Best Smart Locks For Home In India

There are a variety of locks, especially digital locks available in the market. But choosing the best model, that will assist you in protecting your house from burglary is a difficult choice. Read the passage below to understand the features of the lock and how to efficiently purchase the smart lock.

With the increase in burglary and other external dangers, people are more involved in protecting their houses with a variety of digital security systems. Even though using a burglar alarm system is efficient, some people cannot afford to use the entire system, especially if they live in a particular apartment. So in such situations using a smart lock protects the home from burglary and also informs them about unwanted attempts. The modern smart lock systems have more advanced features that can be used to secure your house with high-level technology and receive alerts on your mobile phone even if you are not present in your home. There are two types of smart locks available in the market. The first type of lock that is present is the door handle model lock that uses biometric technology. Here the password is either in the form of password, fingerprint password, and special RFID card. The next model is a normal lock-like model that can be used for suitcases, doors, and cupboards. The only difference in this particular model is that they are not embedded in the doors and can be used in a variety of applications. But these designs also use a biometric combination to unlock. Both of these designs have a special feature where the locks are connected to the mobile application. So with the help of this mobile application, you can control the lock even when you are outside the home. A certain lock allows you to unlock them through the mobile application without being physically present in that particular location. Because of the security these locks provide, most of the people prefer purchasing these digital locks. They have a variety of features that need to be taken into account before purchasing them. Let us now view these features in detail. 

Smart Lock is responsible for providing access to your home and other properties without any key. With the help of mobile application connectivity, you can decide who can enter your house or not. Sometimes, the people depend upon this particular Smart Lock for the security of the home. The situation is essential to have a strong battery backup so that they can last for a long time. Using a simple alkaline battery or rechargeable Lithium-ion will be a perfect option for these locks. Purchase a lock with a special indicator so that it sends you a message if there is a low battery. After the message, you can replace it immediately. Certain smart locks send a message to your mobile phones if there is any low battery indication, and in case of smart locks with LED display, the charge of the battery will be constantly displayed to remind you of the status. 

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Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock (Black) 

QAWACHH Smart Sensor Electronic Fingerprint Steel Lock

August Smart Lock Pro, 3rd Generation - Dark Gray

Alternative options for unlocking

Even though locking and unlocking the smart locks using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection is perfect, they are not constant, and sometimes when there is a problem in the network, they might fail. In such cases, patients having an alternative passcode locking will be effective and practical. You can also choose a lock that can be opened manually through a key alternative rather than a mobile application.  Having an alternative lock option in case of failures will protect you from going through the hassle of staying in other people’s houses until the lock is repaired. 

Automatic locks

One of the main reasons people lack proper safety measures is that they are careless while locking their doors. While going to sleep, most people forget to lock their front door, especially if it is a tiring day. In such situations having an automatic lock that will lock immediately after you close a door is a good option. This particular lock system will automatically lock and unlock your door after a few minutes of waiting time. If you have left home, the door will automatically determine your location through the mobile application. If the distance traveled from the home is a bit longer than the door will automatically lock and protect your home. If you are expecting a sudden guest and are stuck in a situation where you cannot visit your home personally, you can always unlock the main door through your mobile application. You can also determine when the lock is opened and automatically shut down using the mobile phone application. 


The next important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a lock is their quality. If the quality of the lock is high, you can place them on the outer doors without the fear of rain and sunlight. Certain locks also come with the instructions where the maximum temperature the lock and which stand is indicated and whether they are waterproof or dustproof. So purchasing a lock with various waterproof and dustproof qualities and the ability to withstand extreme temperature is preferable. The metal within the lock should be of high quality and can withstand exposure to water. Sometimes when there is a burglar, they will try to tamper the metal using a wide range of products like Axe and laser for cutting the metal. So they should have the ability to withstand these tampering and should immediately send an SMS message to the owner about such tampering activities. The lock you are using should be accompanied by a secondary lock so that even if there is an issue with the primary lock, you can use the secondary lock to avoid complications. 

Smart home

Most people nowadays prefer a smart home technology where all the electrical appliances, burglary alarm systems, and smart locks are connected to a common environment using Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The house and other electrical appliances like home temperature settings can be operated from your mobile phone or a tablet using this smart home technology. But only very few locks can connect with all kinds of Smart Home Technology.

