Home Decoration

Living room

The living room is the place where you spend most of the family time. It is also the place where you invite your guests and entertain them. It is the room that makes the first and best impression of your house. So it is essential to maintain a wonderful impression for the person who enters the living room. In the case of the living room, the decorations should be subtle and neat. They should not be placed in such a way that it dominates the entire room. Everything in the room should home equal importance. Let us see some items that can decorate the living room of your home.  


The clock is not just an item used for decorating your home. They are useful, and it is a thing that everyone will definitely look at frequent intervals. There are a variety of clocks available in the market. You can choose either a digital or an analogue clock. Though people still prefer using analogue clocks because of the look it offers. There are many models of analogue clocks available in the market. The Asian Multistore Hub Brown Wooden Analog Wall Clocks is one such model that will provide a whole new look to your house. The Size of the clock is 20cm*25cm*7.5cm. The clock is designed in wood to provide an antique look. The clock looks like a tree with the branches extending to form the numbers. This look will provide a look at the living room when compared to ordinary circular analogue clocks.

Even though there is not any requirement for a clock in a bedroom some people prefer an alarm clock. So it is necessary to keep an alarm clock or table clock in both the bedroom and guest bedroom. To make it more decorative, you can purchase the modern or antique finish clocks with unique designs rather than a normal alarm clock. If you are going for a modern look in your bedroom, then digital alarm clocks would be the best choice. You can use analogue clocks for an antique look in your bedroom and guest bedroom. Buy the latest Zomoza LED Mirror Alarm Clock Digital Snooze Table Clock Wake Up Light Electronic Large Time Temperature Display Home Decoration Clock. This modern digital clock will be more suitable for your modern bedroom and they come along with some pleasant features. This is not just o’clock but they can also be used as an alarm set along with the display of temperature. Now you can maintain the room temperature and check the time easily using this White coloured clock.

If you want to go for a vintage look, then you can purchase the Funky tradition Blue Golden Vintage Style Telephone Table Lamp with Alarm Clock for Christmas, Anniversary, Birthday Gift, Home and Office Decor. This alarm clock is also a night lamb and designed as a vintage telephone. Placing them on your nightstand will make it look more gorgeous. This centrepiece can complete the look of your room and it can last a lifetime with the help of a simple battery. Along with these items you can also place some paintings and family photos in your bedroom to make it much personal space. Make sure to not hang any family photos in the guest bedroom. Instead, you can hang paintings and other common things like statues so they will feel at ease while staying. You can also decorate the guest bedroom with posters to make the walls look lively. Whatever you choose for your bedroom, just make sure they provide proper peace to sleep at night. There is a wide range of products and Designs available for online websites like Amazon. So research properly before purchasing these items. Sometimes it would be the best option to decorate your house slowly by purchasing the products when you see it in a shopping complex or other places. This is the best option because sometimes you might not get all the items you need in two or three days. It might take time. So choose the best option depending upon your requirement.

Placement of statues in your home has been an ancient practice. The statues you place in your home should be good looking with a beautiful carving. The details should be perfect. These statues are made up of a variety of metals like brass, porcelain, stone and polyester. There are a variety of models available in the market. This Global Grabbers Sitting Buddha Idol Statue available on Amazon is beautiful and peaceful. This statue is designed with perfect detailing and coated with a black outer surface. The intricate designs are coloured in orange, gold and silver colour. This makes the statues look more peaceful. Keeping statues like these in the living room will make your guests feel at peace.

Flower vase

Keeping fresh flowers on the table will refresh to your environment. But it’s not just the flowers, but the vase also matters. Having a perfect vase for a perfect flower arrangement will make the entire set look beautiful. If you are looking for an ancient look, then you can go for a porcelain vase or clay vase. If you are going for a modern look for your living room, they decorate it with a glass vase. The brass vase can also be used for keeping these flowers. The Pure Source India Glass Flower Vase (Clear_3.5 X 8 Inch) is a modern and unique styled. This modern glass vase is made up with intricate designs that are carved beautifully making your home look stylish. Always remember if you are purchasing a decorative item for the living room then make sure all the items present in the living room match up with the theme of the decor. If you are going for an ancient clock, make sure all the items including the sofa sets are related to the ancient decor and if you are going for a modern look again make sure that everything in the room is modern. Mixing up the decor will make the living room look confusing. They will make the person sitting in the room feel confused.


A bedroom is a place that requires a peaceful environment for a peaceful slumber. The bedroom does not require a dominant decoration like in the living room. Some items like the nightstand, lamps and bed cots can be made more decorative. Modern or antique, these items should be of a soft design and peaceful. The statues can also be bought as a decorative one. The colour of the bedroom items should also be soft like white and light brown. The light and dark combinations have also proven to be peaceful. Let us see those designs. 


The nightstands are used widely in most of the houses. You can keep a night light along with other items like your mobile phones, books and spectacles on this nightstand. Instead of buying a simple nightstand, purchasing one with multiple drawers will allow you to store things along with keeping things on them. There are a variety of nightstands available in the market. When you purchase a nightstand, make sure it comprises high-quality wood so it won’t be subjected to termite attack or decay. The Amazon Brand – Solimo Aquilla Engineered Wood Bedside Table (Wenge Finish) is a modern table with a drawer and a shelf that can store things. The dimensions of the table are large and hence you can place a beautiful night lamp along with your books and mobile. This bedside table is supported and promoted by Amazon because of its excellent quality and durability. This table can last for a lifetime. They can be used along with. Same shade bed cot to add to the decor.

