Best Indoor CCTV Camera For Home In India

Purchasing a CCTV camera has become a necessity these days, especially with the increase in burglary. But there are a variety of designs and models available in the market. Read the passage below to understand more about the CCTV cameras and purchase a suitable design.

Nowadays none of the houses is safe with burglary happening everywhere. With the necessity to use servants and nannies to take care of our children and home, we have to be careful and make sure they are doing their jobs perfectly even when we are away from the home. The best option is to install a CCTV camera within the house so you can watch your pets and servants all the time. Most of the people prefer using CCTV cameras outside the house, but it is also essential to keep them inside the house so you can always be careful. But before purchasing a camera it is essential to make sure that there are certain features available in the camera so you can secure your house perfectly. There are two types of CCTV cameras available, one is the outdoor camera and the other one is the indoor camera. The outdoor camera should be able to withstand the temperature changes and also waterproof since they might be exposed to rain. Even though such problems do not exist in indoor cameras, they still should have a good capacity to withstand different temperatures. Certain modern cameras can be used for both indoors and outdoors. There are a variety of CCTV cameras models available in the market. So choosing them should be done carefully. Let us see some features that need to be taken into account before purchasing a CCTV camera.

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Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Support up to 128 GB SD card) (White Color) 

Conbre Eyeball V380 Pro Fisheye 360° Panoramic Wireless CCTV Camera and Smart LED Bulb with Bulb Holder - Supports 64Gb Sd Card

YI 1080p Home Camera, Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision for Home


One of the most important things to be noted while purchasing a CCTV camera in coverage. Some CCTV cameras have a 360-degree angle rotation allowing it to move along in a circle so it can cover the entire room with no hitch. But certain CCTV cameras have limited rotating power, which allows you to cover only a particular direction and distance. And even worse is the fixed cameras that cannot be rotated. So purchasing a CCTV camera makes sure that it has complete coverage so that fixing a single CCTV camera for a room is more than enough. 


Initially, when the concept of CCTV cameras was introduced, the clarity of the picture was much less. Because of this, even if there was an Intruder, it was practically impossible for the security people to identify the exact facial structure of the person from the CCTV footage. But nowadays with the increase in clarity, most of the CCTV footage is available in the form of high definition quality which is 720 p or 1080 p. With this kind of accuracy, the activities performed by the servant along with the intruders can be easily recognised, including their faces. Facial recognition is made easy with the high definition CCTV cameras. So while purchasing, make sure you have a high-quality CCTV camera with good clarity. 


Most of the time it is essential to store your videos so you can watch it later to view the way your nanny is treating your child or how to check the face of the Intruder. So while purchasing a CCTV camera, it is essential to make sure it has good storage capacity. Most of the CCTV cameras have a storage capacity of 64 to 160 GB. This allows you to save the videos for at least 7 to 30 days. Most of the CCTV cameras use SD cards to store their videos, some of them have cloud storage capacity where the videos are stored in an online cloud. Comparatively the cloud storage based cameras are much better because of their ability to store many videos and also they are much more secure than the other cameras. Sometimes when the camera is damaged it might be impossible to recover the data from the SD card, so the cloud storage is much safer.

Night vision

Most of the indoor cameras nowadays have night vision. But the truth is their clarity and the ability to capture the movement at night is lower in some old cameras. The modern technology camera allows you to record the movements at night with utmost precision using no LED light or Infrared light. So while purchasing a CCTV camera, make sure it has a wonderful ability to view movements at night.

Multiple views

Sometimes you might have installed over one camera in your home. In such situations, it would be impossible for you to view all the screens one by one because you might miss something. So making it easier for you the latest model applications come along but the technology to view for 5 cameras at the same time in a single screen. While purchasing a camera make sure it has modern technology to support multiple cameras at the same time. The application also has certain other qualities, including the ability to change the direction of the camera just by operating certain buttons on your mobile phone. Now you can have a control on your CCTV cameras and footages event when you are in a remote location away from your home.

Motion detection

The other most important technology that comes along with modern cameras is motion detection technology. It is important to buy a camera with this technology because even when you are not at home it might alert you if there are any intruders or other movements within the house. Now you can watch your pets and intruders even when you are not at home. If there is any Intruder, you will receive an alert in your mobile application allowing you to get cautious immediately.

