9 Best Tips Decorate To Your Home Temple

Are you looking for tips to decorate your home temple? Read this article to learn the complete tips to decorate your home temple.

A home temple is God’s place in your home. We all have a temple in our home, despite the size. It is a part of every Hindu household. Having a home temple is essential as it holds your house with good energies. Whether you’re a Hindu, Sikh, Islamic, or people of other faith, all of us establish a place for God in homes. The small home temples or pooja mandirs within homes are relatively popular in our country. Typically this section of the house is built to form divinity irrespective of the caste to which one belongs. To the elderly, faith and religion are in their blood and seen by their daily prayers with complete devotion. They think that the installation of a pooja mandir in our home brings positive vibes to our lives and for building that there’s a need for various pooja room decorative items.

Mandir Decoration Tips and Ideas:

People decorate their mandirs with colorful lights, carved wood tables, marble, and even costly metals such as silver and gold, depending on their economic status. There’s a lot of ways to decorate mandir. So, below mentioned are the various tips to decorate pooja rooms that you should know:

Bright Coloured traditional Pooja Mandir

The carved wooden racks with drawers can be placed on the brightly colored wall and not covered from the top. You can decorate your pooja room with diyas, bells, and mats.  We usually use a mat for sitting when we’re doing pooja. They come in two kinds – first is single, and the second is multi-type, i.e., even three members can sit and do pooja at the same time. You can use Kuber industries velvet Pooja Mat during pooja.

Cabinet Mandir

Sometimes we cannot have a completely separate pooja room but still want a proper pooja space in our home. Then we can go in for cabinet mandir. It is pretty standard in city homes these days due to space shortages. The home temple in cabinet-shaped form and often prevents dust.

The texture on the walls

Temples are known for the various intricate carvings performed on stone walls. First of all, paint your room with a soft color such as peach, gold, white or light pink. You can draw paint on your wall or have a wall sticker on it. You can use Decals Designer Sticker on your wall to give an attractive and appealing look to your mandir. Make sure that your wall sticker suits your paint color. You can make your wall textured with bright colors to give that look, and place your colorful pooja mandir. The elegance lies in its simplicity.

Right location

There are some rules and regulations set by the Vastu that must be implemented while a pooja room is constructed. In the first place, the pooja room does not share its wall with the toilet or duct pipes. It is simply to hold away the unclean space to preserve the pooja space sanctity. The second rule is not to create a pooja space directly opposite or in the bedroom. Here it is believed that the pooja space and prayer energies cause unrest.

Bright Curtains

The pooja room curtain must be in such a way that it looks great. Curtains can consist of God’s printing or curtains made of beads. It should look very elegant as well as auspicious. Don’t keep too many Gods and Goddess images. You may use Sparkling bed polyester curtain in bright colors to offer a different look, which can improve the temple’s simplicity. 

Traditional and Somber

Build your mandir as a traditional mandir using beautiful marble flooring and a finely carved door. To make your mandir somber and traditional, use idols made of beautiful and precious stones. It’s one of the most fabulous ideas for decorating your home temple and also to make it beautiful.

Use Beautiful Marble Mandir

Design your pooja room lovely by making use of a beautiful marble home temple. It gives a good and traditional look to it. A traditional marble mandir enclosed by frames of black and gold brings harmony to the house.

Use Unique and Beautiful Accessories

Using beautiful light up diyas, candles, scented incense sticks around the idols of Gods and Goddesses to decorate your home temple. Decorate your pooja room or mandir with a lovely collection of diyas. You can use lamps and perfume holders made of brass or silver. A beautiful pooja thali can also be used to decorate your mandir. These kinds of basic pooja room decoration ideas give your mandir a beautiful look. It would be best if you use beads in your mandir with Handmade brass Kuber Diya and some other excellent traditional stuff to make your mandir look quite traditional with the modern touch. Using these kinds of simple temple decoration will be best for anyone to perfect their mandir. You can even decorate your mandir or pooja room with the help of a beautiful variety of Kuber diyas.

Ready-made mandir

If you are going to purchase from the market a ready-made pooja machine, take a few things in mind. Measure the size where the temple will be kept appropriately, and buy the temple that will fit into space. Check on available storage space. Check all the electrical points to make the mandir appear brighter.


A home temple or pooja mandir is an integral part of our culture, and as a center of rituals, values, and faith, it plays a significant role. Hence we build pooja mandirs to experience the positivity and harmony in our lives and our homes. So, the above-mentioned are some tips to decorate pooja rooms. You can also decorate your pooja room or mandir with colorful flowers and a beautiful rangoli design. And just put some water in a vessel for that, have colorful flowers and pretty candles floating in it. Then place it at your mandir’s or pooja room entrance.