The night lamps are used for reading at night. They are one of the most useful gadgets that most people use at night. One of the most important things that need to be noted while purchasing a night lamp is that it should reduce the brightness of the light. Because sometimes, you might be when you might need bright light and other situations where you might need dim light. With proper adjustments, you can experience perfect lighting according to your requirement. The SIBY New 3D Moon Lamp with 3 Brightness for Bedroom/Kids Room Bedside lamp Home Decor Lamp Night Lamp Creative Touch Switch Moon Lamp for Bedroom Decoration Birthday Gift, 15Cm (White) is new in the market with an innovative design. This lamp comes along with three different light settings. Use the button on the lamp to adjust the settings. This lamp is available for purchase from Amazon and Flipkart. This lamp can also be used in the guest bedrooms for their comfort.


The bed cot is one of the most important things that need to be placed in a bedroom and it is the first thing that everyone looks at when they enter the bedroom. The bed cot should be comfortable and of proper size. The size of the cot should not occupy the entire room and it should be placed in such a way that there is enough space for walking around. Make sure that the bed cot and the other furniture placed in the bedroom are made up of the same material. So that the decor will match perfectly. The material of the bed cot should be of pleasant quality and last for at least 15-20 years. The Amazon Brand – Solimo Vega Engineered Wood Hydraulic Half Lift-on King Bed (Espresso Finish) cot is one of a kind with a perfect finish. This cot is simple and beautiful. They are suitable for modern decor based houses and they can last for a lifetime. These cots are more suitable for master bedrooms.

If you have a kid’s bedroom, then you can use the cots sold for the kids. Use BL Wood Sheesham Wood Double Size Bunk Bed with Storage for Bedroom | Dark Brown if you have two kids at home. These bunker beds are strong and they can last for a lifetime. Your children can share the same room as enjoy their bedtime in the same room. This cot provides a dorm feeling, and the cot is made up of pleasant quality wood to withstand pressure. The bed is available in multiple colours and they are suitable kids until 15 years of age.

Along with these cots, also purchase some and a gorgeous cot for the guestroom. For the guest room bed cot, the best choice would be Furniture Kraft London King Size Metal Bed (Glossy Finish, Black). This cot is made up of steel and they are sturdy. They are much cheaper than the wooden bed cots but they are suitable for the normal guest bedroom. Along with this, you can complete the design of the guest bedroom with proper nightstands and lamps.

Carpets are an essential requirement for a bedroom and they can be used for preventing the dust on our feet from reaching the bed. This carpet also adds to the decor of the house and they are not only essential for bedrooms, they can also be placed on the living room. But when you purchase a carpet also make sure you have other accessories like a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet regularly. Purchase the Carpet for Bedroom Shaggy Collection Beige and Ivory Moroccan Ogee Plush Area Rug (6’ x 9’) from online websites like Amazon. This beautiful Ivory colour carpet is soft and makes you feel warm and cosy at night. We can also use these carpets for the living rooms. But they should be cleaned regularly to maintain the colour and softness. This carpet is suitable for both antique and modern design houses.

But if you want a more antique finish, than purchase the Sofias Hand-Knotted Pure Silk Carpet 6 feet x 4 feet – Hand-Knotted in Kashmir – Around 200-250 Knotts a Square inch. This Kashmir made carpets are soft and they provide perfect support to the feet with no friction. They provide a perfect antique finish to your room. These carpets are perfect and also handmade. This makes the designs to be more intricate and warm.

Other rooms of the house

Even though the other rooms of the house are not viewed frequently, they still need to be designed and decorated with passion. Most of the rooms like the dining room and kitchen do not need paintings or a fancy carpet to make them look decorative, but they can still be made decorative by replacing the common products kept in those rooms with designer items. Latest seen some common products used in these rooms and how to decorate them. 


The paintings are the essential items of a decorated home. There are a variety of paintings available in the market. If you have enough money to purchase the authentic original paintings, then you can buy them. Or you can always purchase the digitally printed paintings are of cheap price with beautiful designs. You can also purchase modern paintings by some modern-day, unknown artists. Who knows, they might become popular one day. Purchase the 999Store Printed Art Bicycle Painting Set of 3 (120X60 Cms) and placed in your home as decor. The painting should not just be beautiful, they should also increase your inner peace. These paintings can be hanged in any part of your house. They can be hanged in your bedroom, living room, closets and dining room.

Potted plants

The indoor potted plants are gaining more popularity these days. They are not just for decorations. These potted plants increase the oxygen in your home and also reduces pollution. So using these potted plants will make the air pure and will also increase the peacefulness within your mind. It has been a proven scientific fact that watching the colour green for a long time will increase inner peace. Buy the Ugaoo Air Purifier Indoor Plants for Home with Pots- Areca Palm & ZZ Plant for your home. These special plants come along with beautiful pot and soil that can be peaceful. These pots have special homes in their bottom that you can use for watering the plants.

Fancy lights

Even though there is no requirement for fancy lies sometimes especially while hosting a party for enjoying the time with your friends these fancy lights might come in handy. There are a variety of fancy lights, but it would be better to purchase the ones that can also serve as a statue and provide certain illumination like the stars. Buy the Satyam Kraft Battery Powered 10 Clip Indoor Outdoor Decoration Light that can be used for hanging decorative photos and also for illuminating them at night. This will create a perfect environment in your living room or bedroom. The best way to design a house is by decorating it in a fancy but beautiful way.

Although most of these creative and decorative items present in the market are costly, they can last for a lifetime and they will enhance the beauty of your house. After purchasing these products, it is also essential to maintain them properly. They should be properly cleaned and prevented from unwanted dust materials. If designer items are not maintained properly, then they will become waste within a short span of time. If you want to purchase a product for your home, research the market properly before purchasing a particular product. Most of the designer products can be purchased directly from online websites like Amazon, which will reduce your work of searching all over the world. They are easy to find the best and use them in your home. Happy shopping.