How To Deocrate Birthday Party At Home In India?

Arranging for a birthday party can be a tough job for some. If this is the first party you are hosting for your friend or family, read the below passage to understand more about birthday parties.

Birthdays are always special. Everyone loves to experience some kind of surprise during their birthday. Whether it is a small child or an old man, everyone loves to feel special during their birthdays. Have you ever wondered what you can do to make the birthday of your loved one’s special? Read the below passage to learn how to make your friend’s birthday bash. 

Gift ideas

One of the important things that come to mind when you celebrate a birthday is gifts. So whether you keep a party or not, but getting an excellent gift for your friends is essential. But most of the time it might become difficult for you to select a gift that will suit your friend’s requirements. 

How to select a perfect gift?

A perfect gift is always the one that touches the heart of the person you are gifting it to. There is no need for the gift to be costly. Even a simple gift that will remind your friend about the time you spent together will be a perfect choice. So always keep in mind about the personalization of the gift before selecting them. Most of the time people end up spending way too much money on a designer object or a statue that will remain as a decorating item at the corner of the home. But gifting a compact photo frame with a memorable photo will be a much better choice than the statue gifted. Latest see about some choices that you can gift your friend during their birthday. 

Watches and clocks

Gifting a watch or clock will remind the person of the time spent together. It is a gift item that a person will constantly use and it will not go to waste. Purchasing a hand watch will be more personalised and useful than a wall clock. This is because hand watches can be worn every other day by mixing it with their other watches. Depending on the dress they wear, they can choose the watch they need. But the wall clocks cannot be changed like that. So always think and gift a product they can use again and again. 

Their hobbies

If your friend has any hobby, then select a gift item that will help them pursue their hobby. Like if your friend likes to read then gift them a book; gift a utensil or kitchen appliance if your friend loves cooking. Similarly, gift an item that your friend will love using in their day-to-day life. This will be a memorable gift they will always remember and cherish forever.

Charm bracelet

If there is one item that most of the women love, it is their charm bracelet. The charm bracelets with charms that remind them of your time together will be the perfect gift and they can also wear it as fashion wear for their daily usage. There are a variety of cha bracelets in the market. Right from the most costly gold charm bracelets to simple and elegant silver bracelets, there are a variety of models. Depending on your budget, you can choose the best option for your friend. 

How to arrange a party?

After selecting the gift, the next important thing that needs to be set up is the party. With birthday parties there are a lot of decisions that need to be made. Let us view the things that need to be prepared for celebrating a birthday party. 

Simple or grand

The first thing that you need to decide before hosting a surprise party is whether you want it to be simple or grand. If it is a simple party with close friends and family, you can make the argument accordingly. So decide on the number of people you will invite for the party first before making any arrangements. Whatever the count is, always plan for an extra ten people to be well prepared. For example, if you have invited 40 people, make the arrangements for 50 people as it might be difficult to host the unexpected guests. 


If it is a simple party, you can host it inside your home in the living room.  But if you want to host a grand party, then it would be better to place it in your garden or rooftop in the open space.   Similarly, depending upon the number of people attending the party choose the correct location in your home. Any room or space around your home can be easily turned into a party venue with proper decoration. One of the most important requirements in these venues is that they should be cosy and sufficient. The guest should not feel cramped and the venue must have the facilities like the restrooms and seating areas. 


The next thing that needs to be prepared is the food. You can always go with the simple choice of snacks and cake, which is a simple and easy menu.  But if you want the party to be grand, you can arrange for a grand menu. There are a variety of dinner choices available in the market. You can choose Chinese cuisine or an American style cuisine. So depending upon your choice, arrange the caterers or order the menu in advance from the hotels. But always go with the healthiest choices in case of food items as you do not want your family and friends to suffer from food poisoning and other issues.

Party decorations

After choosing the perfect location and deciding on the number of people that will attend the party, you can start decorating the venue. Even though there are many decorators who will perform this task for a simple price, it is always better to decorate the home by yourself. There is a variety of decorating items available in the market and you can use them to decorate the home by yourself. These decorations are easy to prepare and you can arrange the entire party by yourself. Let us now see about them. 

How to decorate a party?

There are various arrangements that need to be made while decorating the home for a party. Let us see about those arrangements.