Two-way audio

The two-way audio is a technology available in the latest technology cameras. With the help of this technology, you can now talk with your servant and nannies. This technology is useful in a lot of ways. You can guide your children when you are not in the house and also have conversations with them. Some cameras also allow you to have a video conversation while others allow only audio. So depending upon your requirement, you can purchase the camera you need. Sometimes you can also alert the intruder of your presence and scare them away before they damage the house. All these features are essential when you are purchasing a camera for your house. These features will allow you to experience a top-level of security without worrying about yourself. There are also certain cameras available in the hidden form which are not existent to the naked eye. Using these cameras will allow you to watch the people in your house without their knowledge. The models given below are some most preferred cameras. You can either by them or research on your own before purchasing the camera you wish for your home.

Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Support up to 128 GB SD card) (White Color)

Royallite is one of the famous security companies that specialise in manufacturing products that provide proper security access to the house, including video surveillance, Intruder alert, and integrated security service for both domestic and commercial purposes. The company has been under existence for the past 15 years and they are well known for their technologically innovative security items and durability. Currently, royallite is the best company that offers services for security and fire solutions. People trust this brand because of their quality. The principal aim of the company is to protect people all over the country. They have produced a variety of cameras for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Purchasing a special indoor camera will be useful for you to protect your house from intruders and also to protect your costly items present within the house. Their latest product is the Royallite Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Support up to 128 GB SD card) (White Color). This particular product is created with modern innovative technology and the camera is completely wireless. This wireless camera can be fitted on any part of your house and the process of installation is simple. All you have to do is install the camera and then download the app mentioned in the installation manual. Login to the portal and create your user id and password using the QR code. After this, you can start watching the security videos. You can also save the videos and delete them after a particular period. The camera can support an SD card with 128 GB. The camera can capture the security field with high definition clarity and it can be connected to the Wi-Fi. Some important features of this particular security camera are mentioned below. Let us see them.

Night vision : This camera offers high definition night vision videos with the help of the infrared lens. The quality of the images produced even after the dark is good and sharp. Now you can capture the face of the culprits with proper clarity during the night. 

Motion detection : The camera also comes along with a motion detection technology and the users will receive an alarm with the pictures to determine the cause. This allows you to look into your house even when there is no one present in your home. With this technology, you will feel safe and secured. 

Storage: The camera comes along with a special SD card slot where you can insert the SD card up to 128 GB. This will allow you to store the data and then refer to them whenever required. But if you are inserting this card, delete the files whenever required so you won’t run out of space. 

Cloud recording:Even if your camera has been broken by the Intruder and the SD card has been removed do not worry. Because all the data will be stored in a separate cloud that allows you to view them when required. 

This camera also allows you to record in all the corners of the house by providing 360-degree rotation. This camera also offers a two-way audio technology that allows you to interact with other people outside the house when you are staying alone. With the help of this video camera, you can now leave your kids alone in the house and interact with them whenever required. Protect your house with the latest technology. This technology is available both in the shops and also in online website portals like Amazon.

Conbre Eyeball V380 Pro Fisheye 360° Panoramic Wireless CCTV Camera and Smart LED Bulb with Bulb Holder - Supports 64Gb Sd Card

Conbre is one of the leading security companies that has been manufacturing products related to security. Their products are well suited for both outdoor and indoor placements. They have their very own research and development team that concentrates on developing security cameras but high definition quality and the cameras that are practically invisible to naked eye. This will allow the culprits to get caught easily. Previously these naked eye cameras lacked in their quality and ability to withhold a sizable amount of data. But now they are developed and they can withhold and store the videos for at least 7 days. The quality of the video is also high. Their latest model camera is the Conbre Eyeball V380 Pro Fisheye 360° Panoramic Wireless CCTV Camera and Smart LED Bulb with Bulb Holder – Supports 64Gb SD Card. The 64 GB SD card can store nearly 7 days’ worth of the videos. The bulb is built-in with the fisheye technology and provides a panoramic view of the entire room. This CCTV camera works on power. So it would be a better option to give UPS connection to the camera so they won’t stop recording even when there is a power outage. The camera can also be used as a smart LED bulb. This CCTV camera comes along with a variety of other options and features. Latest see about them. 

