False Ceiling

Many things are now available that gives us comfort and happiness, these things do not only make life sweet, they also make life worthwhile. We all need quality things that are good and durable. How do we beautify our household with what will give us satisfaction? We all have ideas of how we want our home to look like, some people hire home designers to make their home flamboyant.

One of the beauties of a home is the ceiling. how do we choose the best of a ceiling product? They are different types of ceiling that are available in the market today. Old modern ceilings are rapidly fading away as a result of the invention of more , ceilings which are attractive and comes with a minimal cost.

What is a false ceiling?

False ceilings can be defined as a secondary ceiling that is hanged beneath the main ceiling which is done by the help of struts or suspension cords. Materials used to craft these ceilings are from P.O.P(plaster of Paris), particle board, gypsum board, wood, etc, asbestos sheets, wood, aluminum panel, etc. False ceilings are also known as a suspended ceiling and dropped ceiling.

False ceilings make your room, offices, sitting room look flamboyant! When you use a false ceiling to beautify your ceiling you give your space a rich sense of humor. Talking about false ceiling, false ceilings are used both Internationally and locally. When you visit most places you will discover that the ceilings there are mostly made of false ceilings, there are other types of ceilings but false ceilings are mostly seen.

Few types of false ceilings

  • Plaster of Paris (POP)
  • Wooden False Ceilings or Plywood False Ceilings
  • Gypsum False Ceilings
  • Metal Ceiling Tiles
  • Fabric or Cloth False Ceiling
  • PVC
  • Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles
  • Glass False Ceiling

False ceiling for bedroom, living room

As mentioned earlier false ceilings comes in various types and styles you can decide to use POP(plaster of Paris), particle board, gypsum board, wood, asbestos sheets, wood, aluminum panel or others to design your ceiling. Aluminum panel is used widely in many homes and offices, using the aluminum panel in your ceiling is not so bad, it brings and gives a modern look to your ceiling.

P.O.P(plaster of Paris) is also essential in making your room or living room look flamboyant, POP(plaster of Paris) gives your apartment this gorgeous and executive look that is needed for every home. POP(plaster of Paris) is light in weight and very durable, it is a good fire resistance, it has low thermal conductivity, heat insulating material.

Hence POP(plaster of Paris) & Aluminum panel is good for your room or living room.
POP (plaster of Paris) ceilings hardened as soon as water touches it. POP (plaster of Paris) has a very long lifespan.

POP (plaster of Paris) surfaces can be painted on depending on your interior, it gives your ceiling a flamboyant and smooth finishing, easy to maintain and construct, artificial light. 
You can also try other false ceilings

False ceiling cost in India

Buying false ceilings in India are reasonable and of course value for money. POP(plaster of Paris) starts from Rs. 60 to Rs. 95 or more per square feet. A complex design will cost 120 Rs for 125 Square Feet.

False ceiling materials

PVC False Ceiling

PVC false ceiling is one of the often used ceiling systems. It treats the problem of Maintenance and cleaning. PVC false ceiling is suitable for any types of weather, incorporates hidden lightening system and flush fitting. PVC false ceiling is hassle-free and easy to install.


  • Lightweight

    PVC false ceiling is light in weight so you don't need to bother about stressing your roof with loads.

  • Moisture resistant

    PVC false ceiling is highly resistant to moisture(resist the damaging action of water).

  • Economical

    PVC false ceiling is not expensive to buy, they are customer friendly. Most things of quality are expensive, you don't see good quality things for a friendly price easily. But PVC false ceiling is good and cost less.

  • Low maintenance

    When you have PVC false ceiling installed you don't need to worry about anything, PVC false ceiling is low on Maintenance and it is very easy to clean.

  • Waterproof

    I like this one, products that are waterproof are considered good and sufficient. PVC false ceilings are waterproof which is long lasting and durable. Good for families who want to economize.

