Best Gym Cycles For Your Home In India

Are you looking for the best gym cycles for your home? Read this article to know the complete research about the best gym cyles for your home.

In the present scenario where we lack space and time, we need customizable fitness solutions that assist people of different age groups and fitness levels. The gym bicycles or exercise bicycles can assist a person for weight loss and fitness by presenting a complete workout system as an indoor exercise bicycle. Exercise bicycles are considered to be the most effective cardio-companion in the present day. They replicate the motion, energy distribution and physiological stimuli as in a normal road bicycle, alongside the option to customize various features to make it user friendly. Exercise bikes offer a simple fitness solution as compared to the rigorous workout routines as it strengthens various muscles in your legs and burns unwanted calories in your body. Various technologies have been imbibed into normal upright and recumbent type exercise bikes. 

Our Top Pick Home Gym Cycles In India

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Welcare WC6044 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Hand Pulse Sensor & LCD Monitor

Fitkit FK500 Steel Airbike

Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Fitness Exercise Cycle for Home/Magnetic X Bike for Weight Loss

Essential components of an exercise bicycle

Crank-pedal-axle assembly

These are the essential parts of any bicycle that is vital for the mechanical motion of the cycle. This system acts as the support to the other components of the cycle. The crankshaft converts the propelling motion of the rider to rotational motion which helps to drive the chain or belt. There are different types of pedals available commercially, which include the clipless, toe clipped and flat pedals. The specialized SPD (Shimano pedalling dynamics) pedals are one of the clipless types used in the spin bikes. Cranksets come in 3 different formats: single, double and triple sets. 

Flywheel and wheel resistance

The flywheel is housed inside a case where the pedalling action induces a resistance. The resistance to the motion is contributed by different force components, including frictional and magnetic forces. The modern-day bikes use air as resistance. This is done by using fan flywheels which is the improved version of flywheels. The flywheel is an essential component considering the transfer and storage of energy. 


Motion sensors, speedometers, ergometers and pulse sensors are distinctively used in every exercise bike to identify and adjust the corresponding levels of various parameters during the workouts. Sensors are located either within the handle or near the pedalling region. Quantities like pulse/ heart rate and calories burnt are monitored by the help of sensors with the handle grips. 

The storage and processing units and the display module

The control and processing unit can adjust the resistance level and display the performance of the user using the display module. The display system shows the performance of the user in terms of calories burnt; distance covered, speed and various other parameters. Many of the recently developed units use artificial intelligence to assess the performance of the user and to customize the workout routine of the user. 

Belt drives and chains

They transfer the energy from the pedal-crank to the flywheel and guides its motion. Belts are mostly preferred over classical chains in indoor bikes. Belt drives use a rubber belt for the transmission of motion on the contrary; the chain uses a sprocket for the transmission of motion. The belts don’t last as long as the chains but belts are noise proof. The chains used but have to be given consistent lubrication. 


The saddle is the seating facility within the bike. There are both broad and simple seats. The seats can be occupying an upright or reclining orientation. The reclining posture can be helpful to people who have a back injury or are aged. In the upright and indoor cycles, the seating is comparatively narrow as compared to the ones present in the recumbent type. 


The handlebar is also necessary to establish a stable posture. The handlebars can also house various sensors in it. Numerous grip designs are also used to handle grips to improve the overall user experience. The handlebars can also stay upright or can be oriented ellipsoidal. There are various designs where the movement of the handles are synchronized with the movement of the pedals. In such bikes, the entire body is effectively in motion.

Types of Exercise bikes

There are different categories of exercise bikes which are commercially available in the market. Based on its overall construction. The following are various types of exercise bikes that are presently available in the market.

Upright exercise bike

This category comprises the most common and affordable model of an exercise bike with seating comfort and limited choice of customization. It can accomplish the requirements of a person looking for a basic cardio workout to strengthen the muscles in the leg, including the quadriceps. The simple design of it makes it user friendly and very much transposable. They can give you a low impact work out. 