Balloons and pops

There area variety of party decorations available in the market. But among them, the balloon is a compulsory item that should be used despite the age of the person celebrating the party. If you have any theme for the party, then it is always better to select balloons that match the theme and colour. If you are preparing a party for the kids, you can select balloons in either pink or blue colour. The children will also love a home decorated with multicoloured balloons. For this purchasing, the GrandShop 50753 Pastel Colored Balloons Macaron Party Decorations Pack of 50 Pcs will be the best option. This packet contains 50 pieces of decorative balloons in a pastel colour that will make the home look beautiful and the children can play among them happily after the party. You can fill the balloons with helium gas to make some float in the air.If the party is for adults, you can always go for a particular set of coloured balloons. For example, a gold and silver balloon set will always be a decent choice. This will go well along with all the themes of the party. You can purchase the Jindal Party Products HD Metallic Finish Balloons for Birthday / Anniversary Party Decoration (Golden, Silver) Pack of 50 for decorating the home. But do not lay the balloons on the floor. Remember, adults will feel disturbed when there are balloons on the floor. So the best option is to make them float on air with ribbons. With a proper arrangement and lighting, you candle the balloons glow like in a gala.

If you are arranging for a wild party for a set of youngsters, then the best option of balloons is the latest model LED balloons. The Party Propz Led Light Balloons(15 with Ribbon) Or Led Balloons for Birthday, Anniversaries, Wedding Decorations is the best option in the market. With the help of these latest model LED balloons the balloons will glow in the dark providing a wild party feel. These balloons can be allowed to float and they will act as lights. They form the perfect space for a dance floor.

So using these balloons you can create the perfect set of decorations that will form the stage area. These balloons are cheap in rate and they set a perfect environment for the birthday party. One of the major issues people face while purchasing a balloon for a party is filling it with helium gas. Now there is no need for you to worry. You can purchase your very own helium gas container that can fill the gallons faster. Buy the Toyshine Portable Dual Nozzle Rose Red Electric Balloon Blower Pump Inflator for Decoration from online portals, line the Amazon for a cheap price and inflate all these balloons by yourself. The tank is well protected and user friendly. You can now set your own party within a brief time.


The next set of decorations that you can always combine with the balloon include the ribbons and words. You can place the words happy birthday behind the wall of the cake to give a perfect vibe for the location. There are many types of word designs available in the market. Let us now see those decorations and how to use them effectively. The foremost decoration is placing the words ‘Happy Birthday’ on the wall. This tag should be large and we can place them on the wall behind the place where the birthday girl/boy stands. This tag along with the balloons provides a complete birthday feel to the environment. There are a variety of designs and models available in such tags. One model is the words in the form of cardboard cutouts. Such models are simple yet elegant and are more suitable for simple party decorations. Buy the Party Propz Rose Gold Happy Birthday Banner from Amazon to decorate the home in a modern yet classic style. The foil is made up of Rose gold and is of top quality. We can reuse the product multiple times. All you have to do is stick it on the wall using the invisible balloon stickers and they will remain there until the party ends.

The next model or the design involved in the beautiful balloon model ‘Happy Birthday’ tags. These tags are available in many colours and according to your requirement, the colours of these tags can vary. Use the Party Propz Set of 2 Pcs Combo Happy Birthday Golden Foil Balloons Banner with Glue dot for Birthday Decoration. These balloons can be inflated easily using the special state, and the valves are given. After inflating these beautiful golden balloons arrange them in proper order and stick them directly to the wall using the glue dots they have given as free. You can also stick them to the straw ribbons and tie them up. The last choice is yours.

Glue pack

When you stick these decorations, what do you use? Let me take a guess, you use transparent tapes. But the truth is while sticking them to a wall they will not be effective and eventually the decorations might fall off. So making the concept of sticking effective and also to stick The Balloons properly at the end, the only choice is the Glue pack. These glue packs contain proper circular-shaped glue dots that can stick the balloons on the wall. They are barely visible and do not damage the paint. Use the Party Hour 200 Glue Dots for Happy Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Baby Shower Decoration- Set of 2 Balloon Glue Dots Ribbons Sticker 2 in 1 packet to stick the party decorations.

Combo packets

While these above two products are available as a single piece there are some exclusive combos available in the party pack. These combos are cheaper and will make your decorating job much easier as they allow you to choose as a whole. The combo pack Smartz Minds Happy Birthday Banner Pink + Fringe Curtain 3pc + Metallic Balloons (Pink, Gold, White) Pack of 30 + Multipurpose Ribbon + Keychain includes outcome products including balloons and ribbon that can decorate the place easily. Now you do not have any requirement to purchase these objects separately. You can purchase as a whole and enjoy your decorating job. This product contains a lot of banners along with the beautiful curtain made up of gold foils. These golden foils give a complete look to the background. It is quite difficult to get backgrounds when purchasing separately, especially as a complete theme. They also come along with other decorations including the ribbons and balloons to provide a complete party pack set.

