Best House Burglar Alarm Systems In India

There are a variety of designs and models of burglar systems available in the market. Choose the best model available after reading the features given below.

With the increasing number of theft these days, most people prefer securing their homes with proper security systems like CCTV cameras and burglar alarm systems. People have nowadays lost their trust in security guards who sometimes can be manipulated. The amount paid for the security guards is also high, which can be easily replaced with the high-quality burglar alarm system. Having a CCTV camera will record the intruders, but it will not inform you about them in time, especially if you are residing inside the house. The best option is to purchase a burglar alarm system combined with CCTV cameras to catch the thief in time and prevent yourself from getting robbed. When you use a burglar alarm system most of the time, the thief will run away when the alarm starts ringing. So having an alarm system is much safer than the other types of security, and it also allows you to view the people entering your home before opening the door. There are a variety of alarm systems available in the market with varying features. But if you decide to purchase an alarm system, then certain features need to be covered on an essential basis. 

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Godrej Security Solutions Eagle-I Pro Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit (White)

QAWACHH Smart Sensor Electronic Fingerprint Steel Lock

NAVKAR SYSTEMS Auto Dial Home Security Wireless Burglar Alarm System

About the security system

This burglar alarm security system is a technique that multiple components and devices are used to secure the entire house. This particular Security System consists of a control panel, sensors that can be fitted on door and Windows, multiple motion sensors, security cameras, and a high decibel alarm system along with the stickers to warn the thief about the security system available in the house. All these sensors and motion sensors are placed all over the house. When the thief enters the house and tries to open the door window, the alarm system will be triggered, creating a high decibel alarm to alert the people within and outside the house. Sometimes if you are not within the house, the alert will be sent to your mobile phone and the company to provide help immediately. This particular control panel will be secured with a password, and you can enter and leave the house after entering this particular password. Without the password, no one can enter the house. The door should always be closed, and if forgotten, then the alarm system will alert you to close the door immediately. To purchase the alarm system, certain features need to be taken into account. Let us now see about them in detail. 

Control panel

The control panel is responsible for maintaining the security system. The panel is the location where all the Stored data will be sent. With the control panel’s help, you can easily arm and disarm the alarm with the correct security password. When there is any Intruder or any other issue, the control panel will immediately contact the alarm system company and inform them of the breach. It is also responsible for sending an alarm message to your mobile phone. This particular control panel should be made up of Touchpad Technology to make it easier for you to operate. They should also have the ability to remain in the outer area to be exposed to sunlight and rain. So purchasing an alarm system with a waterproof control panel will be more effective. Also, try to purchase a system with voice commands that can be operated without entering any detail, and they should be mostly wireless technology. They should be made up of high-quality plastic that cannot be degraded after exposure to the Sun.

Door and window sensors

The next important feature is the door and window sensors placed on every door and Windows present in the house. This particular sensor system consists of two different parts that are being placed next to each other. For example, if one sensor is placed on the door or window sill, the next set of sensors is placed adjacent to it directly on the Door or Window. When the window and door are closed, the sensors are joined together, creating a proper electrical circuit. This particular completed electrical circuits tense continuous signal to the control panel placed in the front of the home. So when they are opened without any prior information on the control panel, the alarm system will start to send the signal to the control panel, which will then Trigger the original alarm creating the sound. Along with this, the alarms company is also notified immediately. So while purchasing this particular alarm system, make sure that the cells used in the windows and doors are properly designed. They should be suitable for all types of Windows and doors so that even if you change the house, you can easily remove and fit them. Also, they should have the ability to withstand intense pressure and sunlight. 

Motion sensor

The motion sensor is responsible for detecting the movement in a particular location. If there is any external or internal movement, the alarm system will be triggered, and the company will be notified immediately. Most people place these motion sensors on the external area and in certain invisible spots with a high threat of theft. They should have good sensory intelligence, and they are generally used for protecting the rooms with valuables. It is essential to have a perfect motion sensor to detect the movement of humans and not Trigger the alarm for other small movements like the dog and other animals moving on the outer lawn. These motion sensors are mostly activated through infrared radiations, and purchasing a motion sensor with human detection technology will be useful on many issues. 

CCTV cameras.

There are many instances that CCTV cameras are commonly used by people nowadays. There are many individual CCTV cameras available for sale. But if you are looking forward to purchasing them as an entire set along with the burglar system, make sure that the CCTV camera that comes along with this particular system is of good quality. Check if the CCTV camera purchased is of high definition quality with night vision Technology. The camera should also have the ability to detect sudden movements and send information signals to the mobile phone. They should come along with a good storage capacity to store at least a week to a month’s video before deleting them. Purchasing a burglar system with cloud-based storage will allow you to maintain the records for a long time without having to worry about cleaning the hard disc. CCTV cameras can be used to monitor the front and end Gates, check the distant area of your property like the back-end pool, and use some remote buildings that are located away from the other common area. Sometimes people also use this CCTV camera to check the people moving in the road and check the person knocking the door before opening them. They can record all types of security malfunctions and report to you immediately. While a burglar system is necessary to indicate to you about the thief having a CCTV camera will show you their face and other details that can be recorded in a police complaint. Having a perfectly designed CCTV camera with the ability to rotate at all angles and provide HD quality videos is a good option for extra security. 