  • Allows different shapes and customized designs

    This is a part I like so much! Become your own architect! PVC false ceiling gives you the advantages of choosing different designs and shapes. Allows different shapes and customizable.

  • Durable

    I will say it again, durability is needed for a pro-efficient product lifespan. Why? It is very important we capture the importance of durability in products, we can't afford to be buying products that are not durable. Thus PVC false ceilings are durable.

Gypsum false ceiling

This is a false ceiling material, and this type of false ceiling is very Jurassic and wonderful, the design is outstanding. Gypsum false ceiling is widely used, they are fancied and gives a place a glamorous look. These type of ceiling is mainly used in modern houses. Gypsum ceiling is very tough, economical and versatile. Lightweight, sterile sulfate, gypsum ceiling are very easy to install.

Gypsum ceilings are no doubt beautiful and outstanding, gypsum ceilings can be compared to POP (plaster of Paris) because they have similar designs. Gypsum panels come with tapered or square edges. Gypsum ceilings can be easily fixed by nailing or placing it on a metal grid.


  • Flexible

    Gypsum boards are flexible and allow various shapes and design such as curved, plain, stepped, pelmet, coffered, drop design.

  • Fire and moisture resistant

    We need protection from hazardous situations, gypsum boards are built to resist fire and moisture. When gypsum is exposed to fire, it gives out water which is thereby converted to steam and fights off the fire.

  • Lightweight

    Gypsum boards are light in weight so you don't need to bother about stressing your roof with loads. Allows different shapes and customized designs: this is a part I like! Become your own architect! Gypsum boards give you the advantages of choosing different designs and shapes.

  • Bears load up to 15 kg

  • Gypsum ceilings are waterproof

Plywood Ceiling

This is a type of ceiling that is popular for visual appealing aspect, Plywood ceilings are made with stripes of ply which may be glued or nailed together. These strips are supported by the ply. Plywood ceilings give a room a royalty look. Using plywood false ceilings to beautify your ceiling is good. 
Do you know that using Plywood ceilings for your home keeps your room warm? Plywood ceilings are used more in places with cold climate.
Plywood ceilings allow different shapes and design

Plywood ceilings are popular for their visually appealing aspects. These type of ceilings are created with strips of ply which are either nailed or glued together.

The strips are supported with the help of ply. Plywood ceiling due to its insulating property, it is used in places with cold climate.
Plywood ceiling also allows you to become your own architect! Thereby letting you choose which design suits you best. Plywood ceilings are strong, very durable and tend to have a longer lifespan because it features woods. 
Plywood ceiling is difficult to maintain. Plywood ceilings appearance changes with time. 

Metal Ceiling Panels

Metal Ceiling Panels for me are Jurassic and lite, metal ceiling panels are awesome and attractive to look upon, they are good for your homes, offices, banks, hotels, etc. Metal ceiling panels are very good for concealed wiring, can be installed in cross section or steel T-sections and thereby suspended by rods.

Metal ceilings give your room or sitting room that awesome look! The cost of this ceiling is very low, installation is also low and very easy to install, maintenance is also low. Metal ceilings are ideal for event areas, offices, factories because of the aesthetics it provides.

This ceiling is made in such a way that it does not warp or crack within time, you also do not need to be worried about cleaning, because it is steel and will not need often maintenance.
Metal ceilings are easy to install and easy to access. very economical, Metal ceiling is not expensive to buy, they are customer friendly. Most things of quality are expensive, you don’t see good quality things for a friendly price easily. But metal ceiling is good and cost less.

Easy to clean and maintain, metal ceilings are easy to maintain and clean. Metal ceilings are made from sound proof materials which are good for music studio areas or a church or even a theater. Metal ceilings have various monolithic designs.

Fabric & Cloth False Ceiling

This is a type of false ceiling material that is very economical, fabric & cloth false ceiling is mostly used for temporary purposes like an event, churches, restaurants, yoga rooms, etc.