Recumbent exercise bike

The primary feature that gives recumbent bikes the edge over classical bikes is the improved seating comfort. The reclining seating position is designated to support your back during the workout. The pedals are placed slightly ahead of the rider, and this provides more stability to the user. Cycling on the recumbent bike can improve your muscles around the hip region, including the glutes and lower abdominal muscles. People with ailments related to back, hip and leg are mostly advised to use this type. 

Combination or hybrid exercise bikes

The combination of both categories has a wider workout advantage as it can focus on abdominal and leg muscles. This type of bike can be a bit more expensive than the individual upright or recumbent type. There are few combination bikes available in the market which can operate in multiple modes. 

Indoor cycling bikes

On an indoor cycle, there are multiple options to cycle. The user can also use the bike in a standing position. The handlebars are also placed very much towards the front side, and the whole body positioning during the cycling hence ensures the involvement of core, upper and lower body muscles when the rider is cycling. These are designed to enhance performance, and hence mostly seating comfort isn’t precisely considered in the design of indoor cycling bikes.

Spin bikes

Spin bikes can improve a wider level of muscles, including the abdominal and back muscles apart from the improvement to the leg muscles. They are relatively easier to shift. They have a simple adjustable seating provision and reinforced pedals. They are considered to be effective in a whole body workout as the effects of the workout can span onto the spine, glutes, hips, and quadriceps. The upper body is also very much stressed during the workout. 

Advanced models

There are advanced versions of these bikes incorporated with advanced technologies to suit the user. Apart from using these bikes as an exercise bike, customized bikes that mimic the outer world

Self-powered exercise bikes

The prime advantage of the self-powered exercise bikes is that you needn’t supply with additional power as the power generator stores the energy output for power consumption by the device. Domyos 500 is an example of self-powered bikes. It also has heart rate sensors integrated into the handles. Though it provides a lot of advantages, the maintenance of the entire equipment is costlier than the other types. 

Air bike

Air bikes have specialized air resistance mechanisms. This feature is developed by the addition of a fan into the flying wheel system. Most of the high-end present-day exercise bikes use this technology. Air bikes can give you a complete body workout as the motion of the handles is synchronized with the motion of the pedals. It can work in both high-intensity total body workout mode, and low-intensity total body workout modes. There is also an option for unlimited wind resistance for a high-intensity workout. 

Watt bikes

These bikes with the aid of various advanced technologies and artificial intelligence can replicate the effect of cycling on the road, and it is performed by accurately finding the power output in watts from the load cell connected to the chain. Most watt bikes are chain driven with adjustable air and magnetic resistance. It has an SPG pedal design. It can separately quantify the motion in both pedals. It’s relatively costlier than other classical bikes. 

Criterion for selection of the best model


The overall efficiency of the equipment is assessed by the power consumption and the operability at different exercise modes. The equipment should be universal and also be customizable so that the user end requirements are met. The equipment should be a solution for a professional going for rigorous workouts and also to aged people seeking normal cardio routines. 

Portability and space consumption

The equipment should consume minimum space, and it should be easily transportable and transposable. The equipment should be made easily broken down and assembled in case of urgency. 

Primary cost

Cost of the model is very much dependent on the technologies employed, the overall construction of the equipment and the quantities they monitor. The cost may also depend on the portability of the equipment and space consumed by the equipment. The advent of AI and other advanced technologies have brought in bicycles like the watt bike.


The durability of the machine without any problems to the parts or machinery or any software errors to various assistive systems is a key component judged while selecting an indoor exercise bike. Though it is evident that indoor bikes have less probability of having erroneous equipment or parts, yet we need to ensure that the producer offers a reasonable warranty period to rectify faults related to the equipment. 


The equipment should hold the minimum maintenance cost, and there must be a sound customer support team and service to assist in case of a fault in the machinery. There is a high risk of sensors getting damaged, and in such cases, immediate rectification should be performed. The chain or belt that is used for the transmission of motion should also be timely monitored or lubricated based on necessity. 


