How To Decorate With Flowers for Ganapathi Pooja?

Ganesh Chaturthi is a famous festival celebrated by people all over the country and decorating the house is a part of the celebration. Read the passage below to know how to decorate your special Ganesh Idol and the house with flowers.

Indian festivals have gained a huge name because of their authenticity and colors. Every single function and festival is celebrated with all the members of the family with the proper decorations. One such festival is Vinayagar Chaturthi. This festival is celebrated for expressing our love and gratitude towards Lord Ganesha. Some people celebrate the function only just by praying to Lord Ganesha and preparing their favorite items. A specific set of people prefer to honor the service with more grandness by purchasing a clay idol and performing the pooja on that particular idol for ten days before dispersing the idol into the river. These ten days are celebrated with grandness, and everyone’s home will be filled with decorations and happiness. There are various ways to decorate your home for Ganesh Chaturthi, but the one crucial thing is the flower decoration. Decorating the pooja room, mandap of Lord Ganapathi, and the idol itself requires a lot of work and creativity if you want to make it different. 

There are a variety of techniques available to decorate the home beautifully. Let us now see about them in detail. 

Natural decoration

Even though artificial decorations have become more famous, people still prefer natural decorations as they are more authentic and provide a naturally calm feeling. So if you have enough time and money to purchase Natural flowers or gather them from your garden, you can go for this option. These natural flowers can be used to decorate the idol by merely placing it near them. 

The natural flower decoration will be more authentic if arranged in a particular pattern with a mixture of proper colors. For example, arranging them in a circular pattern with a mixed color of red and white or yellow and white will be beautiful. You can use other flowers to decorate all around the house by placing them here and there, and on the kolam, you drew in front of your home. 

Even though decorating these flowers loosely in a pattern is common, people also prefer tying them together in the form of a garland to make a beautiful combination. When using more than one color to create a garland, make sure that they are combined in contrast colors. This garland makes them look more beautiful and perfect. These garlands can be surrounded by individual flowers to create a natural effect. When you tie a garland, prepare one for the idol and some more for the door entrance decoration. Decorating the home with these garlands will be more beautiful and authentic rather than the usual decorations. 

The natural flowers are also best suited for arranging them in a vase or arrangement in a water bowl. They look more beautiful and provide a traditional feel to the home. These authentic forms of decorations are more famous, and people have been following them for years. 

Artificial flowers

The next type of decorations used for Ganesh Chaturthi is the artificial flower decorations. Even though natural flowers are more beautiful, it is not possible to use them every time. Primarily if you are residing in a flat or working continuously with no time to spend on these decorations like natural flowers, some natural flower garlands can be purchased and be used to decorate. But these garlands should be changed continuously, and the new flowers should be hanged daily for ten days continuously, which takes a lot of time. So the only best option available is to purchase and use artificial flowers for the celebrations. These artificial flowers once set need not be changed again and again. So this, in turn, will reduce your work, and all you need to do is to pray to the lord continuously for ten days. 

These artificial flowers are also cost-efficient. Once bought, they can be reused again and again until they are worn off completely. With proper grooming and careful maintenance, they can be used for several years without any issues. These artificial flowers can be purchased in shops or on online websites like Amazon and Flipkart. 

But purchasing these flowers simply won’t be enough, and you have to make the home Beautiful by decorating every corner by yourself. A variety of designs and mixes can be used to decorate the home for Vinayagar Chaturthi beautifully. 

Entrance decoration

The front door of the house’s entrance is the main thing that people watch when they enter. The entry of the home should be warm and welcoming. During the olden days, people preferred decorating their house from the front because it will please the guests and the gods. The entrance can be decorated with beautiful flower garlands that can hang on both sides of the door frame. You can use the natural flowers for this or the artificial flower. You can use the Sphinx Artificial Marigold Fluffy Flower Garlands Door Toran Set/Door Hangings for Decoration (Approx. 100 X 41 cms)- (Yellow & Dark Orange) from Amazon for the special thrown like effect. You can hang them during every function. 

You can also place a bowl of water in front of the house filled with natural flowers or artificial flowers according to your taste. You can place normal roses to Lotus according to your wish. They give an aesthetic feel to your heart and the guests while entering. You can also purchase the Floating Lotus Medium Multicolor Assorted Artificial Flower (4 inch, Pack of 5) from Amazon and place them on this bowl for a beautiful arrangement. Whatever the method is, the truth is that they will be attractive for you to put in the front. 

Pooja room entrance

The next important thing that needs to be decorated is the entry of the pooja room. The pooja room should be decorated with flowers and garlands. Like the front door, the pooja room entrance can also be decorated beautifully using garlands hanging on both sides of the door frame. The door can also be decorated with the unique natural flower garlands that you tied by yourself. You can also use the natural garland from the shops that sell during these occasions. The next alternative to using artificial flower decoration that comes along with attached Bells provides an authentic feel to the puja room. You can use the PRAHLL Artificial Marigold Flower Garlands Hanging TORAN for Door and Wall with 3 Inch Golden Bell and Pompom – Pink (12 Inches, Pack of 2). 

Along with these flowers, you can also place some miniature idols all over the house to provide a spiritual feeling. There are a variety of flower designs and colors available in the market, and you can choose the one that you like to place, especially in the case of artificial ones. 

Within the pooja room

When you are using a natural flower, you can decorate the pooja room in different colors every day according to your wish. Since this function is celebrated for at least three days, you can decorate the idol in a specific color flower each day to make it look beautiful. If you want, you can also purchase artificial flowers in three or more colors to use them every year. The idol can be decorated with individual flowers, garlands, or both depending upon your requirement. You can place the Krisah® 1 m Flowers with Pearl Balls Garland/Mala for God Idols, Photo Frame (Yellow) on the idol, or prepare your own with natural flowers and keep them there.  When it comes to the pooja room, mixing natural and artificial flowers will be a suitable option. You can use natural flowers for the normal decoration while the rest of the decoration, like wall hanging and garlands, can be done with the help of artificial flower designs. There are a variety of designs available in the market, and you can choose the one you like. 

There is no issue if you are purchasing natural flowers for decoration. But if you are looking forward to purchasing the artificial flowers, make sure that the designs and the quality of the flowers are good. Decorating the house with flowers will take a lot of time and creativity. If you are interested, then you can also do some extra decorations by hanging bells, placing statues all over the house, and even putting a rangoli design in front of the house with a flower arrangement. All these will increase the aesthetic feeling of your home.  The artificial flowers are available for sale in online e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart. Prepare some healthy dishes and pray god for a good life ahead.