How To Decorate Home For Christmas In India?

Christmas is a function celebrated all over the world and such celebration requires proper decorations and arrangements. If you are decorating your house for the first time or if you have any doubts read below to understand more about Christmas and how to decorate your house.

Christmas is a holiday festival. Though it has been celebrated for honouring Jesus Christ, this is also a function where friends and family get together to enjoy the holiday season together. The very reason Christmas is special for most of the people is that it is followed by New Year shortly. So everyone is privileged to enjoy the holidays by celebrating the birth of Christ. It has been a common practice for the people to hang stars at least 20 days before Christmas and some people also perform fasting that they break on Christmas. Every year during Christmas people decorate their house with stars and Christmas trees. They also present their loved ones with special gifts that they will cherish for their lifetime. Christmas is a winter festival that makes you feel warm at heart. So if you are looking forward to celebrating this year’s Christmas with your friends and family by decorating your house, then work immediately. There is a lot of work that needs to be completed and decorations for Christmas are not simple. If you are confused about how to make this decoration read the passage below.  

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is an essential part of Christmas celebration. All the people buy Christmas trees to decorate it with lambs and other coloured lights with a Christmas star or angel on top. This tree indicates Christmas. Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun job that you can enjoy with your family members. People do not buy decorations every year. The decorations you buy initially will be used every year with some recent additions or replacements. So while purchasing the decorations for the Christmas tree, make sure they are durable and safe. But before buying the Christmas tree, certain things need to be decided. There are two types of Christmas trees available in the market. One is the original tree, and the other is the artificial tree. Though most of the foreign people purchase these original Christmas trees, they are not widely promoted in our country. The growth of these Christmas trees are widely restricted to certain hill stations and hence they are not preferred by people in tropical regions. So the next available option is the artificial Christmas tree. This artificial tree is gorgeous and designed like the origins tree. This tree can also be packed easily and reused every year during Christmas. While buying the Christmas tree make sure they are sturdy and durable.

Buy the SMART BUYER- 3 Feet Christmas Tree, X-Max Tree for your Christmas celebrations this year. This Christmas tree is solely designed for indoor usage and they are small and compact. This tree is made up of metal words and sophisticated PVC filled with leaves that can last for many years without damage. They are resistant to electricity and hence even after decoration they cannot be damaged. The branches can be unfolded one by one and then used. After the usage they can be recorded and stored in the loft. The branches look like the original ones and they come along with a perfect stand to prevent the tree from falling. This is a compact tree that you can use for every Christmas. Because of its size, you can decorate them easily. If you are looking for an enormous Christmas tree that can fill up your sizable living room then buy the Theme My Party Artificial 6ft Christmas Tree Xmas Pine Tree with Solid Metal Legs, Light Weight, Perfect for Christmas Decoration (Green, 6 FT). This Christmas tree is double the size of the previous Christmas tree and they come along with sturdy metal legs. Because of their height, they have a high tendency to fall over and hence these metal legs will prevent them from falling. Despite their height and sturdy structure, this Christmas tree is still lightweight and they can be easily moved from one place to another. The tree is made up of high-quality PVC material which prevents them from getting damaged while packaging and moving from one place to another. This Christmas tree can be easily assembled by extending the branches and to provide a complete look, expand all the branches of the tree. This tree is much more suitable if you have an enormous living room with proper equipment to assist you in decorating.

Both these Christmas trees are of prime quality but depending upon their height and structures make sure to buy the decoration accordingly. The quality and durability of the Christmas tree are more important than the appearance as they have to last for at least 5-10 Christmases.


The next step after buying the Christmas tree is to buy suitable decorations. Always remember to buy the decorations after purchasing the tree. Because sometimes decorations might not be enough for a gigantic tree and you might end up buying new decorations. With Christmas tree decorations, there are a variety of items available. It is your choice, but you can always update your decorations every year. Let us see about these decorations. 

The silver and various coloured balls are the best part of Christmas decorations and they come along with the loop-like structure for easy hanging. These glittering balls are mostly made up of high-quality metal, but they are designed to be weightless for easy hanging. These balls should be hanged only in a minimum amount so that the tree won’t look overwhelming. Sometimes to reduce the weight these balls are also made up of plastic. If you are looking for plastic balls buy the Electomania Plastic Christmas Decoration Ornament (Silver_3 X 3 X 3Cm). This collection contains a set of 12 plastic balls in silver colour. They are of lightweight and can be easily hung from the Christmas tree. These plastic sets can be a valuable addition to your collection. You can also purchase them in various colours if you need them. These balls can be used whenever required, including for other functions like birthday parties and marriages.

