How To Decorate Krishna Jayanthi At Home?

The Krishna Jayanthi is a special function celebrated among Indians and people decorate their homes for such functions. Let us see about the decorating techniques.

Krishna Jayanthi or Krishna Janmashtami or Gokulashtami is a function celebrated by people all over the country, to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. Lord Vishnu is a sacred God for Hindus and his Avatar birth as Lord Krishna is celebrated by the believers. This is a function that is celebrated in peace within the house, unlike Diwali or Holi. But, people gather together to celebrate this function and hence it is necessary to decorate your house with proper utilities. Even though shops all over the country sell these decorations, it would be difficult for you to get all the products from a single place. Also, the collection of decorations will be Limited. So if you want a wide range of collections from a single place then the suitable option would be online website portals like Amazon and Flipkart. If you are looking for some fancy decorations, then these portals are the best choice. Let us see how to decorate for Krishna Jayanthi at home. 

Rangoli or Kolam

The foremost thing important for decorating a house during Krishna Jayanthi is putting a rangoli on the front of the house. Even during this modern age, people prefer following these traditional techniques for inviting their guests. But the issue is most people have proper practice in drawing a rangoli. So the best technique to decorate your house for this kolam is by either buying a sticker or stencils. The stickers are more permanent if you want it to be. There are two types of kolam available. So you have to choose whether you want a traditional design or a rangoli kolam. If you want, you can even mix these designs up for your house decor. You can choose the modern designs for the front porch and the traditional design for the pooja room. 

You can buy the Krisah SMALL SIZE 11 Pieces Set Acrylic Rangoli with T Light Holder Multicolour Handicraft Jewel Stone Decorations (Small) for rangoli designs. These are not your ordinary stickers. They can only be placed. There are 11 pieces and the centrepiece contains a candle holder with a candle. The candle can be replaced when required. The colours are made up of acrylic paint and these are waterproof. They can be placed outside the house and also with diyas. They are the safe and best option. The colours are bright and it is the best option for you. 

While the above is made of special fabric material, they are a permanent solution. They can be removed and placed whenever required. But if you are looking for a permanent solution, then the sticker is the only option available for you. You can buy Decorvilla PVC Vinyl Kolam Rangoli Floor Sticker (35 x 35 cm, Multicolor) for pasting in front of your house. These stickers are properly coloured, and they are made up of good quality glue. So after sticking them you can wash the floor but they will not be damaged. If you want to remove them, they can be easily removed and the remaining glue can be washed away with water. 

The other common technique used for drawing rangoli with normal white and colour powders is by using a stencil. There are both modern and traditional stencils available in the market and you can use the one you love. Sometimes you can also use both the stencils. Buy the Oramsa Combo of 13pcs 8″ One Rangoli Stencils 4″ Twelve Rangoli Stencil for drawing traditional designs. These stencils are made up of Steel rod with cloth in the middle. The material is powerful enough to withstand continuous usage for a lengthy period.

If you are looking for a modern rangoli design, then you can choose the Incredible Gifts India Mdf Rangoli Stencil (Brown_30 X 30 Cm)  from the Amazon. This is a stencil rangoli design of Lord Krishna and will be more suitable for your requirement on Krishna Jayanthi. This design also comes along with a normal diya design. So you can mix up the designs and use them accordingly.

If you want a general design for many normal functions, then you can buy the DIY Rangoli for Deepavali – MDF Stencil (12″ x 12″). This stencil is simple to use, and it is a common design. The design is a simple circular rangoli and you can easily decorate it with flowers and multiple colours. These designs are suitable for many festivals and also for data today drawings. This simple design can be easily completed within 10 minutes, making your work easier.

Pooja room

After the front porch comes to the pooja room. The pooja room is a special place where all the poojas are performed. Decorating this room is essential and they should be grand looking. It involves a lot of work like the garland, statue, footprints, bells, harathi thali, and diyas. Setting up all these things will take time and it is necessary to choose them personally for perfect decor. Let us see about them below. 

Laddu Gopal

Laddu Gopal otherwise known as the baby Gopal is a small statue of baby Gopal sitting on a cradle. This statue is commonly used for performing pooja and presenting the sweets to God. This small Idol is essential for performing Krishna Jayanti Puja and you can purchase them from local statue shops or through an online portal. While purchasing make sure that this statue is made up of good quality brass or any good quality metal. Some people buy this in gold or silver. But if you do not want to spend much money on a statue, then you can purchase them in the normal metal. 

If you are looking forward to purchasing a craft metal statue, then you can buy the SK Craft Metal Laddu Bal Gopal, Krishna Statue, Thakur Ji, 6.5×4.5×6.5 cm. This particular metal statue is made with proper intricate designs and they are suitable for continuous pooja. The statue is made up of high-quality brass metal with a golden finish. This laddu Gopal can be decorated using a variety of clothes. You can also use other types of decorations so you can decorate the lord Krishna every day. 

