Best Weighing Machine In India

If you are looking for the best weighing machine in India, you can look for this guide. You can look up this guide, and it will help you to select the best one. So you need not worry about how and what you must look for.

If you are trying to gain or lose weight, then a weighing machine is the top requirement. The reason is that it helps you to track and monitor weight changes that happen daily. Apart from that, modern weighing scales are now designed to track body fat percentage, bone weight, water weight, lean muscle mass, etc. If you want to make sure that you invest in a high-quality weighing scale, then the weighing scale and its capacity are essential factors to consider. We also recommend you to consider other features which you will find in this guide. We have also mentioned detailed descriptions of factors and features in this buying guide to help you select the best weighing machine in India. 

Our Recommended Best Products In India:

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MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing Scale upto 130 kgs capacity Weight Machine 

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale | Digital Fitness Weight Machine 

Omron HBF-224 Omron HBF 224 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

Types of weighing machine

Based on the display system, weighing scales are categorized into three types – digital, analog, and Bluetooth enabled.

  • Analog

This mechanical scale is the weighing machine that operates on a spring mechanism. So when you step on the scale, the depression on the interior spring indicates the weight on the dial. The weighing machine doesn’t need batteries for working.

  • Digital scales

When it comes to accuracy, digital scales are accurate. They also require batteries to operate and have a large screen that shows body weight readings. The digital scale also provides reading in number format rather than in analog form. 

  • Bluetooth enables digital weighing scale

This is the modern version of digital weighing scales. It can be connected to your mobile phone using Bluetooth. It also helps your monitor to store, track, and monitor data on your smart mobile. Some of the latest digital scales are also equipped with auto-feature, which switches on the weighing scale when you place or remove your feet.

Things to look for

An ideal weighing machine helps you to measure your weight regularly. If the results are not accurate, then it can interrupt your health routine or weight loss. For purchasing the finest weighing machine in India, you must consider certain aspects, which is why this buying guide has all the tips and information required to choose the right one as per your requirement and need.

    • Weight capacity: Most weighing scales in India come with a standard weight capacity of 120 to 150 kg. However, some high-end scales can show accurate results up to 250 kg. You can also choose the machine based on your weight capacity requirement. 
    • Accuracy: Accurate results is one of the essential features of a weighing machine. The digital scales provide accurate results as long as they have working batteries. Analog or mechanical scales provide inaccurate results sometimes as the springs tend to wear out quickly. Still, if you want to check the accuracy, you can weigh a bag like 10kg of flour, and once you remove it, the indicator must go back to zero.
    • Durability: When you purchase a weighing scale, check the build quality to ensure that it will last for a longer time. In simple words, it is better to avoid plastic scales as they are much prone to breakage. 
    • Display size: Many weighing machines require the user to stand upright while checking the weight. So before you buy, you must check out for a scale that provides an accurate reading display without making the user crouch or bend. 
    • Sufficient Platform: A wide platform will ensure proper space for the user to stand with both feet. It is essential for people who have mobility issues and larger feet. The ideal platform size of the weighing machine is usually 12 inches or more. However, you must remember that large scales will also take more storage space, and this could be an issue if you are placing the scale in small bathrooms.
    • Units: Indian users usually prefer to read the weight in kilograms, but some can also work with pounds. The weighing machines in India provide weight measurements in different units, and some are in stone, so you must choose according to your preferences and style.
    • Skid-Proof: This is an essential feature to look out for a while after purchasing a weighing machine because a weighing machine with skid-proof features is much safer. If this feature is not present, there is a high potential risk of falling, primarily if you use it in your bathroom. If you have older people at your home, who will use the weighing scale, it is always recommended to prefer the ones that come skid-proof.
    • Shape: Many personal weighing machines also come in two different shapes – round and rectangle. The shape of the machine doesn’t have much impact on accuracy and readings. It is a matter of personal preference about what you choose according to your interest.
    • Functioning: Some weighing scales require manual turn off/on, while others need to click or tap and others automatically turn on when the user steps on. It may not be an issue for most people, but some even prefer to have a suitable weighing machine to use regularly. Many modern weighing scales have an automatic turn on and off the option to save battery life.
    • Low battery indication: This feature ensures that it notifies you when the battery will run out. It also lets you replace the batteries within time and prevent any interruption to the weighing machine’s functioning.
    • Backlit display: If you are using a personal weighing scale in your bathroom, it may seem difficult for you to read the dim light readings, but the backlight display in your weighing scale can save you from this. If you are purchasing a weighing scale for the bathroom, you must check for the backlight display. It will help you to read the measurements even in dark and dim light conditions.
    • Multi-user memory capacity: Some modern weighing scales have cloud-based memory, which helps you enable and track the weight and other data for multiple or single users. If all your family members use the weighing machine, having this feature lets you track the data individually.
  • Batteries: Another essential factor to consider while you purchase a weighing scale includes battery life. Some bathroom scales have a button cell with lithium batteries. Even though these batteries have a long life, they are difficult to replace even if they run out. Some scales use AAA or AA batteries. Though these batteries come with a shorter life span, they are usually cheap and easy to replace.
  • Extra measurements: Standard weighing machines can only check weight, but some high-end machines can measure more than just bodyweight. These are – Body fat analysis, Lean muscle mass, and weight tracking.
  • Portability: Handy and portable weighing scales are always the best options. Smaller weighing scales are usually travel friendly, stress-free, and carry. They are also easy to transport from one place to another.

Cost: The cost of a weighing machine usually depends on functionality and size. Expensive weighing machines typically have a high quality built construction, durability and last longer. Cheap weighing scales generally have less life span and make sure you don’t purchase a low-quality one at a higher price.

Product Review

Here are the top three best weighing machines in India, and we have aligned them for you. You can first check the comparison table and then the product description to make you understand better. 

MCP Deluxe Personal Weighing scale

The MCP Deluxe is an analog machine that packs in the vintage classic look. It features a solid body with a large display. The best advantage of this machine is that you can place and use it in the bathroom without fear, and it is all thanks to the rust-proof platform. The machine is easy, simple to use, which can uphold a weight capacity of up to 130 kgs. You also get the readings in two different units – lbs and kgs. The analog machine is designed well for keeping the retro look alive to date.

HealthSense Fitdays BS 171 Smart Bluetooth Body Weighing Scale

It is one of the finest smart weighing machines aimed to set your fitness goals. The robust configured body allows up to 24 users’ data storage. It also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, and app sync is quick to respond. The four high sensitive electrode sensors with advanced BIA technology, let your machine get connected within a few seconds. The weighing machine is simply the best on its own like no other.  

Omron HBF-224 Omron HBF 224 Digital Full Body Composition Monitor

Like all other body smart weighing machines, this digital full body composition monitor offers a wide range of options. Quick counter readings like Body Age, BMI, Visceral Fat level, skeletal muscle percentage, and body fat makes it a good buy. It has a strong body, and it comes with a year warranty. It can also measure different body compositions ranging from the age of 18 to 80. The company also launches various great weighing machines, and most of the users are happy with these products.

We are hopeful that this guide will help you select the best weighing machine in India.