These type of false ceiling is rarely recommended because it collects dust. Light is being diffused through the fabric and thereby producing a comfy intensity. Fabric and cloth false ceiling is not durable but gives a clean place when installed.

Fabric and cloth false ceiling can be installed in one sitting. 

Glass False Ceiling

Glass false ceiling is a modern-day way to beautify places. Glass false ceiling is made from non-crystalline material, brittle. You can also alter it to make it non-transparent and non-brittle! Do you know that glass is the best heat insulator?

Glass false ceiling can be used in offices, banks, restaurants, church, etc. 
With transparency, it can make a space look bigger. Good to use but very tender since it’s glass.
Glass false ceiling lets your eye explore space and travel. Glass false ceiling can be laminated, colored, patterned to fit your space, when you install glass ceilings in your home or office it doesn’t give much privacy.

Mineral Fibre Ceiling Tiles

This type of false ceiling is often seen in the bank or cooperate firms. The materials are made from synthetic or natural minerals. This false ceiling is made up of ceramics, wood, reinforced with natural, bitumen, tars, vegetable fiber. mineral fiber ceiling tiles are very insulative because of the manufacturing process. This makes them highly resistant to heat and sound, very economical, easy installation.
mineral fiber ceiling tiles are highly resistant to fire, the fiber built with it hardens and toughens the material. mineral fiber ceiling tiles are highly durable and have a long lifespan.

Alternative To False Ceiling

Other materials are available that can make your ceiling look good. Before false ceilings came about there were local ceilings available. One of them is called ceiling panel which is very common.

Here are a few:
Ceiling Panels 
Ceiling panels can also be called square panels. This ceiling panel is made from a strong material, it is widely and globally used. I like to call it the father of the modern-day ceilings. This type of ceiling can still be seen in various homes today. Especially in old modern houses.

I so much love this ceiling because of its uniqueness, it makes the room cool when there is a burst of high sunshine. This type of ceiling may never go extinct because of its abilities. 
Ceiling panels are an alternative to false ceilings


While this might be funny, you don’t often see people install wallpaper on their ceiling even if they do, they may not tell you until you ask. Installing wallpapers on your ceiling is the new way to become creative!

Think new Think smart!

Wallpapers will fit into your ceiling as well as it will fit into wall. Recommended for a smooth ceiling, wall ceilings preferably.
Wallpapers are an alternative to false ceilings

Painting Your Ceiling

You might want to call me weird but it’s alright. Painting your ceiling with a color that blends to your wall color might be a new way of doing things! Being creative is an alternative to false ceilings. 
The ceiling is a perfect spot to place color on, if you are not sure you can color your ceiling you can call in a paint artist.

Wood Planks

If you have a ceiling with exposed beams or woodwork, you can add a design using a few planks. Note you can use wood planks to design a whole ceiling.
Wood planks are an alternative to false ceilings

Statement Tile

This ceiling is a good alternative to false ceiling. Statement tile is similar to square panels, this type of ceiling has a lot of options, colors, patterns. 
Statement tile is an alternative to false ceiling.

They are other ways and alternative to false ceilings which are not mentioned here. The real thing and alternative to false ceilings is just being creative.

Is False Ceiling Necessary?

In some cases yes, false ceiling always stand out in the crowd. When you go to some places like banks, offices, restaurants you will notice that they have mostly false ceiling in place. False ceilings are very good and unique, bringing about a super glamorous look! You have the choice to make!

False Ceiling Repair

They are different types of false ceiling Available in the market today, not all false ceiling are durable if you read the above article you will find out that some of the false ceilings material are not durable. 
Get to find out about all false ceiling and its durability and make your purchase.

Disadvantages Of False Ceiling

False ceiling is not highly adaptable to ceilings as the way former old ceilings were. For me false ceiling is an artificial way of suspending your original ceiling for a long or short period.
POP false ceilings cracks within a time, fabric & cloth false ceiling also have a disadvantage mentioned above.

Does False Ceiling Reduce Heat