Which Sewing Machine Is Best For Home Use In India?

If you are thinking of buying a new sewing machine, this is the article for you. It does not matter if you have had a sewing machine in your home before or not. We have discussed each machine is detail so that you can choose which of the machines mentioned below are best for you. 

We have divided the buying guide into four types of machines. They are handheld, electronic, mechanical, and mechanical with foot controllers. At the end of the article, there are also precautions that you must adhere to when you have a sewing machine along with various tips on how you can use them. 

All the machines in the buying guide are linked with pages which will show you the machine’s price on amazon.in.

Top Sewing Machines In The Industry:

Product Name

Product Image


Usha Janome Automatic Stitch Magic 60-Watt Sewing Machine (White And Blue)

Brother FS101 Compact Computerized Sewing Machine With LED Display

Brother GS 3700 Stitching Machine

Singer 8280 Sewing Machine

Usha Janome Dream Stitch Zig Zag Automatic Electric Sewing Machine

In a country like India, where a major skill of most people is sewing, a sewing machine is like something which is found in every other household. In fact, it is very rare that we find an Indian household that does not have a sewing machine at all. Be it a small one or a fully operational professional one. Many Indians even own small businesses which involve tailoring be it, men or women. If not professional sewing, then at least basic sewing with the help of a needle and thread is something that all of us have come to learn over the years. 

It is a good skill to acquire especially since you cannot run to the tailor every time you rip a cloth in some way or the other. Even then, every Indian home always has a sewing machine, be it small or large. So if your previous sewing machine just broke, or you’re moving out, or you just want to buy it finally after procrastinating for a long time, then here is our compilation about sewing machines and which one will be best for you.

Types of sewing machines

Electronic –

these are the sewing machines that work on electricity and are lightweight. They are basically best for simple housework. They also offer a variety of sewing methods like hemming, quilting, embroidery, reverse stitching etc.

Mechanical –

as the name suggests, nothing is automatic in this machine. It needs to be completely operated manually which mostly is by either pedal which needs to be operated by feet or sometimes you just need to rotate a handle in circles so that the needle goes up and down. The machines with peddling need properly fixed spaces and are very difficult in moving from place to place. Whereas the machines which work by the rotation of the handle are more portable than the peddle ones.

Overlock –

these come naturally with about 5 patterns of stitching which are single thread stitching pattern, two-thread stitch patterns, three thread stitching patterns, four and five thread stitch pattern. These mostly work on the concepts of loops. These are used to stitch over two or more pieces of clothes.

Buying guide –

Portable sewing machine

There is a high chance that you have never even heard of a sewing machine like this. We thought of keeping this machine on the top because of its cheap price, its handy nature and low awareness of products like this. It might have not caught your attention had we kept it in the last column of the article.

Are these the cutest machines or what ?  it is not the best for homes and professionals but it is indeed great for a student in school or college who is living away from home. You may also gift it to someone as an innovative gift. The actual practical use of it is very low and hence the price is also very low. We just thought to include it in as someone who does not know about it and actually needs it, can benefit from this.


G-Mtin mini hand sewing machine

The seller mentions that stitching clothes with this device is as easy as using a stapler. The instructions say that you need to put the cloth under the fastening plate and secure it in place, then press the machine like a stapler until your work is done. You may thread it again once the thread is over. 

The dimensions seem just like that of a stapler, it will easily fit into your hand. The market price of this is a bit exaggerated to be one thousand one hundred and ninety-nine rupees, but if you are in luck, you can easily get it under five hundred rupees on the amazon link that we have given below. To check its price on Amazon, click here

Electric sewing machines -

This section will cover all the high tech machines in today’s day and age. We will cover all machines that range from providing you about 100 stitch patterns to machines that provide around 7 stitch patterns. We have tried our best to mention the machines with all kinds of price ranges depending on the level of your professionalism. The machines mentioned in the starting are for the most professionals and the level decreases with the increase in the serial number. 

The machines in the lowest of this section are specifically meant to be used at home for basic functions. It will be a waste of money if you buy a machine with 100 stitches and use only 4 of them in real life. So analyse your need and go for the machine that suits you best. Electrical machines are the easiest to operate. The features you will hear below are astounding. Not only do these machines provide you with a blinding number of operations, but they also thread your needle for you! see your need and make a move.

