6 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

How Can I Add Value To My Home?

A home is the resting place of people, a home is a place where you feel relaxed and calm without having to worry about anything. The popular saying goes like this, there’s no place like home. Truly there is not a place like home.
Living inside a comfortable home is very important. Apart from being a place from which you can receive shelter, a home is supposed to be where you are free. Research has shown that a comfortable and decent home reduces toxins, stress, and diseases which could lead to ill health. After a long day at work, each individual is supposed to return to his/her place of resting. How would you design your resting place? 

How would you want your resting place to look? Don’t let anyone tell you this, don’t spend so much on housing or furniture! A place where you live is supposed to look like heaven, we must add value to our environment. You will find some major values which you can implement in your home here. There are some major areas in your home that might need improvements, which you may not know of, such as living room, bathrooms, floor, dining area. In some homes, you would find a lot of spaces that are unused and are rotting away. I have seen so many compounds that have a small mansion in it while the compound is extra large. There is so much worth those owners can add to their property.

Here are six ways you can do so.


Mentioned earlier was a set of people who does nothing with owned large space, that should not be you. You can fill in your spaces with luxurious design or furniture. You can also add a tennis table to that space you are not using.

The greatest place where you can find space is in the wall, at least 80% percent of home today have almost nothing placed on the wall apart from family photographs and a Plasma Tv. There’s so much we can do with the walls in our homes.


Wall Design

In our modern world today we have talented artists who have designed a beautiful piece that you can place on your home and expect compliments from friends, this is the new trend. In modern buildings now, the walls can’t be found without a wall design.

If you are looking forward to updating your home then you should bear in mind that 1 or 4 wall designs should be part of the whole process. Be optimistic about it don’t dull.

This is evident even when work is being done by the architect, they leave a good space whereby you can add a stylish design. There are many designs which you can choose from. You can find much on the popular website Amazon.

Wanderlust Maps

  • This map is a catchy piece made by its creator, apart from the attractive color and design, the map would fit into any shade of walls. W WANDERLUST MAPS is a modern design that would give class to your home. W WANDERLUST MAPS is not just a map, W WANDERLUST MAPS is a scratch map, comes in handy when you travel a lot. This type of map design allows you to keep a record of all the places you have been to.

This map includes:

Memory Stickers that allows you to Customize maps from your personal experience

  • USA Map
  • World Globe Map.
  • Guitar Pick Scratchers.


This is an awesome piece! WIECO ART, Wieco Art The Cloud Tree Wall Art Oil PaintingS Giclee is a wall design that would fit into any color of the wall, this WIECO ART is stylishly made to bring out the best in your sitting room or anywhere It’s mounted. WIECO ARTS is known to be a major supplier of wall art. With a design made with bare hands to designs made with a computer.

Features include

Another item you can add to fill into the wasting space in your wall is a board game that you can throw sharp objects to. Give your wall the design it needs thus adding value to your home. You can add other things to your wall like a wooden art.


Maybe it’s time to look at the new changes your living room should have. Everybody loves flowers, how is your living room like? What are the opportunities you see? What are the steps you wish to take? A living room can be decorated stylishly with small false flowers. These false flowers can be seen in houses a lot, but they make up for a lot. You can place your false flowers by side of your standing LCD TV, you can place larger standing false flowers just by the side of your wall LCD TV too. 

When choosing false flowers don’t forget to choose what best suits your interior. Bringing in some garden in-house is a good move to start adding value to your home. You can decorate your room with lots of beautiful false flowers. Place a small false flowerpot by the side of your bookshelf.
Placing a false flower in your window is good. There are so many places in your living room that you can place a flower on, just be creative. Maybe not in your living room how about your room? There are different types of false flowers both big and small, not all would fit in every place, you just have to get creative with them. Add some flowers in your room today

Talking about your living room, they are so many things you can bring into your home now that can add value to it.


Window Blind

Window blinds are fast exploding from the market into society. Window blinds have become a huge sensation to the public, window blinds are stylish and look classic, window blinds are popularly found in corporate organizations, this is the advantage of it. When people see window blinds in your home they’d fall in love with anything in your home. It stands out and attracts the expected response from a visitor.

POP Ceiling

POP can be referred to as gypsum false ceiling. This is a type of false ceiling that is placed before the original ceiling your home is built with. Any place you find a POP ceiling you would find it looking astonishing and attractive. This is because when building this type of ceiling, it is intended to bring out the best of a place. That is why most event centers opt for it.

When you have POP false ceiling installed in your living room you get compliments from visitors who visit you, POP false ceiling adds to the needed value you wish your home to bear.

Purchase An Air-conditioner

An air conditioner is a machine that takes air and treats it in an enclosed area using a refrigeration circle whereby warm air is replaced with cooler air. There are different sizes of Air-conditioning units available in the market today and they are affordable too.

Upgrading your living room with an Air-conditioner is ideal especially for the hot weather times. Adding an air conditioner to your living room gives your property betterment.

Transform Your Living Room

What comes to your mind as you have read this? They are lots of ways we can improve where we stay that we do not know of. Thank God for Google, with Google you can research and design your living room all by yourself single-handedly.

If you want you can hire a home interior designer for the job.


A bedroom is your final resting place after work, most people tend to live in a room while neglecting it sternly, it is not good! As this is the final resting place, it should be given proper treatment. Get creative on this, what should be upgraded here? What should be added? 

