Buying Guide For Best Night Lamp in India

Are you looking to buy night lamp for peaceful sleep? Read this article fully to get the complete buying guide of night lamps in India.

A night lamp is a very essential element of our homes. It is a decorative item and it makes your bedroom look awesome. There are different types of night lamp stands available in the market. You may choose any type of night lamp as per your needs and requirements. By means of a proper research, you’re sure to get the best out of the available options. Not only do they provide light, but beautify your bedrooms as well. You can keep the night lamp anywhere. Their utility needs no introduction. They provide perfect reading light and make it comfortable for reading, relaxing and a variety of tasks. Their soothing light can help you meditate too. Thus, they can be very useful.

Our Top Pick Night Lamps In India

Product Name


Product Price

Sukau Fancy Color Changing LED Night Lamp

Chocozone LED EU Plug Duck Wall night lamp

KREVIA PVC Moon Night Lamp

GM Modular 0.5-Watt Evox LED Night Lamp

Do you need a night lamp?

Well, yes. Every house needs a light lamp. A lamp offers several benefits. It is very useful for kids and aged people. A slight light can help in the middle of a night especially when a fully bright light can irritate your eyes. Always remember different types of night lamps create different types of impacts on your body. You have to choose the best night lamp as per your necessities and features. A night lamp is almost a necessity for kids and aged people, thus helping weak eye-pupils to see properly.

Complete Buying Guide – how to buy a night lamp!

There are several night lamps available in the market but you have to choose the best one. There are several factors you have to consider before purchasing a night lamp.


Whether you need an antique night lamp for beautification and decoration or a simple night lamp for your kids, there are a plethora of options for you. Several house owners wish to buy lamps for aesthetic purposes in bedrooms or dining rooms while others don’t prefer superiorly crafted ones. Thus, the product should be brought in tandem with specifications you want.


This is another important factor. The lamp should be in accordance with the size of the room and the table.

Bulb type and power consumption

Most of the night lamps stand to require bulb type light but some might also use led lights.Power consumption should be taken into account while making a purchase.


This is another important factor. A fancy colour might be an awesome selection but might hinder vision. Thus, purpose must be satisfied by the colour of light.

Price of the product

The budget always plays an important role. If you have a higher budget, you may go for a product accordingly. If your budget is limited, then you should choose the variant correspondingly.


Durability is determined by the life of the product. A better product should be able to last long. Moreover, water and shock resistance should also be a parameter of judgement to get the best product.

Source of Power

Whether you need a charging night lamp or battery night lamp. Presently, in the market, there are different types of night lamps available. Some of them have charging ports and some of them have battery rechargeable night lamps. So, I am going to provide you with the top 5 best night lamps. You may choose anyone from the following…

Sukau Fancy Color Changing LED Night Lamp

Many people prefer fancy night lamps in their homes. If you are one of them who are looking for a fancy night lamp for their houses, you should choose Sukau Fancy Color Changing LED. This is one of the best and most popular and high demanding LED night lamps. The design of the product makes it attractive. The price is also reasonable. The size of the product is portable. You can keep the product anywhere. Choose the best LED night lamp at the best price. Find the best deal online.


Automated sensor: This night lamp also includes an automated sensor. During day time, the light is off and during the night the light will go on automatically. It includes 3 numbers of lights. Product is sensor included and it will include LED bulb type. Whenever darkness will increase, the brightness of the light also increases.

Quality of the product: The quality of the product matters. Sukau Fancy Color Changing LEDs offer superior quality products at the best price. If you check their customer reviews then you will find out about their quality.

Price of the product: Price of the product matters. This night lamp price is reasonable and cheap as well. You can buy any product and more than one item easily.

Shape: Another important feature is its shape. The shape of the light is awesome. It is mushroom-shaped. You can find 3 mushroom shaped lamps which provide bright light to your darkroom.



Chocozone LED EU Plug Duck Wall night lamp

If you have a kid then in your kid’s room, you can use this night lamp. The design of the product is awesome and kids will attract more than others. Kids love to watch this night lamp in their room. If you wish, you can give someone else as well. Night lamps remove darkness from the room and people will be able to walk in the night in their darkroom. It will help you to watch the door and window and you will be able to reach the bathroom safely.


Product durability: If you will buy this Chocozone LED EU Plug Duck Wall night lamp, you will receive a superior quality product. This seller always provides a durable product to their clients. If you check online customer reviews, you will get complete details very simply.

Price of the product: The price of the product is also reasonable. If you have a limited budget, within this budget you will be able to buy this item very simple. This product is ideal for a kid’s room. 

Design of the product: The design of the product is also of superior quality. If you have a kid, then this product is perfect for you. A small yellow bird and under the bird structure there is a light. When it is on, the bright light will show the bird most attractive.

Power consumption: For this product, very little power is required. You need 110/ 220 and the consumption of the bulb is very less. You just need to add 0.5 w only for this purpose.



KREVIA PVC Moon Night Lamp

If you want to decorate your bedroom by purchasing a beautiful night lamp, you should choose a beautiful moonlight. This KREVIA PVC offers their customer changing 3D moonlight. This is a very fancy night lamp and you should use this. It is a completely decorative item and this is best for the bedroom, study room office, kid’s room. This is a very attractive and unique design. This lamp is built as per moon type. It has advanced PVC injection molding technology. This night lamp will look romantic and awesome at night. Once you touch the moonlight, the color of the light will change. It became warm white and then turned yellow. This is completely natural light and it does not hum your eyes. You can change the brightness at any time.


3D Moon night lamp: This night lamp has 3D printing technology. This moonlight has the latest 3D printing technology. This product is made of PC materials. Once you see it for the first time, you will feel it like a real moon. The design of the product is awesome and you can simply use this as decorative items.

Change the color: When you are on the light, the light color will be white but when it becomes heat, then the color will change and it becomes yellow. If you have low power, then you will not get any yellow light as well.

Wood stand: Along with the moon, you will also get a wood holder. This is beautiful and made of wood. The price is included along with the wood. You can easily stand the moonlight on it. The design of the product is very beautiful.

Adjust brightness: These lamps outside are a matte finish. So, the light you will receive from this globe not too bright or dark. It has two options cool white or warm white, both make the lamp ideal for you. It will offer a soft glow to create beautiful ambiances.



GM Modular 0.5-Watt Evox LED Night Lamp

This GM 3034 Evox night lamp is one of the best night lamps and you can get this product from online. This is a premium product and it has several types of features. It has auto sensor technology. So, it will switch on and off automatically. You can use this light for your bedroom and kitchen or bathroom as well. It also has an auto sensor LED lamp. It requires 240 volts. The design of the product is also unique. You can buy this product to get superior quality services. This night lamp is the best for the kitchen or dining as well.


Automatically on and off: Yes, this product becomes automatically on and off because it has advanced sensor technology. You don’t need to switch on and off whenever you need it. It has an automatic sensor, so during daylight it becomes inactive and in the night it becomes active.

Energy consumption: This product needs very low power so it helps to save power consumption. This night lamp is an energy saver as well. It requires 240 volts of power. It requires 05 watts as well. You will also be able to get a 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Design of the product: The design of the product is awesome. If you check the design, you will find it’s attractive. It is portable and attractive as well. You can move this portable night lamp anywhere.




Thus we offered a wide range of products via means of this article. Your necessity decides what you wish to buy. Go and check it out.