Usha Janome automatic stitch magic sewing machine ( white and blue )

Now, this kind of a machine is what you call a smart sewing machine. It contains such brilliant features that will woo any sewing lover. The machine comes with the trusted assurance of the brand usha’s name. it comes with an automatic zig zag needle. There is also a built-in needle threader for your convenience. There are in fact two dials – one for pattern selection and one for stitch length selection.

This machine is very lightweight and also contains a carrying handle for easier portability. There is one free arm so that you can easily stitch even in circular ways. This masterpiece comes with 13 built-in stitches ! which includes button hole stitch. ( A button hole stitch is a stitch where you can make a hole for button sewing without any damage or other harm to the material or the cloth. It also means that the machine comes with a button dispenser sometimes so that the button is dropped to the desired position and stitched also by the machine only ) there are nine other applications that it offers other than sewing like stretch stitching, button fixing, rolled hemming, satin stitch, zip fixing and smocking. It even comes with a thread cutter and in-built motor.  

The sewing machine also has an aluminium body. Add a benefit of two years of warranty to the product while we are at it. It is any professional’s dream to hear that it comes with 23 in-built designs and 57 stitch functions. We have heard of almost no disadvantaged of this machine, it has a good reputation. It comes in the colours white and blue. We will mention the bad things about this product for your benefit though. Some people complained that usha’s customer service was not good. There is also a reverse stick button that makes the machine sew in a reverse direction. The pattern selector will be very easy to use, it will help you in selecting the sewing pattern that you want. There is so much you can achieve with this machine. There are several combinations of sewing patterns that you can apply to get various results. If all this was not enough already, they also provide a stitch width selection option. 

Yes, you can increase or decrease the width of your stitch. Along with width, there is also a stitch length control facility. There is also a bobbin winder stopper it is a white coloured round screw-type thingy that will stop the bobbin when it is full. There is also a bobbing spindle. By pushing it in two ways you will identify that if you push it to one side, then it gets locked and if you push it to the other side, then it gets unlocked. There are spool pins too which can be easily pushed in when not needed. There is even a twin needle benefit. This means you can use two different coloured threads at the same time. The device also contains a thread guide. There is also a threaded lever which can be brought up by rotating a specific dial. 

There is also a thread tension dial which adjusts the tension on the thread or how much do you want it stretched or loose. To adjust the bobbin thread, there is also a pressure adjustment dial. There is a thread cutter too. Got weak eyesight? This is the machine for you. You do not need to thread the needle. The needle will be threaded by the machine only.  There is a separate space to store your sewing supplies which also has a scaled body. So you can measure things on it and can also store in it. The machine also comes with a power switch which will shut any operations that it is doing. A foot presser is also included for those who are habitual to using that. There is a special port to connect it to the machine and then you may use it.

 How to use-

You can easily find a number of demos online especially on youtube, but we will still mention how you should be using this product. Before connecting the machine to the power supply, make sure that the main switch is off. Now put the plug into the socket and switch it on. The foot peddle is used to regulate the speed of the machine. The more you press it, the higher the speed gets. Similarly, if your press is less, the speed remains less. Click on the link below to buy this sewing machine on amazon –

Brother FS101 compact computerized sewing machine with LED display ( white )

As the title itself says, yes this machine has a digital LED display. Is it a sewing machine or some other high tech device? Well, it’s both. You will for sure like whatever we tell you about this machine. This is obviously a great option for professionals. 

This sewing machine weighs 6.96 kg. the dimensions of the device are 48.4cm  * 40.2cm *27.4 cm. the good thing is that it is already clearly mentioned by the seller that they will not provide home demo or service. The machine often comes with an instructional DVD that will tell you in a good manner what and how you should use it. For turning the power on, there is a special port which will connect the machine to a socket. Before plugging it in, make sure that the power switch is off. In this machine, there is a foot peddle available to control the speed of sewing. 

Yes, the way to use it is that you should connect the foot pedal to the machine and press it according to the speed you like. If you want it fast, then press more and if you want to slow the speed down, then press it in a lighter manner. When you turn the power on, a sewing lamp gets lit up and so does the LED display. Yes, there is a sewing lamp. It brightens the area of sewing, basically light shines on the part of the needle. It also has a bobbin holder. You may push it in a certain direction so that it gets locked and doesn’t move. This particular feature is used to wind the bobbin. Then when you push it to the other side, you may remove the bobbin. 

