Best Air Purifiers In India

The world health by (WHO) has given an approximation of how many people die in a year from direct causes of air pollution the numbers is 4.6 million people. And a good chunk of these deaths are in fact caused by indoor air pollution. More people die each year because of air pollution effects rather than because of, say, road accidents.  Specifically talking of India, every year, 1.4 million people die because of air pollution. Let’s talk of the capital, shall we? Delhi loses 80 people to air pollution EVERY DAY!! All the numbers are alarming and we need to take preventive measures.

There is a whole concept of indoor pollution which means contamination of indoor air. It is the lack of awareness that we do not know about it. It is estimated that 2.2 million deaths each year are caused just by indoor pollution. The indoor air is far more concentrated in pollutants than outdoor air. Mostly it is caused due to poor ventilation. Cooking is considered one of the polluting agents as the fuel burning in many houses is wood or cow dung ( mostly the case with rural areas ). Air pollution caused from indoor fuel burning causes 1.6 million deaths per year. So before you neglect the fact that cooking can be a lethal action if you’re not using the right fuel, take a look at the numbers.

 We have to take extra measures to take care of our health or else we all know about the saying that problems never take your permission before coming, they just knock you over in a giffy. We have already seen in the above paragraph that indoor air pollution is very prominent. Klaus Hammes is known as the inventor of the first air purification system made in Germany. In today’s day and age, devices like air purifiers are a must especially if you live in a metro city or any area in general which has automobile emission or any other sorts of air pollution sources. Yes, trees are the perfect solution to the problem. In fact, many people buy jiffy specific plants which are great for reducing indoor air pollution. But let us face the reality; there are many people who do not have the time and energy to take care of plants. Add the fact that people living in flats will find it especially difficult to keep plants indoors as they do emit carbon dioxide at night. So for those people who cannot manage plants in their homes, air purifiers are the perfect way to lead a healthy lifestyle. Of course, it will be highly ironic if a person who smokes has an air purifier in his house. The point is, just keeping an air purifier will not solve all your problems, you will have to take measures for a healthier lifestyle, but it indeed is a starting point.

Our Top Pick Air Purifiers in India

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Blueair classic 28OI WiFi air purifier

Dyson pure hot and cold air purifier ( advanced technology ) with heater and bladeless fan, HP04 ( white or silver )

Philips series 3000 AC3821 / 20 2 – in - 1 air purifier with a humidifier ( white )

MI air purifier 2S ( white )

Here is a list of the top 5 air purifiers that we think are best for your homes –

Blueair classic 28OI WiFi air purifier

With a sleek and modern design, not only will this add to your health, but also the beauty of the house.  This air purifier is designed for rooms with an area of 280 sq. ft. it uses the patented HEPA silent technology.

This technology removes virtually all airborne pollutants. There is a smart panel on top which updates you about the WiFi connectivity, fan speed status, filter status and the room’s air quality which includes PM 2.5 and VOC levels. Another feature that this device supports is the fact that it comes with an air quality sensor.

It speeds up its fans whenever it notices a drop in the air quality of the room. There is an app for its functioning too which lets you control this remotely. Its power consumption is 20 – 80 watts. Its noise level is 32-56 dB(A). the airflow rate it supports is 200 cfm and its dimensions are 530 mm* 440 mm *210 mm. It does not come with an ionizer. It comes with integrated air sensors and you may also control the speed which has 4 options including auto. The weight of the product is 11 kg. The air outlet is on the top side and the air inlet is at the back side. click on the link below to check out its price on amazon.

Dyson pure hot and cold air purifier

This air purifier Is sold in the market for fifty-nine thousand nine hundred rupees. But if you buy it from the link given below then you will surely get a discount.

It’s sleek and beautiful design make it look like a very nice piece to have in your home especially for decor purposes. Not only will it enhance the beauty of your room but it will also add to your health. 

Air purifier comes with a very high-class technology which we will be discussing below. This purifier is one of its kind especially because it is the only air purifier that will offer to heat along with the purification of the air. Yes, you read it right it not only cleans your air but also heats it. This might make you wonder whether it will be of use in the summer season well for that part, it also offers cooling Technology.

So you are covered for both summer and winter season because, in the summer season, it will give you a cool breeze and in the winter it will keep your room warm and cosy. It was so automatically sensors and reports air quality levels in your room The air quality will be displayed on the LED screen or you can also view it in real-time from the app. This purifier comes with a 360-degree glass HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter works very well as it is vacuum-sealed. It is also POLAR certified which makes it highly efficient and certified as POLAR is a new form of certification rather than CADR which was created decades ago.

There is also a tris impregnated activated carbon filter that captures 99.95% of harmful ultrafine pollutants and allergens. You cannot doubt its effectiveness because it catches allergens and pollutants which are as small as 0.1 PM. It comes with a patented air multiplier TM Technology 350 degree oscillation with personalized angle feature.