Design and protection

People might think that it is a simple lock design, and there is no other reason for it to be stylish. But when you are decorating your home from top to bottom, even a simple error will make it look a bit awkward. Having a stylish digital Smart Lock will allow you to enjoy proper decor and maintenance for a long time. Also, while purchasing a lock, make sure that it has a light touchpad so that it will look more stylish than the normal buttons. So having a stylish lock made up of good quality and design will make your house look more beautiful.


A brand is the most important thing that needs to be taken into account while purchasing a smart lock. These locks provide security to your home and your life. So purchasing them from high-quality brands will ensure proper quality and efficiency. All the materials present within and outside the lock should be perfect without any place for options. So purchasing a branded product will ensure a warranty that is not present in non-branded products. The branded products have service centers all over the country, and they also offer home-based servicing in case of requirements. 

Advantages of the smart locks

Using a smart lock will allow you to control who enters your home and at what time. Using this particular technology, you can open and lock the door easily without searching for the main key. Sometimes when you are not present in your home, you can always allow your friends inside the home. Sometimes people will have sudden guests who will have no other place or a known person in the city. In such a situation, you will be forced to leave the office with permission. But this particular technology will allow you to open your home for your guest through smartphone connection technology. 

Along with these features, there are also certain other features like controlled technology where the lock can be opened and closed through a voice control protocol. In such a situation, the lock is opened by a single person with a particular voice, and they should also recite the passcode for a complete check. These are some of the features present in modern technology smart locks. The quality of the product is more important, and hence proper care should be taken while purchasing these products. Given below are some of the products that have been prepared by people commonly all over the country. Read about these products and their features to better understand the smart lock system and how to purchase them.

Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock (Black)

Godrej is a company that is well known for creating security-related tools and products. While they started their journey with simple Godrej locks with the increase in technology they have grown a lot and have managed to create a variety of other digital security products. The belief in the brand Godrej came during their high-quality locks, and now they have grown a lot, and their security has ensured safety to the people from time to time. Some of their recent digital devices include digital security locks, biometric locks, burglar alarm systems, CCTV camera systems, and other types of safes in varying sizes. This particular company has ensured quality for their products with high-quality metal and non- breakable locks with secure computer codes.  They have their very own research team that tries to impress the client’s requirement with advanced technology products. Their recent product is the Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock (Black). This particular smart lock is available in the form of the door handle. They can be fixed in place of the normal door handles, and the lock can be opened through passcode instead of a key. This advanced system provides more protection to the door than the ordinary locks that can be easily interpreted. This lock also provides special fingerprint-based security that ensures complete safety to your home. This particular lock also uses a special RFID card that can easily be used for opening the door without any hassle. 

Biometric lock – The biometric lock present in this particular model offers special 360-degree fingerprint access. The lock can store at least a hundred different fingerprints. They cannot be hacked easily, and new fingerprints can be entered only after entering the passcode and card. The passcode consists of a special four-digit that can be entered initially. After entering the passcode with biometric prints, you can open the lock, and you can also issue up to 100 different RFID cards based on your requirements. 

Quality – This lock is made up of high-quality metals that do not rust or get damaged over time. This particular lock uses a special triple lock system that emerges from the hole when the password is entered. They cannot be broken or damaged through any other means. This type of lock system is highly secure and using them for your front, and the back door will ensure complete safety.

When you close the door, the lock will automatically shut down, and only after entering the passcode can the door be opened. This technique will allow you to be safe all the time, even if you forget to lock the door at night. Simultaneously, when there is an unauthorized password or wrong card entry for more than five times, the alarm will switch on and freeze the lock immediately. If you want to stay inside, you can switch on the safety button, which will prevent others from opening the lock even if they have a passcode for the RFID card. 

This particular lock also has other features like an advanced battery system, which will alert you when there is a requirement for the battery before draining out completely. So you can charge the battery in advance and remain secure for a long time. The bolt lock is made up of high-quality metal, and they can last for a lifetime even when exposed to water and sunlight. This particular lock can be purchased directly from the website or through online websites like Amazon. They can be combined with video lock systems to provide extra protection.