But sometimes people prefer purchasing idols of God in silver colour. If you are purchasing a silver idol, then buy the Lavanaya Silver – Laddu Gopal Idol (11.5 cm X 10 cm X 11 cm, Silver Plated) | Showpiece | Idols | Gift | Krishna Murti | Krishna. This special statue is made up of aluminium with a silver coating. The designs are intricate and best suited for your pooja room 

After purchasing the idol, maintain it properly so it can last for a lifetime. They can be easily washed and reused whenever required. Maintenance of these statues will increase its life.


While most people concentrate on buying a small Krishna statue, it is also essential to purchase a proper Jhula for Lord Krishna to rest and play in. Similar to the statue, jhula can also be made in steel and other metals, including silver. But if you want to purchase a simple Jhula, you can always purchase the one made up of wood. 

Buy the Saugat Traders Handmade Decoration Jhula with Laddu Gopal – Janmashtami Gifts-Decorative Jhula-Laddu Gopal Jhula from the online websites. This jhula comprises pleasant quality wood that can place the metal Moorthy on them and swing. This jhula is self decorated. But if you want to read decorated, you can easily remove the decorations and re-decorate it according to your requirement. The wood used is of fine quality and they are resistant to many termite attacks. 

If you want to purchase a metal Jhula that will be more resistant for constant washing and everything then you can buy the Generic Metal Handicrafted Pooja Jhula for Laddu Gopal (Gold_17.78 x 9.5 x 17.14 cm). This special metal Jhula comprises excellent quality white metal and covered with oxidised gold. This metal frame is the perfect choice for your pooja room and they can also be washed and re-oxidized when there is an issue with the coating. This metal can last longer than the normal wooden ones and they are perfect for permanent purchase. The eyes of the baby Krishna are carved perfectly with the proper paint.

Pooja mandap

People use the Jhula for making lord Krishna sleep but to perform Pooja they need a proper Mandap where the small Krishna can be placed and decorated with flowers and clothes before showing harathi. You can buy The Holy Mart Wooden Golden Rectangular Chowki for puja(4×8) | Rectangular Chawki for puja Small that has been decorated beautifully and suitable for performing the pooja. The ceremony will be flawless with the jhula and chowki. So purchase them both for a carefree pooja.

Other statues

Along with the laddu Gopal statue, there are other statues as well, as the statue of Krishna and Radha. Along with these states, you can also add the statue of Lord Krishna to your pooja room. These states can also be placed all over the house to increase the spirit of Krishna Jayanthi. These statues can be bought and used for these special functions alone. Let us see some of these statues below. 

Krishna Jayanthi is a depiction of Lord Krishna and hence placing small Krishna Statues all over the house will make your guests feel the occasion. You can buy the Karigaari Plated Bal Krishna Polyresine Showpiece (12.7 cm x 12.7 cm x 12.7 cm). This showpiece is white and beautiful with a silver coating on the jewels. They are made up of Polyresin material. The dirt can be wiped off with a soft cloth and the silver coat will remain the same without turning black. These pieces can be bought and placed in so e corners and displays of the home.

If you’re looking for other metal stairs with the casual portrayal of Lord Krishna, then buy the RCI Handicrafts Gold Plated Metal Radha Krishna Statue as it beautifully depicts the love of Lord Krishna and Radha. The statue comprises high-quality metal and it can be placed on the stands. It is made up of excellent quality white metal covered with oxidised gold to provide a shining finish. Even the smallest details of the statue are designed with intricate detail. So keeping this statue in parts of the house will be beautiful.


Other certain arrangements need to be made for decorating the house for Gokulastami. 


The first important requirement is the flower garlands that are used to decorate the house and Pooja room to provide an auspicious feeling. If you are not a fan of purchasing fresh garlands every year, then you can always opt for the plastic artificial flowers. Nowadays the artificial flowers are designed with intricate details so they look as much original as possible. There are a variety of garland designs with varying flowers. So you can choose the one you like. Let us see them. 

Buy the Sphinx Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flowers Garlands for Decoration – Pack of 5 (Yellow & Dark Orange) for your Gokulashtami decoration. This pack contains 5 lengthy strings of garland and they are suitable for most functions. Just take them and tie them all over the house for a perfect look and when it is overall you have to do is removed and store them until next time. This garland comprises yellow and orange marigold flowers that will welcome your guests with peace. 

If you are looking for a similar garland that can be used for decorating the door frame. Buy the Sphinx Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flower Garlands Door Toran Set/Door Hangings for Decoration (Approx. 100 X 41 cms)- (Yellow & Dark Orange) from the online portal. They are also made up of good quality orange and yellow flowers. These garlands have bells at the end that creates music now and then. So purchasing this product will be useful for you and you can purchase them whoever you want.

All these decorations can be completed with a grand pooja and sweets that can be offered to your guests. The pooja can be accommodated with sweets and snacks special for Lord Krishna. Happy Janmashtami.