The size of the room suggested by the company is up to 600 square feet which are suitable for medium to large-sized rooms.  This air purifier comes with a warranty of 2 years of parts and Labour and easy Returns. The air purifier is indeed energy efficient with wattage of 40 watts at maximum setting on air purifier mode which suggests that it will actually take less power if the setting is set to less than Max.

It is certified asthma and allergy friendly by AASA ( asthma and allergy foundation of America). There are so many modes you can choose from. The modes include heat mode, diffuse more, there are 10-speed settings, auto mode, night mode, sleep timer, etc. The device is also Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. It offers easy filter change because it will notify you on the LCD screen and also on the app whenever any of the filters need to be changed or cleaned. In addition to all these functions, it also removes odour from the air. Click on the link below to check its price on Amazon.

Philips series 3000 AC3821 / 20 2 – in - 1 air purifier

Indians have special Association with the brand name Philips so here we bring to you an air purifier from the brand of Philips. This area purifier removes 99.9 7% of common pollutants.  It also traps particles which are as small as 0.003 microns so you are ensured of the fact that it will clean your air properly. 

It also offers a facility of hygienic humidification up to 600 mlorh with 4 pre-set humidity levels. You can get a visualised form of the air quality and humidity indication through the air sense.  Its prescribed room size is up to 861 square feet for 80-meter square which means is it meant for medium to large-sized rooms. The device comes with three auto modes which are General, allergen and sleep.  You may choose to in one mod for a humidifier or you may choose the air purifier mode.

This device remains Ultra-quiet which means it will make the least amount of noise for good night sleep.  Its operating power is 45 watt which means it is also energy efficient. The warranty on this product is for two years and its operating voltage is 220 to 240 volt. When you receive the package the included items will be the air purifier with humidifier, user manual and quick start guide.

It also has the feature of showing you the current pm 2.5 air quality levels of the air. It can increase humidity in the air by about 60% which is also helpful in elevating symptoms brought by allergens the device can cover an area of up to 80 square metres and humidification rate of 600 ml per hour. The dimensions of this device are 20 into 35 into 30 cm and there is no presence of an ionizer. 310-metre cube per hour In the market this device will cost you about thirty-seven thousand nine hundred ninety-five rupees Whereas if you buy it from the link given below you will surely get a discount price.

MI air purifier 2S ( white )

MI as a brand is gaining more and more popularity in India by the day.  Not only is it highly famous among cell phones but it is also getting famous day by day into other electronics such as television. 

For our relief they have even released air purifiers.  MI as a brand is associated as affordable prices with good features. Let us discuss its features down below. The price of this product in the market is thirteen thousand rupees. I you must have noticed we have come on to a brand like MI hence the affordability.  This air purifier is highly affordable as compared to the ones mentioned above. 

Its features will also leave you stunned. There is a new OLED display to show the PM 2.5 levels in the air. The new filter can clear particles of up to 0.32 0.5 microns. The device has a cylindrical shape it has a 360-degree approach.  The device comes with 3 filters a pre-filter, and H 11 grade EPA filter and an activated carbon filter.

Three filters mean more filtration hence the device is able to eliminate dust cover Pollen Grain as well as harmful gases and odour. Along with all that it can also reduce pm 2.5 and pm10 levels. Its airflow claims to be a CADR 310 cubic metre per hour. The highest capacity of room area it can handle is 37-metre square.  It is energy efficient as its power consumption is 39 what. To get a discount and to check its price on Amazon, click on the link given below.

Xiaomi Mi air purifier 2 ( white )

This device uses ultra-dense Tori EPF filter which offers high resistance from pm 2.5 and it resists pollen grains, dust and dirt particles as well as other allergic components.

The airflow indicated by this device is of 310-metre cube per hour by the CADR. Patients about the area on this device are 21-metre square. Another one of its features is that it affects the air quality just within 10 minutes of its use. The cylindrical shape of the air purifier is what allows it to trap air from 360 degrees.

It also comes with an activated carbon filter which promises to filter harmful gases and bad odour from the air. This means not only will it clear the air out of allergens and Collins but it will also clarify the air from bad odour and gases.  Just like another purifier, this purifies can also be controlled from the MI Home app. The app also notifies you whenever you need to change the filter or clean it. This device is also 58% more energy efficient then MI air purifier 1.  It is highly affordable as it falls in the range of nine thousand rupees. The warranty of this product is for one year. Order it and the package will include purifier, filter, power cord, user guide and warranty card.

With the affordable price come great features so if you’re looking for an affordable air purifier this is what you should go for. It is a smart device with a very nice price. Check its price on Amazon you can click on the link below.