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How To Start A Home Gym In India?

To have a home gym set, start on a low budget, and get the necessary items at first. A home gym kit shall include the essential items that you cannot miss to exercise. You get the maximum personal space with a gym at home and can practice at your pace. If you do not wish to spend high-amount, consider buying second-hand items for home gym equipments.

We are restricted from going out nowadays due to COVID-19, and if that not be the case, people with busy schedules and work duties often find it challenging to keep up with their gym membership commitments. Many people pay for the membership but hardly find any time to go to the gym. On the contrary, it is of utmost importance to stay healthy and fit in the prevailing situations. You cannot neglect your health and body while fulfilling your other responsibilities. In such cases, you think what shall you do that you can do at the gym, stay healthy, and be on time for other things well. To all these problems, the home gym is the answer. 

Why should you set up a gym at home?

While the ultimate reason to open a gym at home can vary from person to person, there are many popular and common reasons too. There are numerous benefits of a home gym over a regular gym. We are mentioning a few benefits of a home gym that it brings along:

One-time investment: In the professional gyms, you have to take its membership again and again, and it is associated with high cost. When you open a home gym, no membership amount is required, and you have to pay only once that also for buying home gym equipment for your personal use. You invest in the home gym equipment for one time and use them for a lifetime. 

Personal space: Many people do not feel comfortable exercising and gyming amongst other people. It becomes a hindrance to the growth, and the home gym solves this problem completely. As you are at home, you can exercise with ease at your own pace. 

Hygiene factor: Keeping the hygiene factor in mind, the home gym is the best option that you can have. Amidst several people exercising and sweating in a gym, the hygiene level decreases drastically. Opening a home gym is the only alternative if you do not wish to compromise on hygiene. 

Money-saving: Costly gym memberships take a lot of money away from you monthly, and you do not notice it. Once you start a home gym, you will realize the money you are saving and how costly were those gym memberships.

Anytime fitness: To work out in a home gym, you do not have to follow any particular schedule. You can start exercising at any time of the day you wish to. If you feel you cannot sleep and want to use your time productively, you can instantly start gyming even at midnight. 

Expertise: When you start gyming without a trainer, you learn a lot about exercise and your body. You can take your time to figure out what works for you and whatnot. 

Saves time: At some places, there are few numbers of gyms and are located at faraway locations. In such cases, commuting eats up most of your time. But, if you have your own gym at home, you can start working out right away.

Prioritize your goals: You can set up a home gym according to your goals and aims. You do not have to spend money on expensive equipment and get the home gym kit as per your gyming requirements. 

No-more embarrassing situations: When you are at your place, you do not have to worry about embarrassing situations, and people watching you fall or fail. You also do not have to worry about people judging you or watching you as you learn to work out. 

Optimum use of spacious homes: If you have a vacant space at home that is of no use, you can use it optimally by opening a home gym. Also, there are no rules to follow at a home gym, and you can do everything you like. 

Privacy: Opening a home gym is the best alternative for people who do not wish to come in contact with many people regularly. You will feel much more secure in your home rather than exercising in a bunch of unknown people. 

Important things for consideration when opening a home gym

When you open your gym at home, it means that you will be arranging everything on your own. You have to understand the basic things of fitness and learn how you can achieve your goals. For example, whether your goal is to gain muscles or lose weight, you have to do weight training. One cannot bring a treadmill to their home and expect to fulfill all their workout goals with the same. Some other things that you have to take care at the time opening a home gym are as follows: 

Setting a fitness goal

The most important thing to consider when you set up a home gym is your individual fitness goal. Deciding what you want to achieve and your focus goal will help you to list out the types of equipment you need. For beginners, to decode their equipment, you can first learn your workout style and then invest accordingly.

Allotting space to the gym

To make a gym at home, you have to designate a special place or room for it. The size of the area you need also depends on the kind of equipment you buy. If you wish to buy only the necessary items, a small place will also do fine.