Comfort is offered by a number of varieties of the saddle and the seat cushion. People with pain and discomfort can preferably use this for basic workout and cardio. Cushions are provided to make the seating arrangement. 

Fitness level monitoring

The pulse rate or the heart rate, the pressure, calories burnt etc. must be recorded by the system. Additionally, parameters like distance covered, speed and time of the workout should also be recorded and displayed to the user to help the user decide on the time for one effective work out cycle by any random user. 

AI assistant algorithms

Numerous AI-assisted exercise bikes can help in making a proper workout routine based on the requirement of the user. They also have the potential to analyze the pattern of cycling motion and to recommend the suitable mode of training. 

Resistance adjustment

The resistance adjustment should enable the user to work on different training levels from rigorous workouts to the simple cardio for normal users. 

Minimal health risks

Design of the equipment should ensure that the posture and the drive should be healthy for the user as an irregular posture can cause muscle pain. There should also be the technology that should be able to monitor the health of the user and also to suggest or customize various existing training modes in a way suitable for the user. 

Welcare WC6044 Elliptical Cross Trainer with Hand Pulse Sensor & LCD Monitor


  • Currently, this is the best available recumbent exercise bike in the Indian market
  • It can be used as a Cross trainer and regular cycling equipment.
  • The resistance system present in the system is the Magnetic resistance system 
  • The flywheel can undergo a two-way rotation, and the entire system of the flywheel is designed to exert less pain to the knee joints
  • The processing unit in the bikes analyzes the user’s performance, and this is displayed on a monitor. Various parameters recorded include the speed, time, distance, scan, heart rate and calories burnt
  • A single crankset is used, and the propelling action is induced on the pedals, which causes mechanical motion. Different types of pedals are used in this type of equipment, mainly the non-slip. The SPG design clipless pedals can also be used. 
  • This design can be useful to people who have joint pain, hip pain and back pain.



Fitkit FK500 Steel Airbike


  • These bikes deploy an air resistance to the cyclic motion.
  • They have a 3kg flywheel with a fan design which contributes towards the air resistance. 
  • The display monitor shows time, speed, distance, calories during the workout. Various sensors, including the motion sensors, speedometers and heart-rate sensors are present in the pedal assembly and the handles to know various parameters. 
  • The saddle available is height adjustable with no advanced cushions designed for comfort, but still, positional adjustments could be made based on user’s discretion. 
  • The processing unit within the equipment can help the customization of the resistance levels in the unit. 
  • These bikes can be focused to provide a low-intensity full body work out, or the infinite intensity work out.



Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle


  • It has a comparatively higher weight withstanding capacity (100kg) as compared to the general models.
  • They have adjustable handles housing various sensors. They are movable to obtain different overall orientations. 
  • They also possess non-slipping pedals in the pedal-crank assembly that can help in smooth movement
  • The saddle is well equipped with a cushioned seating, and hence the system ensures comfort to the user.
  • The resistance levels in the bike is customizable, and hence workout intensity can be properly monitored. 
  • The prime feature of this model is the Belt drive system in the bicycle. A belt drive system is generally preferred to the 
  • This equipment records your workout time, speed and calories burnt while handling the equipment



Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Fitness Exercise Cycle for Home/Magnetic X Bike for Weight Loss


  • It has a 4kg flywheel system. The maximum bearable weight for the bike is 110kg 
  • It has a one-way belt drive system which is comparatively noise proof.
  • The equipment uses anti-skid pedals with a proper modifiable foot strap. The crankset and pedals function together for the transmission of motion. 
  • It has a specialized magnetic brake system with magnets oriented parallel to each other.
  • It has an elliptical handle housing the heart rate sensors. The sensors detect and display various parameters. 
  • The saddle has a comfortable seat, which is broad and giving additional back support.