The alarm

The most important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a burglar alarm system is the main alarm. This alarm can create a variety of sounds when they are triggered. The alarm will mostly be connected to the control panel so that they can be triggered immediately. When the alarm starts to sound, they will send a message to the security company to inform them of the burglary and take immediate action even if there isn’t anyone present inside the house. While purchasing the alarm, make sure that it has a good life, and the sound produced by the alarm should be of high quality, and they should have the ability to alert the neighbors so that they will come for help. The alarm’s sound should have the ability to send the burger running away from your house within seconds of touching the door.


While most people prefer catching the burglar at hand, some people prefer it if they do not enter the house. In such situations placing the stickers of the security company around the home will warn the burglars about the type of protection the home is using. This will prevent you from experiencing any theft, stopping all the theft activities in the initial phase. These stickers are also useful to a certain extent, and you can also place the yard sign along with the stickers. All these qualities are important while purchasing a burglary alarm system. Make sure that the LCD screen on the control panel is of good quality and can provide HD level videos on the CCTV camera footage. There are many designs and models in the market, but ensure that all the features mentioned above are essentially present. The storage space for recording this data should be high enough to stand and hold the videos for at least the next seven days. Always remember to service the system now and then and update them according to the software provided by the alarm company. Given below are some of the commonly used burglar systems that are preferred by people all over the world. You can purchase them directly from the shop or purchase them through websites like Amazon and Flipkart.

Godrej Security Solutions Eagle-I Pro Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit (White)

Godrej is a company that has established itself as one of the world’s most famous security companies. The company has managed to produce a wide range of security-related products, including safe and locks. Now they have taken their development to a further level by developing a burglar alarm system. The company has already established a good name by manufacturing high-quality CCTV cameras, which are quite popular. Their products are well known among the people for air quality and efficiency. This particular company has service centers all over the world, and hence they can be serviced regularly when any issue occurs. The company started its market through trustworthy locks and has been expanding its territory insecurity ever since. The brand is well trusted among people worldwide, and Godrej protects most of the houses. The recent product released by Godrej company is the Godrej Security Solutions Eagle-I Pro Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit (White). This alarm set is available in a beautiful white color, and they provide high-quality protection of the thief and burglars. This is a wireless-based security system that allows you to protect your home under all situations. The main reason people prefer this particular security system is its innovative technology that allows you to receive alerts in the mobile and its stylish, eye-catching design. The technology can be operated by using a wireless remote control that can control the panel. Installing the application will allow you to receive a constant alert on all the issues, including low battery to your mobile. The standard edition comes with a control panel and remote control. Along with that, it also has other features like two window and doors sensors and motion sensors. But if you require more sensors, you can purchase them and connect with the company’s main control panel. 

Control panel – The control panel is available in a stylish slim design made up of feather Touch Technology. This particular technology will allow you to easily enter the password and numbers without having to press the button every time you enter the house. This particular burglar system is made up of wireless technology, and all the system components placed around the house connect to the control panel through wireless signals. 

Remote control – The remote control is available as a wireless form, and there can be used as a keychain so that you can have the control in your hand all the time. Along with this particular feature, the burglar system technology can be used for making up to five different phone calls and a 1-speed dial number that can be used in case of emergency. 

Advanced CCTV footage – if you have installed advanced CCTV cameras, then you can connect the footer just to your mobile phone and take a look at your house whenever required through this footage. This particular mobile phone-based application is essential and allows you to have a standby time of at least 5 hours. You will receive constant notifications, and the system also has a two-way speaking facility that allows you to talk with the intruders from the inside before actually going out. 

Along with these features, there are also many other advantages like save cellular communicator Technology and free installation. With the help of free installation and servicing, you can experience the best security service possible from this particular Godrej company. This product can be purchased either directly from the website or through the online shopping portals like Amazon. After purchasing, you can contact your local service center and book an appointment for free installation.