Along with these, if you are going for a themed birthday party, there are certain packaged products available in the market. This special packaged theme allows you to set up the entire party home with the same theme. If the party is for a kid, then you can choose the Party Propz Jungle Theme Birthday Party Decoration Boys-72Pcs Hawaiian Animals Safari Forest Balloons, Banners, Swirls, Pompom Hanging for Kids Girls Bday Parties Supplies Or Baby Shower Themed Decor. This set of designs provide a Jungle theme in the background. They come along with the special set of party decorations like jungle themed balloons and banners. They also have a set of the ribbons and animal pictures that you can stick around. The pom-poms matching the jungle theme is also available in this package.

You can also use the Festiko Space Theme Disposable(51pcs) Paper Plates, Napkins, Glass, Banner, hat Combo for Birthday Party Decoration and 50pcs multi-colour Latex Balloons(Set of 101) package as they are the most beautiful set of combo package available with a gorgeous space theme. This entire package includes a set of beautiful plates and decorations. This set not only provides decorations, but they also provide themed accessories for food and drinks. They have a set of multicoloured latex balloons that can either be placed on the wall and floors or can be allowed to float with the special helium balloon gas tank provided above.

These themed birthday decorations can reduce your work tension and you don’t have to think about unimportant things while decorating the party. These party packages are the package for any decoration. Along with these decorations, there are other decorations that can be used along with the previous ones. We can keep these decorations as an optional choice depending upon the home you are choosing. Let us now see some extra accessories that can be used for decorating the party.


Ribbons are one of the most colourful entities available in the decorations. The hell you are using for the party is large then you can fill the extra gaps with ribbons. You can hang them from the top and also use them to tie the chair with proper cloth covers. So if you are using the ribbons to decorate your party home, then purchase them in a colour that matches your theme. Otherwise, white ribbons are always the best option in the pack. The WOBBOX 6 Pcs/Lot 5mm x 10M Balloon Ribbon Roll DIY Gifts Crafts Foil Curling for Wedding Birthday Gift Wrapping Party Decoration Supplies Kids Baby Show Party Gifts METALLIC CURLING RIBBON (Glitter Shine) ribbons are available in multiple colours which can be used for decorating a wide range of party homes. They are available in perfect metallic finishing and you can use the huge roll to cut and place them.

Paper rolls

The next decoration that people commonly use is decorative papers. These decorative papers are available in large rolls. They can be stuck to the wall using glue dots. These paper rolls are available in multiple colours and using unique colours will make the wall look more attractive. Buy the latest Festiko Party Crepe Kraft Paper Party Decoration Streamer Roll -Multi-Color (Pack of 12) to decorate the homes with beautiful colours. These papers are available in multiple colours and they are easy to clean.

The next requirement for the party is the props. Most of the people love to take my selfies and memorable pictures. These pictures will be more memorable and fun when they are taken along with props like moustache and other masks. If you are interested in taking pictures using this variety of crops, then you can purchase the Party Propz Birthday Photo Booth Props for Birthday Party (Set of 20 Pcs). This prop set contains a pack of 20 pieces which can be used for many functions. They are present in a classic black colour and these props can be used for other celebrations. Along with these props, there are a variety of other props with fun messages and themes. So before purchasing these props, make a proper research.

What is fun without games?

A party without games is no fun. So if you are preparing for a party then arrange some games, especially if it is a kids party. There is no requirement for you to arrange games from outside. You can arrange your own simple games. One of the most common simple game that is widely used in the party includes ‘ pinning the tail on the donkey’. This game is now available in many other modern versions. Purchase the Krishvi Dreamz Pin The Horn On The Unicorn Theme Birthday party Game for 12 Kids Includes Large Poster, Eye Mask and Stickers for enjoying fun in the party. We can use this set for playing the game of pinning the horn on the unicorn. This set comes along with a beautiful eye mask and other accessories that can make the game more fun. There are other themed party games and you can choose the best option based upon your requirement. Even though these parties are arranged with multiple supplies and products, it is still the love and affection you show towards the guests and the birthday person who counts. So any party without your care will be a waste of time and money. Also, make sure that the arrangements for food and cake are perfect. Try to give some parting gift for your guest. It doesn’t need to be costly. It’s your thought that will matter. Use these party supplies and make a blast for the best party of the year.