How To Decorate Home At a Low Budget?

Decorating a house requires a lot of work and purchase. If you want to purchase these items within the budget, then the best option is to buy from online portals. Read below to learn about the budget purchase.

A home is a place where people feel at ease. Everyone can build a house, but it’s the love and affection that converts it into a home. Every single object in a home will be bought with care and love. So decorating a home should be done carefully. But most of the time people do not want to spend a lot of money on the decoration. So if you are one of those people who are looking forward to decorating your home at a low budget but do not know how to, then this passage will help you. But before decorating your house certain things need to be assessed. From the size of the house to the colour scheme of the house, many things need to be noted before you decorate your home. Read below to understand points that need to be noted while decorating a home.

Size of the house and rooms

The foremost point that needs to be noted while decorating a home or room is their size. Because if it is a compact room you have to decorate it to a minimum so it will be comfortable for the people to move around and it will look more spacious. But if you have an enormous room, you can place some extraordinary designer items. While decorating a compact room proper care should be taken. These small rooms can be decorated with wall paintings and small vases instead of large vases and statues. This will make the room bigger than its normal size.

Type of decor

The next step you have to follow is to decide on the decor you will use for your home. You can either decorate it in a modern way or you can go for an ancient antique theme. The ancient antique theme will be suitable if you have architecturally built the home according to it. Like antique roofing and doors. Only then it will be suitable for you to finish the setup with antique decor items. The other technique is the modern theme where you can decorate it with modern vases and other items. You can decorate many houses with this modern theme. So before deciding on decorating the house, choose the decor and then purchase the items.


Since you are looking forward to decorating the house with a low budget, you can always try to re-modify the items you already own so they look new and refreshing. You can make your old cot, shelves and tables look new by repairing the damages and adding a new touch by replacing the old coat with fresh paint or OST sheets. These modifications will cost less than the new sets and you can choose the wood colour or OST sheet colour according to your requirement. You can also modify your old vase and other items with fresh ones by repainting them. There are people to perform these activities and you can hire them to do it or do it on your own. 


There are various decorative items available in the market. So before going for purchase choose your budget because there are vases available for 100-10000 rupees. So the items you choose depends upon your choice of selection and price category. If you are purchasing decor items on a budget, then purchase them from the online stores like Amazon and Flipkart. These online websites have multiple products with varying prices which allow you to check the price difference and decide on a single product. You can also purchase from wholesale shops available in your city. These wholesale shops also charge less than the normal shops. So after determining the budget, go for a purchase. 


The colours of these walls may change the requirement. For instance, if you have a white-coloured wall then you can decorate the house with light-coloured objects and vice versa for dark-coloured walls. So while purchasing the products and decor items make sure they all belong to a similar colour so that the living room will look colourful with a variety of colours making it uneven. So while decorating your house, make sure it is of the same colour and perfect design. 

Cheap budget decoration

Most of the people prefer decorating their house to a greater extent. But these people always have certain restrictions, especially with budget. So the best option is to purchase according to the budget. Some people think it is impossible to decorate a house at a low budget, but it is possible. Read the following passage to learn how to decorate your house at a low cost. 

Living room

The living room decoration mostly depends upon the sofa set and the space in the living room after placing the sofa set. Depending upon the space available you can place live plants, paintings and small statues to make the living room more lively. There are a variety of items available in the market related to these products and now let us see about them. 

Potted plants

Keeping plants inside the house might look like a lot of work, but in reality, it is much easier. All you need is a pot with the drain holder and you can plant your indoor plants. There are a variety of plants available in the market. Some plants like the money plant, aloe vera and bonsai can be grown within your home. These plans are not just for decoration, they also purify the air in your home. So this is a healthy form of decoration. These plants along with the pots and drain will cost you hardly any money and they are cheap and the best option available in the market. You can place them on the side of the doors and also within the living room. Most indoor plants require only a low amount of Sunlight and watering is essential every 3 to 4 days. So maintaining these plants is easy. One thing you should keep in mind is the design of the pots. You can not use normal clay pots and hence select good porcelain or other coloured pots that look beautiful.

Buy the Ugaoo Peace Lily Plant with Self Watering Pot (Spathiphyllum). This plant costs only a little and they are small enough to be kept on side tables and sofa tables. The pot also comes in a beautiful white colour. The pot belongs to the self-watering type where the water is poured at the bottom and the soil would absorb the water according to its requirement. So they can be kept in any part of the house and they are suitable for living rooms, balconies and bedrooms.

If you’re looking for a proper creeper, then buy the Root Bridges Indoor Golden Money Plant (Pot included). This money plant is beautiful looking with its glossy leaves and beautiful structure. The plants are provided along with a pot. If you want a decorative pot, you can change it so it will be suitable for your indoor decor. You can either spread it in the windows of the living room or the balcony. They are beautiful and can be maintained easily. The price of this potted plant is low and you can water them once in two days. They need a minimum of sunlight.