You can choose from a hundred different designs of sewing! Yes, a hundred. The designs and their numbers are given collectively under the LED display. You simply have to enter the design’s number you want. The plus and minus buttons present under the LED display control that feature. The plus and minus buttons on the right take care of the ones digit and the ones on the left take care of the tens digit. Just above the number you entered, you will also get to see the level of presser foot that you will need. 

There are three buttons placed together. The first one is the needle position button, the second is u turn shaped symbol which represents reverse reinforcement stitch button and the third is the start-stop button. There is also a thread cutter on the left-hand side. You may control speed from a slider on the machine too. There is another set of plus-minus buttons to the right side of the LED display, you might be wondering what those are for. Well, those buttons are used to alter the string length and width. The top set of buttons is for stitch length adjustment and the bottom buttons are for stitch width adjustment. After doing such a thing, slowly turn the needle towards you to see if it touches the presser foot. There is a whole new dial for thread tension adjustment. 

This machine has endless features, doesn’t it ? so the tension adjuster changes the looseness or tightness of the thread through the bobbin. Generally, it is kept at either 3 or 4. There are in fact 4 different presser foot too which you have to change according to the stitch pattern. One of the foot pressers is specifically meant for button hole stitching, it is easily recognizable as it is the largest one. You have to fit your button into it also you will have to adjust its width accordingly. 

Is there anything this machine does not offer? The next thing will blow your mind. Not only can you sew like a 100 patterns, but you can also sew the alphabets ! whatever set of characters or word you had entered the last time are retained in the memory even when you switch off the power.

Brother GS 3700 stitching machine

This machine is also compact and lightweight. There are LED lights also for better working. The machine is sold in the market for fourteen thousand and five hundred rupees. But we assure you that you will get a discount if you buy it from the link given below. This machine has 71 stitch applications that you can have a lot of fun with and it comes with 37 stitch patterns. 

This is a good machine for an average person with average sewing skills who wants to explore it a little more. There is a button hole too and the good part is, unlike most machines where it is a four-step process, it requires just one step in this one. There are two more controllers. One controller controls the stitch length which you may vary according to your need or wish. The other controller takes care of the width of the stitch. There is an automatic needle threader option too in the machine. 

This machine comes with complimentary instructor DVD, picot foot, foot controller, button hole, stitch foot, zigzag foot, blind stitch fool, needle twin, etc. it comes with a power switch button. One precaution you must always take is to switch it off just after you have stopped using the machine as sometimes by mistake you may press the presser foot and ruin your cloth. It comes with a cable to connect to a port and one wire to connect to the socket of electricity. The presser foot needs to be used in such a manner that your heel touches the floor and when you press your toes, it starts working. 

There is a dial on the sides that lets you adjust the height of the needle in case of different fabrics. There is a bobbin filling tool also there so that you can easily fill your bobbin. For doing that, pull the dial with which we adjust needle heights. There is one more dial that handles internal tension of the thread as to how tight or loose do you want the thread to be. All the dials are located on the same side only. The stitches are divided into two. The dial has an outer array of stitches and an inner array. 

If you want to access the inner array of the stitches, then you have to rotate the dial which handles length in a clockwise direction. The mode should be of ss. It is blue in colour. That mode will allow you to work with the inner array of stitches. There is a reverse stitching button also so that you can lock your stitch. When you press it, the stitch reverses and as you leave your push, it will go back to its normal direction of stitching. There is a detachable extension table that you can easily remove to gain more exposure to the cloth. Try to not use it for more than 3 minutes at a time.

To buy this machine on amazon and to check out its price, click on the link given below –

Usha janome allure 75 – watt sewing machine

This is what is needed in a typical Indian household. A machine that can perform some basic functions and which will be used a few times in even a month. Its compact size sells it. The sewing machine retails for twelve thousand and five hundred rupees. You will however definitely get it at a better and lesser price if you buy it from the link given below. This machine too has great features. 

The machine is automatic zig zag with a free arm meant for better space of the cloth you are sewing. There are two dials. One dial selects the patter type and the other dial directs the length variation of the stitch. The built-in stitches are 13 in number which is quiet enough for a household with lesser professionalism. There are 21 applications available like stretch stitching, button fixing, rolled hemming, satin stitch, zip fixing and smocking. There is also a system for auto tripping of the bobbin. 

There is button hole sewing also available, it is a four-step process. There is, in fact, a sewing light too! the product comes with a warranty of 2 years. The sewing speed is 550 SPM. We can say that the brand name does wonders for the machine but on its own too, the features are appealing. There are also some different kinds of presser foots and bobbins that come with the machine. There is a pack of needles also available with it. 