QAWACHH Smart Sensor Electronic Fingerprint Steel Lock

Qawachh is a famous company that has been established in India and well known for producing electronic products that are of high quality. They have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of Advanced digital-based electronic items that are more popular than the other models available in the market. They are also well known for their special electronic steel lock that can protect the door through modern digital technology. This particular lock system is similar to the normal Godrej locks, but instead of that, they use a special biometric system for opening the lock. The product is of high quality, and the brand has established a good name among the people all over the country. They have service centers that offer good repair service when there is an issue. Even though the service centers are not present in all cities, you can still submit the product and receive them within a week. Their recent product is the QAWACHH Smart Sensor Electronic Fingerprint Steel Lock. This particular lock is similar to the ordinary lock, but they use the special smart sensor electronic fingerprint technology for locking and opening the system. This is a simple technology that uses fingerprint technology. In this lock, you can store up to ten different prints.

Fingerprint recording – In this particular technology-based lock, you can store up to 10 different fingerprints. Initially, while storing, make sure that the administrator of fingerprints is entered. After that, the remaining people’s fingerprints can be entered and stored for a long time. If you are looking forward to changing the fingerprint of a person or replacing it with another person, you might require the administrator’s fingerprint every time. This particular technology allows you to unlock the lock for at least 2500 times and withstand extreme external pressure. This particular lock is suitable for withstanding external weather conditions like hot sun and rain. This particular lock is waterproof, and they should be charged now and then. You have to charge them at least once a month so that it can last for the next month. If the battery is low, then it will be an indicator light for you to understand. 

They can be used for doors and a variety of other cabinets. They consume a low amount of power, and they are made up of high-quality material. The charger used is made up of USB ports. You can add up to two different administrators and eight other normal fingerprints. This particular lock is used as a special polymer Lithium battery for storing the power for a long time. The lock can be connected to a charger, and a fingerprint can be used to unlock it. They are also used in storage lockers because of their efficiency. The metal does not rust and can last for a lifetime. These particular lockers are available for sale on online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. With these special locks, you can protect your house from burglary, and since they are made of hard metal, it is impossible to break or cut them.

August Smart Lock Pro, 3rd Generation - Dark Gray

August is one of the most famous electronic security systems that has been existing for over a decade. This is a foreign brand, but they have expanded the year production over a variety of countries, including India. Their products are gaining immense popularity in our country because of their advanced technology and ability to withstand extreme pressure. This particular lock can be used along with other electronic applications like Alexa, android, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Google assistant. They have their own set of research and development teams who are involved in creating a variety of designs that accept modern technology and ensure complete safety. They have a variety of designs, but one of their products that have gained immense popularity is the August Smart Lock Pro, 3rd Generation – Dark Gray. This particular product is available in a beautiful Steel black color that can be fixed on your door and opened using a plain simple key. But that is not the major advantage of this particular product. They can be connected along with your mobile phone and other applications like google assistant. So if any of your friends or servicemen is visiting the house and are not present, you can open your house for them from your office just by sending an SMS message. This particular product allows you to check your house from the office. You can also restrict who can enter and exit the house with the help of simple mobile technology. They can be combined with other types of home kits like apple home kit and door security to provide an extra advantage. 

This particular Technology-based lock also has a variety of other features. Now before entering the home, you can unlock the door and enter immediately. 

Safety – This lock is completely safe, and outsiders cannot easily temper it. Once you enter the house, the lock will be automatically e placed, and one day after entering the passcode for the key, you can get out or unlock the door. They can be placed along with the normal door lock to provide extra protection for your home. The lock operates on battery, and if there is any low battery, the indication will appear automatically on your lock. You can replace the battery based upon the indication, and if any person is trying to tamper the lock, the alarm will start drinking, and you’ll also get an immediate message. So the safety provided by this particular lock is good. 

The only major disadvantage present in this particular lock is the price, but the safety provided by them ensures that the price is worth it. This lock can be serviced regularly through the service centers, and they cannot be connected along with the home door lock. They have to be placed separately along with the normal lock. The dimension of the lock is up to 5 cm with a circular shape providing a modern Outlook. They are available for sale on online websites like Amazon on Flipkart. 

Security is the most important thing that needs to be taken care of while purchasing a lock. So while purchasing, make sure that the lock cannot be easily hacked and tempered by professional thieves. The quality of the metal is also important, and they should not rust or get damaged easily with external temperature. The metal should be prone to laser cut to withstand all types of modern technology burglary. After purchasing the lock, install them using professional help even if you have purchased the lock from online websites like Amazon. Most of the locks mentioned above are available for sale on these online websites, but if you are not satisfied, you can purchase a lock with similar features.