If you are looking for a pot alone, that suits your decor then buy the Minerva Naturals GARDENS NEED Cool Pot (Pack of 5, Multicolour). These pots are available in multiple colours and hence you can make your room beautiful. These pots are made up of plastic. So the water will not leak and the pots can be carried around easily. They are more suitable for indoor plants and not outdoor plants. Sometimes if you are looking forward to planting at least four or five plants in a single room but do not have enough space, then you can always buy the TrustBasket Cart Type Planter Stand for Plants. This stand will allow you to keep at least 5 or 6 unique types7 of plants by occupying only an insignificant amount of space. The stand is designed in the form of a cart. So it is both stylish and useful. This cart is made up of high-quality metal to prevent them from rusting.

Buy these items either through one portal or directly from the local nursery to make your home look beautiful.

Wall posters and paintings.

The next important decor item that most of the people prefer to place in their living room is either a painting or a statue. But original painting and designer statues cost a lot. So using them is impossible. So the only option left is to buy a painting that means something to you or a frame a photo is the best option.

There are many options available to decorate the wall of the living room and bedroom. One is to buy the posters or paintings that mean something. It is not essential to buy an original DaVinci painting to decorate your room. You can always buy normal paintings that are cheap. Buy the Indiana 3 Pc Set of Floral Paintings Without Glass 5.2 X 12.5, 9.5 X 12.5, 5.2 X 12.5 Inch. This paint depicts the beautiful paint of a flower vase. The print is available in three copies with varying size. They can be hanged together or separately. These paintings are made up of vibrant colours and they are beautiful to look at.

The next option is to decorate the living room with your photos. If you have a kid, you can put the pictures of the kid according to its growth year wise. You can also add the picture of your husband and your pictures to decorate the wall. For hanging, you need a photo frame. If you are buying a photo frame for hanging in the wall together, you can buy similar ones to maintain uniformity. Else you can buy different frames.

Buy the Generic Steel Photo Frames For Wall Decoration(Gold_40X40Cm) if you are planning to hang a collage of photos. This frame is attached to the wall and the photos are hung on the frame using normal clips. The metal photo frame looking like a grid is coated with rose gold colour to give a modern finish. You can use these photo frames if you have an enormous collection of photos for display. They are beautiful to look at and the price is also low.

You can also buy the Chitransh Personalised Mosaic Photo Frame(14 x 20 inches). All you need to do is send your photo album to the company and they will create a collage of photos that when combined will create a photo of you. This photo is digitally printed and framed. You can hang in your living room or your bedroom. These photos are technically innovative and beautiful to look at. So use them in your home.

If you are looking for a normal photo frame, then buy the AmazonBasics Photo Frame with Stand, Set of 2 | 5″ x 7″, Black. This is a beautiful black photo frame that can be used with or without the stand depending upon your requirement. The frame is supported by Amazon and comprises wood material. The frame is available in silver colour. They weigh less and the cost is also low.

All these photo frames are beautiful and hanging them along with some modern paintings will make your living room look more cosy and beautiful.


The next cheap way to decorate your home is by placing the carpets. The carpets give a luxurious look to your home. They also prevent the floating of dist and they can be cleaned using a vacuum cleaner. You can buy two or three carpets with a simple vacuum cleaner to make your house look beautiful. These carpets can be placed in your living room and bedroom.

Buy the DAILZ Ethnic Velvet Touch Abstract Chenille Carpet – 55″x80″, Maroon carpet from online website portals like the Amazon. So instead of buying the original carpet like the Kashmir or Rajasthani, one purchases the normal carpets. This ethnic carpet provides an antique look to your house. This carpet comprises high-quality fibre material and they can be easily cleaned. They provide a velvet-like feel on touch.

If you want to have a modern look, then the best option is to buy the Braids chenille Living Room Carpet, Area Rug, durries- 4.5 ft x 6 feet, Multicolor (Black). This fur based carpet material is made up of a beautiful black and white colour. This carpet is beautiful and modern. So purchase this cheap carpet, with good durability and look.

While purchasing the carpet make sure that each carpet has a unique design so that the rooms will look different. Buy the carpet from a good brand so they do not get damaged.

Bedroom decor

The bedroom including the guest bedroom plays an important role in the house’s decor. These rooms should be decorated perfectly for obtaining a peaceful slumber. The master bedroom can be decorated with personal photos and items but for the guest bedroom keep the decoration simple and neat. Do not paste your photos there. Try to hang normal posters and wall hangings. You can also decorate the bedroom with normal bed lamps and side tables. Let us see them.

Bed lamps

If you are looking for bed lamp designs at a cheap rate, then the best option available is the Angel Bear Mushroom Shaped Night Light Lamp with Sensor (Yellow). This particular night lamp is shaped like a mushroom and will make your bedroom look beautiful at night. They provide enough illumination suitable for reading and you can also use it for your kid’s bedroom if they are afraid of the dark. This is an automatic lamp that turns off when there is a light present in the room and when the room turns dark, the lamp will turn on automatically. These lamps are best suited for the guest bedrooms as well.