There is one more equipment given which is used to remove the needle in case it bends or if you just need to change it. There is the extension table that you can remove to get a better exposure of your hands to the machine. There are 2 rods which also go inside their compartment. Their use is to put up a thread in it. There is a double stitch pattern also available. There is a button for locking the stitch. It basically reverses the direction of the stitch. There Is another dial which when pulled, allows the bobbin to be accessed. It comes with power off button also.

Singer 8280 sewing machine

 This masterpiece is sold in the market at the price of twelve thousand one hundred rupees. However, if you buy it from the link we mention down below, then you will for sure get it at lower rates on amazon. There is no cost EMI also available if you buy from amazon. This sewing machine comes with a two-year warranty and in – built thread cutter which is present in the presser bar. 

There is an extension table too where you may store your sewing tools as per your requirement. The device also boasts of an oscillating shuttle mechanism ( half shuttle )it is easily portable as it comes with an in built handle which you may lift in order to pick this machine up. The dial present at the bottom right corner. This dial lets you change to whatever stitch you want. This machine also provides button hole feature. This means you may set a button hole into the fabric without disrupting its composition or creating further tearing of the fabric. The dial on top of this dial is the stitch length dial. 

This dial will let you choose whatever length you prefer for the stitch. The extension table can be removed in order to achieve free arm so that it gets easy for you to sew when you need a free arm. There is a thread tension dial located on the top facing side of the machine. It lets you specify as to how much do you want the thread to be pulled. There is a presser foot lifter also which you may lift to take the fabric out when you are not sewing anymore. This machine too comes with a foot controller. 

You just connect that foot presser to the machine though the special port and the cable provided. The more you press the presser foot, the higher the speed gets. There are seam guides also near the needle plate so that you can efficiently measure edges. There is one more dial which is meant to make the needle go down or up. There is a screw looking button which controls the pressure of the pressure foot. You can increase the pressure of foot presser by rotating it clockwise and vice versa. 

There is also a demo on YouTube which provides all needed information as to how you should be operating this machine. It also shows how by putting an elastic in one of the rectangular holes and adjusting it accordingly, you may also stitch an elastic to fibre like a professional.  The same video successfully demonstrators how you can even fix huge holes or patches in clothes by keeping a piece of the same colour and cloth material. Stitch it inside out so that the outer appearance is as good as new. The name of that youtube demo is singer 8280 sewing machine demonstration. 

This video very nicely explains each and every part of the machine along with how you should use the machine. The added features like its lightweight nature and compact size are a plus point. Well, since it is lower in the list, we will compare it to the above machines. If you are starting out and do not require a machine that has too many features and just does your basic works, then this machine is absolutely fine for you. For professionals, however, it is too basic. 

There are only 7 stitches available which are a very small number as compared to the other high tech machines. The affordability is too a huge pro but then again, its durability is questionable. This is perfect though for a household that requires stitching general stuff every once or twice a week. There is also a four-step button hole in this machine. There is a front-loading bobbin feature along with the fact that it consumes 85 watts of power as its motor is of 85 watts. The weight of the machine is just 6.2 kg, hence the portability.

Usha janome dream stitch zig zag automatic electric sewing machine

It too comes with a handle, it is lightweight and hence very easily portable. This machine will come with 7 built in stitches which will easily let you do the basic stitching. We do not recommend this machine for highly trained professionals. There are 14 other applications too on this machine. Just like every other machine we have discussed till now, this one also has a button hole stitch which can be done in a four-step process. 

There is auto tripping bobbin provided which ensures that the thread is correctly wound about the bobbin. This machine is automatic and zig-zag which also has a free arm. There is a dial so that you can select among the seven patterns of stitching. The 14 applications we mentioned earlier are lace fixing, quilting, smocking, zip fixing, rolled hemming, etc. there is a  drop feed for embroidery and automatic needle threading. Its sewing speed is 550 SPM and there is an option of stitch length control. 

There is a triple strength stitch and the device comes with a 2-year warranty. This machine is sold for nine thousand rupees in the market but you will definitely get it at a lower price if you check the link below. You can find a lot of YouTube tutorials that teach you how to use it. The bobbin case is detachable so that you may clean it better whenever you want to. If you are interested in oiling, then also you have to do it in that compartment only after removing the bobbin case. 