Deciding the budget of your gym at home is one of the most vital steps of the process. Your budget decides the quality and quantity of pieces of equipment you can buy. It’s always a better choice to start on a low budget and with basic items. Later on, you can go for heavy machinery and expensive items also.

Essential equipment required according to fitness goals

Your home gym set should require the necessary workout items and essential pieces of machinery. As you set up your fitness goal and budget, the next step is to purchase the things. Always start with the essential home gym set items that you cannot skip at any cost. 

For weight loss- low budget

If your foremost fitness goal is to lose weight, you need only some of the essential items that also do not require much investment. If you are on a low budget and looking for burning extra fat on your body, consider buying things such as a  yoga mat, balance trainer, Jump rope, Stepper, etc on Amazon. 

For strength training- medium budget

If you wish to build strength, you need exercise-specific equipment, and adding muscle mass requires additional use of weights. In such a case, the kind of items you need are dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, weighted plates, etc. 

For overall training- high budget

To get equipment for overall training, you should have a high budget. You can add items such as a set of barbells, a set of dumbbells, squat rack, wheel roller, etc. 

Safety measures to take with a gym at home

You have to be extra careful when you get a gym set for home because you are responsible for all your training and workouts. Under no supervision, there are chances that things can go wrong or out of control. With a gym set for home, the risk for injuries and incorrect workout sessions is high. It can be extremely dangerous to perform wrong exercises, not doing the right flooring, etc. while being alone at home. Therefore, take care of the following things to ensure your safety. 

Get a virtual trainer: You have to ensure that you seek guidance from someone who has expertise in this field. If you do not wish to get a trainer, you can learn basic exercises from YouTube or collaborate with a virtual trainer. A friend who has professional experience can also guide you with the right postures and movements in the initial days. 

Your surroundings: For some exercises, you need additional space to perform them. If you have a closed space for your home gym set, things can get tricky. To manage such situations, be aware of your surroundings, such as fans, light, chairs, bed, etc. Always take care of your surrounding things to avoid getting hurt unnecessarily. 

Research is important: As you get a home gym set, you have to perform a thorough research about the workouts, exercises, and kinds of equipment. It is also vital that you properly learn about the new exercises that you wish to perform on your own. Learning about the correct postures and the right movements can go a long way. To get these things right, you can turn to the internet and watch informational videos or take guidance from an online trainer. 

Warm-up: Whether you are working out at a gym or your home, a proper warm-up holds the same importance at both places. Never forget or neglect warming up before you start working out at your place. For the warm-up, you can try high knees, jumping jacks, or a fast walk. 

Proper rest: If you get a gym set for home, it does not mean that you can train yourself as you wish. You have to take special care of your body and see that you get enough rest after an intense workout session. Your body needs time to relax and recover. Therefore, do not underestimate the significance of resting your body. 

Management: Management of your items and machinery is a vital aspect of a gym set for home. Ensure that you place the things back after the workout so that you do not get hurt. Dedicate a place to store all the gym items and other related material. Keep them back at the same place after finishing your workout. It will add to the life of your items and help you manage your gym at home in a better way. 

List of important home gym equipment


 Cross trainer is a famous cardio gadget. It is useful for developing leg muscles as well as helps in weight loss. You can find a variety of them from online websites.

Treadmill or Jogger

Treadmill is one of the core gym accessories that you will at every gym and workout place. In case you are on a tight budget, you can skip it and run outdoors for a warm-up. 


If your goal is to develop abs, bosu is essential for training midsections. It is also a good equipment for people with back pain and lower back problems.

A set of dumbbells

For weight training at home, owning a set of dumbbells is essential. You can select the weight of dumbbells according to your fitness requirements and weight lifting goals. You can exercise your shoulders, bench presses, and for working out the chest muscles.


Having a home gym set is a win-win situation if you want to save your money and enjoy personal space. The utmost advantage of a gym at home is that you can exercise at any time, and anyhow you wish to. You don’t have to purchase high-end items to open your gym at home. It is good to start with primary material and simple exercises, and you can gradually buy more items and begin with intense workouts.