How To Decorate Your Home For Diwali in India

Diwali is a function celebrated by people all over the country and decorating your home for Diwali is a common practice. But purchasing for these decorations can be a hectic task. To make them easier to read the passage below.

Diwali is a festival of lights. It is one function celebrated by people all over the country despite their religious beliefs. Every person loves to decorate their house beautifully during Diwali. It is also called the festival of lights. So celebrating this function by light lighting up your house and sky. This is the time for the friends and family to get together. Even though people gather around every other day, there is nothing like the feel of wearing a fresh dress and celebrating a good day with your loved ones. There are many ways to decorate your house during a festival like this. Let us see how you can decorate your house beautifully for Diwali at a cheap price.


The first important requirement while celebrating a function like Diwali is the lights. This is the one function where every part of your home can be illuminated without worrying about the electricity bill and power waste. The house can be illuminated with a variety of lights and let us see about these lights. 

Traditional diyas

Traditional diyas are common during Diwali time. Even though there are a variety of metal and artificial lightings available people still prefer lighting the traditional diyas. The simple single Diya made up of mud is preferred by most people. They are available all over the country, but during Diwali, they might be under requirement since everyone buys them. While buying these, it is necessary to check them for cracks that appear due to heat and leakages. They should also be washed before using. If you want to avoid all these hassles, then you can always buy the Diwali/Dipawali HandMade Clay lamp-Deepak (Diyas)-Set of 101 Pieces with Diya Batti from the Amazon website. This item comes along with free Diya batti cotton balls that can be placed inside the Diya. All you need to do is fill the diya with oil and light them. Place them on appropriate places and be careful while lighting them. Keep them away from flammable materials like curtains and other oils. The diyas are handpicked and they exist with no cracks. So enjoy your Diwali by buying the house from online portals like Amazon. 

You can also buy the Collectible India Set of 4 Assorted Mix Color Flower Design Metallic Diya Tea Light Candle Holder for Home Office Decoration Puja Articles Decor Gifts TeaLight (4 Pcs). They are nothing but the plates decorated with artificial flowers and tea candles. They form the perfect pooja plate and they can be used for redecorating your home for the festive occasion. There are 4 pieces of plate present and they can be used as the centrepiece for your rangoli. 

You can also buy the product Tied Ribbons Clay Handmade Waxed Diya Set for Home Decoration (5 cm X 5 cm X 2.39 cm, Multicolor, 10 Piece) from the online shopping portal. These decorations look like potted clay with candles in the centre. They can be gifted to your friends and family. You can also place them inside the house as decorative candles. These potted candles provide a traditional look to your house. 

During olden days the houses were designed with spaces to hold diyas, but in the current modern houses do not have such provisions. So making up for it there are a variety of diya holders available in the market. These holders can place the diyas and they also add to the beauty of the house. Buy the Collectible India Set of 2 Metal Wall Sconces Tealight Candle Holders Wall Hanging Gift Candle Lamp Tea Light Holder | Candles Decorations Diwali Gifts Lights Home Decor. These wall hangers comprise high-quality metal and the days can be placed inside them. They can be washed and reused whenever required. Similar to this product, there are many other products available in the online websites. They are also available in certain antique shops. So depending upon your choice, you can choose your item.

Artificial lights

Though people light the diyas, they can not be lit all over the house. Because of accidental fires that occur during this festive season, people prefer using artificial lights which are both safe and beautiful. There are a variety of designs and colours available in the market. Choose the ones that suit your requirement. But while purchasing these artificial lights, keep them away from the reach of children. Even though the amount of power passing through these lights are much low, it is still better to be safe.

Buy the SATYAM KRAFT Star Light Curtain for Decoration (Yellow) (1 PCS Yellow Color) to decorate your house during Diwali. The lights are designed in the form of a star and hence they provide beautiful patterned lighting. Each set comprises nearly 12 pieces of stars with medium lighting. This does not harm your eyes and they create a perfect atmosphere for a family festive gathering. The power source can be provided through USB cable or directly from the plug. They can be. Used on your front porch and in the balcony. They provide a warm welcome for your guests.

The next lighting product is the Techno E-Tail Blossom Flower Fairy String Lights, 20 LED Christmas Lights for Diwali Home Decoration (Warm White). This set of lights have a beautiful flower-like appearance and can decorate your lawn and living room. The light produced is a warm white colour. One of the major advantages of this particular LED light is that they can be used every year because of their high durability. Pack them neatly after the festive season is over and you can retrieve it for the next season with no damage.

You can also purchase the SATYAM KRAFT Acrylic Led Tea Light Candle Diya (Yellow) as they have good lighting and they are available in the form of the candles. These artificial candles can also be used for other occasion and purchasing them can be useful for romantic dinners and birthday parties. These candles also come along with a flickering effect so they provide a felt line with a real candle. These separate candles run on battery and they can be easily replaced. This set comes along with 12 pieces and they are durable.


After lighting the next important thing is the flowers. Certain flowers are considered auspicious and people commonly used them to decorate their homes during these festivities. Even though roses are pleasant, there is nothing like the feel of marigold flowers decorating your house entrance and pooja room. But during the festive season, the price of these marigolds flowers increase. The requirement for these flowers will also increase so it won’t be possible for everyone to get a hold on these flowers. So instead of purchasing the original flowers, you can always purchase artificial plastic flowers that can be reused every year for every function. These artificial flowers are available in plenty in the market, but only a few flowers have a perfect resemblance to the original ones. 