Other small decorations

The Christmas tree along with these basic decorations also contains other small decorations like imitations of gift boxes, stars, and candy sticks. These decorations can be bought alone or you can buy them as an entire package from the shops or online website portals like Amazon and Flipkart. These small decorations can decorate the tree here and there, especially if you have a huge 6 feet tree. Most of these decorations come along with the hook-like structure so it will be easy to hang them from the tree. Buy the Kirwin Plastic Tree Decorations Combo (Multi_Small) Pack Of 70. These packets comprise many decorations including stars and Candy sticks. They are packed with a packet of decoration balls, a single packet of bells, one packet of the gift, a single packet of drums, a single packet of star décor, a packet of a candy stick and a packet of Santa Claus decorations. These decorations are detailed perfectly. We can use them for designing the tree and make the tree feel complete.

Home decorations

With home decorations in case of Christmas lighting forms an important feature. Since the new year is very nice Christmas people decorate the entire house with LED lights and make them glow at night until the new year. These types of LED lights can be used for decorating both the house and also for decorating the tree in the form of a circle from the top to the bottom. So purchasing these LED lights can be useful for other functions also and it will not be a waste of money. So buy the Xergy 10M 100 Led Powered by Battery Box and Remote and 8 Mode Functions Copper Wire Led Fairy String Lights Valentine Decoration (Warm White) Christmas Tree Decoration Lights Festival Rice Light. These LED lights can extend up to 10 metres and they are made up of strong copper wires to prevent them from electrocution. The copper wires are surrounded by proper fibre material allowing you to swing around the house and even allow the children to play. These lights are the safest options available than other single lanterns that absorb a lot of voltage. They are economical and reusable. If you have an enormous house, you can purchase two products so you can use one for decorating the house and another for decorating the tree. The heat emitted by this light is very low and hence you need not worry about the plastic material of the tree getting affected by the lights. The light comes along with a plastic battery box, which is waterproof. The remote that comes along with this light switch can change the mode of lighting, including continuous emission and alternative emission of light.

Artificial snow

The next common decorating item for Christmas is snow. A snowy Christmas is magical. But snow can’t appear in a country like India. So the only option available is to create an environment with artificial snow. You can surround the Christmas tree and start with this artificial snow to create a perfect Christmas like appearance. But proper precautions need to be taken while using this artificial snow as some brands are flammable. So with proper precautions and instructions, you can decorate your house with the artificial show. If you are looking for artificial snow in the market, then buy the VIKSON INTERNATIONAL White Snow for Christmas Wedding Fake Magic Instant Snow Fluffy Super Absorbent Decorations Tree Snow Powder 8 Pcs (80 gm). This packet contains snow powder of 80 gms which can be mixed with water to produce a huge amount of snow. This snow can be spread on the tree and other parts of the house. The powder is instant, and the work is easier. If you are creating a Christ birth scenario in your home, you can use this artificial snow. Just buy two to three packets for decorating your house with snow and enjoy the Christmas differently.

Tabletop trees

Even if you have a gigantic tree with proper decorations at home, you can improve the spirit of Christmas by placing tabletop decorations like miniature Christmas trees. They can be placed all over the house on the tables and desks to improve the decor of the house. These trees can also be decorated with mini decorations and they will be more attractive. Buy the INDIGOCREATIVES Christmas Table-Top Tree with Mini Santa Claus for Decoration (Multicolour) from the online website. These tabletop trees comprise high-quality plastic and they can be decorated easily. You can also allow your kids to decorate it with wool and other decorations. The set also comes with some decorations like Santa Claus. They are sturdy and durable. This particular set can be placed near the Christmas tree or on tables. They are made up of high-quality wood material. They can be used for every Christmas or you can also keep them permanently as a decorative item on the table. But if you are looking for a set that you can build for self then it is a better choice as it will be more realistic and beautiful. For this, you can buy the Biche 10 Piece Crib Set Decoration Baby Jesus Christmas Crib Nativity Set Baby Jesus, Mother Mary, Saint Joseph 3 King, Shepherd, Cow, Sheep, Donkey. This set can be used for constant decorations. It contains 10 dolls depicting every character involved during the birth of Christ. These dolls can be used for decoration or for building up the set. The dolls are made up of high-quality resin and marble powder. So they are resistant to water and they can be used for upcoming Christmases. With the help of a few cardboard boxes and straw, you can build your own shed and place these folks accordingly.