventional washing machines. At the same time, the unwanted minerals that are absorbed are discarded through a separate tube. So they need more water than the standard washing machine. The next standard technology that is used for removing hard water minerals is the resin bed Technology. Here the water is passed through a resin bed to remove the hard water minerals. The resin bed is available in a separate chamber, and after purification, the water is passed through the tube to the drum. The purified water is best suited for washing your clothes, and they can maintain the quality of the fabric forever. Another important thing that needs to be noted while purchasing this machine is the period that these softeners can last for because they need to be changed now and then. 

Automatic or semi-automatic

One of the most common confusion that people face while purchasing a washing machine is whether to choose a semi-automatic or a fully automatic washing machine. But one thing that needs to be noted is that these water softeners are more effectively placed in the fully automatic washing machines. At the same time, purchasing a water softener based washing machine will cost you more than a standard washing machine. So it is better to buy a fully automatic washing machine than buying a semi-automatic washing machine. 

Drum holes

The pores within the washing machine drum should be large enough to allow free flow of water. If the holes are small, then there is a possibility for them to be filled with minerals and close. So the pores should be more significant and easy to clean, especially while using a scale remover. To absorb the dust particles, make sure that the washing machine has an unusual dust collector. This technology will keep the drum clean and allow free flow of water without any hindrance for a long time. 

Easy modes

Whatever the water condition is, you need to have a washing machine with multiple modes that will allow you to wash a variety of clothes depending upon their fabric material. The new model washing machine comes along with a variety of modes that will enable you to wash blankets with robust washing techniques and soft silks with simple soft washing techniques. Also having these modes will allow you to use different modes for different fabric material. They are highly user friendly, and they make the usage easy.


The next most important requirement while purchasing a washing machine is its quality. The outer part of the washing machine should be made up of high-quality steel material so that they do not get rust after a particular time. Along with quality, durability also plays a significant role. The drum should be made up of good quality steel. The machine should also contain an extra loop that can be used when the machine is switched off due to the power cut. This loop will allow you to release the excess water within the machine, and then you can easily unlock the door in case of a front load washing machine. This feature is essential for a front load washing machine because without releasing the water, opening the door will flood your bathroom. In case of an automatic lock system, they will not open unless the water is released. The modes should be more accessible, and they should have easily removable dust collectors. The drum cleaning process should be more comfortable and productive.

Effective washing

While washing the clothes, there are specific requirements that should be present in the washing machine. The first and foremost requirement is the presence of hot water. If the machine has hot water mode, then it can be used for washing certain infected clothes and also baby clothes which need proper cleaning. Usually, the usage of hot water will result in increased power usage. So if there is an option for using the hot water when required, you can wash them effectively. The next most important requirement is the presence of the anti-allergen based wash. Nowadays there is a lot of dust and mites present in the typical day to day life. So while washing your clothes, you should have an option that will remove the unwanted dirt and bugs, including pet hairs. So by choosing this particular mode, you can wash your clothes by combining high-temperature water with specific spin technology. The next most important technology that is essential in a washing machine is having an effective dryer. With the help of a useful dryer, you can reduce as water as possible and quickly dry the clothes by placing them under the sun for a short time. For a helpful dryer, the machine should have the right water extraction technology and high spin speed. The spin speed is the RPM of the drum. 

During the drying process, when the drum spins at a faster rate, the water extracted will be higher, and nearly 80- 90 % of the water will be removed from the clothes. So all these features mixed will increase the durability of the machine. So while purchasing a washing machine, make sure that it is from a good brand, so that it can have excellent durability. With the help of a good brand, you can experience exceptional service from time to time. Especially if you are purchasing a unique hard water washing machine, you might require assistance now and then for changing the filter. So buy the superb quality branded washing machine. Compare the features of the machine before purchasing them. Given below are some of the models present in the market. They have excellent features, and you can either directly purchase them or purchase a model similar to them.