How To Convert Your Home Into YouTube Studio?

Preparing a YouTube studio will take a lot of time and money. But if you are looking for a cheap decoration technique read the passage below to know how to prepare your own home-based studio.

YouTube is a portal that is used by most of the people. It is used for expressing their talents and also for learning. But these people do not have the ability to own a separate studio for recording their videos. In such situations, the best option available is to convert their own home into a YouTube studio. For converting a room into a youtube studio, there are specific instruments and things required. These products are of low cost, and they can be used for setting up a cheap studio at your home for a reasonable price. Before taking a look at the products that need to be purchased, other things need to be done. Like preparing a room and other small things. Let us see them in detail. 


The first and foremost, the thing that needs to be taken into account by preparing a YouTube Studio is selecting the proper room in your house. Even though you are going to be using a high tech microphone, you still need a place with good lighting and excellent sound absorption. There should not be any echo available in these rooms. If not, try to soundproof the office to a certain extent as they might be useful while recording and editing audio. The room windows should be adequately covered with tinted glass to allow proper lighting and if you are not planning to use a background, then paint the room fresh. 


The next most important thing for preparing a youtube video is the presence of software. When you record a video and audio, they will not be perfect. So specific changes need to be made. For those changes, you need a proper Video editor, Audio editor, VFX tool and also some tools to introduce graphical contents if you have previous experience. The video editor should be of high quality with the power to merge the videos and audios. IF you wish you can also use subtitles editors to create and place them in your video.


While preparing a room for your Youtube videos, make sure that they are comfortable. For example, if you are performing a cooking program, then you need a perfect desk to cook and work on. Similarly, for a talk show, you need a set of chairs and a desk. So according to your channel requirements, create your surroundings and set them up. Try to change these set up now and then to increase the attraction and more people will be attracted to the program because of these constant variations. Along with these setups, other digital and electronic items are needed to create a perfect studio. Some of the everyday things include a camera, video camera, stand, screen, tripod stand, etc.. Let us now see about them in detail.


The camera is the first and foremost thing that you need to create a YouTube studio. But it is not essential to have a high tech video camera. If you are low in money, a simple mobile camera with excellent video quality will be more than enough. But if you are looking for an actual camera, then you can always buy a DSLR camera and use the video option present in it to record a video. Usually, a DSLR camera has good image quality and using them for recording videos will be more suitable. While purchasing a DSLR camera make sure that it has a good memory but if it doesn’t buy a separate SD card with a good memory like 64 GB or higher than that to record a video for at least 2 hours. The memory card is an essential part of a camera because without it wouldn’t be possible for you to take videos for long hours.

Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 Digital SLR Camera (Black) with EF S18-55 is II Lens, 16GB Card and Carry Case.

Even though there are multiple options in the market, there are only certain brands that have attracted many users due to its excellent quality and durability. Canon is one such company that has been existing in the world of digital media for the past decade. The brand is well known for manufacturing a wide variety of cameras that are of high quality with crystal clear images. They have been striving hard in the world of digital media, but they still manage to produce a variety of designs with innovative technology. The company has it’s very own research and development team which aims at reducing the size of the camera and increasing the clarity of the image. The new product is the Canon EOS 1500D 24.1 Digital SLR Camera (Black) with EF S18-55 is II Lens, 16GB Card and Carry Case. This particular camera is preferred by people all over the country because of their high quality and increased storage capacity. This specific camera comes along with a 16GB SD card, but they can be replaced with top GB cards as per your requirement. This is a special DSLR camera that is used by some of the professional photographers by combining them with various lenses and lighting. They have a separate video mode making it suitable for you to record the YouTube videos and publish them in high definition quality. This camera is easy to hold, and they also come along with an attached chain allowing you to place them safely around your neck. They are portable and can be carried everywhere. This particular camera set can be converted into a fixed video camera by using a good tripod stand.  This camera also has a variety of other features that need to be noted before purchasing them. Let us now view them in detail. 

Image enlargement – One of the essential features that are offered by this particular DSLR camera is that it has 24.1 MP and can capture the images with utmost clarity. The main advantage is that after capturing the picture, they can be zoomed and cropped to create a perfect effect on the photo. The aspect ratio of that particular area can also be changed for providing decent quality. The camera also has a unique feature that allows you to blur the objects present in the background and zoom in on one particular purpose. This specific portrait mode will enable you to take professional photos with proper accuracy. 

Storage and sensors – The camera sets have a sufficient storage capacity of 16GB. But if you do not feel satisfied, you can always purchase a separate SD card for storing your content. The next important thing that should be noted while buying a camera is its ability to perceive light. This particular camera has an automatic image sensor that allows you to filter the light and experience excellent and clear images.

This particular camera set comes along with a user-friendly operating system that allows you to handle it with ease without proper training. This camera can be bought in a Canon showroom, or it can also be purchased directly from online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. The camera set has a reasonable warranty period and can be used for an extended period without any issues.


