IFB Fully Automatic Front-Loading Washing Machine – Review

IFB is one of the best companies in India for washing machines. With multiple products designed by it, IFB fully-automatic front loading washing machine is one of the best products for Indian households. 

What is IFB automatic front-loading washing machine?

It is silver in colour, and with great features, it is one of the best products at an affordable price. It allows you to wash your clothes automatically and also eases the drying process. It is rated five stars because of its many features that make it better than any other washing machine of the same type. It not only minimises power usage but also offers a great capacity. 


  • Better cleaning mechanism
  • Striking features
  • Time and Energy saving
  • Easy to use


  • Vibrations on the floor
  • Little noisy


It comes off with a warranty for four years. Hence, a more generous warranty at a reasonable price of just Rs. 40,990.00. Along with the contract, it promises ten years of spare parts support.


Its size is more than usual. Hence a taller and bigger machine provides more capacity. It is 34.4 inch (87.5 cm) in length, breadth of 24.5 inches (62.3 cm) and height of 23.5 inches (59.8 cm). The Net Weight (kg) is 75 kg. Door Open Diameter (mm)515. In one rotation, multiple clothes can be washed and hence this feature makes it irreplaceable. It’s one of the finest products when it comes to size and weight.

Wash Programs:


-Extra rinse



-Rinse hold

-Time saver

-Delay start

-Spin speed options


High Visibility Touch Panel:

Offering a high visibility touch panel with LED light displays its features in a brilliant fashion that allows you to see the options leaving no scope for confusion. 

Floating ball valve mechanism:

It has a floating ball valve mechanism. Usually, washing machines wash off the detergent after you separate your clothes after one wash, but this automatic machine saves your detergent and holds it for multiple washes. With this feature, you can not only save your detergent but also make full use of it. It also has an aqua energie feature that minimally dissolves the detergent. It allows the use of detergent in a precise and optimal manner. It has a tough stain removal and 14 wash program.

Inbuilt Heater:

It has an in-built heater, and its maximum temperature is 95°C.

Cradle Wash:

It has a unique cradle wash feature that allows you to wash the delicate clothes separately. Usually, some clothes require a sensitive washing mechanism so that their quality remains their same, intact, and it provides no harm to the cloth’s fabric. With the cradle wash, you can rest assured that washing your sensitive clothes won’t degrade the quality it.

Crescent Moon drum:

It possesses a crescent moon drum that creates a water cushion for your clothes for better washing of clothes and retaining their original texture. These two features assure you the best quality of your fabric, and hence this product doesn’t harm your clothes in any way.

Best washing mechanism:

You can wash your clothes stress-free without fearing any damage done to your clothes. With its ample size, you can wash so many clothes at the same time. It saves not only your time but also your energy. Washing your clothes no longer becomes a long-hours activity with this product. It allows the housewives to utilise their time in a better way.

3D Wash system:

It also has a 3D wash system that uses three jets. This feature allows your clothes to thoroughly soak in the water so that they can be washed in a better way, using less detergent

Tub Clean Feature:

It also has a beautiful Tub Clean feature that eliminates impurities and microbial growth and smell of any sort. Cleaning of clothes to eliminate any stain/bacteria/smell is enabled with the help of it.

Greater Spin:

To add to its great features, it has a 1400 rpm spin. The more excellent wheel allows the drying of clothes in less time. It allows you to not only wash your clothes gently and in a fast manner but also allows your clothes to dry quickly.

Safety Features:



-Foam detection

-Child lock

-High low voltage protection

-Protective Rat Mesh


You can wash all types of clothes using this product. You can wash fabric like Cotton, Synthetic, Silk, Babywear, Cotton, Sportswear, Bully, Curtains, Woollens, Hand-wash, etc. It can clean even soft toys. With its best cleaning mechanism, this product makes up for a great machine that eases the work of people in their houses. The product completes this review’s information; It is well researched, therefore, provides you with an informative review.


We haven’t used this product personally; we have tried our best to give you the best review of this fully-automatic washing machine and its applications.