can you put a yoga mat in the washing machine?

Some yoga mats can get cleaned in the washing machine, but some can’t get cleaned in the washing machine. It depends on the quality of the yoga mats. Some qualities like cotton and cloth can get easily washed in the washing machine, but the yoga mats of rubber and polyester are difficult to wash clean in the washing machine.

Why Can Some Qualities Of Yoga Mats Not Be Cleaned In The Washing Machine?

For individuals who perform yoga day by day, a yoga mat is an exceptionally fundamental thing. After utilizing a yoga mat for a few days, there is a need to wash it. Presently the primary nature of an individual is to toss it in the clothes washer; however, no, you ought not to wash some types of yoga mats in the clothes washer since it can cause a few harms, for example,

  • A yoga mat in itself is enormous, so fitting it in a clothes washer may turn into an errand.

  • A yoga mat disbalances your clothes washer.

  • On the off chance that the clothes washer gets imbalanced, it might fall, which will cause a mishap.

  • Regardless of whether you crease it and fit it, the clothes washer somehow when the clothes washer will turn the yoga mat will unfurl.

  • By banging within the clothes washer, a yoga mat can harm your clothes washer.

  • A yoga mat can get a snag.

  • You will squander your power alongside your assets.

  • It’s anything but a ton of clamor on the off chance that you wash a yoga mat in the clothes washer.

  • The rubber and polyester types of yoga mats can get their rubber damaged if washed in a cloth washer or spinner in the dryer.

The Most Effective Method To Wash A Yoga Mat In The Washing Machine. 

  • Wash the yoga mat by itself, without any other clothes in the washer.

  • Steep the yoga mat if very dirty and pre-treat the stains in a tub or a pail alongside water and cleanser.

  • Utilize warm water to wash the yoga mat.

  • Utilize a non-harmful and non-faded cleanser, so the mat doesn’t get obliterated.

  • Utilize a cleanser while washing the yoga mat, as it will hold the fluffiness of the yoga mat.

  • Do not spin the yoga mat in the dryer, as that will cause harm to the yoga mat.

  • And afterward, air dry your yoga mat.

  • Then, at that point, overlay it and spot it in a dry spot after it gets totally dry.

The yoga mat is a thing that should get washed once every month. The yoga mat is utilized to exercise, so it is normal to get filthy effectively as you sweat while exercising. When this happens, the yoga mat gets dull, so wash it once every month as it will keep it spotless and new, and you will appreciate practicing on it.