The next most important thing that you need to purchase for setting up a YouTube studio is the presence of a tripod. With the help of this tripod, you can fix the camera in a particular place and record the videos without the help of others. There are separate tripods available for mobile phones and iPhones. But if you are purchasing a tripod for a camera to acquire them carefully. The tripod should have the proper ability to hold the camera in place and do not fall when there is a slight disturbance. When you are recording a video in a studio, there might be some movements, and you might stumble on the tripod. In such situations, it should not fall off. The tripod should hold the camera in place to prevent the breakage. 

AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag: Amazon essential is a brand that is personally supported by the Amazon company. Usually, these products are of high quality, and they are supported and backed up by the company. So if there is any issue with the product, Amazon will take care of the damage. Amazon basics support multiple products. Some of these products include furniture, electronic items, and other mechanical items. Recently they have been supporting a tripod that is of excellent quality. Their products are properly tested for durability and quality before delivering them to the users. People prefer purchasing the products from them because of their quality and confidence they have on this particular brand. Their recent products are the AmazonBasics 60-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag. This particular product is a tripod stand. The people widely use it because of the brand and quality. This tripod stand is suitable for DSLR cameras. They have a unique adjustment setting that allows you to place the camera and hold them in place. So now you can place any camera and adjust the some accordingly. The stands are lightweight but sturdy enough to hold the camera in place without falling off. They are portable and can be carried everywhere. This particular tripod can hold a camera that weighs up to 3 kgs. They also have a variety of other features. Let us now see about them. 

Levelling and extension – This particular tripod can be extended and folded according to your convenience. They can extend between 20″ to 50 inches. The tripod comes along with the unique levelling technique that allows you to place the camera straight so that the video captured will be levelled and perfect. Using this particular stand you can adjust the position of the camera and fox them according to your convenience. 

Base – The base of the tripod is secure, and they are economically designed to withstand sudden vibrations and movements in the surroundings. The stand has a unique rubber bush at the end that avoids the slipping of the stand. The base can withstand the pressure of the camera. The stand has unique adjustment handles that allow you to move or rotate the camera according to your flexibility. This will enable you to capture the motion of the YouTubers without making it obvious to the users watching them. The image captured will be perfect without any disruptions.

This stand can be purchased directly from the line website of Amazon. The product is of good quality, and even if there is an issue with the quality, you can always replace them within the first 15 days of purchase. The stand is made up of good quality metal, allowing you to record the videos peacefully without worrying about the stand snapping off in the middle of the video. This particular stand comes along with a good warranty, and they are available for a low price. It allows all types of swivel motions and levelling. The adjustments or transitions between the shots can be performed easily with no help. The size of the product is 61.49 x 11.18 x 10.41 cm. 


The next most important requirement while designing YouTube Studio is the presence of a microphone. Even though most of the cameras have an inbuilt microphone, they are not suitable for YouTube level videos. They can be used for private videos and also for making video calls. But for recording YouTube video, you might need a high-quality microphone. This microphone can be used while recording and also can be used for podcast and voice-overs during editing. By purchasing a microphone, make sure that you do not purchase a standard microphone that you use for a mobile phone and other features. For this technique, the microphone should be of high quality and also should have the ability to absorb all the words mentioned. Sometimes you might be forced to do a live program, and in such situations, a good set of microphones will save your day. 

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac, Cardioid Condenser Capsule, Adjustable Stand, Plug and Play – White: Blue is a company that is well known for producing high-quality microphones and other recording devices that are famous in the world of microphones. This particular brand is well-known among most of the podcast people and also among the YouTubers. The tools that are produced by them are of high quality, and they can absorb audio with the utmost quality. The company has released line microphones that belong to the category of snowball. The mike looks precisely like a snow wall and can be placed on the station using the triple stand present in this microphone. This microphone can absorb your voice correctly, and they can also be used for voice over during the editing process. Their recent model is the Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic for Recording and Streaming on PC and Mac, Cardioid Condenser Capsule, Adjustable Stand, Plug and Play – White. This particular product is famous among the people, especially the YouTubers. The microphone can absorb your voice clearly, and the recorded sound can be stored in a computer by collecting them through the USB portal available at the back of the ball. This particular microphone comes along with an exceptional standard that allows you to keep it as a doll near the desktop. This specific Technology e is approved by both Skype and discord. This microphone can be placed in your desktop for further access during the voice over. This particular microphone is available in a beautiful white colour that will go well along with the decor of the other camera items. Some of the essential features that need to be noted are,

Proper audio absorption – This lenticular microphone is used for recording audio while recording or during a podcast. This particular microphone can be used for all types of recording. They have good audio quality and the ability to absorb your voice and other music correctly without any discrimination. This particular company is well known for producing high-quality audio recording devices. This product is used widely in radio stations, and you can use them in your youtube stone studio for both live and recorded programs. 