QAWACHH Smart Sensor Electronic Fingerprint Steel Lock

D3D company is a famous security company that is well known for creating designs and products related, home, and office security. Most of their products are of high quality, and they can last for a lifetime. This particular company has its own set of research and development teams who are well versed in creating new designs that have advanced advantages. The company has an established name among consumers because of their high quality and efficiency. They have created a variety of designs, including CCTV cameras and other security-related items. For the first time, they released a modern burglar system that can be used to protect the entire house and create a high-pitched alarm sound that will alert you of the intruders while they try to open the door or window. They have been trying to create advanced products that overcome the disadvantage of the previous products so that their customers will be satisfied with their performance. This particular company has service centers all over the country. If there is any alarm indication, the company will immediately send security guards to protect the house even if you are not present. Their recent product is the  D3D Wireless Wi-Fi & GSM Home Security Alarm System with Call & SMS Alerts Model D10. This alarm system comes with special features like a unique application that can be used for or sending calls and SMS alerts whenever there is an intruder alert in the house. They are available in a beautiful white color with a wireless remote connection that can be used as a keychain. This particular alarm system allows you to enter some details like if you are away from home the system will have more security, and if you want to design the alarm, you can use the separate passcode present. This alarm system comes with a separate lithium-ion battery that will take over when the burglar tries to switch off the power supply. As a result, this alarm system is considered safer because of the Wi-Fi connection they have with other systems like CCTV cameras and lights.

Wireless remote control – This system comes with a set of wireless remote controls that can be carried around everywhere. All the burglary protection related items are connected to the control panel, and along with that, if interested, you can connect your light and fan. This will allow you to manage the house even if you are outside using this hybrid technology. The application will allow you to operate the CCTV cameras placed around the house and also design the alarm using the special code. 

Alarm – Place special sensor fittings all over your house on every door and window so that you will be protected from intruders.  When an intruder is trying to open the window or door, the alarm will be triggered, which will provide a high-pitched noise that will alert not only you but also the neighboring houses. The alarm sound is good, and after triggering, the notification will be sent to the security company for immediate help from police and security. 

Motion sensor – The burglar alarm system comes along with a special motion sensor that can be placed around the house to detect the movement using special infrared radiation. The motion sensor has a special human movement detection sense that will allow you to avoid false alarms. They are mostly placed in remote areas so that when there is any activity, you can easily detect them. They can also be placed in the rooms with valuables. 

The setting up of this particular alarm system is quite easy. With the help of the rechargeable batteries, you can enjoy constant security even when there is a power cut. The entire security system is connected through a wireless network connection through Wi-Fi-powered through electricity and a backup lithium-ion battery. The standard product contains a control panel with a Limited number of senses, but if you require more, you can purchase them separately and connected with the main control panel. This particular product can be purchased directly from the website or through online websites like Amazon and Flipkart.  

NAVKAR SYSTEMS Auto Dial Home Security Wireless Burglar Alarm System with GSM & Door Sensor and 1 PIR Motion Sensor

Navkar is a famous security-based company that is well versed in manufacturing a wide range of products like CCTV cameras, safes, and burglar alarm systems. This particular Indian based company has established its name among the people in the country with its high-quality products made up of advanced technology. Their research and designing team is constantly involved in creating advanced designs that will work more efficiently and protect your home from outer issues. Their product is made up of good quality plastic material that can withstand extreme pressure and temperature. They are also trying to develop waterproof control panels so that they can be placed outside. One of their most famous products is the NAVKAR SYSTEMS Auto Dial Home Security Wireless Burglar Alarm System with GSM & Door Sensor and 1 PIR Motion Sensor. This particular product is made up of a beautiful white color that will add to the decor of your house and day come along with a set of the control panel, one motion sensor, and multiple window/door sensors. These products are normally available as a package, but if you have a large house and require more sensors, then you can purchase them individually and connect them to the main control panel through a Wi-Fi connection. The entire product is connected through a Wi-Fi connection, and they have special Antennas to increase the distance between the control panel and sensors. They are normally operated through electricity, but they can also function for a few hours without electricity through the backup batteries. 

The control panel is not touch-sensitive, but it has special antennas for enabling Wi-Fi connectivity throughout the house. All you have to do is connect the control panel to the power source and enjoy unlimited protection. You can also enter other details like whether you are within or outside the house using this particular alarm system. The control panel can also be connected to the mobile application that allows you to make changes and deserve the alarm using your mobile. This particular alarm system comes along with a special set of wireless remote that you can carry around and use them for arming and disarming the alarm through the panel. 

Sensors – This particular alarm system comes with a perfect set of motion sensors that can be placed in your chosen location, and you can also protect your doors and windows with electric sensors. They will allow you to enjoy the perfect security with a high pitched alarm that can be triggered if the doors and windows are opened without any notice. 

This burglar alarm system is one of the most advanced in the market, and they are available for a low price. This alarm system can be operated through remote control and mobile application. They are available for sale in their main showroom and available on websites like Amazon and Flipkart. They have service centers all over the country to provide immediate service in case of any error. 

This particular alarm system can be used for protecting your house and office at the same time. If you are out of the area, you can always rely on the alarm system to protect your house. The sound of the alarm is as important as they have the efficiency to alert the neighboring houses and provide additional protection for you. After purchasing the alarm system, call their respective companies for installation, and make sure that they are serviced regularly. The alarm system should also be updated constantly for perfect protection. You can purchase the above-given alarm, or you can also purchase a new system with good features that are similar to the examples provided above. They are available on online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. So purchase them and enjoy the protection of your house.