Buy the SPHINX Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flowers and Golden/Silver Hanging Bells Short Garlands/Torans/Wall hangings/Latkans for Decoration Approx 1.2 ft- Pack of 5 Strings (Light Orange & Red). This pack of flowers looks original with an even mix of red and yellow marigold flowers with a bell at the end. This particular site of flowers can be used in front of the puja room for providing an auspicious feeling.  These flowers are made up of intricate designs and they look like original flowers. You can always choose silver or gold bell depending upon your requirement. The height of the strings is approximately 1.2ft. There is a loop present which can be used for or joining the strings to a stretched string. You can buy a pack of 2 or 3 to cover the entrance of every room and make the house look more beautiful. 

If you do not want the flower arrangement with Bells, you can always choose to play flower arrangements that can be used for decorating the doors and pillars of the house. Buy the Sphinx Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flowers Garlands for Decoration – Pack of 5 (Light Orange and dark orange). This pack contains a set of artificial marigold flowers that can be hanged along the walls and doors. They are beautiful with intricate designs. These flowers can be simply tested off and placed in a secure place after using them. All you need to do is take the flowers for the next festive season and decorate your house whenever required. They are longer and can be hanged from the wall.

It is customary for Indian people to decorate their house with beautiful Thorans and flowers to welcome their guests during these festive seasons. Diwali is a festival of lights and it is necessary to have beautiful thorans hanging in front of your house and every other room. Buy the Saugat Traders Toran for Door Hanging with Shubh Labh Wall Hanging for Diwali Decoration – Home Decor-Bandarwal-Shubh Labh Wall Hangings. The wall hanging can cover the entrance of the entire room and they are beautiful. They also come along with some words which can be attached if interested. These thorans are beautiful to look at and will make the guests feel invited. there are other thorans available in the market. 

If you are not interested in the traditional thorans and need something modern and decorative, then you can always go for the decorative wall hangings, both plain ones and the ones with jingles to welcome your guests. Buy the Exclusive lane Fish Handmade and Hand-Painted Garden Decorative Wall Hanging in Terracotta – Balcony Decoration Hanging Decorative Items for Living Room Wall Décor Terracotta Decorative for Home. This decorative wall hanging can be placed in the living room and also in front of your house to welcome your guests. They can be hanged on both sides of the door or top of it. These hangings are made up of pure terracotta design and they are handmade. Because of this, the designs are intricate and the colours are vibrant. 

People now also use wind chimes to welcome their guests with a modern look. These wind chimes are beautiful and can go well along with the festive decorations. Hanging them on the front porch will allow your guests to feel welcome and they also emit beautiful music when there is a slight breeze. They can also be hung on balconies to enjoy the evening view with mild music. Buy the Tomar Trading Handcrafted 08 Bell Ceramic Wind Chime from the online website portals. These Wind Chimes are beautiful and they also give a traditional look, making them suitable for the festive mood. They are made up of high-quality ceramic material and can withstand extreme temperatures when hanged outside.

Pooja room bells

The pooja room plays an important role during Diwali. So it is important to decorate the pooja rooms with flowers and bells. The sound of bells are considered being auspicious and they are present in most of the pooja rooms and temples. So placing beautifully crafted bells in your pooja room will increase the look on your pooja room. Buy the Two Moustaches Ganesha Design Brass Hanging Bell Antique Yellow. This bell has intricate designs on them that can make your pooja room look beautiful. The bell weighs about 3 kg and they are more beautiful. The sound produced is auspicious, and the height is also high. You can also attach extra loops if you want more height. They are made up of high-quality brass material. They do not rust and they can be washed now and then. 

Along with these bells, you can also hang other religious symbols and portraits on the wall. Sometimes you can also hand the Swastik symbols and the images of God on the wall to make the pooja room look more auspicious. Instead of hanging posters and pasting the stickers of god on the wall, you can try hanging the Two Moustaches Brass Swastika Om Ganesha Wall Hanging Showpiece

made up of good quality brass material. They can be hanged on the wall or the door. So using these decorations will make your pooja room look more auspicious during the festive seasons. 

Other miscellaneous decorations

Even though these decorations are the main decorations, other things can decorate your house. Let us see them. 

Garden decorators

Do not leave your garden alone. Light some special lights in your garden and decorate them accordingly. There are special plant modelled lights that can be wrapped around the trees and bushes. This will allow you to decorate the garden more naturally. You can buy the Glimmer Lightings Green Leaf Garland Home Decoration LED Fairy String Light Battery Operated, Copper Wire (5 Meters) from Amazon. These are lights surrounded by plastic green lights that provide a climber like an appearance with the lights. These lights will light up your garden and make it look much more beautiful. You can also place the diyas in your garden. But place them away from dry leaves.

There are many decorations and models present for celebrating Diwali, but the only thing that matters during the festive season is that you enjoy them with your friends and family. These lights and colours are just a symbol of your happiness. So enjoy your Diwali happily with the people you love the most in the world. Try to burst as little crackers as possible and reduce pollution. Also, while playing, keep the fire extinguisher or water nearby. Play safe and Happy Diwali.