Adjustable stand – The next important feature available in the microphone is the ability to adjust the stand according to its requirement. They can be placed on the desktop or on the place you ate, recording your video for proper audio absorption. Sit directly on the line for proper sound absorption. If you’re recording full standing or doing other work, you can record the audio separately and link them with the video to produce a proper digital audio effect. If you are not comfortable with this audio device, you can always use a standard Bluetooth microphone. Then you can perform re-recording to record the audio. This product is available on the Amazon website and can also be purchased from the shops. They have a reasonable warranty period, and the price is also low.

CEUTA® Collar Mic Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone Omnidirectional Mic with Easy Clip-On System Perfect for Recording Youtube/Interview/VideoConference/Podcast/ iPhone

Even though the microphone mentioned above is highly useful, they cannot be applied when you are preparing a YouTube video or while cooking or doing some other work. The snowball microphone is suitable only while sitting down or wild re-recording. So to use a microphone while preparing and performing other activities the best option is to purchase the CEUTA® Collar Mic Professional Grade Lavalier Lapel Microphone Omnidirectional Mic with Easy Clip-On System Perfect for Recording Youtube/ Interview/ VideoConference/ Podcast/ iPhone. This is a particular type of clip microphone that can be used for recording music or your voice. This microphone can be connected to your mobile through a single application and used for recording the audio and finally merging it with the video. The sound from the video is perfectly documented, and this microphone is the best option available in the market. This particular microphone is available for sale in online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Any extra sound for disturbances in the audio clipping can be easily removed using the editor.


Another important thing that should be taken care of while constructing a YouTube Studio is to prepare proper lighting. If you are present in a room surrounded by natural light, then there wouldn’t be any type of problem in the video.  But if you are present in a dark room, then you need some extra light to make the video more clear and bright. There are many types of lights available in the market. This light can be used for photography and also for creating videos. One thing you have to take care of is to create proper lighting according to the surrounding. If you are using a single room, then try a different type of setting with the light and choose the one that fits the most. There are many types of lights in the market, but this one is most preferred by the people who prefer to set up a YouTube Studio within their own home or office. Simpex is a company that has been gaining popularity with its high-quality products. This company is an Indian based company and they have been working hard introducing multiple cameras and video-related accessories. One such product they have entered lately is the lights. This light is built with modern technology and can be used for multiple purposes. The brightness of the light can be adjusted, and if you want a filter light, you can add some filters according to your requirement. Their recent product is the Simpex Sl 30W Dual Color Led Video Light for YouTube Video Shooting Portrait, Product Photography. This particular light is suitable for taking videos and photography. They are of high quality and come along with a diffuser and an adaptor. The lighting comes in dual colour, and the emitted light contains a perfect output. The entire light weighs about 1.6 kg, and it can be fitted to a tripod stand or any other stand depending upon your requirement. The light also comes along with a white cloth to emit the soft light. This particular light is suitable for professional photographers and also for YouTubers. This specific light is available for sale directly from the company website or even possible from Flipkart and Amazon.

Proper background

The next important setting that needs to be taken care of while preparing a YouTube Studio is to have a proper background. You can use your background in the house by decorating it with items like a flower vase and posters. If you are not interested in such a background and need a simple one, you can always purchase the green simple background cloth available in online websites and in particular photography-related shops. You can buy various types of backgrounds like a black one, a white or experience with designs available. But if you use a simple green background cloth, you can change it according to your wish in the video editor and also create an animated object using a proper VFX tool. There are many green background clothes available in the market.

God Boy LEKERA Backdrop Photo Light Studio Photography Background, Size: 8 x12 FT, green backdrop background: God boy is a company that is Indian based and well known for producing a variety of background designs and materials that are used by professional photographers and video graphics. They are also used in certain shooting spots. The company has been under existence for the past few years. They have been gaining popularity, and their new product is the God Boy LEKERA Backdrop Photo Light Studio Photography Background, Size: 8 x12 FT, green backdrop background. This particular photography background cloth material is used for television, video production and Digital Photography. They are made up of high-quality fabric material, and the size is 8 x 12 ft. The content is in a bright green colour, and they can be ironed using a good steam iron when there is an issue. This particular product is available on an online website like Amazon. They can be used in your studio like a screen. But if you do not have a proper screen Hanger, you can buy the backdrop holder along with this. But if you do not want to purchase a stand, you can simply use the screen holder and place the fabric material on the holder using the loops.

Even though these are the main products that are required to set up a YouTube Studio, other things need to be taken into account. For example, there will be a lot of wires running over, and to make them clean, you have to purchase a Zip tie or a wire Hanger to make sure that you do not fall off by tripping over the wires. Also, certain people perform cooking and other crafts, making ideas on the YouTube channel, which requires a desk and proper setup. According to your YouTube channel, you can arrange these items and set up your studio. After shooting the entire video, the next step would be to use the software and edit the complete video before posting it on the channel. While posting, make sure all the unwanted clips are correctly removed, and there is an excellent continuity in the video. So purchase all these products and install the required software to make your YouTube channel a successful one in the future.