If you want to thread the bobbin, then pull the dial on the side of the machine and push the presser. This will disable the needle and will fill the bobbin as needed. Follow the arrows on the machine while you are trying to put the thread in the machine.

Brother LS 2000 stitching machine

This machine is compact and lightweight with good performance. The speed it offers is 800 SPM. It also offers you to help with thread tension. The thing is, it does not come with a start or stop button. It is of 5 kg in weight. The dimensions are width is 35.5 cm, height is 26.67 cm and depth is 12.7 cm. this machine will offer you with 20 stitch functions. 

It does come with a reverse stitching option too which can be used by you in order to lock the stitch. There is an extension table also which you may remove if you want to work with free arm. The purpose of this feature is that when you are working with clothes of children or even adults and you want to fit and arm of the cloth or sleeve through the machine to sew only one side, then you may side the sleeve into the reduced space where it can easily fit and hence can easily be fixed too.  

This machine also comes with a foot presser that you can attach through a cable which comes with the machine only. Never leave the machine unattended when it is connected to electricity. Switch the electricity off whenever you need to leave. You may buy it from the link given below which will allow you to check its price on amazon –

How to take care of your sewing machine –

  • Prevent dust by keeping it covered when not in use as dust can get into difficult places and ruin its functioning.
  • Use high-quality thread so that lint from it does not damage your machine
  • Change the needle regularly
  • You may vacuum your machine at a very low setting to remove dust or lint buildup in areas like the bobbin case
  • Oil the machine regularly. The oil can easily be purchased online or from a store. Make sure to not just put any oil but an oil meant for machines specifically.
  • Use a brush to eliminate dust whenever you see it building up
  • Just do a normal dusting session with a microfiber cloth. There is no need to even wet the cloth.
  • In electrical machines, switch them off when you are not using them as it may lead to unnecessary electrical shocks
  • Another reason to keep the electricity supply shut when the machine is not in use is that you might accidentally press the presser foot and ruin your cloth.
  • Keep machines out of reach of children.
  • Never work with an electrical machine with a damaged cord or plug, you may receive electric shocks and this can also lead to the machine getting destroyed.
  • Get your machine serviced at least once a year.
  • Indians have a habit of delaying the repair, well that will only cost you later because the damage will get deeper. Hence, get the machine repaired as soon as you notice anything fishy.
  • Do not ignore the foot controller. Keep it free from dust and regularly clean it too.
  • Never drop anything especially any liquid into the machine
  • Never unplug by tugging on to the cord. This is the number one reason as to why the cords get damaged. You must go to the switch and unplug the plug from the socket by hand.
  • Do not use machines outdoors
  • Your safety is in your hands. Keep your hands away from all sorts of moving parts especially the needle area.
  • Needle plates are also important. Using the wrong needle plate will break the needle.
  • Never use a bent or slightly damaged needle
  • Do not push or pull the fabric while sewing. Keep patience and let the machine do its work. When you tug on the fabric while sewing, It causes the needle to break.
  • Even while lubricating, the electrical supply must be off
  • Do not store the machine is humid areas or areas that receive direct sunlight.
  • Never use any sorts of acids or bases to clean the machine. First of all, there should be no need for cleaning with such harsh chemicals because you should be dusting it regularly anyway. Also, never take food or drinks near it in case of spills. We think that easting a sandwich will do no harm but the breadcrumbs your bread releases go unnoticed and get stuck into the machine.
  • Even if you are clumsy, there is no excuse for dropping or hitting the machine. The machines we have talked about are at least 4 kgs ( except the handheld one ). You should be smart enough not to drop them on the floor.
  • Do not plug the machine when the voltages are fluctuating or the electricity supply is not regulated. It will for sure destroy the machine. See what voltage and frequency are needed by your machine and operate accordingly.
  • Rust is the biggest enemy of mechanical machines. If you see even the slightest rust, get the machine-polished or painted immediately, also make sure you oil it. Rust will kill your machine
  • Internal rust can be detected when the machine makes unusual noises while being used.
  • While removing dust, a brush can be used to reach harder places.
  • You may use a wooden toothpick to unclog any holes that seem clogged
  • The metal can be polished by you too. It will be a lot of work especially for people who have never done it before so you may hire a professional. If you want to do it on your own, we suggest you watch some youtube tutorials before diving into the process. You don’t just need a cloth and polish. You need a thick thread that you will wrap around a particular part and tug on it from both the ends.