How To Clean The BoreWell Water?

Are you living in an area where you are using bore well water for drinking but confused about how to clean it? Read this article for more details.

How to purify bore well water at home?

Do you know that, ideally, the bore well water is not as hazardous to your health as it possesses? However, because of its sour taste, it is something which you normally don’t like to drink. Here, we have provided you with the best natural ways to purify the bore well water for your daily needs at your home itself. The quality of the bore well water keeps on changing with rainy or prolonged dry seasons. This means that it’s the time when you would be highly recommended to purify the bore well water for daily use naturally.

Reasons because of which you have to purify bore well water –

There are a few families who are dependent on bore well water for their regular use. It does not possess any serious effect on your health or skin. However, it is best to purify the bore well water for the following few reasons – 

  • Presence of heavy metals
  • Water hardness
  • Contamination

How can you deal with the hardness of the bore well water?

Do you know what factor decided that the water is hard or not? It is the percentage of calcium and magnesium in the water, which determined the hardness of the water. The association for water quality has declared that consuming hard water is safe for health. It does not cause any harm to your body’s health or skin. However, the presence of calcium and magnesium supplements in the hard water fulfills the deficiency of these supplements in your body.

You must remember that if the water is highly contaminated, then it would be harmful for your intake. For determining this, you must first know about the hardness of the water. You can use the TDS meter to know that your borewell water has below 200 PPM or above. The meter determines if the hardness is more. As far as the PPM level is high, the water will be sour.

Is it important to have a water purifier for Borewell water?

If you are looking forward to using the bore well water for drinking, then it is crucial to have a water purifier. The Reverse Osmosis or RO is the process that purifies the water and makes it fit for drinking. It eliminates the hardness level of the bore well water. Not just that, it also improves the color, taste, and odor of the bore well water. Thus, it is necessary to have a water purifier for using bore well water.

What must you do for purifying the bore well water for using it for other household purposes?

Do you use the bore well water to fulfill your daily water requirements like bathing, cleaning, or washing clothes? Then there is a possibility that you might have seen the occurrence of white marks on your skin, especially after bathing with bore well water. Borewell water often damages your hair and makes them rough. And wait, it also leaves marks on your floors and utensils.

That’s not it; hard water also damages the inner parts of the washing machine, bathroom fittings, and geysers. Not everyone can afford a water purifier to fulfill all the requirements. Thus, it would be best if you try your hand on a water softener. Install it in the water tank and experience the difference.

Borewell water is safe for drinking purposes. However, using the RO water purifier is only used to improve the taste of the water. In case your bore well water is highly contaminated, then you must opt for both RO+UV water purifier.

Understand the whole house water purification system for Borewell water –

Using nanofiltration or reverse osmosis system is a better option for the complete house water filtration. If you use the RO water purifier, then the amount of rejected amount of water would be around 20%. However, you can use both the waters  – the purified one for drinking, cooking, bathing, and such purposes and the rejected one can be used for cleaning, washing, flushing, etc. 

But as you know that the rejected water would have high salt content, which would leave white scales on the floor and also white patches on the fabric. Thus, for final cleaning, you would need to use purified water.

Lastly, you can opt for the option of a water softener. It is the best and the most affordable way of getting clean water.

How can you deal with the presence of heavy metals in bore well water?

Borewell water in some places has heavy metals like arsenic, lead, and fluoride, which is dangerous for health. If you are not sure about what is present in your bore well water, then you must send it for water testing services in the laboratories. In case the water has a high quantity of heavy metals, then choosing the RO water purifier is the best option. Other than that, the gravity-based water filter is beneficial and cost-effective. And if you are not on a budget, then you can opt for both UV + RO water purifier to clean the bore well water.

How to purify bore well water at home?

The easiest and useful method to purify the dirty water of bore well is by adding a solution of Alum into the tank in which the bore well water enters. Alum is safe for consumption and is a substance which is used by almost all the public water authority. It allows the sediment in the water to settle in the tank, thus provide clean water.


After you have gathered all the information, you can go for the best bore well water purifier or filtration system. It is dependent on the TDS level of the bore well water, which varies from place to place. 

First, check the TDS level of the bore well water from the laboratory. Now, after getting the results, you can choose the right water purification system to do house plumbing work at your home. We hope you find this article helpful in understanding the best way to purify the bore well water.