Upgrading your bedroom with corner or wall shelves is ideal for your bedroom. Wall and corner shelves have become a high sensation in this our modern world now. The need for Wall and corner shelves are fast evolving every day, it’s one of the focus of new homes. Corner shelves give a home that astonishing look. After installing your shelve, you can add varieties of design items on it to make it beautiful.

You can find beautiful shelves to buy online. This is one of the many shelves out there.

  • Greenco Decorative 4 Cube Intersecting Wall Mounted Floating Shelf

Greenco Decorative 4 cube intersecting wall mounted floating shelf is an ideal wall-mounted shelf that would fit into your white or blue wall, this shelf is trickly made, when mounted you can add a variety of design items on it. 

Greenco Decorative 4 cube intersecting wall mounted floating shelf is a standard 4 Square intersecting floating shelf that is suitable for almost everywhere in your home. This shelf can be mounted in your kitchen to give the interiors the modern look it needs. Greenco Decorative 4 cube intersecting wall mounted floating shelf is easy to mount and comes with the necessary mounting hardware. 

Greenco Decorative 4 cube intersecting wall mounted floating shelf can be mounted in the dining area, living room, office, etc. 

Click here to check it on Amazon


King do way wall shelf rustic wood floating shelf.

This decorative wall shelf is a beautiful wall shelf that is equipped to hold heavy items, installation is easy. This shelf would fit into your kitchen, room, dining area, etc. You can store pictures, plants or home decorated ornaments on King do way wall shelf rustic wood floating shelf.

Installing a wall-mounted shelve in your home gives it more value. Install one to better your home today.


The kitchen is the mother’s heart over the rest of the other rooms in your home, of course, this is the place you prepare food and other things. This place should be given proper treatment and not neglected. A wall-mounted shelf can be placed on the wall in your kitchen to give it a proper treatment. You can change the sink into a modern-day sink, you can install a wall-mounted cupboard in your kitchen if it does not have any. This makes up for a whole lot.

Every now and then we should change some things in our kitchen, we should make it look modern. This would add value to your property.


  • Add an island

An island is a place whereby you can sit and have breakfast in the morning. This island or tea bar has been famous over the years, people are rapidly going for it every day. An Island or tea bar helps make the whole process of having meals in the kitchen fun. Install a tea bar would do you and your family so much good, you can have friends come by and you can tell them hey! Come let’s have a meal in the kitchen, it boosts self-esteem.

When installing an island lookout for the height of it, using 36 inches for a countertop is good, using 43-47 inches for the breakfast bar is good.

  • Installing Colors

The color is very important as the kitchen, what type of color could make up for the new kitchen you are updating? Try as much to use natural color and design. Improve on the countertops too with hues and timeless finishing.

  • Improve Cabinet

You necessarily don’t have to throw away your kitchen cabinet to insure new ones, all you need to do is upgrade your old ones like repainting them, installing new hardware. Clean your cabinet properly before repainting, this ensures a long-lasting paint job!

  • Add Newmodern lightening

Yes, this is very important in adding value to your kitchen. This gives your kitchen that desired looks that you crave for. Go shopping and pick some fancy light to install in your kitchen, affordable options are available, spend some cool cash on the lightening.

  • Consider Durability

When installing anything always be on the lookout for things that would stand the test of time, they are usually expensive but if gotten it will serve you wholeheartedly. You can install a wooden floor if you think tiles and marbles get dirty quickly.

  • New Appliance & Pantry

A new appliance for a kitchen is good and okay, get or replace faulty appliances from the market. You can get them cheap at the end of the year.

A pantry can replace a kitchen wall-mounted cabinet. A cabinet allows room for a lot of items to be stored in it, you can store a lot of items on it. Installing a pantry in your kitchen is ideal.


Changing Your Roof & Repainting your wall is one of the hardest and obvious tasks to embark on when planning to better your home, might be costly but would pave way for photimous added value in your home. Changing your roof can add lots of value to your home especially when selling it. Go shopping and grab some good quality roofs.
Repainting your walls have many ways of adding value to your home. Once a while during celebration periods people tend to repaint their house to give it that desired esteem it needs. This becomes evident after the paint job is done. If your painting is still excellent, you might want to skip this part.

Before painting your home know which color combination the world is focusing on, gone are those days whereby you use one color to paint inside your house and another color inside. If you research on new modern houses you would find out that it is painted with various colors, these colors make a home look outstanding and perfect.


This part is very necessary especially if you are looking for potential buyers for your property. The bathroom is the 3rd most important place in your house and should be given proper treatment, as time goes on sanitary wares wears off and get spoilt.

Bathrooms need to be fresh and decent in looking, paint the walls in any natural neutral shade, check your plumbing unit and buy good plumbing materials if there’s a need for a change. Adding an electric heating shower is very ideal when you are planning to sell your house it increases the value of the house. Replace sanitary wares if it’s damaged or broken or have unwanted stains on it, you can get different types of color of sanitary wares in the market from pink, brown, peach and other colors.

Make sure the floor is hygienic and clean, if not you should think of changing it. Add mirrors at least! While a lot of people are going for homes that have a mirror installed in the bathrooms, you should do the same to your home.
A home equipped generously is home indeed. Let’s give value to our home and live happily.