Mobile view: The CCTV camera can be connected directly to the mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to turn the camera when required. This camera is the perfect option for controlling the LED bulb, allowing you to turn them on and off. So now you can go for a brief vacation anywhere around the world and monitor your house and the pets in the house. You can also monitor your workers and your kids.

Two-way communication: The camera also offers a two-way communication allowing you to speak with the workers and the kids in the form of an audio call. So now you can guide your workers for their work while taking a vacation in another place. Though the people in the house cannot see you, you can still see them. 

Smart movement detection:This CCTV camera can detect motion and alerts you on your mobile. So if there is any intruder or movement of kids within your home then you will be notified immediately either as a message or through an alarm.

The optical lens used within this camera is of high definition and they can record the videos in HD quality. This bulb does not look like a camera and hence they can be used for spying with no detection. These cameras can be easily installed, and the bulb comes along with a suitable holder. This type of camera can be purchased from the online website portal, like the Amazon. This camera can be used in any part of the house and they can record the videos for at least 7 days, after which they will be deleted.

YI 1080p Home Camera, Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision for Home/Office/Baby/Nanny/Pet Monitor with iOS, Android App - Cloud Service Available

YI smart technology company is one of the famous security companies based in China that is involved in manufacturing CCTV cameras and other security-related gadgets. They had been under existence for the past 6 years. Their products have been preferred all over the world because of their compact size and innovative technology. They have been creating their products with the help of their research and development team who have been working hard to meet up with the people. Most of their products include a variety of indoor and outdoor cameras. Their latest product is the YI 1080p Home Camera, Indoor 2.4G IP Security Surveillance System with Night Vision for Home/Office/Baby/Nanny/Pet Monitor with iOS, Android App – Cloud Service Available. This type of camera is used for indoor usage, including for monitoring your pets and Nanny. They are mostly used as a surveillance camera in both the office and home. With the help of these cameras, you can monitor your home and work at the same time. This camera offers high-quality resolution along with night vision. Now you can monitor your house even during night time. They also have a wide range of features and let us see about them. 

Panoramic view: The camera offers a 112-degree panoramic view across the room and you can rotate the camera just by shifting your mobile phone in left and right direction. The camera can be easily connected to your mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to keep tabs on your home whenever you need. You can also record the videos and view them later, especially for monitoring your nanny. 

Cloud storage: One of the major disadvantages with SD card-based storage systems is that it can store only your slight amount of videos. To overcome that issue, we offer the cloud storage system where you can store all your videos on the cloud. This system will allow you to view the video whenever required and the videos will not be deleted even when there is any malfunction in the camera. 

Modern technology: This camera uses modern technology that can detect the crying baby and also detect the movements in the house during night time. You can check on your baby any time of the day using no infrared or LED light using this camera. After installing the application, you can view a live feed from four different cameras at the same time. 

2-way audio: The CCTV camera also has two-way audio technology that allows you to speak with the servants and the nanny with video from your side. Now you cannot just watch them but also can provide instructions when required. 

This modern technology camera from China has the highest resolution of 1080 p and hence you can watch and record the face of your intruders with clarity. This type of camera can also be used for small business shops where you can monitor original rooms at the same time with the proper precision. With the help of their high technology application, you can now combine all the cameras in the house into a single application. This camera is available for purchase from online websites like Amazon and you can also directly order from the company website. Purchasing these cameras should be done carefully. They should have security and the storage or the backup should not rely on the SD card storage alone. So try to purchase a camera that supports outer storage so you can access them even if the camera is accessed. At the same time provide proper protection for the house lock too. Because without proper protection, people can still invade the house without causing damage. To install a proper CCTV camera after understanding the features of the cameras in the market. Even though the models given above are preferred by most of the people, you can still purchase the one that suits your requirement. You can purchase both your house indoors and also for your business. These cameras are available in both online stores and also from shops. Regardless of where you buy the product, the installation should be done carefully using the experts and check them every year or once in six months. Have safe shopping.